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 Good morning Mr duke of york!

14.01.22.  Put yourself Mr duke of york’s undies just for one moment. Imagine what the son of Queen Elizabeth is feeling today being stripped of almost every royal title—and respect? From a prince to a ponce overnight. No more impressive moments in the regimental mess—among the many suckholes eager to be ‘snapped’ with the ‘Colonel-in-Chief’. What now for the eternally disgraced? What now in the courts with a ‘Me-Too’ vulture perched upon his shoulders. Whom now shall fork out for damages should that be the court’s decision? No more bowing and greetings at the doors of fine dining emporiums. No more respect for a Mr Nobody. No more reason to continue? How very sad! Such awful shame for the good Queen. His father has been spared—a mercy!
The Queen has stripped her second son, Prince Andrew, of his military affiliations and Royal patronages in a humiliating move as he prepares to face sexual assault allegations in a civil case brought by Perth-based Virginia Giuffre. Andrew has been told not to use the title His Royal Highness after senior royals, believed to be Prince Charles and Prince William, argued for him to lose it.

Source: Jacquelin Magnay, NCA

Prince Andrew gives up military titles, patronages

A two-line statement from Buckingham Palace read: “With The Queen‘s approval and agreement, The Duke of York’s military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to The Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen.”
The distancing of the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family from Andrew’s legal woes comes as the country prepares for Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee, which threatens to be overwhelmed by embarrassing elements from the Giuffre case.
Ms Giuffre has accused Andrew, now 61, of knowing she was a sex-trafficking victim of his friend, Jeffrey Epstein, and that he had sex with her on three occasions in 2001 when she was aged 17.
Andrew has strenuously denied the charges and royal sources said he would continue to fight the case in court, despite some analysts urging him to settle in what could be a multimillion dollar payment.
Earlier this week, the United States district judge Lewis Kaplan ruled the case would proceed, rejecting Andrew’s arguments to dismiss because of a plea deal made in 2009 between Ms Giuffre and Epstein.
Ms Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies said: “A purely financial settlement is not anything that I think she’s [Giuffre] interested in.”
Court documents lodged by Ms Giuffre allege Andrew’s sexual abuse of a child “ … when he was approximately 40 years old goes beyond all possible bounds of decency and is intolerable in a civilised community”.
The Queen’s decision came on the same day that she received an open letter from 150 military veterans who said they were upset and angry that Andrew remained a member of the armed forces and continued to hold military titles, positions and ranks, including that of Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy.
The letter said: “Were this any other senior military officer, it is inconceivable that he would still be in post. Officers of the British armed forces must adhere to the very highest standards of probity, honesty and honourable conduct. These are standards which Prince Andrew has fallen well short of. It is hard not to see, when senior officers are reportedly describing him as ‘toxic’, that he has brought the services he is associated with into disrepute.”
Andrew stepped back from public duties in late 2019 following a car crash BBC interview, in which he strenuously denied knowing Ms Giuffre and claimed that a photograph of the two of them may have been doctored. He insisted that on the day in question, he could not have met Ms Giuffre because he was at a birthday party at Pizza Express Woking.
But now, Andrew’s fall from grace has seen him lose his cherished military roles including Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. Other prominent honorary military titles stripped from him are honorary air commodore of RAF Lossiemouth, colonel-in-chief of the Royal Irish Regiment, colonel-in-chief of the Small Arms School Corps, commodore-in-chief of the Fleet Air Arm, royal Colonel of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, deputy colonel-in-chief of the Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeth’s own) and royal Colonel of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
While he would keep his HRH honorific, he would not use it, royal sources said.

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  • BBob 14/01/2022, 8:23 am

    “Whom now shall fork out for damages should that be the court’s decision?”

    The Prince has his Swiss Chalet on the market to foot the bill himself should he lose the case.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 14/01/2022, 9:58 am

    You have to admire our Lizzie for even in old age she stands up and gets counted when it counts, and she has.

  • Disgruntled 14/01/2022, 10:07 am

    This may not be the place to put it but here goes; I saw this on Quadrant.

    It’s behind the Herald Sun paywall, but Andrew Bolt’s thoughts on the Djokovic debacle deserve a wider audience. He writes:

    Here’s proof that the Morrison Government wants to kick Novak Djokovic out of the country not because he’s a danger to the health of Australians, but because he’s a danger to the health of a government facing an election.

