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  Forum for Delcons and Deplorables # 63

aaaaaaaaForum for Delcons and Deplorables # 63

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  • John 28/09/2021, 11:07 am

    So who has nobbled Barilaro?. Last few months he seems to have gone from someone who stated his case even if it was contradictory to just another faint echo of Gladys. Just another sad shade suffering from “want of wit” as Banjo puts it but also want of courage it seems.

    • God58 28/09/2021, 1:44 pm

      Thought the same John. He started off as a breath of fresh air then some months ago had the political lobotomy. Now a waste of space like the rest. A fake prick who obviously lied to get elected. One more turd to eject next election.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 28/09/2021, 2:02 pm

    An interesting court case on compulsory vaccination is due to start on the 30th and on the 1st. The Nuremburg convention had this old bloke believing that it would be a lay down misère for the litigants but a check on the “net” has some learned professor opining that the vaccination isn’t a war crime and it isn’t compulsory, just the removal of a few rights and privileges if one isn’t compliant. That’s apartheid of course and perhaps the court will rule against the litigants and that is when the fun will really start.

  • Ian_A 28/09/2021, 4:13 pm

    Remember how establishment media went wild with fake news about mounted US Border Patrol whipping Haitan border infiltrants?

    Well, New York Times amended their story from “whipping” to “waved their reins”. (Source: Breitbart)

    Here in Australia, the ABC continues to prefer the original fake news version, as it is far more emotional and woke, and supports the idea that western civilization is based at its very core on racism and slavery.

    ABCs headline still reads:
    “Anger rises in US as Haitians deported, border guards seen whipping at migrants”.

  • God58 28/09/2021, 6:00 pm

    Just watched an interview with swimming drug cheat Shayna Jack. Have never heard the words ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘my’ used in such concentration. Annoying self centered cheat carried on like she’d already won olympic gold not to mention starting every sentence with the word ‘So’. Great to know our taxes are being ‘invested’ supporting sporting leeches.

  • DT 29/09/2021, 2:20 pm

    First published at Michael Smith News recently …

    Dennis Thompson said…
    Senator Matt Canavan is right.

    Climate changing is natural Earth Cycles since time began.

    For example, around 130,000 years ago (about twice as long ago as when the first migrants came to this land, the climate zone started to change to drier and hotter weather conditions, the rainforests that covered what is now Australia were gradually replaced by eucalypts that tolerated the changing conditions and today rainforests cover less than 3 per cent of Australia.

    During the last Ice Age people gathered around a large lake now known as the Gulf of Carpentaria to be warmer, many perished from the very cold conditions which is another example of why warmer conditions are far more easily tolerated. In fact there have been a number of warmer periods than the present day in the past. At the UN IPCC Copenhagen Conference the delegation from China reported three warmer periods during 3,500 years of civilisation in China and each brought greater prosperity from increasing crop yields.

    As for the “carbon pollution” lie, they mean carbon dioxide (CO2) not carbon (C), which is invisible and odourless and around 410 parts per million in the atmosphere (0.041%) and most comes from natural sources. CO2 does not produce a significant impact on weather or climate, there is much more water (H2O) in the atmosphere impacting on weather events.

    Just before the Copenhagen Conference hackers released hundreds of emails exchanged between the climate hoaxer team that exposed their creativity and concerns about being caught. The hacked emails were called climate gate 1 and 2. A brilliant mathematician from the UK, Christopher Monckton, conducted an audit of the UN IPCC climate report and exposed the many deliberate errors and omissions it contains. His figures were checked by other qualified people. The IPCC then banned him from presenting his findings at conferences and meetings they held. The UK Government commissioned a report on the IPCC climate change report from their own Chief Scientist which was not made public but the Government then commissioned a report on the likely impact on the economy from Treasury. We must ask why they did this.

    In Australia we have been led up the garden path by politicians who do not ask we the people what we want and think, they cooperate with the UN globalists agendas like wind and solar energy installations subsidised with taxpayer’s monies because they cannot stand alone, they are not cost effective and are unreliable. The fact is that despite the very expensive back up systems added to prop up wind and solar businesses they are never going to provide the essential baseload electricity, let alone peak demand periods, because of their lack of reliability and intermittent operation, when the wind blows and the sun shines. The Australian Energy Market Operator rates them on average at 30% to 35% “capacity factor” meaning percentage of “nameplate” which is the theoretical design capacity producing electricity constantly, so nameplate of 100 and at best they produce 30 to 35. As compared to a power station consisting of multiples of generator units, example Liddell with four of 500 MW each, 2,000 MW maximum capacity.

    And the capacity factor was not a meaningful benchmark because of the reliability of power station generators that run 24 hours a day unless one unit is being maintained or repaired while the others continue generating electricity.

    It is joked about that a wind turbine is like a motor car guaranteed on average to start 2.1 days in every 7.0 days. The problem being that nobody can accurately predict which days of the week. Solar is even less productive than wind turbines, and even during the daytime solar performance is best between 10 am and 2 pm on clear cool days. Other conditions reduce the output or provide zero depending on cloud cover.

    And every wind or solar installation (not rooftop of course) needs an expensive power transmission line to connect to the main grid, more cost and maintenance costs as compared to power stations linked together with transmission lines on the main grid.

    When you read that a new wind farm will produce electricity for thousands of homes it is sales and marketing hyperbole and puffery. Look for the rated MW output and use the 30% to 35% factor to work out the real output on average.

    Net zero emissions is another grab for a large share of developed nation’s wealth, to spend on helping developing nations, of course. Like China listed by the UN as a developing nation permitted to ignore IPCC emissions reduction demands.

    And the UN also attempts to bully Australia into doing more and ignore that we exceeded the Kyoto Japan Agreement emissions targets and are one of the few UN member nations that signed the agreement that did, and now we are in line to achieve the Paris France Agreement targets. Yet the UN and our far too woke allies are demanding more from Australia including stopping coal mining, burning coal and exporting coal, a major contributor to the economy and provider of jobs.

    How about Australians be shown an report on what the economy and economic prosperity would look like if net zero emissions economic vandalism is carried out?

    And also how about the would be bully nations go away and try to match Australia’s emissions reduction successes that they have not managed to achieve, and when they have maybe then discuss what else Australians can or might do?

    • luk1955 30/09/2021, 7:07 am

      Great comments DT. Our coal fired plants have extensive spike filtering capabilities to remove electrical spikes generated during power production. That capability is impossible to provide from a solar or wind farm or panels, and will lead to extensive damage to electrical appliances and lighting fixtures which rely on the power plants to do the filtering.

      • DT 30/09/2021, 3:18 pm

        Thank you Luk1955, the so called renewables industry has now spent a huge amount of money to include in the back ups for their wind and solar installations equipment that does what power station generators do to maintain grid stability as they generate electricity.

        Every wind and solar installation (I do not like the Green term “farms”) requires a transmission line to connect with the main grid, power stations are located on the main grid. In addition they need support generators which are mostly diesel fuelled or gas fired. Add all the support back up costs to the cost of wind and solar equipment and the renewables are not cost effective which is why they are taxpayer subsidised for profit.

  • Aktosplatz 29/09/2021, 4:14 pm

    This lady is a future potential President of the US. South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem. We need people like her in our political system This a very recent interview over the last couple of days.


    • luk1955 30/09/2021, 7:03 am

      Noem supports the transgender athlete crap. That alone disqualifies her as a presidential candidate. She is not as mean or ugly as Killary.

      • Aktosplatz 30/09/2021, 4:33 pm

        Oh, well thanks for the Info Luk, she can bugger off then..

