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 Forum for Delcons and Deplorables # 69

aaaaaaaaForum for Delcons and Deplorables # 69

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  • Graham Richards 14/01/2022, 7:34 pm

    Labor logic at work, promising $160,000,000 to promote tourism to the Great Barrier Reef which they say is dying due to climate change & agricultural run off????

    What a clever mob of morons!,

    • God58 14/01/2022, 11:35 pm

      Flogging a dead seahorse. 🙁
      Albo said 2 days ago he supports coal in Qld and yesterday refused support for a coal mine. A complete, effing, communist liar.

    • Pensioner Pete 15/01/2022, 6:46 am

      Federal Labor are under the illusion they will gain the seats the Coalition are going to lose in the May election, well, I have news for Labor, you have two chances in Queensland of gaining federal seats, Buckleys and none.

  • luk1955 15/01/2022, 6:54 am

    Here is an article that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. After locking up pregnant women who wanted to hold a meeting to discuss jailhouse standards, the coppers now want our sympathy. Suffer guys and gals for your actions during the plandemic. Karma is coming to you up close and personal.

    • Sir Peter 15/01/2022, 8:55 am

      My karma ran over my dogma

  • Albert 15/01/2022, 8:55 am

    Victorian politicians win the “Bunch Of Treasonous Bastards” award yet again. They have decided to cancel Australia Day while allowing “Invasion Day” ceremonies to go ahead.
    The Victorian Government don’t qualify as Australians because they are to stupid to understand that if this country hadn’t been colonised then Victoria and the rest of the states and territories would exist.

    • Albert 15/01/2022, 11:01 am

      correction: “wouldn’t exist”.

      • DT 15/01/2022, 4:17 pm

        Over lunch today with friends we discussed the colonisation of this country now called Australia from January, 1788 and establishment of a settlement named Sydney Town on the southern shore of Port Jackson.

        We started with a comment about many from the Colony of New South Wales travelling over “the ditch” to New Zealand which was until the time of Federation part of New South Wales. And then the Colonies gradually came together and formed the Federation of States, New Zealand decided not to accept the offer to become a separate State and they decided to instead become a sovereign nation and not a part of the Commonwealth of Australia but remain a member of the British Commonwealth, later named Commonwealth of Nations.

        We then talked about the establishment of the Federal Government located in The Australian Capital Territory, Canberra and the arguments between Federation member States about where the Federal Parliament would be located permanently.

        And that the lack of cooperation by Labor States now during the pandemic, despite meetings of the National Leaders Cabinet of Prime Minister and Premiers and decisions made collectively at those meetings, highlights the limited influence the Federal Government has and the powers retained by the State Governments from colonial time.

        The United States of America has a very similar background history and responsibilities and powers. A POTUS is not all powerful and State Governors can and do ignore what Presidents recommend as it suits each State Governor and colleagues.

        In many ways, therefore, the British System of Government, Westminster System, with one national government and what are state matters here carried out by local government councils is more efficient and less expensive, but on the other hand the area of the UK fits inside Victoria Australia.

        In my opinion Australia would be better off with the British first past the post voting system, no preferences, the candidate with the most primary votes wins. We are also handicapped within the preferential voting system with the unofficial two-party preferred outcomes at elections and inevitably one of two sides is elected to government.

      • PW 16/01/2022, 8:38 am

        Yes an interesting post DT but what confounds me is the number of senators allocated to the states. Tasmania a case in point. Surely senators should be allocated per head of population of states.

  • Aktosplatz 15/01/2022, 11:42 am
    • Aktosplatz 15/01/2022, 12:28 pm

      Meant to add that it is another accurate ‘Please Explain’ cartoon from Pauline.

    • Cliff 15/01/2022, 2:56 pm

      From your headline, I thought you were putting in this, (possibly the best explanation of why the Third World shift to the West will never work that’s out there), Akto.


      • Botswana O'Hooligan 16/01/2022, 2:10 pm

        Thanks Cliff. Another problem is that apart from depleting the talent pool of their own countries, a great many of the ones we take in work the system because our rules and regulations allow it, or they bring their own ways to our country thus making “multiculturalism” the joke that it is, and come a conflict with the countries they have left as is evident with China financially and industrially right now, they will defend that country from whence they came, or flee as they have proven by coming here in the first instance. A few will enrichen our country and make it a better place but the majority won’t.

    • John 17/01/2022, 7:45 am

      Very true Bots and in the short term those people will mostly vote Labor because Labor is the their teat and the Libs will bring in more because it stimulates demand ( though not productivity to pay for it) and so makes a dysfunctional economy look functional. As Sir Peter says below, one big unsustainable Ponzi scheme.

  • Sir Peter 16/01/2022, 11:00 am

    Our economy is a Ponzi scheme. Totally unsustainable.

  • Peter 16/01/2022, 6:58 pm
  • Botswana O'Hooligan 16/01/2022, 7:47 pm

    Djokovic is done and dusted but whether he was right or wrong the World will look upon us as not advancing much from a penal colony so probably North Korea has more freedoms if the truth be known. Poor fellow my country.

    • Pensioner Pete 16/01/2022, 9:46 pm

      Certainly a shameful thing Bots.

      This act by the Australian government was purely political, so as to gain traction for the forthcoming federal election, not only will the coalition lose at the polls, so does Rio-Tinto with their Lithium mine proposal in Serbia, now certain to be knocked back as an act of revenge by the Serbian Government, and who can blame them? Shareholders will not be happy Jan.