    If Djokovic were really a health danger to Australians, why would the government sit back and let him walk free on our streets?

    Is it possible the Government just wants the extra time to see how this plays out in polls and talkback? That it wants the view of the mob before acting?

    If you think I’m too harsh, here are two names: Christine Holgate and George Pell.

    The Prime Minister demanded Holgate be sacked as head of Australia Post even though she lawfully and understandably rewarded four top executives with luxury watches worth $5000 each for landing a deal that made the corporations millions of dollars. But the mob was going feral, so Morrison trashed her.

    The Prime Minister never said a single word in defence of Cardinal George Pell, even after the High Court correctly ruled he’d been the victim of a miscarriage of justice, unfairly jailed for pedophile offences he could not possibly have committed. But the mob wanted a scapegoat, and Morrison was not the man to stand in their way by defending an innocent man.

    I’d add Milo Yiannopoulos to the list. Morrison banned him from coming to Australia for being allegedly of “bad character”, when in fact the true bad characters were the far-Left thugs threatening violence if he spoke. But the Left wanted Yiannopoulos silenced, and the election was just two months away.

    So Morrison again sided with the mob, not with free speech.

    It doesn’t make Morrison look good does it?? Waddaya think about this DT.

    • Penguinite 14/01/2022, 11:36 am

      Agree! Slomo and co would prefer Djokovic jump on a plane and GTH of Australia. He may well do that to avoid deportation and an exclusion penalty but he making them sweat!

  • Aktosplatz 14/01/2022, 10:08 am

    I don’t think the Queen had any choice really. There’s no love lost between Charles and Andrew, so he (Charles) would have been encouragement for the Queen to bite the bullet.

    The whole episode is sordid. I have no time for Andrew, nor for Ms Giuffre who just after the cash (this is a civil case – so far).

  • DickyBeach 14/01/2022, 10:34 am

    We should not lose sight of the fact that the girl was apparently a whore and over the Age of Consent at the time.

  • god58 14/01/2022, 10:38 am

    Whilst I can’t stand Andrew the picture of he and Ms. Giuffre and available information from her then friends suggests a cheap, promiscuous and experienced young lady more than happy to get on her back for a ‘celebrity’ and no doubt money. Now that the money has run out it seems to be back to plan B. That would be ‘Bullshit’ for a dollar more.

    • Aktosplatz 14/01/2022, 1:20 pm

      That’s it God58. Virginia Roberts was a “hostess” at age 17, to Prince Andrew:-
      ‘Well she was just seventeen , you know what I mean, and the way she looked was way beyond compare..” (The Beatles ‘I saw her standing there’ 1963)

      Interesting turn of phrase ..’you know what I mean..’

      I don’t like Andrew at all, never had, but based on what we have learned, Virginia Giuffre is suing PA in a civil case over sexual relations he had with her in London where 17 is the legal age (16 being the limit). So what is this ‘really’ about?

      Of course, the case is being heard in the US where 17 is below the legal age, but the offence took place in England, so I can’t see what this has to do with the US. Obviously there’s something else we don’t know (yet).

      I notice that other customers of Epstein included the Clintons and Trump, are they next on Virginia’s list?

  • Aktosplatz 14/01/2022, 11:02 am

    Prince Andrew joined the Royal Navy in 1979.

    Andrew signed on for 12 years from May 11, 1979, and was appointed as a midshipman in September of the same year.

    He then entered the Britannia Royal Navy College in Dartmouth, and during 1979 he completed the Royal Marines All Arms Commando Course where he received his Green Beret.

    He enrolled at the Royal Navy College Flight, undergoing pilot training until he was accepted as a trainee helicopter pilot.

    He went on to elementary flying training with the Royal Air Force at RAF Leeming and basic flying training with the navy as HMS Seahawk later.

    He was awarded his wings and then he moved onto more advanced training until 1982.

    At that time he joined the carrier-based squadron, 820 Naval Air Squadron, serving aboard the aircraft carrier, HMS Invincible.

    On April 2, 1982, Argentinian forces invaded the British overseas territory of the Falklands Islands.

    Argentina claimed sovereignty over the islands, located in the South Atlantic Ocean, for several years.