  • Sir Peter 30/09/2021, 8:54 am

    Australia MUST boycott the winter Olympics. Any Australian who participates should be barred from ever reentering Australia


  • PW 30/09/2021, 2:40 pm

    Why do so many NGOs advertise they are non-political and always have the usual “we recognise the traditional owners…..”.
    These organisations ARE political and judging by the volunteers are mostly Gangrenes.
    Of course its all the pilfering of your taxes.

    • DT 30/09/2021, 3:12 pm

      And unfortunately NGOs are funded by taxpayers via government grants.

      The Abbott Coalition Government defunded a number of them including Tom Foolery’s climate office, and at that time removed a lot of red and green tape regulations and compliance costs, and promised that there was a new list being compiled for removal.

      And then the Turnbull Government replaced the Abbott Government in 2015.

      Many NGOs interfere in government department business, so we pay twice.

  • DT 30/09/2021, 3:08 pm

    It frustrates and annoys me that Australian politicians are cooperating in the global plan conceived by the non-government organisation World Economic Forum to take advantage of the pandemic and economic damage handling that crisis has caused to try and gain the control they have sought since launching their (WEF one of the associates) climate change hoax agenda.

    Remember now deceased Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong who was one of the associates and architects of the hoax?

    This article is worth reading and then ask your parliamentary representatives to please explain why they are prepared to relieve you of your assets etc., on behalf of would be if they could be controllers of the world;


  • God58 30/09/2021, 9:39 pm

    I think some investgation needs to be applied to Jane Caro’s GP. I’m sure the over-presciption of ugly pills to retarded patients is an offence.

  • PW 01/10/2021, 11:39 am

    Just watched 60 mins re the Chinese billionaire who escaped to the UK. Remember the Hitler Youth?
    Why does the Chinese military all look like the balloon faced Xi? Did he some 15-20 years ago have some laboratory clone himself then kill those clinicians to end speculation. My bet is that that troops have no parents, just a manuscript.

  • God58 01/10/2021, 4:31 pm

    Just in. NSW Premier Gladys has resigned over corruption probe. Good riddance. 6 more Premiers and 2 Territory wankers to go. All corrupt vermin, in my opinion, who should face charges of treason.

  • Sir Peter 01/10/2021, 5:42 pm


    MorningMail won’t open on my laptop, only my phone.

    websitedown.info – A website for checking if sites are up says it is down for everyone

    The same happens with a slew of ‘conservative’ sites

    And more

    Anybody else have this problem???

    • God58 01/10/2021, 6:00 pm

      Hey SP That is odd. I just use phone. The url is the same so can only hope back and running now. Let me know if not and will fire up laptop to check.

    • god58 01/10/2021, 6:17 pm

      Hey Sir Peter, my laptop works fine with some of these sites and this one. Cheers

    • Cliff 01/10/2021, 6:35 pm

      Apple have just put out a major update. Could that explain it? Maybe the conspiracy theorists aren’t as far off the mark as some think them to be. I haven’t been able to get into a few of the new (conservative) US internet providers on my MacBook for some time now.

      • luk1955 03/10/2021, 6:53 am

        I have a apple 5s phone. I turned off the updates 2 years ago. The newer updates come with a covid tracking app built into the OS meaning you can’t turn it off. For the last 4 years I have turned off my computer updates so I am still on win7 and not the hated win10.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 01/10/2021, 7:19 pm

      Mate, if you have a VPN try de-activating it and then try to log in again. Your problem had me bamboozled for a while too.

      • luk1955 03/10/2021, 6:50 am

        That works, Bot. I have had the same problem.

    • Pensioner Pete 02/10/2021, 5:44 am

      Could possibly be your web browser, I usually use Firefox, but it has developed issues since the last couple of updates. Perhaps try other browsers to see if this is the problem.

      • Pensioner Pete 02/10/2021, 5:52 am

        I checked the websitedown.info and it does state MM is ‘down’ when in fact MM is not ‘down’ for me at the moment.

        Fake assessment perhaps to drive away conservatives?

        Refers: http://www.websitedown.info/morningmail.org

      • Neville 02/10/2021, 2:46 pm

        Yeah PP, I also just a moment ago checked if MM was “down” – it said yes. Yet I clicked into MM about 5 minutes ago!
        Seems a bit odd, eh what? Suspiciously odd, I say.

    • Tony+H 04/10/2021, 10:02 pm

      Do you have a VPN and using it? That might be your problem. I fund that even this site does not allow me to write comments with my VPN on!

  • Aktosplatz 02/10/2021, 11:58 am

    The French Police are firing rubber bullets at ‘illegals’ trying to cross the Channel to the UK. Apparently (now) these are ‘almost lethal’.

    Funny this was never mentioned when the VicStasi were using them against Australians in Melbourne.


    • Albert 02/10/2021, 2:18 pm

      Akto, the possible reasons that the Victorian government don’t do anything about the coppers are:
      a). They don’t give a stuff;
      b). The coppers are registered as a private company;
      c). Both of the above.

  • God58 02/10/2021, 3:24 pm

    I’m waiting to see if good citizens return fire to the criminal pigs using a variation of the rubber bullets that have a metal casing. No one should stand by and let sick thugs dressed up in combat uniforms shoot them for protesting against criminal governments. NO ONE.

  • luk1955 03/10/2021, 6:55 am

    In the High Court case of Attorney-General (Vic) v The Commonwealth (“Pharmaceutical Benefits Case”) (1945) 71 CLR 237 at 257, on page 257, the Court clearly stated that, “But the Parliament could not pass a law requiring citizens of the States to keep their premises clean or to submit to vaccination or immunization.” So, quite clearly, the Government cannot make covid-19 vaccinations mandatory in any way, shape or form and that means that no employer can either!

    Section 94H of the Privacy act 1988 clearly states you cannot be refused entry by not doing a QR scan and if refused entry the merchant can be sued

    Vaccinations are experimental medical procedures and cannot boe forced onto you. Mandates have no legal basis and are not recognized by courts as law. People are panicking with out reason. These 2 sites explain the laws around this covid mess.



    Both sites explain the laws and provide forms for you to keep the medical tormentors at bay. The KYR group have a series of videos on their bitchute channel that also explain the laws. Here is one, for starters:

  • Sir Peter 03/10/2021, 5:26 pm

    Just to enlighten some of the more bolshie members of this group, be aware that the PM for all his faults is scoring some great results in our region.

    But of course you won’t hear about them from the Australian Bolshevik Collective or Sydney Morning Pravda.

    This link will explain one or two. As an old ‘pacific hand’ I am heartened by this report.


    Its important to recognise when you are at risk of being a ‘useful idiot’, and think before knee-jerk criticisms of Scott Morrison. Some of you almost seem to suffer Morrison Derangement Syndrome. Be careful what you wish for.

    • Albert 05/10/2021, 9:14 am

      SP, you must have heard the old saying that a fish rots from the head down and that is so true of our governments State and Federal and beginning with Morrison.
      Are you sure you haven’t been feasting on some of that fish?

  • God58 04/10/2021, 8:13 am

    Barilaro is now gone. Another lying covid arsehole getting out before the truth hits and shit hits the fan.

  • Pensioner Pete 04/10/2021, 1:53 pm
    • PW 04/10/2021, 3:29 pm

      Was dreaming that that Gangrene Matt Kean also resigned!

      • Pensioner Pete 04/10/2021, 3:42 pm

        PW: The situation will be a growing nightmare should that dill remain in the parliament.

