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   Forum for Delcons and Deplorables # 62

aaaaaaaaForum for Delcons and Deplorables # 62

Previous comments. Updated 15/09/21

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  • Cliff 15/09/2021, 7:53 am

    Some interesting (to put it mildly) comments following this article.


    If this is an accurate report, it should set the conservative US talk shows into meltdown.

    • Sir Peter 15/09/2021, 10:23 am

      Unreal! I copied the same link, switched to MM to paste it, and Lo and behold Cliff has beaten me to it.

      This is great news. One more little prick to get the armed forces mutiny rolling.

      I keep saying it – the crime families in America are so entrenched that nothing but a coup will dislodge them. Not the media, not the courts, not the NRA, certainly not the Republicans without Trump.

      Despite Milly’ s attempted purge and mandatory vaxing, ‘deplorables’ and ‘clingers’ are still the majority in the armed forces and they will only take so much. And they will be responsive to to will of the people when the time comes.

  • Rob 15/09/2021, 4:27 pm

    On another topic.

    I just received an email from Telstra . They are now going to charge me more for the NBN plan to which I agreed. I only stayed with Telstra because the seem to be the only provider not demanding payment by direct debit. When I did some “research” into what seemed to be the most attractive of the other providers the result was, “Don’t let them Direct Debit, the bastards will clean you out and blame it on”the system”. I need a reasonable speed connection to stay in contact with my family. Phone is too expensive and painful to use for anything but brief messages (I have a partially paralysed arm so holding the handset for more than a few minutes is almost impossible.) Does anyone know of an NBN provider who does not demand direct debit?

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 16/09/2021, 8:00 am

      Ask yr search engine for nbn providers who don’t direct debit, there seem to be a few listed.

    • Penguinite 16/09/2021, 8:20 am

      We’re long time Telstra customers and pay on receipt of their invoice. We pay a fixed amount twice per month and generally keep the account in credit. We too have received a letter advising of a temporary upgrade to a faster level of NBN at $10/month extra but they refund $5/month??? Sprat to catch a mackerel?

    • Pensioner Pete 16/09/2021, 10:14 am

      I went with Aussie Broadband when the NBN came to town 3 years ago, a decision I have never regretted as they are an Aussie company, employing Aussies in Aussie call centres. Great customer service, they stick with you until the issue is resolved satisfactorily.

      Also, when Telstra gave me grief with my Telstra account, I switched to Aussie Broadband mobile and took up a 5GB/$19/Month to month plan which works fine with no hassles either via Aussie Broadband.

    • luk1955 20/09/2021, 8:04 am

      I don’t know about isp demanding direct debit. But you can set up a bank account strictly for your isp, and top it up with only just the money as needed from another account. Bank accounts are free and have been for years.

  • Sir Peter 15/09/2021, 5:10 pm

    Just in case you still don’t believe the USA is run by morons, watch this


  • Botswana O'Hooligan 16/09/2021, 8:20 am

    Reference the Giraffe TEST. A question involving Zebra’s wasn’t asked thus discriminating against those of us who identify as Zebra’s and those of us who are allergic to Giraffes, elephants, crocs, etc. thus the questions are discriminatory and should be adjusted accordingly. Were Triggsie or Timmy Toothpaste be back holding the reins, matters such as this would be dealt with tout suite.

  • God58 16/09/2021, 8:22 am

    The insanity continues. Australia is now getting nuclear subs instead of the French retro diesel lemons. Good so far but…they won’t have nuclear weapons. Eff me. Why bother. What garbage. And our PM had to grovel further saying no domestic nuclear weapons or power generation. So wet lettuce national defence and ongoing, super expensive, woke electricity for everyone. If retardation was a weapon we’d be a superpower.

    • Cliff 16/09/2021, 9:34 am

      God58, do you have a link to the decision to convert the submarine order to nukes? if true, it’s a huge step in the right direction – if (but not) only to see the Greenies’ reaction.

      • God58 16/09/2021, 9:48 am

        Hey Cliff, it’s all over MSM. Courier Mail or Australian online headlines. Cheers

    • Neville 16/09/2021, 10:26 am

      No nuclear weapons, sure.
      But they can be added later …

    • PW 16/09/2021, 4:43 pm

      But the best is yet to come. NZ is now on its own for anyone to take. They can’t ask for our help as nuclear is banned.

      • God58 16/09/2021, 8:00 pm

        Agree. A horse headed communist and 16% of the population with stastically verified higher criminality, domestic violence and welfare dependence running the country. If only we could deport most of their expats would be even better.