      This is the classic lose, lose, scenario as no one wins with this short sighted political stupidity.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 17/01/2022, 9:16 am

        Apartheid writ large, the vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t work and in fact as you wrote previously, a vaccine that has innumerable side effects, a vaccine developed and administered with complete immunity from prosecution for the developers and those who administer it, a prime minister who continually states that it is not mandatory and yet stands by whilst states mandate it and some business have a no jab no job policy that contravenes our constitution and the outcome of Nuremberg after WW2. Those of us who thought that there wouldn’t be a split political system with the bloody “voice” are completely wrong for they will get it if the way the populace continue to accept these draconian measures and then we will endure “real” apartheid.

    • Albert 17/01/2022, 10:41 am

      Whether you agree or not with the deportation of Djokovic, the way in which this matter was handled is an embarrassing disgrace. Bumbling incompetence and stupidity, by all of those who had their finger in the pie, that made Australia and its useless government/s the laughing stock of the world.
      The big question now is with what do we replace those who have displayed such gross unsuitability?

    • DickyBeach 18/01/2022, 10:30 am


  • John 17/01/2022, 7:33 am

    Re the synagogue hostage taking in the US that happily left the perp expiring from acute lead poisoning.

    Quotes from Al Jezeera,
    “The FBI identified the man as Malik Faisal Akram, 44, who was killed.
    In a statement, the FBI said there was no indication that anyone else was involved. It did not provide a possible motive for the attack”.

    Apparently not aware of and unable to work out a motive can I make it easy for you FBI seeing it is such a convoluted conundrum?. The assailant was obviously a depraved Trump voting monster wearing a MAGA cap (that has since disappeared) heavily involved in Jan 6 who went down screaming “Lets Go Brandon”.
    Its not bloody rocket science.

  • DT 17/01/2022, 10:31 am

    The Australian

    Tennis Australia boss should quit over Djoker shambles

    Craig Tiley thought he had found a loophole in Australia’s strict vaccine rules to get Novak Djokovic into the country. It turned into an international embarrassment.

    Tennis Australia and Vic Health and both with no jurisdiction in border control and Immigration, the truth is emerging.

    News also reports this …


    • DT 17/01/2022, 10:51 am

      It fascinates me to read comments everywhere and so many no doubt based on honest feelings or beliefs but so often way off the mark in terms of law and even areas of responsibility and powers, Federal – Commonwealth and States for example.

      I read a comment about the Sri Lanka family, parents arrived as illegal immigrants and their requests for asylum were rejected and then again on appeal. But they were permitted into Australia on temporary protection visas. They remained here for years because being in Australia the refugee advocate lawyers are able to work the court system with appeal upon appeal and moving to a higher court and stall deportation orders for years.

      The couple married here and had children and were warned that the children would not be a get out of deportation reason. When deportation time arrived the refugee advocate lawyers found technicalities to argue why deportation should not proceed. So here they are still taxpayers supported because our court system allows them to be subject to more court hearings on legal arguments no matter how flimsy they are.

      Nothing to do with Federal Department of Immigration (many will say Prime Minister), the deportation order remains in place, but cannot be carried out while court proceedings are either underway or in the system for a hearing date.

      Djokovic, as background information emerges, was obviously encouraged by Tennis Australia that he would be admitted despite him not meeting the requirements including vaccination. His court appeal was not based on him breaching Immigration entry requirements, his lawyers based it on a technicality, that Immigration-Border Force Officers at Melbourne Airport made a mistake in processing him. A procedural error.

      Then consider how many other international tennis players including the top names were admitted without problem.

      And the neither the PM or the Minster responsible were involved at that stage.

      • Aktosplatz 17/01/2022, 11:11 am

        Djokovic was the most recent in a long line of celebrities trying to circumvent COVID rules. Qld former CMO, Jeannette Young told us they had to allow sports and show business celebrities exemptions into Qld as it ‘brings money into the State’.

        And thus started the Double Standards I personally have resented. We saw heartbreaking stories of dying relatives separated from their loved ones (including grandchildren). Too bad they didn’t have celebrity status!

        And so in breezed the AFL, NRL, and their WAGS, also Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Rebel Wilson and so on it went, Double Standards, with the Nation’s anger rising. British Journo Katie Hopkins fingered it immediately and said so, when she arrived. She was kicked out straight away as the truth (about Double Standards) apparently hurt

        One set of rules for them, another for us. I look at the Djokovic case in that light where he and his supporters had seen the previous so-called loopholes and thought things would be ok for them as well, why not? Can’t blame them.

        If we had had no double standards from the beginning, this [Djokovic] event would never have happened. It would have been sorted well in advance long before he came here.

        I agree with that the forthcoming election has probably enforced the ‘we’re all in this together’ rule at last, long overdue that it is. We should have all been in this together from the word ‘Go’. That’s what I thought the National Cabinet was for, but I was wrong.

      • DT 17/01/2022, 11:38 am

        Aktosplatz one point about international arrivals, clearly Commonwealth Immigration (Federal Government) enforces international border control and laws, but what I did not realise is that State Government Health determine who will enter a State and the quarantine they will be required to undertake.

        It’s pandemic related and I agree with your comments about “double standards” applying.

        National Leaders Cabinet was never a real cabinet, it was based on COAG and is a forum for discussions and decision making, but there is no way Premiers and their Cabinets can be forced to adhere to the leader’s group decisions. And the Labor States have abused this for party political purposes. And their blame the PM tactic has worked to varying degrees but maybe not as well as they plotted?

      • DT 17/01/2022, 3:56 pm

        I forgot to add to the above that when the Howard Government was voted in to office in 2996 there was a smuggler boat illegal immigration problem that Keating Labor could not deal with, or were not interested in stopping.