      • DT 05/10/2021, 1:44 pm

        Matt Green

    • DT 05/10/2021, 1:58 pm

      Keen up close observers in NSW have been aware that the revolution that began around 1990 of leftist Liberals In Name Only infiltrating the Party Headquarters and taking senior executive positions know that the leftists have been losing influence and power, probably from when the self named “Turnbull Party” replaced the Abbott Coalition Liberal National Government in 2015 and then gaining pace from 2018 when the Morrison Government was formed.

      One important victory for the real Menzies’ Australian Liberal Party centre-right members was a branch revolution that voted to end head office appointments of candidates for election to parliaments. That had replaced selection by voting among Liberal Electorate Branch members to select their local candidate. And now the branch members have their selection process back in their hands.

      However another reason for the resignations is to clear the decks ahead of the 2023 state elections and for members who are fatigued to move on. Nationals Leader John Barilaro is one who has not hidden his burn out and did so some time ago.

      The appointment of the new centre-right NSW Premier is another indicator that the swing back to the centre has reached cruising speed.

      People who watch and listen carefully to the Federal Coalition Government would have realised the change taking place there as well.

      Don’t take much notice of the left leaning media and their “fake news”, after all they claimed that PM Morrison was ignored by POTUS Sleepy Joe at the G7 when PM Morrison was a guest there but behind the scenes away from media eyes and ears negotiations were underway between the UK PM, US President, Australian PM and advisors on trade and defence matters.

      Our PM declined from cooperating with the other two leaders who wanted net zero emissions tied in with trade negotiations, Morrison stated clearly that they are very different subjects. He also stuck to his line that Australia has done more than most UN member nations to reduce emissions, Kyoto Agreement and now Paris Agreement, and it’s time for the others to catch up before demanding more from Australia.

  • Aktosplatz 05/10/2021, 11:45 am
  • DT 05/10/2021, 1:32 pm

    Paul Murray SKY NEWS interview with former Labor Premier of NSW Bob Carr. As Murray pointed out when Carr changed the opening subject to nuclear power stations, that Carr is a master manipulator, however from my observations in NSW while he was the Premier and later when he was appointed to fill a Senate vacancy in Canberra while the Labor PM Gillard Government was in office, it’s best to listen and think the opposite to his propaganda.

    He told Paul Murray that we would be best served in future by wind and solar installations and backed up by batteries, forget coal fired power stations and even nuclear. Oh really? Check this out from WhatsUpWithThat website;

    Yellen should mind her own business.
    She knows NOTHING about energy systems.

    Germany and the UK energy systems analysts have known for decades, that if you have a significant percentage of wind on your grid, you better have enough OTHER power producing plants to COUNTERACT any lack of wind.

    Here is an article that is not BACK OF THE ENVELOPE

    The article assumes “wind plus solar” is 50% of what power producers annually load onto the New England grid.

    The article analyses 3 counter-acting strategies, including batteries.

    A wind/solar lull is assumed equal to 15% of what would NORMALLY be produced, during the lull, annual average basis.

    EXCERPT from:


    Production Shortfall due to Wind/Solar Lulls

    The graphs show periods when the sum of wind/solar production is only about 15% of what would be the average production for that time of year.

    The wind/solar lull periods occur, at random, throughout the year, and may last up to 5 to 7 days.
    A second, usually shorter lull, may follow a few days later.

    The annual average load on the NE grid from:

    All sources would be about 115 billion kWh, or 0.315 billion kWh/d, or 1.890 billion kWh for 6-days
    Wind/solar, at a future date, would be 50% x 1.890 = 0.945 billion kWh for 6 days
    Wind/solar, during a 6-day lull, would be 15% x 0.945 = 0.142 billion kWh for 6 days
    Wind/solar shortfall would be 0.945 – 0.142 = 0.803 billion kWh for 6 days

    Battery Systems to Counteract the Shortfall

    Per Battery University, for long life, say 15 years, Li-ion batteries should not be discharged to less than 15%, and not be charged in excess of 80%; i.e., a working range of 65%. That range also happens to have the highest efficiency. See URLs


    The battery could be 80% full at the start of the wind/solar lull (highly unlikely), to draw 65% of rated capacity, to provide the shortfall.

    Because the battery performs other functions, in addition to counteracting wind/solar lulls, a battery “fullness” of 75% would be more likely, i.e., 75 – 15 = 60% of rated capacity would be available to counteract the shortfall

    The battery rated capacity would be at least 0.803, shortfall x 1/0.60, available withdrawal x 1.01, transformer loss = 1.352 billion kWh, delivered as high voltage AC to the NE grid.

    A Second Wind/Solar Lull

    The battery systems would be near empty after the 6-day lull.
    If a second lull would occur a few days later, existing sources would not have been able to fill the battery in those few days, i.e., a second battery, of similar capacity, would be needed.

    Battery-system aging, under year-round utility service, would be at least 1.5%/y, compounded
    Their capacity reduction would be at least 10%, at the 7-y mid-life, and at least 19%, at the 14-y near-end-life.

    Turnkey Capital Cost of Battery Systems

    The turnkey capital cost of the battery systems would be about 1.352 x $500/kWh = $676 billion, for site-specific, custom-designed, utility-grade battery systems.

    Most of the systems would need to be replaced every 15 years.
    Such systems are not comparable to mass-produced battery packs for electric vehicles that are used about 750 hour/y

    CCGT Plants, an Alternative to Battery Systems

    As an alternative, a spare capacity of 7520 MW of combined-cycle, gas-turbine plants (staffed, fueled, ready to produce), operating at an average output of 75%, could feed the NE grid 7520 MW x 0.75 x (24 x 6) hours x 1/1.01, transformer loss x 1000 kWh/MWh = 0.804 billion kWh for 6 days, slightly more than the above shortfall.

    Some of the shortfall could be provided by: 1) ramping up the outputs of other sources, and 2) curtailments, i.e., demand shifting/shedding, and 3) rolling blackouts, i.e., more severe demand shifting/shedding.

    Bonus: The CCGT plants could easily provide any shortfall, due to a second solar/wind lull, occurring shortly after the first lull. All they need is low-cost, very-clean-burning, near-zero-particulate, low-CO2 natural gas, of which the US has a plentiful supply.

    Turnkey capital cost of the CCGT plants would be about 7520 MW x $1000000/MW = $7.52 billion
    They would last at least 40 years.

    • DT 05/10/2021, 1:43 pm

      Note also, re Electric Vehicles performance, the battery charging reference;

      “Lithium ion batteries should not be discharged to less than 15% and not be charged in excess of 80%. A working range of 65%. That range also happens to be the highest efficiency.”

      When you next read an EV story note that they always refer to how long for a recharge to 80%, in other words 20% of theoretical range unavailable, but they still quote theoretical maximum range. No mention of the battery management system limiting discharge at 15% or 10%, more loss of range.

      Realistically a 100% charged EV should be discounted by 30% of range before you drive it away. Then the variable energy consumption factors: People and luggage weight on board, suburban or highway speed limits because the higher the speed the more energy is needed, hills, headwinds, accessories like air conditioning, windscreen wipers, etc.

      I was amused to read recently about a country drive by a motoring journalist in an EV, he had to switch off the air conditioning and the computer kept advising lower speeds to reduce energy use, like 80 kmh, 75 km …… to reach the next recharge point.

      Even if the price of an EV was similar to an equivalent ICEV I would not be buying one, not until battery technology is as efficient and convenient to use as a tankful of fuel.

