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 From the desk of Chaucer, Ed.

19.05.19. It’s time for this editor to pause a while and smell the roses. Morning Mail was conceived more than five years ago to polly-bash and to bring information to its readers not on the agenda of MSM. We use satire, we lampoon and make fun of the many fools that have their hands on the levers of power—a little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down. Besides, this is the only place I can try to be funny and witty.
Several weeks ago the board decided that if Labor were to win government the country would be lost, stuffed, and therefore MM’s contribution would be pointless. And as such, lack of quality sleep to the detriment of us aging codgers would be like spitting into the wind. 3:am comes early 24/7 with last post around 7:am. Then comes frequent visits to weed out naughty words and libelous statements that might offend some PC bastard or abolitionist of truth.During our time we have posted more than 13,000 stories. Our site averages about a million reads per year. How many ‘flick-offs’ we can’t assess. Our very effective security system has averted 247,969 malicious login attempts—three while I write this.
All this is to say that our early morning news round up will change somewhat and may not suit the early birds. While none of us at MM want to stop writing, we do need to ease deadline pressure. That should in turn give us more time to research, which has become increasingly difficult given the amount of rubbish dragged up by search engines.
As I have said recently regarding Jack Richards and his dreadful health issue, MM has developed a sort of family aura in which the commenters get to know each other. It’s more like swapping stories around the barbecue—we know what everyone likes to drink and eat. And, there also exists a very large crowd that watch us over the fence—they’re affectionately known as lurkers. Anyway, we are not pulling the plug but will work at a more leisurely pace as old curmudgeons should. Your humble, but opinionated servant, Chaucer.
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  • Phillip 19/05/2019, 7:53 am

    I look forward to morning mail everday and love the topics, the wit and the ability of the contributors. When I hear the number of articles you guys write Iam blown away. Thank you all for your skill and devotion.

  • Pensioner Pete 19/05/2019, 7:53 am

    Thanks for the update Chaucer.

    Accessing MM in the mornings, for me, is very like my childhood, when I would rush down to the local shop waiting for it to open so I could get the latest new edition of The Phantom comic. You plan now allows me to take it at a much calmer pace and is welcomed.

  • TL46 19/05/2019, 8:01 am

    My very sincere thanks to the MM team for your early morning efforts. Your articles kick start my day. Keep up the good work and I will continue to share your articles on facebook and emails to friends.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 19/05/2019, 8:16 am

    Don’t go for goodness sake for MM is like a pair of comfy RM’s n my day used to start with a check of the bank account to see if some bastard had robbed me once again, then Bill Leak, then MM. RM’s have been sold, Leak has gone, the robbers are still out there, and thank goodness so is MM.

  • fiscal vagrant 19/05/2019, 8:29 am

    Thank you for all the good work you all do. I’m one of those that can’t sleep past 6am. Nevertheless, since I hail from WA, it’s a great pleasure to log into MM each morning to soak up your incredible output – it’s appreciated. My heart goes out to Jack Richards whom I greatly admire.
    To Chaucer and all of this wonderful community; many many thanks.

  • ozisceptic 19/05/2019, 8:40 am

    well, first, I don’t agree with all the views expressed by the Hon Ed. The possibility of climate change, be it 1% or 99%, is something we should accommodate.
    But some pieces are amazingly well researched and laboriously put together.
    I think Ed should ease back, it must at the moment take 80 hours a week.

    • L.B.Loveday 19/05/2019, 11:41 am

      Many, many sites accommodate discussion of climate change – there is only so much time the authors have and they must choose what topics to prioritise.

  • PeterPetrum 19/05/2019, 9:17 am

    Thank you, Chaucer. I do not comment often but do check in here every day, enjoying both your wit and the comments from the many “regulars”. I would not be unhappy if your “last post” did not come on line until later in the day.

    I am another “old codger” that has time on my hands to be a leisurely reader of news.

    Enjoy your break, after last night we all deserve one to savour victory.

  • Penguinite 19/05/2019, 9:39 am

    Sincere thanks MM Ed! I’ll just have to find something else to invigorate my humor palette until the MM emerges for the day. Mourning tea, perhaps?

  • ibbit 19/05/2019, 9:41 am

    Dear Chaucer, MM took up the slack for some of us who used to be avid Menzies House devotees until it imploded, was taken over, blown up or whatever.
    It makes sense to take things more leisurely as age is no respecter of early mornings – or anything much else, for that matter.
    I’m just glad MM is going to keep tottering on, although I quite see your point about “spitting into the wind had Labor won.”
    It’s quite fun to watch the long faces and sober questioning of what went wrong. Even more fun to know that these pushers of crud down our throats have no clue that it is not just Shorten and co who have been rejected, but them and their pontificating also.
    Channel 9’s morning host was particularly comical in his long and tragic face.

  • Greg 19/05/2019, 9:52 am

    Thanks Chaucer. You contributions are a valuable community service but the game is not over. There is still much to do, but with your help we are making ground and will win the war.

  • Bwana Neusi 19/05/2019, 10:56 am

    Congratulations Ed on a superb service with MM.
    As a Sand Groper I must thank you for the more leisurely start time.
    It will give us in the west an opportunity to get in an early comment and compete with those diligent Eastern Staters who mostly steal our thunder by posting pertinent comments before we have even crawled out of be.
    It is most frustrating to think “I was going to say that” so often.