        Howard Government’s Pacific Solution soon stopped the boats for all intents and purposes, the official line referred to them slowing into a trickle, occasional attempts.

        Pacific Solution involved a number of deterrents including offshore (Nauru and Manus Island) detention for asylum seeking processing denying the illegal immigrants access to Australian Courts for appeals after their UNHCR based processing system and one appeal failed. The appeals enabled refugee advocates to extend their client’s stay here at out expense for years and years. Offshore the lawyers had no influence, which is why Dr Phelps, Labor-Greens and others passed the “medivac” legislation that the Morrison Government later managed to have repealed. Reason for medivac to get illegal immigrants to Australia and advocate lawyers.

        The Rudd Labor Government abandoned Pacific Solution and allowed over 50,000 illegal immigrants into Australia on Protection Visas and into the hands of advocate lawyers here. Most people are well aware of the Rudd-Gillard terms and “refugee” welcoming.

        And many of the Rudd-Gillard MPs are now Albo’s Opposition MPs. Like Plibersek who wants no international borders, like Wong who supports “refugees” and others.

  • DT 17/01/2022, 11:04 am

    This publication about separation of powers should interest people who want to understand how our system of government operates …


    And this regarding responsibilities and powers of the levels of government …

    The Roles and Responsibilities of Federal, State and Local Governments

    The Federal Government

    The Federal or Commonwealth Government is responsible for the conduct of national affairs. Its areas of responsibility are stated in the Australian Constitution and include defence and foreign affairs; trade, commerce and currency; immigration; postal services, telecommunications and broadcasting; air travel; most social services and pensions. The Federal Government is also involved, mainly through funding, in many things largely carried out by the States, such as health, education, environmental issues, industrial relations, etc.

    State or Territory Government

    Under the Australian Constitution, the States are responsible for everything not listed as a Federal responsibility. However, sometimes both levels are involved. Major State responsibilities include schools, hospitals, conservation and environment, roads, railways and public transport, public works, agriculture and fishing, industrial relations, community services, sport and recreation, consumer affairs, police, prisons and emergency services. Each state has its own constitution setting out its system of government.

    Local Government

    Local Government areas vary greatly in size and character. The Sydney area is divided into about 35 cities, municipalities or shires, each with its own local council. The bigger country centres such as Bathurst or Albury have city or municipal councils. Large but less populated country areas, with a number of small towns and large rural areas, are usually shires with a Shire Council based in one of the larger towns. The power of local governments is controlled by Acts of State Parliament such as the Local Government Acts. Local Councils are concerned with matters close to our homes, such as building regulations and development, public health, local roads and footpaths, parks and playing fields, libraries, local environmental issues, waste disposal, and many community services.

    Who Does What?

    It is not always easy to know which government is responsible for which service. Although the Federal Government is probably better known to many of us, the everyday things we do usually have more to do with our State or Local Governments.

    [State & Local = also bushfire fighting responsibility]

  • Aktosplatz 17/01/2022, 11:27 am

    Time for a laugh, I think. Here is a clip showing the difference between the Public and the Private Health system in the UK.


    • Botswana O'Hooligan 17/01/2022, 11:44 am

      Ripper. Wonder if BH was ever in the military? The old Dad was in his last few months of a pharmaceutical apprenticeship mid depression and was hauled back to work the family properties but later when he joined the army they made excellent use of his pharmaceutical talents by mustering him as a cook!

    • Aktosplatz 17/01/2022, 12:14 pm

      Apparently he was , Bots, during WW2

  • JG 18/01/2022, 1:34 pm

    Anyone looked up ALP policies. Be afraid there is crazy expensive, rich bashing, green energy aspects. Farmers in the firing line as well. Looks like we will all have to become vegans.

    Three years of Albo and Greens will destroy this country. Scomo may be stuffing things up here and there but the alternative is frightening.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 18/01/2022, 4:59 pm

    We have taken your eyes off the ball when one thinks about it for instead of the powers that be using logic and commonsense after about six months into this fiasco and asking themselves the question of, “just how many people have actually died compared to the same periods over the last five years” and when the answer was “about the same” they should of thought whoa back, this isn’t as serious as we thought and only Dan Andrews is raising the score by incarcerating old folks and killing them wholesale but the people in the workforce aren’t dying like flies so let’s allow the economy to reopen. They haven’t and instead brought in more and more draconian measures as in trashing our constitution, ignoring our human rights, and of course ignoring the Nuremberg Convention tho perhaps they have not heard of Nuremberg or indeed WW2. How many of us will remember any of them kindly in the future, the petty bureaucrats, the medico’s, the politicians, the police forces, the people who refuse us entry to the local pub? They can and will retire on handsome stipends but they should always remember to watch their six O’clock until the day they die for some of us will never forget.

    • Neville 18/01/2022, 7:20 pm

      Yeah, well said, Bots.

    • Pensioner Pete 19/01/2022, 5:24 pm

      Agreed Bots, well said.

  • DT 19/01/2022, 8:19 am

    One of the most vaccinated populations of all nations, Australia ….

    2GB Radio

    Ben Fordham is urging Australians to keep things in perspective amid anxiety around rising COVID case numbers.

    “There have been many hopeless moments during COVID-19,” Ben admitted.

    “Last year’s lockdown from June to October was rock bottom.

    “Our current situation is better … NSW is not in a crisis.”

    Ben told his listeners that while the vaccine rollout has been slow, and rapid antigen tests hard to find, Australia recorded 2,700 COVID deaths in two years, ranking in at 99th in the world.