      • PW 06/10/2021, 6:42 am

        Been watching a few youtubes on the latest EVs. It amazes me the superflous rot they incorporate into designs to woo potential buyers for a slice. Fancy lighting along the inside window sills that serve no purpose. Too many pretty options sucking power.

      • DT 06/10/2021, 11:05 am

        PW it reminds me of used car sales yards with balloons on cars, cars lifted on wheel ramps and other gimmicks to attract buyer’s attention.

  • Cliff 06/10/2021, 6:20 am

    Anyone else catch the Jim Molan interview on Paul Murray last night?

    Not the most reassuring message to receive before going to bed! He basically said the Chinese were almost certainly going to invade Taiwan – and soon – but ever more alarming, that any such move would involve Pearl Harbour-style pre-emptive attacks on major US bases in the region.

    He didn’t name it, but that would without doubt include Pine Gap and possibly North West Cape.

    Given the state of our defence forces, the phrase “oh dear…” somehow doesn’t quite cut it.

    Question: how WOULD Australia (realistically) react politically and diplomatically to a large plot of Central Australian sand being converted to glass?

    • Cliff 06/10/2021, 6:33 am

      I suppose I should close with a ‘parallel universe’ question. My question: would anyone like to posit how they think any such scenario would pan out with

      (a) Joe Biden in the White House, and

      (b) Donald Trump in the same White House?

      And probably more to the point, how less likely it would be that it would even come to pass in parallel universe (b)?

      • PW 06/10/2021, 6:48 am

        I expect the first to go would be their nearly formed sand military air base islands. Remote enough to be able to drop enough bombs without damage to any neighbours.

      • Cliff 06/10/2021, 6:57 am

        Would that be in parallel universe (a) or (b)?

      • God58 06/10/2021, 7:46 am

        We’ll be ok Cliff. We’ll ask our indigenous brothers to request the Chinese not to touch any of their sacred land. You know, the stuff they hand over for royalties. Oh and the Greens can hold up signs saying please don’t attack. Seriously, we are toast. China will attack very soon as their economy is rooted and the CCP want to keep power. And there is nothing we can do about it. Can’t even escape our country as we’re all locked up like Jews on a cattle train.

    • DT 06/10/2021, 11:30 am

      Senator Molan has made similar warning comments for a few years now and no doubt he is well qualified to make them.

      On the other side of the story consider China and allies North Korea and maybe Russia depending on the circumstances and international trade relations considerations and then consider the United States of America and the many allies. And then the defence agreements involving ANZUS then the Quadrilateral arrangement between India, Japan, Australia and the USA, the US, Japan and Australia, the latest US, UK and Australia and add other Commonwealth of Nations countries like Canada.

      Australia is within the upper quartile of the best defence force nations based on assets and personnel but this country is also of very high strategic value to our allies, particularly to the US and UK but others such as Japan and India too. None would want China to control this area of land and its location, the enormous reserves of minerals and energy, etc. And Pine Gap is a vital link in US Southern Hemisphere military, intelligence gathering and more and space activities. There are other US-AUST bases here.

      Consider the last decades since 1990 when the Keating Labor Government signed the Agreement with Japan and the US for mutual defence cooperation including the US and AUST agreeing to accept Japanese citizens for asylum in the event of Japan being attacked. Since that time US military and assets maintained here have gradually increased. Nuclear submarines use the RAN submarine base, USAF aircraft are here and Tindal RAAF Base is getting lengthened runways and increased fuel storage and handling facilities to enable the US long range bombers to use Tindal. F-22 Raptor aircraft are often stationed here and others.

      And then consider the Singapore military bases here and training areas, and most of their airforce aircraft kept here. Also consider the regular training exercises in Queensland involving US and AUST and allies.

      Add the new naval bases scheduled for construction in Darwin Harbour, in East Timor and rebuilding the PNG Manus Island WW2 naval base.

      Taiwan is something like Israel having also invested heavily on defence and Japan would not ignore a China invasion, one of various Taiwan allies.

      Then back to China that now has reported to be serious home economy problems, serious energy shortages despite the hundreds of power stations already built there, potentially a major financial impact from the largest by far property developer company in China now according to reports being propped up by the CCP. And then consider internal security, keeping the people under control is a major security issue for the CCP.

      Maybe China will attack Taiwan, I certainly hope not, but to compare a potential attack with Pearl Harbour is not realistic if for no other reason than the preparedness of Taiwan and its allies.

      • DT 06/10/2021, 1:24 pm

        In addition to the above don’t ignore the Morrison Government’s many initiatives to defend our nation, and that he negotiated with the US and the UK while he was at the last G7 Meeting as a guest. Our media as usual provided negativity and claimed the POTUS had all but ignored our PM but behind the scenes in private meetings the three leaders reached a new defence agreement with the three nations reinforcing past cooperation and surprising observers when they jointly announced that Australia has been invited into their nuclear submarine club of two, now three.

        In addition Australia will soon be producing under licence to the US very long range missiles, our F-35 and F/A-18 fighter jets are being equipped with new longer range missiles than the RAAF has now and defence systems for Australian military bases in the north.

        And the PM also discussed the planned Trade Agreement between the UK and Australia which will eventually form part of a trade cooperation between all Commonwealth of Nations members.

        Another not new development but underway for several years and now flying is the drone technology the RAAF calls Loyal Wingman, pilotless aircraft that can carry various loads from missiles to intelligence gathering technology, one piloted aircraft not only fighters could be accompanied by a number of drones.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 06/10/2021, 9:50 am

    Brisbane Times screeches “two cases of the dreaded in Qld.” and elsewhere Sky News reports that the Qld. Govt. states that hospitals in NQ are inundated, and so the absolute crap continues.

    • Pensioner Pete 06/10/2021, 10:29 am

      Bots: You are dead right, the crap continues as if all is well in the world when clearly, it is not.

      I got this SMS from Queensland Health yesterday arvo.

      ” This is a message from Queensland Health. Get your COVID-19 vaccine today. It is safe, effective and free. Go to http://www.covid19vaccine.qld.gov.au/ActNow
      If you have already been vaccinated please encourage your family and friends to do so as well. Thanks Queensland!”

      So PP susses out the website as per, and the same message about how ‘the vaccine is safe, effective and free’ is displayed.

      The problem PP has is the vaccine is not a vaccine, the jab is not safe – reports currently escalating of hospitalisations, permanent damage, heart failures, premature births, blood clots, strokes, nerve damage and disabilities, death, the jab is also not ‘free’ it costs the taxpayer upwards of $100 per jab, more when wages of medical staff and hangers on are included.

      Thus PP regards the Queensland Health SMS message as a scam as the information is not factual and is in fact, misleading. Perhaps the ACCC could bring Queensland Health to task and for an explanation before prosecution commences?

      • DT 06/10/2021, 11:01 am

        I understand that for Australians who have not been close to the Health issues caused by the virus, and acknowledging that death has been a very small percentage of cases, and often because the virus impacted on other serious health problems to cause death, the fact remains that hospitals and staff are overworked caring for patients who need constant care of intensive care as a result of COVID-19 and now the Delta mutation or strain.

        News reports have indicated that inadequate hospital facilities are a major reason why State Health officials and politicians in Government are imposing lockdowns that often seem to be unreasonable but they are trying desperately to stop numbers of patients overwhelming the hospitals.

        Consider the VicGov scandal of $1.3 billion allocated for additional ICU beds and equipment in 2020 and not delivered, how Premier Andrews has been ducking questions about where the beds are and even denied that they were promised, and then media broadcast the media conference at which the Health Minister followed by the Premier announced the provision of funding and the purpose. The fact is that hospitals in Melbourne in particular are struggling to cope right now and the situation is getting worse by the day.

