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 Gender assignment goes haywire

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  • Pensioner Pete 10/07/2019, 6:44 am

    Nailed it in one!

  • Gregoryno6 10/07/2019, 7:32 am

    Perhaps we should be grateful it was only ‘gender equality’ that caused the problem in Queensland. If they’d found just one left-handed Buddhist Canadian male working in a mine, and he happened to be gay…

  • Penguinte 10/07/2019, 8:15 am

    That’s it! The gender “segregationists” will want to change the names of the red and blue terminals.

  • crankykoala 10/07/2019, 9:32 am

    Wonder how queer electricians and plumbers get on explaining such basics to their apprentices?

  • Thunder 10/07/2019, 3:09 pm

    I am glad I am on the Last Tram…………….

  • geoffrey mcmaster 10/07/2019, 3:26 pm

    it will only confuse the straight apprentices!

  • luk1955 11/07/2019, 7:40 am

    Pray that one of those male circuits delivers a nasty shock to her! And she soils her work pants.

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