    In the same period:

    America recorded 850,000 COVID deaths
    150,000 in the UK
    300,000 in Russia
    486,000 in India
    Last year, between January and October, 125,000 Australians passed away.

    Coronavirus accounted for just 1.3 per cent of deaths – about 1,600 in total.

    41,000 died from cancer.
    13,000 from Dementia and Alzheimer’s.
    11,600 from heart disease.
    7,000 from strokes and brain aneurisms.
    4,000 from diabetes.
    2,500 from suicide.
    1,800 from drug overdoses.
    Almost 2,000 from accidental falls.
    On the same day 17 people died from coronavirus in NSW, an estimated 136 Australians died of cancer.

    The odds of someone dying from COVID in NSW are 0.1 per cent.

    The odds of going to hospital is 0.8 per cent and ending up in intensive care is 0.05 per cent.

  • DT 19/01/2022, 8:33 am

    The RAN might not get nuclear submarines defence observers are saying.

    The Morrison Government has increased spending on defence and started reconditioning the six Collins Class conventional submarines, and is considering near future options such as leasing nuclear submarines or purchasing another six conventional submarines, build new upgraded Collins Class is one of the top suggestions as a stop-gap measure.

    Our allies are concerned that based on past history of Labor Governments defence will be dropped as a priority issue and the alliances will be far less supported by Labor. And at a time when China aggression in Asia Pacific Region is a growing concern.

    The Morrison led Government signed AUKUS including for nuclear submarine technology and vessels, long range missile production here under license, longer range missiles for the F-35 and F-18 RAAF aircraft, more cooperation between allies preparing for defence, etc. PM Morrison revived the QUAD with POTUS Trump (India, Japan, Australia, USA) and got AUKUS (Australia, UK and US) established in 2021.

    New RAN shared with US-UK bases in Darwin Harbour, East Timor and Manus Island PNG. Extension of the Tindal RAAF Base NT to handle long range USAF bombers including new refuelling facilities. New tanks from the US and self-propelled canons from South Korea, new helicopter gunships and more including assessment of replacements for the F-18 Super Hornets, and of course the Loyal Wingman drone fighter jet designed and built here by Boeing-RAAF near Toowoomba Old. Six already delivered to the RAAF for development.

    In 2007 Rudd Labor claimed warnings about a Northern Hemisphere GFC from the Howard Government saying it was a bad time to change government was rubbished by the Rudd Labor Opposition in 2007, and then 2008/09 the GFC impacted here.

    • DT 19/01/2022, 11:06 am

      The Australian

      Nuclear subs, China tensions to top UK talks
      Scott Morrison will host Britain’s foreign affairs and defence ministers in Sydney for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic this week.

  • DT 19/01/2022, 1:30 pm

    More on Defence of Australia, a massive US jet fuel storage facility near Darwin NT under construction.


  • Cliff 19/01/2022, 2:00 pm

    DT, one thing we can agree upon is that at the end of the day, it’s always about the money.

    Anyone who gets to three star rank in the military is as involved in making sure ‘The System’ (the military/industrial complex) continues to function with lucrative contracts as he is with purely operational matters, and with that in mind, the US or UK Defence people must surely know that it is absolutely imperative they get a nuke hull into Australian waters with the RAN ensign on it before an incoming Australian Labor government can ‘do a Dan Andrews’ on the submarine deal and cancel it (as Andrews did with the tunnel in Melbourne).

    With that in mind, it will be interesting to see what (he will doubtlessly hope, election-winning) announcement Scott Morrison comes out with after this upcoming meeting with the US and UK Defence bosses.

    • DT 20/01/2022, 1:53 pm

      Cliff, too right, assuming that Union controlled Labor are returned to power in Canberra we must hope that our allies and our present Morrison led Cabinet in Government can secure the AUKUS submarine project for the RAN.

      Of course all of the allies would be keen to have RAN nuclear submarines operational asap, in between times the upgraded Collins Class by six will remain very useful in the roles they perform and I hope the discussions about building another six proceeds, or purchase latest Sweden design Gotland Class that the original Collins Class as the RAN calls them as stop-gap. Apparently we need more submarines to be able to recruit more submariners ready to crew nuclear submarines as well as having more submarine fleet.

      The arrival in Canberra of senior UK Cabinet Ministers who will meet with the PM, Minister for Defence and Assistant (Hastie) and others is indicative of the UK position and being anxious to secure defence strength here.

      Unfortunately Albo and his closest insiders are far-left and close to Greens politically, and like Dangerous Dan lean towards the CCP which is not desirable.

  • god58 19/01/2022, 4:54 pm

    As the federal election approaches we are having the idea of Albanese as PM stuffed down our throats. I’m struggling to identify a single solitary thing this deadsh*t has done, in the past 10 years or longer, that would give him the privilege to be the Prime Minister of my country. Help me out here please. Why the fu#k should this piece of vermin get that job?

    • Pensioner Pete 19/01/2022, 5:22 pm

      god58. Should the Coalition lose the election as expected, and also Labor do not gain enough seats to govern in their own right, I expect Peter Dutton will become leader of the Liberals, whilst forming an arrangement with the likes of UAP to allow them to form a minority government.

      The Senate should be very interesting as I expect minor parties to gain more seats there, particularly One Nation should pick up a couple more seats given the outstanding performances of Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts during this so called pandemic.

      If this does not happen, this nation is stuffed as we shall see Labor run amok.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 19/01/2022, 8:44 pm

        Another giant TICK PP

      • Cliff 19/01/2022, 10:24 pm

        I sincerely hope you’re right, PP. Sincerely.

