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 Greg Sheridan: Andrews biggest failure in ‘Australia history’

17.09.20.  The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says the Andrews government’s handling of the pandemic is one of the most catastrophic government failures in Australian history. It comes as the Victorian premier has once again come under fire for his assurances the state government was not offered Australian Defence Force support regarding hotel quarantine. An email sent from the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister to Cabinet to the head of the Department of Premier and Cabinet entitled ‘Assistance Re Hotel Security’ was uncovered on Tuesday contradicting the premier’s previous statement on ADF support. “This is one of the most catastrophic government failures in Australian history since World War two, since federation,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “Daniel Andrews will not face the most elementary accountability. “Now there may be some fourth dimension of the universe in which you can explain that email and Andrews can still claim he’s telling the truth; I don’t know, neither does anyone else because he simply refuses to answer the question.”

Source: Sky News

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  • Cliff 17/09/2020, 5:50 am

    Am I the only one musing upon how very, very differently EVERY talking head on ‘our’ ABC (along with the usual suspects at Channel 9 and Channel 10) would be handling this if Tony Abbott or Peter Dutton was the person running the debacle in Victoria rather than Daniel Andrews?

    • luk1955 17/09/2020, 6:59 am

      No Cliff. You are so correct. We all know how the Australian Broadcaster of Communism (ABC) would react.

  • Ozman 17/09/2020, 6:01 am

    Their ABC ought to be abandoned. It is a disgrace.

    The main stream media is complicit in this virus caper, too. Real investigative reporting would have turned up something like Jon Rappaport has.


  • Honeybadger 17/09/2020, 7:22 am

    Daniel Andrews should be tried in a Court for crimes against humanity. Even some criminals have remorse but not this bloke who doubles down with his lying and blame of others.
    If the law won’t take him away then the men in white coats should.

  • Aktosplatz 17/09/2020, 7:25 am

    Daniel Andrews the worst? I mean how good are all of the others? For some time, elections at Federal or State level have been racing to the bottom in competency stakes.

    We have no one, absolutely no leader that’s any good.

    • Pensioner Pete 17/09/2020, 8:43 am

      Akto: You are dead right, there is no leader of any worth in the nation currently. The only one I can see having a chance of becoming a leader of some merit is Peter Dutton.

      • Disgruntled 17/09/2020, 10:54 am

        Yes, yes and yes to the above. Can anyone name one; only just one of our “Leaders??” that come to the job with extensive experience in running anything decent at all. A lot are NOTHING but career politicians that go from Uni. etc. straight to politics and what is worse they get away with it.

        That is the real and number one reason that our country is surviving; just; not because of our leadership but in spite of our leadership incompetence: and boy o boy there are many examples of poor decisions that just don’t cut the mustard!!

        Some time this morning I heard a talk between Dobbo and Robbie Katter and it was generally along this theme. Apparently there is an ethanol mob closing today who intended to produce sanitiser; but guess what; The Aus and Qld Govts preferred to get sanitiser from China; Whaaaaat? China has very strict controls with their production eh? while Australian companies turn out rubbish?????; this is crap! Many of the things they mentioned re. poor decisions is and was only caused by lack of experience of the decision makers. Katters and One Nation do have some of the experiences needed.

        Could fill a whole volume on mistakes made but at the end of the day,, who really cares anyway!!!

  • Walahwalah Bishbin 17/09/2020, 8:10 am

    I used to collect propaganda in the 70s and 80s. The Soviet’s “Afghanistan through honest eyes” publication is still my all time favourite.
    So after all this scamdemic, why have peeps still not learned the same lesson?
    Do not watch, listen, or read, the ABC.
    To do so, is to look down the barrel of a gun & pull the trigger.
    Just walk away.

  • Lorraine 17/09/2020, 10:12 am

    Daniel Andrews works the old left line “say it often and people will believe.” I listened to Rita last evening on Sky and there are minions for Daniel trying to take people down from face book posts and such as they drag those against Dan and smear them ,trying to run them out of business . Their crime they disagreed with Andrews, apparently he has a huge twitter following and is sure he can weather any storm.

  • davey street 17/09/2020, 5:39 pm

    Andrews and his Dan-jing fantasy are hopefully finished. Signing Victoria to the Communist Belt and Road Initiative which is a dodgy money for assets scam parlayed on poverty stricken nations by communist China, will finish him. Covid has a life span but BRI does not. Recently Sri Lanka fell into the CCP debt-trap diplomacy nighmare and after building a port with Chinese commie money, and was forced to hand a 99 year lease to China because interest on the “loan” could not be paid. Andrews is deliberately and systematically destroying the Victorian economy as part of undisclosed BRI mega-deal. It’s young female Chinese-Australian negotiator put the same deal to Tasmania because China wants the Port of Hobart as a base for its Antarctica takeover for eventual rare earth minerals mining. Tassie said f*ck off and is negotiating an extension of Hobart port calls but that’s all. The average Victorian has no idea what is happening to their state but there will be hell to pay for the Vic ALP when they find out. The second wave of Victorian Covid was planned by Obama worshipping Andrews and Van Diemen, a pair of Australia hating modern day marxists. Australia’s second biggest state being effectively owned by Beijing could not happen ? Watch ! There’s plenty more Chinese viruses to come in the future.

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