        In Sydney the hospital crowding is not as bad but is still a problem, but the same applies to many regional hospitals in NSW, Newcastle for example.

        The pandemic numbers well exceed the worst seasonal influenza demand for hospitalisation.

        And permanent damage, health problems long term future are unfortunately what many COVID-19 patients suffer after recovering from the virus.

        Right now Australians, to varying numbers by state and territory, are on track to be double vaccinated by the end of this year reaching well over 80 per cent and by the new year that looks like exceeding 90 per cent.

        It is a fact that vaccinated people, notably double vaccinated people are protected even though they are not immune to the virus.

      • Pensioner Pete 06/10/2021, 11:12 am

        DT: Queensland hospitals and health services have been progressively underfunded since the days of Goss and his sidekick, KRudd. For the Queensland Premier to be carrying on about health funding in Queensland is a bit rich given the State controls the distribution of funds intended for health service.

        Those who choose not to be jabbed with whatever concoction is being presented for Covid are not the reason hospitals are under stress, this stress existed well before Covid erupted onto the scene.

        Our Federal Government (as did most other nations) signed the contract with the pharmaceutical companies, a contract which expressly excluded the use of Ivermectin, HCO and Remdesvir as methods of treatment for Covid, thus causing further impacts upon the health system, we would not be experiencing the hospitalisations we are observing currently. Curiously, the numbers of Covid admissions are grossly inflated by those who have been jabbed.

      • DT 06/10/2021, 11:40 am

        I understand your comment and agree with most of it PP.

        But as for the vaccine I discussed it with my GP before I agreed to have it and he recommended it to me. I also discussed it then and since with other qualified graduates.

        As a precaution (covering many health related areas) I have been taking Vitamin D3 for many years on the recommendation of my GP who provides me with prescriptions. I also take Zinc, Vitamin C and others. I won’t tell you the reaction of a Veterinary Science graduate when I asked about Ivermectin other than her advice to get vaccinated.

        Like the other cocktails of drugs that have been by reports used often successfully to treat people who have the virus the vaccination stimulates the immune system and prepares it for a virus attack before the virus is a problem.

        And yes, the vaccines are protection and do not provide immunity and therefore a vaccinated person can still carry the virus and pass it on.

  • DT 06/10/2021, 11:49 am

    “By Jenna Jackson
    Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 12:02 AM AEST
    (KWQC) – Could a livestock anti-parasitic medication cure or prevent COVID-19? The answer is still unknown, but doctors say you shouldn’t rush to your local farm supply store.

    Rumors of a magical cure to COVID-19 by way of Ivermectin started after an Australian study was released showing signs the drug killed the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 48 hours. The problem? It was only done in a laboratory setting, not in human patients. More research is needed to determine if it works the same in humans and to find a safe dosage.

    According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ivermectin is most commonly used as an anti-parasitic medication for cows and horses. It can also be used in humans to treat “parasitic worms, and there are topical (on the skin) formulations for head lice and skin conditions like rosacea.”

    On Friday, August 20, 2021, Mississippi health officials warned against the use of Ivermectin, noting a rise in the number of calls to poison control from people ingesting Ivermectin. In fact, officials say at least 70% of the calls to the state’s poison control center were due to Ivermectin use. Officials say at least one person was hospitalized.

    According to the FDA, side effects of using Ivermectin include “skin rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, facial or limb swelling, neurologic adverse events (dizziness, seizures, confusion), sudden drop in blood pressure, severe skin rash potentially requiring hospitalization and liver injury (hepatitis).”

    Studies in countries like Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt, etc. have shown some promise. However, many of those studies included small sample sizes, and experts note the studies were not high quality.

    At this moment, a study is underway to “evaluate the effectiveness of cheap, widely available drugs in low- and middle-income countries that can be repurposed for COVID-19.” It includes Hydroxychloriquine, Lopinavir/ritonavir, Metformin, Fluvoxamine, and Ivermectin. It’s currently funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Fast Grants, and the Rainwater Foundation. Researchers are looking to determine if a combination of drugs can be effective in treating COVID-19 in patients in countries where the vaccine is not readily available.

    Pharmaceutical company Merck, which manufactures Ivermectin, and the FDA have issued warnings against using Ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19. In March of 2021, The World Health Organization issued a statement saying Ivermectin should only be used in clinical trials.

    In conclusion, at this moment, experts say you should not use Ivermectin on your own to prevent or treat COVID-19.”

    Copyright 2021 KWQC. All rights reserved.

    • Pensioner Pete 06/10/2021, 12:49 pm

      Yair, that is all well and good DT, however, when I was diagnosed a few years ago with the big C running rampant, I elected to self treat using a medicine also banned at the time ‘because it does not work on cancer’ or ‘it is dangerous’ and any other bullshit which could be invented, however, I did substantial research on the matter and decided to go ahead and self treat.

      At the time, I had at best, 3 years left, and additional 2 years if I underwent surgery/chemo/radiation, all of which I refused as I have witnessed outcomes of this mythology, and the outcomes didn’t sit well with me.

      The outcome is that I am still here, my immune system has become very strong, haven’t had a decent cold or flu for years (nor jabbed for the flu), thus based upon the same methodology I used for the big C, I will use a number of medicines should I contract Covid, however, now summer has arrived out here in good form with maximum temperatures leaving nil to very little change out of the 40’s, the odds of Covid flaring up out here in the sticks is remote during summer as I understand the virus will not survive in these temperatures.

      In any event, I am fully prepared to self treat should I need to.

      • DT 06/10/2021, 1:13 pm

        Fair enough PP, I hope that you have many remaining years ahead of you.

      • Pensioner Pete 06/10/2021, 1:31 pm

        ‘mythology’ landed in there somehow, was methodology when I typed it, so either spell check is having fun, or something else. Still, there is plenty of mythology in the wings at the moment.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 06/10/2021, 3:22 pm

        Did the same 21 years ago PP, they wanted to go the whole hog including removing all my teeth for some radiation stuff to give me a few more months but a medico son told me to keep my fangs anyway because removing them would only make me look more bloody homely so I soldiered on with herbs and stuff my missus brewed to clean my system out and boost immunity. Still here, think attitude has a fair bit to do with it as well. My goal is to outlive a couple of X’s before gravity gets me.

  • Pensioner Pete 06/10/2021, 12:48 pm

    Yair, that is all well and good DT, however, when I was diagnosed a few years ago with the big C running rampant, I elected to self treat using a medicine also banned at the time ‘because it does not work on cancer’ or ‘it is dangerous’ and any other bullshit which could be invented, however, I did substantial research on the matter and decided to go ahead and self treat.

    At the time, I had at best, 3 years left, and additional 2 years if I underwent surgery/chemo/radiation, all of which I refused as I have witnessed outcomes of this mythology, and the outcomes didn’t sit well with me.

    The outcome is that I am still here, my immune system has become very strong, haven’t had a decent cold or flu for years (nor jabbed for the flu), thus based upon the same methodology I used for the big C, I will use a number of medicines should I contract Covid, however, now summer has arrived out here in good form with maximum temperatures leaving nil to very little change out of the 40’s, the odds of Covid flaring up out here in the sticks is remote during summer as I understand the virus will not survive in these temperatures.

    In any event, I am fully prepared to self treat should I need to.

