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GetUp’s march of the zombies

GetUp’s march of the zombies in Warringah

Independent candidate Zali Steggall is on track to replace former prime minister Tony Abbott as the federal member for Warringah, according to a ReachTEL poll commissioned by GetUp.

For starters, would the scoundrels at GetUp commission a poll that would give anything but their desired result? Perhaps the ex Wentworth waffler could help GetUp with polling results? This article in the SMH, however, fails to mention how those polling questions were posed. The influence of GetUp with the help of leftist media is becoming folklore, a gospel by which voters must abide. Surely voters are smart enough to lodge their vote with whom they choose—not what GetUp has decided for them—aren’t they? When the GetUp pests come a calling, tell ’em to bugger off and slam the door in their faces.

The activist group, which is campaigning to oust Mr Abbott from his traditionally Liberal seat on Sydney’s northern beaches, commissioned a poll of 622 residents that showed the four-time Winter Olympian leading 54 to 46 on a two-party preferred basis. The athlete-turned-barrister has positioned herself as an advocate of the “sensible centre” – economically responsible, while progressive on social issues and climate change.

Source: Fairfax Media

GetUp poll points to Abbott electoral defeat

Although the reliability of pre-election polls has been questioned, GetUp has seized on the results in support of its claim that Mr Abbott is “out of touch” with the majority of his electorate. The group is preparing a repeat of efforts backing Kerryn Phelps at last year’s Wentworth byelection.

Campaign director Miriam Lyons said the polling backed what activists were hearing from voters in Warringah, especially on climate change – identified as the number-one reason for an intention to vote against Mr Abbott.

“This is just one poll, and we’re still a long way off the election, but I can’t imagine these numbers help Tony Abbott sleep at night,” Ms Lyons said.

“He cannot escape the reality that most people in his electorate want to show him the door.”

In the poll, 60 per cent of voters rated Mr Abbott’s performance as a local member as “poor”, and the same number said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate “with a plan to tackle climate change by replacing coal with clean energy”.

For those who had previously voted for Mr Abbott but now planned to change their vote, the figure was 78 per cent.

Participants were asked about their voting intentions if the federal election, due in May, was held today and were instructed to chose between Ms Steggall, fellow independent Susan Moylan-Coombs, the Liberal Party, the ALP, the Greens or “other”.

“Tony Abbott is out of touch,” Ms Lyons said. “[He] has had 24 years to show he’s willing to listen to his community on issues like climate change and marriage equality, and for 24 years he’s chosen to go off and fight right-wing culture wars instead.”

GetUp has signed up hundreds of volunteers to doorknock across Warringah, man phone banks and hand out how-to-vote cards in support of Ms Steggall.

Ms Lyons said Warringah voters cared deeply about climate change and expected the government to act.

“They know that Tony Abbott, more than anyone else in Parliament, has sabotaged renewable energy and blocked action on climate change and they’re ready to hold him accountable.”

But the campaign director acknowledged that unseating Mr Abbott, who holds his seat on a 12 per cent margin, would be “a monumental task”.

“He has the backing of a party machine and the coal lobby, and donors will pour millions of dollars into his campaign,” Ms Lyons said. “It’s going to be a long, tough fight.”

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  • TommyGun 10/02/2019, 7:28 am

    “He has the backing of a party machine and the coal lobby, and donors will pour millions of dollars into his campaign,” Ms Lyons said.
    Do you notice how that is regarded as reprehensible, yet it is OK for the opposition to have the backing of GetUp and that Soros and the Unions will pour millions into their campaign? Hypocrisy, anyone?

  • Albert 10/02/2019, 8:03 am

    Their gross hypocrisy should be highlighted at every opportunity and the GetUp operatives should be named and shamed, complete with photographs.

    • Wallace 10/02/2019, 9:05 am

      Good idea Albert. Maybe when a GetUp jerk comes to your door, whip out you camera or phone and snap a pic then send it to MM Editor who might make gallery of them? How about it Ed?

  • Aktosplatz 10/02/2019, 8:13 am

    After the election, this story will simply fade as Mr Abbott is re elected. People no longer tell the truth to would-be pollsters ( I know I don’t).

    He’s fine.

    • Lorraine 10/02/2019, 9:20 am

      Thankyou, I feel as you do ,Tony Abbott fine man. Get Up are into messing up our way of life, via the George Soros and the NWO. They have targeted the wrong man

  • DT 10/02/2019, 8:21 am

    The skiing champion’s advisor is a Mr.Tim Flannery, Greens, Climate Council, etc.

    Shorten has hinted that the Turnbull & Son Turnbull Party candidates masquerading as Independent will have Labor preferences directed to them, no doubt Green and other “independent” will as well. It’s a gang folks!

    US import GetUp has been helping the Turnbull Party since at least 2009 when the get Abbott campaigning started.

    GetUp was assisted to get established here by a Mr.Bill Shorten when he was a senior AWU executive, and later he was appointed a GetUp Director.

    Don’t be fooled, as StopTurnbull history and timeline website revealed Mansion has wanted to get rid of the LNP for decades. He is a self admitted globalist who wants a new world order via UN, for Australia to become a republic mainly so that he has the opportunity to change the Australian Constitution to suit his political ambitions and purposes.

    Very clearly he and Shorten are on side with one another, Union Labor and Turnbull Party are partners and the Greens are too. The unions donate to their Labor Party and to the Greens and GetUp.

    I doubt that Tony Abbott is unpopular in his electorate of Warringah. He is involved in many aspects of community life including bushfire fighting and surf lifesaving, and with his wife as charity workers. They are patrons of the Manly Womens Shelter. And he is an excellent open door local member who is known for responding to emails and letters.

    However, the gang opposing him is formidable, cunning and ruthless.

    They would have the preference flow fixed so that the sitting member has a real fight on his hands, as do the other targeted real Liberal MPs.

  • DT 10/02/2019, 8:33 am

    The skiing champion refers to herself as from the “sensible right” and her GetUp based campaign centres around the climate change hoax, same sex marriage, unreliable energy and other so obviously extreme left fixations.

    Warringah voters must know that Tony Abbott once said man made global warming climate change is “crap” and “I will not stand for socialism masquerading as environmentalism”. And that he after a landslide defeat of Labor in 2013 went on as PM to repeal the carbon tax 10% and renewable energy surcharge 10% levied by Labor against electricity bills, and managed to convince the Senate to drop Labor’s RET from 28% to 23%. The Senate would not agree to abolish RET.

    SSM? For a tiny segment of the population, over 20% of eligible to participate in the postal survey did not return it and of the 80% who did the Yes box tick was only slightly more in number than the No ticks. Abbott acknowledged that in his electorate the majority of participants ticked Yes and therefore he chose to abstain from voting on changing the Marriage Act in Parliament. An issue lost in the fog of time of interest only to some of his constituents. But now a big issue?

    I believe that Tony Abbott will be returned to Parliament after the election, I have been involved in campaigning in a marginal electorate where the sitting member was a good member and held the seat for many decades, and when he retired the other side’s candidate won. Warringah is not marginal for Abbott and the Liberal Party and he is an outstanding local member of many years.

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