      • DT 20/01/2022, 2:17 pm

        PP, trying to be realistic and constructive, no minor party has ever gained enough seats to beat the Greens let alone form a government. The minors float around the bottom of the 2PP vote.

        Unfortunately, informed readers here the exception, most minor party voters haven’t got a clue how the preferential system lottery trickle down works. On Sky last night I sat up and took notice when comments were made about minor parties being more likely to help Labor even if the leaders do not intend for that to happen.

        You do realise that Clive is facing serious fraud charges and awaiting the court hearing? And that Craig, as outlined on Sky last night, was a very vocal critic of Clive not long ago and said that as an MP Clive was a waste of space. I remember that his attendance track record was appalling, many candidates stand for election for personal gain reasons so Clive is not unusual except for his business interests and wealth and related reasons.

        I would put One Nation in front of United Australia Party. Also pointed out was that Clive is targeting Pauline at the election and no doubt other PHON candidates. Of course, they are next to the Greens in popularity.

        Minor parties, consider Don Chipp (former Liberal) Australian Democrats, they were Greens rivals for a while and gradually imploded and diaappeared but not before being a Senate nuisance trading with the Howard Government and most often watering legislation down leaving the Government with no choice other than to accept the changes.

        The Abbott Government was held to ransom by a “hostile Senate” meaning combined opposition numbers dominating. And PM Abbott was blamed, even when the Section 18C repeal bill had to be shelved after Labor and the other opposition made it clear they would not support it and the Abbott Government sensibly decided to move on and try and get a strengthened anti-terrorism bill passed, and did. At the time terrorism was a major issue. But the armchair expert critics carried on like S18C was the most important issue of all and damned PM Abbott for what was out of his hands, well as well informed people realised, out of the control of Cabinet.

        And the left leaning media, ABC, Labor and Greens carried on to smear the PM with much applause from the armchair voters. One even told me that “Abbott” should have proceeded to table the S18C repeal bill to show him (us) that he was on our side?????????????

        Like bushfire season.

        I will be interested to see the election results, your early predictions in the past have been way off the results, but maybe this time you will be right.

        The information I have been picking up from various sources including well informed commentators is that Albo is in a similar position right now to what Bill Shorten was in at the same time before the 2019 election. But I won’t make a prediction at this stage.

        What I am certain about is that 2022 is not the time to change government or try to play preferential voting lottery. Main reasons;

        * Defence and Trade, emphasis on China.
        * Closer relations with all of Australia’s allies essential.
        * Pandemic and inevitable virus mutations to follow.
        * The economy.
        * The economy.
        * The economy.
        * Others.

    • John 19/01/2022, 7:07 pm

      “I expect Peter Dutton will become leader of the Liberals, whilst forming an arrangement with the likes of UAP to allow them to form a minority government”.
      I suspect that is the very best thing that could happen PP. For whatever reason and it may or may not be totally his fault but Morrison has the image of a total failure. And a smug self righteous one at that. There is not a hope in hell of the Libs being re-elected in their own right.
      Albanese God58?. He has been a nothing, is a nothing and will remain the same. Just another cockroach that has crawled out from under the trade union dung heap.
      Jeez, I hope your prediction is right PP or else we are in deep , as somebody learned says, ordure.

    • DT 20/01/2022, 1:54 pm

      Johannes Leak summed Albo and policies up in The Australian today.

  • Neville 19/01/2022, 7:33 pm

    “Is Scott Morrison worse than Malcolm Turnbull?”
    Wow, did this article generate some angst.
    It’s a long time since I saw THAT many comments! – 77 or so just now!

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 19/01/2022, 9:00 pm

      The break did us the world of good and it’s as exciting as a country wedding complete with dog fights with all of us fighting over a dead horse being flogged one more time about Mr. Christian Hillsong and the bloody “dreaded.” Haven’t had so much fun since the pressure cooker blew the fusible plug back in the early sixties and resulted in me painting the kitchen, the hallway, and the whole bloody house since the “colours” didn’t match according to the despot of the time.

      • Neville 20/01/2022, 10:49 am

        Ah yes, the old ‘this paint doesn’t match that’ trick.

    • Pensioner Pete 20/01/2022, 8:20 am

      Yeah Neville, that item was most entertaining, I must admit to many a chuckle myself, at certain comments.

  • DT 20/01/2022, 7:40 pm
    • Pensioner Pete 22/01/2022, 5:40 am

      Clear proof the deportation of Djokovic was purely political.

      • DT 22/01/2022, 3:05 pm

        “In a unanimous decision, Chief Justice James Allsop, Justice Anthony Besanko and Justice David O’Callaghan said Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s decision to cancel Djokovic’s visa was not irrational or illogical.

        The three judges found it was not irrational for the Mr Hawke to be concerned that the support of anti-vaccination groups for Djokovic may encourage protests and further community transmission.

        The judges said they did not consider the merits or wisdom of the minister’s decision, only whether or not it was lawful.”

        And what first took place …

        Just before midnight on January 5, Djokovic arrives in Melbourne on a flight from Dubai and is detained at the airport.
        In the early hours of January 6, Djokovic is interviewed by Border Force officials before his visa is cancelled and he is transferred to a Melbourne immigration detention hotel.
        Later that day, his lawyers file a challenge against the cancellation of his visa. An injunction is granted to allow Djokovic to remain in the country until January 10, the same day a hearing is scheduled in the Federal Circuit Court.
        On January 10, the court finds Djokovic’s visa was unreasonably cancelled, highlighting the lack of time given to the player to contest the decision, and orders his release from detention. After his release, the tennis star publicly states his intention to stay in the country and compete at the Australian Open.