  • God58 06/10/2021, 1:35 pm

    PP, any chance you can email me what you used or any reference info? Maybe MM editor can provide my email account to you. Thanks

  • DT 06/10/2021, 2:56 pm
    • DT 06/10/2021, 3:06 pm

      I forgot to include Singapore military assets located in Australia such as fighter jets and trainers at RAAF Pearce Base WA and helicopters including 5 Chinook located at Oakey QLD and all year round training here on both land owned by Singapore and ADF properties.

  • Aktosplatz 06/10/2021, 4:18 pm

    ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’
    This is hilarious!


  • Botswana O'Hooligan 06/10/2021, 4:45 pm

    The accountant I use sent me a video clip entitled “The Snakes come out” and hooks in who funded the Wuhan lab, who owns what, who is up who, and who is paying the rent but I can’t cut and past it so if Chaucer is interested he can send me his email address and I will forward it on for him to decide. It’s entitled VID-20210816-WA002.mp4 but I can’t open it using google or whatever. It hooks in Gates, Soros, the manufacturing labs, Fuci, and a whole bunch of people. Mind you, it could also be spam.

  • Cliff 07/10/2021, 6:30 am
  • John 07/10/2021, 7:46 am

    The Tele reports today that “Jellis Craig Mitcham” a Real Estate Agency covering Melbourne has sacked Matthew Scaffidi , one of their franchises Directors. Matthews crime? . Seems he asked on his Faecesbook page whether a piece of gym equipment he wanted to buy was Chinese or Australian made stating he wanted to avoid buying anything chinese if he can. Nick Dowling, chief executive of JCM says the question “was completely unacceptable and we unreservedly apologise?”
    Might need another street light, tree or Lee?.

    • Sir Peter 07/10/2021, 8:42 am

      Quelle surprise. A real estate agent doesn’t want to upset chinamen


  • Albert 07/10/2021, 8:35 am

    I see that supreme boofhead Kyle Sandilands has banned the new NSW Premier from his pathetic radio show.

    • DT 07/10/2021, 9:51 am

      Apparently because the Premier dares to uphold his Christian values in principle such as being opposed to abortion generally and does not support same sex marriage.

      People might not remember that during the Howard Coalition Government terms in office 1996-2007 the Parliament voted by a substantial majority and therefore including Labor to insert into the Marriage Act that a marriage is between a man and a women.

      They did not change the law regarding partnerships, de facto marriages.

      You have described Kyle perfectly.

    • Bwana Neusi 07/10/2021, 11:11 am

      Attention Relevance Disorder – He thinks he is “Twitter Australia” and has the authority of F#ckerberg

    • God58 07/10/2021, 2:23 pm

      What show? Kyle who? A nobody.

  • God58 07/10/2021, 2:20 pm

    Whilst wearing non-surgical masks is a proven waste of time and medically dangerous for everyone, I believe Dr. Kerry Chant should be made to wear a full face version 24/7. She could at least shave daily or does she love the pig dog ugly moustashed look?

  • luk1955 07/10/2021, 4:34 pm

    Note the attempt by the speaker of the parliament to silence Cragi Kelly on his proposal to try out ivermectin, an Australian idea, to fight conjob19. India’s success came from Broley’s ideas on ivermectin to cure conjob19.


    On the same note, I heard last night from the knowyourrightsgroup that the Dominion voting machines that caused the US and Filipino election problems are going to be used in our next federal election. Fireworks in the US are going to lead to problems here on our next election. Prepare for mass voting fraud here as in the US.
    The Dominion voting machines and the software were designed by the CIA specifically to steal elections overseas so the CIA could get their own governments “elected.”

    • PW 07/10/2021, 5:36 pm

      The trouble is that the left have infiltrated into high office and all other peripheral organisations. I am tasked with a membership of a group and the first thing I do is check for a FB entry. Geeez, there’s some right f***ing whackos out there, I just wish I could ignore them.

    • Sir Peter 08/10/2021, 9:12 am

      Luke, Australia DOESNT USE VOTING MACHINES. Our in-person on-paper system combined with scrutinised counting makes it one of the most secure in the world.

      If we can introduce voter ID and strictly control absentee voting it would be even better- and largely overcome the Labor Party’s practice of ‘vote early, vote often’

      There is no way on Earth machine voting could be introduced without parliamentary approval, given the experience in US that would never be given.

      It’s fine to explore alternative news sites, but keep your bullshit detector set at sensitivity level 10.

      • Neville 08/10/2021, 7:10 pm

        Save your breath, SP. There’s never a reply, or acknowledgement, or a source, or reference, or anything real, at all.

  • PW 07/10/2021, 5:31 pm

    One wonders what other dirt the ABC, SBS and other fluffies from the commercial networks had been working on for the replacements of conservative members. Perrotte; Catholic, misogynist, father of too many, tall slender man…..What did they have ready for the other contenders to drag them down. Let’s not forget the hours upon hours of anti-bullying, shocking social media claims etc that these same festered boils carry on about.
    It would be a win for these members to ignore the ‘put downs’ by pretending not to have heard them and point to another questioner.
    Let that make the news for the astute to laugh at and ridicule them for pathetic journalism. I see the grinning, pathetic Karl was the latest fool on about his religion. Why didn’t Dom ask him if he has any religion and discuss that with him. Turn the tables.

  • God58 07/10/2021, 11:39 pm

    Just uncovered that Pfizer uses aborted fetal tissue in their fake vaccine according to an employee. Just love to know what our Christian, Muslim and other religious jabees think of having murdered babies bits possibly swishing around their bodies? Can we ask all the CHOs for CONment?

    • PW 08/10/2021, 6:45 am

      Don’t think it would concern any Moozies.

      • Sir Peter 08/10/2021, 9:15 am

        Their only concern would be that the baby bits are too small to have sex with.

  • God58 08/10/2021, 10:30 am

    Have you noticed some of the most frightening sights from the Convid circus are the 160kg yaks waving their sign language fat fingers around during media presentations. Man hater. Tick. Very large. Tick. Female. Tick. Ugly. Double tick. All job criteria met.

    • Pensioner Pete 08/10/2021, 12:32 pm

      God58: I solved this particular issue years ago when I ceased all free to air television and now rely on the NBN to stream news of my choosing.

      My wife had a big hand in this action as I was becoming extremely close to lobbing something very heavy at the TV when the bullshit overflows the LCD’s and spews out unfettered at oneself, causing one’s beer to go flat on the spot, which is quite unacceptable.

      • God58 08/10/2021, 6:29 pm

        Hey PP, thanks for heads up and sound advice as usual. Looking forward to lower BP TV damage incidents.

  • Aktosplatz 08/10/2021, 10:36 am

    Words Fail Me!!’ Jeannette Young as the next Qld Governor and now this.


    I can only hope that the LNP are able (in the future) to rescind these greedy, opportunistic, snout-in-the-trough appointments.

    • Pensioner Pete 08/10/2021, 12:28 pm

      Akto: Agreed Atko, it is really well and truly over the top for Puzzleducks ego and power tripping.

      Unfortunately for us, the Queensland LNP are too busy with internal eruptions and resignations within the organisational headquarters to have any hope of performing as a fair dinkum opposition party in the Queensland Parliament, David Crisifulli has an immense task ahead of him to guide the LNP out of the internal bickering and towards an effective opposition party in Queensland

  • Albert 08/10/2021, 1:19 pm

    Really? That arrogant full-of-herself narcissist really believes she is going to be around in 11 years time? Let’s hope that the LNP can get its act together and kick her fat rear end right out of the political scene.

