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 Good news: Elk is saved by wildlife officers in US

13.10.21.  A years-long quest to remove a tyre from the neck of a bull elk as it wandered the Colorado wilderness has ended with US authorities sedating the animal and freeing it. The delicate operation to free the four-and-a-half-year-old bull elk saw officers remove the animal’s antlers and squeeze the tyre over its head after wildlife officers were unable to cut through the tyre itself.
“It was tight removing it,” officer Scott Murdoch said.
“We would have preferred to cut the tyre and leave the antlers for his rutting activity, but the situation was dynamic and we had to just get the tyre off in any way possible.”
The elk was first spotted with the tyre more than two years ago, during a wildlife survey.

Source: AP

Colorado wildlife officers complete two-year quest to remove tyre from elk’s neck

But officers waited years for enough sightings to track the elk and free it.
“This elk was difficult to find, and harder to get close to,” Mr Murdoch said.
Speaking in 2020 about how the elk may have wound up like that, Mr Murdoch speculated it would have become stuck while the elk was young, before it grew antlers.
“It could really have been a number of things, but it would have had to be in the winter months when the elk don’t have antlers,” he said.
The 270-kilogram elk was spotted with a herd of others over the weekend, before officers were able to successfully sedate it.
It was the fourth attempt made in the past week to help the elk.
By removing the tyre, officials estimated the elk shed about 16 kilograms, as the tyre was packed with dirt and pine needles.
They say they have seen deer, elk, moose, bears and other wildlife become entangled in a number of items, including swing sets, hammocks, clotheslines, decorative or holiday lighting, furniture, tomato cages, chicken feeders, laundry baskets, soccer goals and volleyball nets.

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  • Thunder 13/10/2021, 5:31 am

    Surely the Deer must be charged with Stealing the Tyre in the first place ??

    Have they managed to find the Owner of the Missing tyre ??

  • Pensioner Pete 13/10/2021, 6:46 am

    Was Winnie Mandela found lurking in the bushes?

    • Honeybadger 13/10/2021, 7:12 am

      Good one !

    • Disgruntled 13/10/2021, 8:41 am

      He bolted before she could get it lit. Just proves that deer are smarter than Winnie Mandela eh.

      That’s back to the IQ thing between various races.(emperical info that I can no longer find on the net; maybe because it is now not PC)

      • Sir Peter 13/10/2021, 9:06 am

        The average IQ in Africa is 80. The AVERAGE. For many millions it is below the level we would define as intellectually disabled.

      • Disgruntled 13/10/2021, 2:04 pm

        Sir Peter. I think I can recall that a study I saw years ago put our mobs average quite a bit lower. And some of the more active and very keen eastern Aisian groups were well over the 100 mark; well over!
        I cannot now find it; I think I did bookmark it and cannot find either. (far too many bookmarks and far too many folders in there)

        If you have a good study available please put up a link or two.

  • STJOHNOFGRAFTON 13/10/2021, 1:42 pm

    I would have used bolt cutters to sever the steel band in two places then used hand held metal cutting shears to easily cut the rubber part of the tyre in half up to the opposite steel bands. Voilà! Pull the tyre apart. That way, when the the elk awakes, he still has his antlers and, more importantly, his pride.

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