        Unreasonably – technicality, procedural error, not that Immigration and Border Force acted unlawfully.

      • Pensioner Pete 22/01/2022, 3:32 pm

        As I said, purely political.

  • PW 21/01/2022, 9:17 am

    WA lengthens it’s border closure, I believe, is a test case of severing ties to the Commonwealth of Australia and using covid as an excuse. The commies there have been looking for a way for decades. This is their best chance using fear as a lever on their population.

    • DT 22/01/2022, 3:18 pm

      WA could not secede from the Commonwealth and failed despite holding a State referendum long ago. A national referendum would be required and therefore a majority of voters in every State supporting the proposal.

      However, if WA was able to secede they would be saddled with expenses now shared by all taxpayers, and like New Zealand that would be a substantial cost to every financial year budget costing more per capita than per capita cost as a Commonwealth member.

      Consider welfare including age pensions and benefits, Medicare, Defence, Foreign Affairs embassies and consulates etc and Trade, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (bulk purchasing of legal drugs), border protection, etc.

      WA cries foul whenever their GST share allocation reduces already.

      And remember, united we stand, divided we could fall. Or would WA expect the rest of us to look after them while they refuse to contribute to common wealth?

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 21/01/2022, 11:40 am

    The black hats have decreed that no one under 18 has to have a jab and anyone who has an allergy to a ‘flu shot or a reaction to the first jab for the dreaded or a reasonable medical cause is also exempt. The middle kingdom has also cancelled over 400 million bucks worth of seafood from Russia, the excuse was the dreaded supposedly found in one fish thus leading one to believe that the Celestials checked each and every fish, they are lying, or they are placing a trade embargo on Russia as they did to us or all of the above. Were I the head serang of the Celestials I wouldn’t do that for the Russians aren’t western pussy cats as we are

  • Cliff 21/01/2022, 7:00 pm

    Posted this first on another thread. Perhaps this the more appropriate place for it.

    Worth the listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjeceveczCc

    I have about ten or more friends and rellies who I should send this to, but to do so would involve the risk of causing relationship-shattering offence.

    • PW 22/01/2022, 8:48 am

      Amazing it got through all the hoops. Very truthful, I could see Sky using that for their promos.
      The chorus line is something that our pollies need to answer, before all the minor parties scramble to use it for the upcoming election; after copyright approval.

    • Sir Peter 22/01/2022, 1:20 pm

      If it risks losing their friendship, they ain’t your friend. Tell it like you see it and if they don’t like, stiff cheese.

      With self censorship you lose your voice AND your self-respect

  • God58 22/01/2022, 8:46 am

    Can PP or maybe someone else advise who the UAP rep for Flynn electorate is please? Thanks

    • Pensioner Pete 22/01/2022, 9:28 am

      Jacob Rush is the candidate for Flynn.

      The United Australia Party candidates endorsed so far in Queensland are Majella Zimpel (Blair), Simon Flitcroft (Bonner), Shane Clarke (Bowman), Lindsay Sturgeon (Capricornia), Colin Thompson (Dawson), Stephen Austin (Dickson), Mara Krischker (Fadden), Jacob Rush (Flynn), Paul Creighton (Forde), Christian Julius (Griffith), Susan Bertuch (Kennedy), Jeanette Sackley (Leichhardt), Bailey Maher (Longman), Fiona Mackenzie (McPherson), Garry Eilola (Moncrieff), Carl Grading (Moreton), Shyamal Reddy (Rankin).

      • Pensioner Pete 23/01/2022, 10:02 am

        2019 list suddenly reappeared this morning? weird eh?

        Anyway, the dude I was thinking of was for Kennedy, not Flynn.

      • DT 25/01/2022, 12:42 pm

        Who are the PHON candidates in those electorates, and how are the two minor parties directing preferences? Surely UAP to PHON and PHON to UAP?

        It will be interesting to watch the election results as they are counted and see if both together poll better than the now well out in front Greens.

        As this Federal Election is one of the most important in decades because of the China-CCP factor and economic recovery now underway and needing fine tuning and good management, and other issues, I would hate to end up with a Labor Government again, and worse a Labor-Green alliance.

    • Pensioner Pete 22/01/2022, 9:30 am

      Oops, had the 2019 list. Waiting for a call back regarding.

      • Pensioner Pete 22/01/2022, 10:27 am

        Perhaps a UAP member in Flynn may know as members resident in the electorate receive an email detailing, however, all UAP candidates are being announced third of February. I had his name a few days ago, but misplaced it, though he was good value.

      • God58 22/01/2022, 10:31 am

        Thanks Pete. I am a member but still couldn’t get a name. Will just have to wait. Cheers

  • Cliff 23/01/2022, 7:10 am

    I’ve found that the ‘American Thinker’ site quite frequently puts out well-reasoned articles worth taking the time to read, articles without the hyperbole found in some other popular conservative sites.

    Here’s one I wish every ABC employee (along with a few of my family and neighbours) could be convinced to read.


  • Cliff 23/01/2022, 7:57 am

    If you’re a fan of Scandi Noir (is there anyone who isn’t?), there’s a Norwegian series available on SBS on Demand that I found really enjoyable (and that even kept SWMBO awake!) called ‘Beforeigners’.

    The premise is that large numbers of people start popping out of hole in the sea from prehistoric times, Viking times and the 19th Century into modern day Norway.

    The heroine is a very easy on the eye ex-Viking shield maiden who is now a modern day policewoman (but wait until the last episode of Series 1 – there’s a clever twist about her that will have you hanging out for Series 2).

    There are heavy parallels (that the writers make no attempt to disguise) with Third World immigration to the West, but this does nothing to detract from a very good show.

