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Greens Di Natale: is not holier than thou

Greens Di Natale: is not holier than thou

Ever spruiking from the podium of virtue, Greens leader Di Natale signals his snout is indeed oblivious to the fairness he purports to champion. The article says he pays his foreign au pairs $150 a week for 25 hours’ work—$6 per hour. The national minimum wage is currently $17.70 per hour or $672.70 per 38 hour week (before tax). Casual employees covered by the national minimum wage also get at least a 25 per cent casual loading. Perhaps the au pairs are greenies and are happy to work for less—also illegal!

Greens leader Richard Di Natale used taxpayer funds to fly his “manny” to Canberra with his wife and children as part of a $1500 trip the au pair joined while on a ­cultural exchange program in Australia. The Victorian senator, under fire for paying foreign au pairs $150 a week for 25 hours’ work, along with food and board, claims he broke no rules using the entitlement to pay for his British nanny Benjamin Whitbred to travel with his wife and children from Melbourne for a four-day trip to Canberra in May 2015.

Source: News Corp

Richard Di Natale’s ‘manny’ takes flights on the public purse

A spokeswoman from Senator Di Natale’s office said it was within the rules for both his wife and au pair to travel using the taxpayer-funded family allowance as his wife was working during the visit.

“The carer was a designated person with significant caring ­duties as per the rules of travel, who supported Richard to care for his children while both parents worked,” the spokeswoman said.

According to Department of Finance records, taxpayers footed the bill for three return flights from Melbourne to Canberra at a total cost of about $1400.

A $103.60 Comcar fare was also claimed under the family travel entitlement as part of the trip.

According to Department of Finance rules, MPs can designate someone other than their spouse or dependent child to access the entitlement if the person has “significant caring responsibilities” for a person “substantially dependent on the senator or member” or “for the senator or member’s spouse/de facto partner, nominee or ­dependent child”.

The employment “invitation” sent to the au pair, which outlined the terms of his engagement, said he would provide “limited help” for the leader’s two children while on an exchange program to “experience family life in Australia”.

Senator Di Natale has dismissed criticism of his au pair ­arrangements, saying the nanny was paid above the minimum wage once living arrangements and PAYG tax of $37 a week were taken into consideration.

The senator, who has overseen a slump in the party’s primary vote since he took over the leadership in May 2015, has railed against the use of taxpayer-funded entitlements by MPs, and has suggested it is leading to voter disaffection with politicians.

On former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s use of entitlements to fund a helicopter charter to Geelong, Senator Di Natale said the public was angry at the “level of abuse that exists around the issue of parliamentary entitlements”.

“People have never held politicians in lower esteem than they do at the current time, and it is in part because some people in this place seek to use their entitlements, those that allow us to do our job, in a way that furthers their own personal self-interest,” he said.

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  • Penguinte 28/03/2017, 7:20 am

    Meantime we can screw the single mothers and pensioners a bit tighter. So what does Mrs DNT do for a crust? I expect the kids were in school for some of the time anyway?

  • Cliff 28/03/2017, 7:36 am

    His nanny is called Benjamin. Of course Di Natali’s nanny would be Benjamin.

  • Jack Richards 28/03/2017, 7:56 am

    Do as I say, not as I do. What a complete hypocrite he is. He has just the sort of head I’d never tire of kicking.

    • Lorraine 28/03/2017, 8:30 am

      me too and I am not a violent person, but the greens are so destructive using what power they have in the senate to tear down our society…..I would almost help with the kicking.

      • crankykoala 28/03/2017, 10:14 am

        Lorraine, “almost help with the kicking”. Best you go to the end of the queue!

  • Topsy 28/03/2017, 8:30 am

    Disgusting amoral man who would love to be in Trumble’s shoes and do whatever he chooses at the expense of every one else.

    • Albert 28/03/2017, 1:57 pm

      Too true, Topsy. This disgusting excuse for a man makes the skin crawl as do many others of the fake political persuasion.

  • Moree 28/03/2017, 8:34 am

    Here’s something I know that Di Natale doesn’t.
    There is such a thing as the Truck Act in NSW, and I suppose it has its equivalent in other states.
    And this Truck Act forbids paying a worker in anything other than money, or requiring them to live on the property, or forced buy their stuff from the ‘company store’

    3 Payment of wages
    The entire amount of the wages earned by, or payable to, any worker shall be actually paid to such worker in money, and not otherwise…

    I am not saying that he does that but his statements imply to me that he pays them $6 an hour but makes up for it by providing food and little gifts.

    The penalties for doing it are severe. And it might be the case for the Fair Work Ombudsman to have a wee look at what’s going on.

    • Moree 28/03/2017, 8:42 am

      I posted it too soon – here is the rest
      That particular Act was recently repealed but there is a scad of other legislation forbidding paying wages in anything other than cash.

    • aadje 28/03/2017, 5:55 pm

      Oh don’t be silly Moree, he is a greenie leftard and therefore the HRC won’t touch him with a ten feet pole. They might even ask YOU to explain yourself. so watch it!

  • Greg 28/03/2017, 9:45 am

    Richard just can’t stop displaying his true self. His hypocrisy is now added to his disdain for democracy, the determination he has to destroy the economy, his approval of violent behaviour, his belief that you can break any law you do not like, and his support of open borders to wreck anything that may remain. He may be the village idiot, but in the end we are the idiots for paying him the huge salary and “expenses” he receives – and letting him get away with it.

  • Margaret 28/03/2017, 9:47 am

    The Truck act is interesting because if Di Nataliai is part paying his nanny in room and board, how does the nanny pay tax on that? Is the tax department missing out? What if we all paid people ‘in kind’ instead of money… a bartering system?

    • Joe Blogs 28/03/2017, 10:22 am

      “Trucking” is more like bondage bordering on servitude, Marg – or the “company store” system – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sixteen_Tons

      You’ve exposed Di Nitwit as a trucker.

      • Albert 28/03/2017, 2:04 pm

        Exposed as a trucking tight arse, JB.

      • Joe Blogs 28/03/2017, 6:42 pm

        New nickname for him, Albert: “Tonka”. Now he can join the TWU – if the CFMEU will let him.

  • Biking Voter 28/03/2017, 10:19 am

    The truck act should be brought back in ……. and then run him over with said act.
    Hit by a truck!

  • crankykoala 28/03/2017, 10:20 am

    So, when is MSM, particularly the ABC, going blast this hypocrite as they crucified poor old Bronwyn (justified)

    • Lorraine 28/03/2017, 10:42 pm

      its not the deed it the side that matters. when reporting foul deeds of the left, they just don’t. it is outside the job disruption of the ABC

  • Greens Anarchist 03/12/2018, 10:08 pm

    So Di Natale using legal systems established by the Coalition (that he wants to abolish, as stated in the article) makes him deceitful but the Coalition only giving tax breaks to its voters (upper middle-upper class) and making dirty deals with the mining industry is fine? Call him a radical leftist all you want but he’s trying to remove this parliamentary abuse and corruption.

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