    The Falklands are 8,000 miles in the South Atlantic, but despite the distance, Britain undertook a mission of assembling and sending a task force of warships and rapidly refitted merchant ships to the Falklands.

    The Duke of York was sent to the Falklands flying a Sea King Helicopter from the carrier HMS Invincible.

    Thus, at the age of 22, Andrew saw active service as a Sea King helicopter pilot in the Falklands War.

    The possibility of Prince Andrew being killed in action made the British Government apprehensive and the Cabinet requested he be moved to desk duty during the conflict.

    However, the Queen insisted her son be allowed to remain with his ship and take his chances like everyone else.

    His service included flying his helicopter as a decoy target, trying to divert deadly Exocet missiles away from British ships, as well as casualty evacuation, transport, search and air rescue, anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare.
    His assignments were certainly dangerous, hovering just above the sea itself alongside HMS Invincible as a deliberate potential missile target

    Prince Andrew witnessed the Argentinian attack on the SS Atlantic Conveyor which was hit by two Argentine air-launched Exocet missiles, killing 12 sailors.

    He earned his service medals.

    Charles got his from under the Christmas Tree.

    • BBob 14/01/2022, 11:22 am

      100%; very well done.

    • Cliff 14/01/2022, 12:42 pm

      Akto, I know a couple of (now ex-) RN helicopter guys who served with Prince Andrew in the Falklands. To say their comments about his behaviour then were ‘unkind’ would be an understatement. In short, not one of them had a good word to say about him.

      Charles, on the other hand, apparently acquitted himself quite well during his naval service.

      • Aktosplatz 14/01/2022, 1:29 pm

        That’s true Cliff, but Charles served in British Forces during peacetime, that’s not quite the same thing as Andrew’s service, where he ran dangerous missions.

        British historian Patrick Bishop, wrote a glowing record of Prince Andrew’s Falklands service in his book on the Falklands War. In fact I think he was on board HMS Invincible with him.

      • Cliff 14/01/2022, 4:58 pm

        If my ex-RN mates are to believed, (and I do believe them), Andrew’s ‘dangerous missions’ during the Falklands unpleasantness were… shall we say… ‘overstated’ – and overstated big time – by the Windsor ‘Firm’ PR machine. My friends’ version of events is that his missions were very carefully selected by senior officers who did NOT want to have someone in the ‘first five’ in line for the throne killed on THEIR watch.

        However, it wasn’t his flying that was their main complaint about him, but more his behaviour off duty towards other lesser mortals on the squadron and in the Ward Room.

  • Barry James RUMPF 14/01/2022, 11:13 am

    Sad but necessary. Sad that the Queen has to suffer from guilt by association and take the steps she knew she had to take without fear or favour.
    If only we had a leader in Australia with the same commitment to truth and justice.

  • Simon Thompson 14/01/2022, 12:18 pm

    From prince to ponce…
    I laughed so hard, I gave myself a thoracic vertebral correction

    • Theydon Wood 14/01/2022, 1:22 pm

      To nonce?

  • mischevious 14/01/2022, 1:30 pm

    the royal family have associated themselves with real life pedophiles for decades that we know of. charles was best friends with jimmy savile and the queen knighted him. there was also a uk govt pedophile ring, mountbatten is an alleged pedophile. the royals are in it up to their eyeballs.

    they all knew, johnny rotten was banned by the bbc for telling the truth about savile in 1978


    seems they have lost the power to protect each other. the truth about andrew and giuffre wont ever be known but if it stops this rot, more power to her.

    • Aktosplatz 14/01/2022, 3:55 pm

      Very good point Misch. That might partially explain the excessive Virtue Signalling from the squeaky clean Charles and William (towards Andrew.)

  • Aktosplatz 14/01/2022, 8:17 pm

    And then of course, there’s the shh shh ‘friendship’ between Prince Charles and Jimmy Saville. Just sayin’…


    • Aktosplatz 15/01/2022, 8:22 pm

      All this self righteousness from Chatles makes me vomit. He was a close companion of the paedophile Jimmy Saville ( sorry SIR jimmy) Charles used to buy him gifts frequently, such as cigars. Jimmy got his knighthood from Charles.

      Really, once the Queen is gone we should ditch these bunch of creeps.

      In the meantime I contend that Charles has been as bad as Andrew.

      Charles hasn’t got on with Andrew for years so Andrew’s expulsion is welcome to him

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