    I’m waiting impatiently for Series 2.

    • Cliff 23/01/2022, 8:08 am

      Just did an online search and found that Series 2 is available on Apple TV. I know what we’ll be doing tonight.

      Here’s the link to Series 1. https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/beforeigners

      • Pensioner Pete 24/01/2022, 8:41 am

        Another good Norwegian series is ‘Occupied’, well worth watching in my opinion.

    • Pensioner Pete 23/01/2022, 8:40 am

      Thanks Cliff, I will certainly suss that one out, as I am partial to Scandinavian series and movies, after watching ‘The Bridge’ movie and series a while ago.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 23/01/2022, 4:46 pm

        A quiet life of prayer, contemplation, basic teetotalism, and natural shyness makes one not much interested in those adventure movies and stuff, particular the violence, so one might be forgiven for giving the series a pass.

      • Pensioner Pete 23/01/2022, 5:16 pm

        Cliff, just finished watching S1 E1 of Beforeigners, quite a different SciFi type series, I will watch S1 E2 later this evening as it seems to be quite interesting so far, as you say, the ex-Viking sheila copper is quite easy on the eye, which helps!

      • Pensioner Pete 23/01/2022, 5:18 pm

        Hey Bots, I assume then, the John Wicks movies would not be on your watch list? Heaps of the blood and guts in those movies! 😉

      • Cliff 23/01/2022, 7:46 pm

        Quite a bit of full frontal nudity to come in Series 1, PP, but unfortunately, more for ‘the goirls’ rather than for us blokes, as it’s of the male variety.

        BTW, I was wrong about Series 2 being available on Apple TV. Series 2 was released in the US in December, but neither Apple nor SBS has put it up for streaming yet.

        It is available on a couple of pay per view sites. I suspect SBS will be getting more than a few calls asking them when they’re going to make it available.

        Another Norwegian series worth a look is ‘Furia’ (also available on SBS on Demand). A straight cop show (without the time travel 🙂 ), also very well done.

      • Pensioner Pete 23/01/2022, 7:57 pm

        Ta Cliff, will take a sqizz at that one too.

      • Pensioner Pete 25/01/2022, 7:56 am

        Cliff, I sussed ‘Furia’ out last night and watched the first episode, it is a goodun too. I note the boss cocky copper is the same actor who played the PM in ‘Occupied’.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 23/01/2022, 9:31 pm

    John Wicks PP, what was his batting average? I was basically deaf from industrial noise (trap shooting as well) for a long time until I got the latest devices at 12.5 K a throw tho mind you, I didn’t have to employ the services of a hearing ear dawg so I never watched movies or did stuff like that. In fact when they dragged me to the opera for a Ruski performance of Romeo and Juliet and had me done up to the nines in bib and tucker I leaned over and asked my mate Longie, “when are they going to bring on the bloody Swans Longie” and that ensured I could hang up my claw hammer bizzo for a very long time for a couple of old Sheilas sniffed a sniff even I could hear, from Russia with love came an elbow in the ribs and that bastard Longie pretended he didn’t know me and in fact was somewhere else.

    • Pensioner Pete 24/01/2022, 5:44 am

      Bots: My hearing is similarly destroyed via industrial noise, the hearing aids don’t help much either, especially within noisy environments, so if I cannot have subtitles loaded with the movie or a series, I don’t bother watching as I cannot distinguish the speech.

      The John Wicks movies are just bop off the baddies style similar to my favorite black hat white hat movies, in John Wicks, it is usually the evil Russian criminals, with blood and guts a plenty. Nothing like reality of course, otherwise what is the point?

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 24/01/2022, 9:42 am

        Yairs PP, probably nice make believe, but when one was sort of a tourist in SE Asia a long time ago and the unfriendly bastards were really unfriendly and careless with firearms etc. and then when one was in Russia after perestroika and the favourite pastime was gunfights in the streets, restaurants, unique ways of making bank withdrawals, and other interesting corners of the planet where life wasn’t pleasant, one tends to follow ones lifelong pursuit of prayer and quiet contemplation. One would add “teetotalism” but a favourite son attended on the weekend and we broke our vows and knocked off $1500 worth of grog, a bottle of Grange worth about a grand and carefully cellared these past twenty years in cupboard drawers, the fridge, pantry, under the sink, even under a bed, and a bottle of 2008 Crown Ambassador lager worth about $500 that was also cellared most carefully. The contents of both slid down wonderfully well with a roast, and as the son remarked, “Dad this beef fillet tastes almost as good as that of a “stranger” you would have got yourself all those years ago. Just when things are going smoothly yr own flesh and blood has to remind you of a Lenten resolution made fifty years ago of not eating bought beef for Lent.

  • God58 24/01/2022, 7:35 am

    With all due respect to Lorraine, what did Queenslands do to be inflicted with Palaszczuk, Grace and D’ath simultaneously. Can never forgive Labor or it’s retarded voters.

    • Pensioner Pete 24/01/2022, 8:36 am

      God58. Unfortunately, the majority fell for the ‘Keep Queenslanders Safe’ spiel, plus of course, the addition of some dodgy happenings during the election, such as unsealed ballot boxes, union thugs bullying other party officials, the ever popular miracle of raising the dead come election day, and the concentration of electorates within the south east corner, thus denying the rural electorates fair and reasonable representation due to distance, then chuck in for good measure, the ‘preferential’ system of voting deliberately designed to ensure the major parties are near impossible to remove at an election.

      And there you have it.

      • DT 25/01/2022, 12:47 pm

        The keeping Queenslanders safe was a major factor my mates have told me, and no doubt the usual dodgy election tactics by Union Labor also helped them.