  • Albert 08/10/2021, 1:24 pm

    I am sick and tired of hearing the endless rubbish that is being peddled about climate change/global warming.
    Can anyone tell me what will be the benefit of zero emissions because as far as I know climate history is not on the side of those pushing that bullshit.

    • God58 08/10/2021, 6:37 pm

      Albert, maybe need to take PP’s advice above. Without climate change propaganda these wankers would have nothing else to waste our time with. Switch off, chill and plan to attack any socialists who invade your space. Great therapy.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 08/10/2021, 2:07 pm

    Cairns News just published that the SCOTUS ruled that the Covid Vaccinations are illegal. Wish it were true but a check on Snopes says that it is false.

  • DT 08/10/2021, 2:36 pm
  • Cliff 08/10/2021, 4:52 pm

    A US Navy nuclear attack submarine is enroute to Guam for repairs with 11 injured crewmen on board, some seriously, after a collision with ‘an object’ in ‘the Indo Pacific region’ on Oct 2nd.

    Any bets that we’ll soon be seeing a fleet of Chinese ‘research ships’ conducting operations in the area (wherever that is) that the collision occurred?

    ‘Out of left field’ incidents like this can be game changers in times of high political tensions. A relatively junior officer might overreact to a perceived threat and do something that cannot be undone.

    That old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” might be said to be very much the case at the moment.

    • Albatross 09/10/2021, 6:03 am

      Nukes usually cruise quite deep, so it’s highly unlikely that they hit an errant container. During the Cold War, I’m led to believe that hull-to-hull contacts were by no means unheard of between sparring US and Russian submarines. (Getting in really close helps disguise a following submarine’s sound signature, so such incidents are not just captains ‘playing cowboys’.)

      If the USN boat needed to return to port for repairs, there’s a very good chance the ‘object’ they hit was damaged even more – perhaps to the degree of its being lost.

      • Sir Peter 09/10/2021, 8:00 am

        An experimental Chinese drone without warhead?

  • PW 09/10/2021, 1:03 pm

    Geez I’m sick of these lefty cherry pickers. Speaking about the ‘genocide of Aboriginals’ and someone that I knew had German heritage (in 70’s) in the group.
    “This garbage has been going on since 1788, it bloody history, there has been massive advancement for their catch up, and most modern kooris appreciate that. Its just the politically left inner suburbanites looking for free cash”
    “Oh that is shocking, it might be history but its relevant, so she says.
    “True I suspect that what Germany did is history too, and that only happened 103 years ago last month that the German population gave Hitler the nod. Its shocking what Adolf did, but worse was the Germans themselves” (Boy in the striped PJs)

    Could have cut the air with a knife. I’m so f*g sick of these two faced greenie pricks.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 09/10/2021, 8:04 pm

    Erudite is a big word for a kid from the bush with bugger all formal education, but the bloody erudite medical experts (four of my kids are medical “experts”)simply cannot, and will not, explain the bottom line of the government indemnifying the manufacturing companies and the medical profession from legal action from “side effects” which of course can be fatal. Research informs one that in fact that Government indemnifies the above people/ entities but can be held accountable at some considerable cost. May Christ help us for who of us has the wherewithal to take on the government in a legal matter which of course is funded by the taxpayer.

  • God58 09/10/2021, 8:38 pm

    A senior Victorian police offcer has resigned because she can’t stand the shit police are doing. Vic Police say she doesn’t represent the majority and that police must follow Andrews’ and Sutton’s criminalistic directions. What absolute crap. On that measure they could tell police to shoot citizens on site and these black shirt terrorists must obey. I pray these criminal thugs all suffer painfully when God calls.

    • John 10/10/2021, 7:38 am

      The lack of support from any other copper rather proves the point. Cowardly black shirted thugs. Totally agree with your comments G.

    • Sir Peter 10/10/2021, 8:21 am

      So the vicious circle begins. Literally. As the force gets more thuggish, only thugs enlist – making the force even MORE thuggish, attracting more thugs and on it goes. The good cops resign, making the problem worse.

      The only path that the good cops can take to prevent this is for them to take out the bad cops. They have the skills and weapons. Unfortunately, being ‘good’ people they won’t do so. The force has to become far far worse before they would even consider that option. And by then they will be such a small minority it will be THEM being targeted.

      So evolves the Stasi in the service of the fascist dictatorships of comrade Dan and his ilk.


  • PW 10/10/2021, 9:54 am

    That anchor of the other ABC, Lisa Wilkinson has come out yet again defending the ‘assault planner’ Higgins by stating she too was sexually assaulted when a teenager. It was her friend’s father who touched her breasts and then ran his hand down to her crotch on the outside of her jeans. She jumped up when her father came home. I as a male was sexually assaulted too, many times at a factory in St Marys Adelaide. It was called “greasing the nuts” and I was also tied naked to the bonnet of a Holden and driven round the industrial block. I believe those events gave me resilience though humiliating at the time. Lisa, you are the ‘norm’ as I expect millions of people both male and female have experienced these ‘events’. Perhaps if that I experienced as an apprentice were to happen in my 40’s might not have been normal as I may have retaliated and killed them? Resilience. The trouble is men say nothing and get on with life as I expect many many women pass of a brush of the breasts.
    So sick of this garbage as it downplays REAL rapes.
    With luck the guy at the centre of the Higgins case will sue the sh!t out of her when the trial proves no sex took place; where’s her evidence? Was she disgusted he did nothing, I wouldn’t touch her.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 11/10/2021, 8:26 am

      Yairs PW, “greasing” was a normal rite of passage for most apprentices and it happened to me as a fourteen year old apprentice boilermaker. The workshop apprentice stand over merchant who used to give me a bad time wound up having his bike thrown under a passing 50 ton Euclid and later on a lesson on using a sledge hammer handle. All part of life in the fifties and no point bitching about the vicissitudes of it all.

  • DT 11/10/2021, 4:56 pm

    Australia was the land of the free, a leading democratic nation.

    So I am baffled that today in NSW is “Freedom Day” granted by order of the Government, and their Health Department advisers of course.

    Why am I baffled? Living in regional NSW I secured an appointment for my first vaccination that was administered on 8 August last. Astra Zeneca recommended period before the second vaccination is 12 weeks so my second is booked for November 13.

    But from midnight last night, Sunday night, I can no longer sit down in the cafes I like to visit and can only enter after providing a QR code ID and buy take away. On Sunday morning I was permitted to sit down at a table.

    So the business proprietors will have to do without my spending for another month, and no doubt many other customers who like me have only one vaccination.

    There is a list of what we can and cannot do that is mind boggling, some understandable but too many so obviously bureaucratic time wasting nonsense by well paid but unelected people. The elected representatives hide behind those faceless rule makers.

    I am not angry, but it does baffle me.

    By the way I feel really good, mild hangover-like feelings the day after vaccination passed quickly as did a slightly sore upper arm where the needle penetrated.

    My son and his partner had their second Pfizer yesterday and remarked this morning that they had no soreness or any other change.

  • Tom 11/10/2021, 11:06 pm


    More from the UK funeral director. Many will roll their eyes and say ‘conspiracy theory nutter’, (I know most of my family would), but if you think that, maybe you should take the time to hear what he says.

    Which I know most won’t.

    • Tom 12/10/2021, 5:27 am

      Ed, if you find the time to listen to that, you might think it rates a thread if its own.

  • God58 12/10/2021, 8:12 am

    Makes me sick to see politicians and CHOs claiming they are keeping us safe during this Convid BS but not a one has apologised to the families of those who have died from the vaccine jab. And the number of those is growing every day.