    • Lorraine 19/05/2019, 11:23 am

      “I was going to say that” I am also pleased that MM will continue and like minded people can comment with humour ,or not. MM gave me a place to vent steam, after the Turnbull knifing, I was so angry with the Liberals, I to was a delcon.. I have slowly been won back with watching Scott Morrison campaign, he did it so well and its Hip, Hip, Hooray for him,us MM and Australia

  • Aktosplatz 19/05/2019, 12:33 pm

    Lorraine said it correctly, you became my refuge at MM after Tony Abbott was knifed in 2015. And I have stayed, enjoying what I read rather than what I write.

    However you must pace yourselves, some paywall sites don’t contribute anything as much as you do. And you would know, I think, that the collective contribution from your commentators is a wonderful Icing on Your Cake, we enjoy both I am sure.

  • bushwanker 19/05/2019, 12:53 pm

    I will try to be less of a defamer, homophobic/Islamophobic potty-mouthed shithead in the coming months just to make the life of Mr Ed a bit easier. (just kidding, I won’t change).
    It’s mostly a positive experience to read MM articles & comments particularly during the times that I am in Facebook jail which is often.

    • luk1955 20/05/2019, 7:01 am

      No Bw, don’t ease up on the moozie comments. They are still vile creatures.

      Good to see you editors taking a break. You do a great job and I wonder how you keep getting up so early every day. This is a wonderful site and it has had some influence that can’t be measured but that doesn’t matter. To see sad labor faces is truly joyful. Especially among the tv scumbags.

  • Maryanne 19/05/2019, 1:51 pm

    Dear Chaucer,

    Please make it easier for yourself because we all value your work. I don’t know about anybody else but I’m not on twitter to see things reported as they happen.

    • luk1955 20/05/2019, 7:03 am

      I make it a point to stay off social media. Poison atmosphere and bullying run rampant on those sites. Along with a lack of intelligence and thoughtfulness.

  • Pepperpete 19/05/2019, 2:36 pm

    We have greatly appreciated your efforts. MM has been a part of our life for many years.
    Thank you.

  • Honeybadger 19/05/2019, 2:51 pm

    We pay nothing and are given articles, often from behind paywalls and your own thoughts, all very well put together. Very grateful and you do it every day.
    Absolutely agree that you need to take a step back and if some days you post nothing, so be it. Best wishes, HB.

  • TommyGun 19/05/2019, 3:42 pm

    I fully understand your desire to take things at a slower pace, Chaucer. Your efforts in spreading our collective opinions and thoughts and occasionally venting our spleen is greatly appreciated. All those behind the scenes do a great job. Interesting to read the numbers you supplied on attacks etc. Thanks again, TG
    And, yes, it does feel like “family”.

  • Rossini 19/05/2019, 5:50 pm

    Take your time to smell the roses!

  • Neville 19/05/2019, 7:08 pm

    I echo HB just above, and greatly thank you, Chaucer, for putting yourself through this every day. Sure, time to ease back a bit in your time committments. As BN says, I’ll appreciate it a bit, being also in the west, and my job send me out early enough in the morning; I often don’t get to rum through MM till the (WST) evening, by which time all the comments are up! LOL.
    Good work mate, let the force be with you.

  • Rubyred 19/05/2019, 10:16 pm

    Thank you Chaucer. I too race first of all to Morning mail to get news I can trust, have a bit of a laugh and enjoy the contributions of your readers.
    I then send your articles to my many e-mail friends, politicians, etc. I can appreciate you wanting to take things a bit easier as I want to do that too after three years of researching every day for the truth which we don’t get from the majority of the MSM. I think the combined efforts of all of the right wing, sensible sites and the fight back of the Church organizations have all combined to seal this miracle victory of PM Scott Morrison. How sweet it is! A lot of people will be sleeping easier tonight.

  • The Maverick 19/05/2019, 10:35 pm

    Chaucer my friend, I have gotten into the habit of checking MM very late in the evening so I most likely won’t be affected by your changes. I would certainly have been had Bill Shorten become our PM. Not just for the loss of MM. Do as you must and most certainly smell the roses.

  • nev 20/05/2019, 9:19 am

    Good on you ED. You guys astound me with your input and output. While I have not much idea of what goes on behind the screens of a publishing house particularly a smaller one, where the level of multi-skilling must be stacked to the ceiling and 24 hours is packed into those early AM hours.
    So along with our awe there is much gratitude. Thank you.

  • Austin Ayforti 20/05/2019, 9:40 am

    It’s always an amazingly wide range of topics presented every morning and I’m in awe at the talents shown in writing them. MM is my first stop each morning, immediately after flashing up the rock-box for the day and I’ll wander back often during the day to catch up on the comments.
    As always a “double thumbs up” to all at MM.

  • ozisceptic 20/05/2019, 9:42 am

    Just an addendum, I found MM by accident. The SMH journo Elizabeth Farrelly has a comment about something she read in that terrible right wing etc blog MM.
    Well, like a shot I was logging on. And Farrelly was right, it is a great blog.

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