        But how long has Labor been in power in Queensland to date?

        * Beattie.
        * Chook

        And Newman LNP for three years before Chook, but his government was too hard apparently when they dared to cut costs to budget expenditure and begin repaying the debt, and with annual interest payments.

      • Pensioner Pete 25/01/2022, 3:36 pm

        The real reason Newman lost was because he went into the next state election with a platform to sell off public assets, beginning with the electricity supply, the very same reason Anna Bligh lost the prior election to Newman.

        Queenslanders did not appreciate Anna Bligh’s plan to sell our electricity to private enterprise, even stirred up the electrical trades union so much, they campaigned against her and Labor. When Newman won, he wreaked economic havoc in Queensland which was quite visible in my little town with 70 families leaving, within 4 months of the purge of public servants out here, 13 small businesses closed their doors forever, starting with the only local video hire shop, then a number of coffee shops followed, then some clothing stores.

        Our town used to be a major government hub for the outback, now it has been decimated by government neglect from both political sides, with Labor who have no interest outside of the south east corner of Queensland, and the LNP whom remain asleep at the wheel and have completely and utterly failed in their duties as an opposition.

        Immediately prior the last Queensland state election, One Nation looked certain to hammer Labor in a big way, however, the Covid ‘I’ll keep Queenslanders safe’ spiel from Puzzleduck, and the fact One Nation administration at the time was shambolic, cost them the seats they were initially looking certain to win. The rest is history.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 24/01/2022, 9:23 am

      G58, think their fathers escaped the castration knife by some fluke. The duck’s old man was a bloody awful politician and she follows the family tradition. The two others cling to her skirts. The only half way decent female labor woman was Jo Ann Miller but they forced her to resign.

    • DT 24/01/2022, 10:25 am

      Why Labor again and again and not PHON?

  • PW 24/01/2022, 4:43 pm

    It seems everywhere I go (regional nsw) regardless of duration like 4 minutes at a servo for paper, I ALWAYS get a notification some one was covid infected. 4 bloody minutes, another time just inside a restaurant to make a booking, 3 customers inside, 6 minutes, again.
    I now take it for granted its everywhere. Odd that I’m informed just hours after the event.

    • Neville 25/01/2022, 10:33 am

      Solution: delete the app.

  • God58 24/01/2022, 9:44 pm

    I see the parasitic Sri Lankan Murugappan family has hit the headlines yet again with a court order allowing another 12 months here on the taxpayer credit card. These illegals have already costed us tens of millions and bred here against formal instruction and advice any sprogs wouldn’t get aussie citizenship. Rightly so. Who needs more inter-generational bludgers when our local brothers have that scam already covered. Seems every Aussie day they roll these blood suckers out instead of just pis%ing the lying turds off.

    • Pensioner Pete 25/01/2022, 6:30 am

      Mr Hawaii and his trusty sidekick Hawke had no problem deporting a world champion tennis player, so why cannot they now do the same with this mob?

    • DT 25/01/2022, 12:36 pm

      [Deleted: an off subject lecture. MM.Ed.]

      • DT 25/01/2022, 4:43 pm

        Got it, I will now give posting a rest here for a while, I cannot see how replying to an incorrect post assumption is off subject.

        Or the other information regarding the PM’s WEF address by video conference.

        However I do respect the MM.Editor’s right to impose censorship.

  • PW 25/01/2022, 8:43 am

    One day left for the inglorious Grace Tame!
    Who’s the next self identified victim?

    • god58 25/01/2022, 2:07 pm

      I see the trumped up little slag ignored our prime minister and basically acted like a spoilt little turd during her visit to see him in Canberra today. Made a complete arse of herself with childish antics more fit for a kindergarten. We really need to stop these mindless awards as they really do achieve sweet all from Blackall.

      • PW 25/01/2022, 2:15 pm

        Yes the ‘sexual experience’ appears to have given her immense superiority and confidence. Hardly a victim.

    • god58 25/01/2022, 2:07 pm

      I see the trumped up little slag ignored our prime minister and basically acted like a spoilt little turd during her visit to see him in Canberra today. Made a complete arse of herself with childish antics more fit for a kindergarten. We really need to stop these mindless Australian of the Year awards as they really do achieve sweet all from Blackall.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 25/01/2022, 9:48 am

    Medical daughter urging me to get the “injection” last evening answered the question of “how many people admitted to you local hospital have died from the dreaded” with “none” and in conversation the following came to light:- she came down with pneumonia after the second “jab” so did her husband and one daughter, and so did her brother, my oldest son. Once may be a coincidence but four people who were always in good health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DT 25/01/2022, 12:22 pm

    [Deleted: irrelevant to subject. MMEd.]

  • PW 25/01/2022, 4:40 pm

    What n effed up world we live in. Danni Laidley a former sports star is engaged to a woman Donnie Leckie. Danny a transexual obviously still has the meat and spuds and allowed to use female change rooms and toilets. Transexual no! More a hybrid and should be referred to as such, pieces of two genders.

  • Cliff 25/01/2022, 5:29 pm

    In reply to god58’s comment above: it really was a rather ‘Greta-ish’ performance, wasn’t it? All that was lacking was a verbal “How dare you!” to Scott Morrison.

    But I must say, the expression she sported throughout her petulant, puerile performance was as near to a non-verbal “How dare you!” as you can get without actually saying the words aloud.

    Needless to say, the EhBC announcer (along with the call-ins by his listeners) on 702 Sydney this afternoon was totally supportive and approving of Ms Tame’s behaviour.

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