  • PW 12/10/2021, 1:29 pm

    What’s your take on the centre right Dom Perrotte hiring the bed partner of the wannabe Marxist PM?
    Not forgetting that he could never enlist into the military after serving 3 years of a 9 year prison sentence.
    He would be considered as an unsavoury individual.
    Why has this new premier thrown his moral principles under the bus?

    • DT 12/10/2021, 2:51 pm

      I don’t know much about Mr Coutts-Trotter but this extract from 2GB Sydney Radio is worth considering;

      “2GB radio host Ray Hadley backed him, saying he deserved a second chance.

      “I think he’s a good bloke. He’s made mistakes in the past, has been rehabilitated, and now is a very productive member of our community,’’ Hadley said.

      Hadley today praised Mr Coutts-Trotter’s appointment to run the Premier’s Department, describing him as a “man of substance”.

      Mr Coutts-Trotter will be appointed to the role of Secretary of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.

      “All of that’s ancient history … Michael rehabilitated himself a lifetime ago,” Hadley said.

      “I don’t care who he’s married to.

      “He’s now valued by not just Labor governments … but also by Liberal governments as being the best of the best when it comes to the job he does.”

      Michael Coutts-Trotter told Hadley that he respected the work prison officers did and that his time in prison was a reminder that there are dangerous people who should be in prison.

      He was hand-picked for the top job by Mr Perrottet after Gladys Berejiklian’s own choice Jim Betts, was fired from the $644,850-a-year job before he even started in favour of Mr Perrottet’s personal pick for the job.

      Mr Perrottet has built a strong relationship with Mr Coutts-Trotter in his previous roles.

      “I am very pleased Michael has agreed to head the Department of Premier and Cabinet at this critical time, and I am looking forward to working closely with him as we continue to build a better future for NSW,” Mr Perrottet said.

      “Michael’s dedication to serving the people of NSW is something I have long admired, he will bring tremendous experience, humility and energy to what is a very important and challenging position.”

      I remember that he was appointed to a senior NSW Government position by the Carr Labor Government and his teenage drug conviction was big news at the time. He has continued in government employment with Labor and the Coalition since.

      From my own experience I appointed people on merit and did not ask what political party they supported.

      • PW 12/10/2021, 3:48 pm

        Seems dangerous to have Mr and Mrs Tanya Plibersek parading around the Liberal Party functions. He surely won’t be voting Liberal!
        As far as Ray Hadley goes….well…but thanks.

  • Albert 12/10/2021, 3:28 pm

    Just watched that Labor stalwart Bruce Hawker on Sky News telling anyone who may to be interested in his opinion that Morrison must go to the Cop26 comedy festival and sit with sensible people such as Boris Johnson. According to Hawker, Morrison must join with Johnson and other mental giants to formulate a plan of action to combat the catastrophic climate change and global warming emergency that is threatening future life on this planet. God give me strength.
    Boris Johnson is not the sharpest tool in the workshop and can’t even be bothered combing his hair let alone have an educated understanding of the world’s climate.
    Those attending this pointless gabfest appear not to understand that on-the-ground physical evidence collected and recorded over many decades by highly trained people tells a very different story to the computer modelling programmed to produce a pre-determined conclusion that fits in with a UN/New World Order agenda.

  • PW 12/10/2021, 3:43 pm

    There is now concern with children’s mental health in so far that experts claim we should be trained to recognise it from year dot.

    I have no doubt that their mental health is being damaged daily with non-school topics being spewed forth, politics should not be part of the curriculum.  

    I doubt and would bet my left one that it is not a result from home life!  They need to have monitors either real or perhaps Internet CCTV so that parents can ‘log-in’ to witness exactly what is going on in the classrooms.  Until these teachers are ‘audited’ the welfare of children will always be at risk.

  • God58 12/10/2021, 4:39 pm

    Given the world’s Convid dependence on lockdowns and zoom meetings why does anyone from any country have to help burn thousands of litres of avgas flying to Glascow for a climate lovefest? The hot air alone from that wankerthon would be frightening. Surely there should be no secrets and therefore everyone should dial in and set an example by not travelling unnecessarily. Or am I missing something? 🙁

    • luk1955 13/10/2021, 7:30 am

      The leaders are flaunting in our faces that the leaders can come and go as they please, while us voters are locked up in our houses because there are not enough jail cells to house us.

  • Pensioner Pete 13/10/2021, 7:33 am

    50 doctors to be placed in schools in Queensland, strange or is it a coincidence in that Puzzleduck is pushing the jab for Queensland school children with or without parental consent, perhaps this rollout of 50 doctors is to attend to students injured post jab?


    • Sir Peter 13/10/2021, 8:44 am

      If she jabs even one child without parental consent she must be taken out. As things stand that would be an illegal act, but it would be entirely moral – maybe the ONLY moral path available. Any roo shooter up for it? A CHO and a police commissioner would be a bonus.

      Initially I thought some of the hyperbole from US commentators about the rise of fascism in Australia was a bit over the top, and simply due to their ignorance about the Australian people.

      But now events in every State, particularly but not confined to Queensland and Victoria, convince me they are correct.

      They say bad things happen when good men do nothing, and it’s clearly time we did something. But what?

      The electoral process, my preferred way to influence politicians, is no longer appropriate. If you see a cattle truck of your friends being carted of to the gulag, do say “quick, let’s have an election?” No, you surround the truck, kill the guards and release the prisoners.

      It’s the same if medical dictators are injecting experimental ‘vaccines’ into innocent children, with or without parental consent. To not act with the appropriate level of violence is to sacrifice those children, and all our freedoms, on the altar of what? Niceness? Civilised behaviour? No, you are sacrificing the children for your own cowardice.

      We can see that the fascist takeover of the US continues apace, but very soon their overreach will force the ‘clingers’ and ‘deplorables’ (those with guns and bibles) to rise, and Civil War 2.0 will begin.

      Sadly we don’t have this option as we have been disarmed. Thank a lot John Howard and the LibLab mono party.

      I’m not sure where that leaves us. I guess it means waiting the chance to vote United Australia Party en masse, and accept that more innocents will be violated because of our inaction.

      I herby retract my previous comments about not voting for minor parties because it would harm the Libs. F@ck the lot of them

  • Pensioner Pete 13/10/2021, 9:01 am

    Sir Peter, quote from your submission above: “If she jabs even one child without parental consent she must be taken out. As things stand that would be an illegal act, ”

    Actually, the Queensland government have legislation which takes away the rights of parental controls from age 14 I think it is, as my daughter has a child of which my daughter has no rights whatsoever over her child regarding in this case, the jab. Fortunately, both are well attuned to the risks are will not be partaking of the jab.

    Refers: Health care
    At any age, children can visit a doctor without a parent or a guardian being present.
    From 14, children can:
    consent to simple health care treatments
    control what goes into their My Health Record and who has access to it.

    From this link: https://raisingchildren.net.au/teens/behaviour/behaviour-questions-issues/legal-age-teenagers-and-the-law#criminal-responsibility-nav-title

    • Sir Peter 13/10/2021, 10:19 am

      Sorry PP, the illegal act I refer to isn’t the jab, it’s the other shot, the .223 one

      • Pensioner Pete 13/10/2021, 10:36 am

        Sir Peter, perhaps the legalities should be swapped. Illegal to jab a child without parental consent, whilst Legal for an injection of a .223 to form a third eye in the forehead to person or persons attempting to poison our children.

  • Sir Peter 14/10/2021, 7:52 am


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