      • Ian_A 18/09/2021, 7:59 am

        NZ will end up like Zimbabwe when the Mouldies finally take over with the aid of the cultural elites there. There’ll be a flight of refugee farmers to Australia after their lands are resumed for Mouldy tribal territories. Their economy will crash and the NZ dollar will be worth cents. Now *that’s* radioactive for you.

  • God58 16/09/2021, 8:17 pm

    I shirt you not. Am scrolling thru 9 News and there’s a photo of Lisa and Jaimi Curry with a headline about it being a year since the poor daughter’s death and Lisa is going to share whatever. It seems the attention seeking crap from this family ain’t going to stop any time soon.

    • Ian_A 18/09/2021, 7:54 am

      Sorry G, I can truthfully say, who are they?

      • God58 18/09/2021, 8:03 am

        Ex olympic comm games Lisa Curry-Kenny. Never out of the media. I envy you. 🙂

  • PaulM 16/09/2021, 9:18 pm

    Please how can we send this to every politician before all our children get the jab ?


    • luk1955 20/09/2021, 8:10 am

      Sec.51.23.A of our Constitution forbids medical conscription. Also the Public Health and Wellbeing acts in your states also forbid the use of force, directly and indirectly, to impose medical procedures. Mandates have no force of law to back them up. Don’t panic and do your research.
      Here is a real good site to start with:
      Those who do not know their rights have no rights. Don’t you be one of those.

  • Aktosplatz 17/09/2021, 9:02 am

    Excellent article in Quadrant concerning ‘Thoroughly Modern Milley’, and the stupid bias of Sheridan against Trump.


    • Ian_A 18/09/2021, 7:51 am

      Sheridan never got the point about Trump re-imagining the Republican party as a socially-conservative party for the battlers, away from the country-club party of Bush. He never got how radical it was that Trump switched the tables on the Democrats, who now represent the elites and the establishment. So unfortunately Sheridan is trapped in TDS just like the progressives he detests.

  • Sir Peter 17/09/2021, 10:42 am
  • Sir Peter 17/09/2021, 10:46 am

    Our descent into totalitarianism has serious consequences. Just as we get the GOOD news about nuclear subs, the behaviour of our fascist leaders could put such cooperation at risk.


  • Pensioner Pete 17/09/2021, 5:42 pm

    The truth is beginning to seep out from the confines of governments.

    Israel is not the only highly jabbed population viewing a significant ramping up of Covid infections post jab. Places such as Gibraltar (and others) are experiencing similar outcomes with the fully jabbed coming down with Covid.

    Even in Australia, the states with highest jab rates also ‘enjoy’ the highest Covid rates. Soon, even Blind Freddie will see this unfolding in front of his eyes.

    Lead in headline Quote:
    “Israel is reporting the highest coronavirus infection rate in the world, showing that neither vaccine mandates nor “vaccine passports” are suitable means to limit or end the pandemic.”

    Link here for Israel: https://swprs.org/israel-highest-infection-rate-in-the-world/

    Link here for Gibraltar: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/fully-vaxxed-gibraltar-sees-2500-percent-spike-in-covid-19-cases-per-day-initiates-new-lockdowns/

    • Ian_A 18/09/2021, 7:43 am

      So much for zero covid. How long is Dan Andrews going to keep clacking on about that crock?

      But it seems the vaccine will improve your chances of only mild symptoms. So that’s good. And that the unvaccinated will only harm themselves. So that’s their lookout.

      Therefore, we might as well call last drinks on lockdowns, let’s give it another month for anyone who wants shots to get them, then open up for good.

    • luk1955 20/09/2021, 8:19 am

      PP, Surprised you didn’t mention the outstanding success of ivermectin in India’s largest state to contain the conjob, while the state not using ivermectin has very high rates of cases and deaths. I don’t have the link but a search in startpage will show it. The success of ivermectin in Udder Pradesh explains the disappearance of the Indian domination of the news a few months ago when the conjob was running wild there.

  • Cliff 18/09/2021, 5:31 am

    We’ll know we’re in real trouble when the Biden mob start saying there are problems with the jab because Trump forced Big Phama to rush the vaccines in too quickly.

    If adverse long term effects do kick in on a large scale, we really could be seeing a world-altering event here. If the report about the Detroit TV station asking for stories about non-vaccinated people dying are true, I am genuinely afraid.

    Instead of getting reports about non-vaccinated people dying, they are said to have received 182,000 replies about adverse effects in people who had been vaccinated.

    I find myself hoping this turns out to some sick hoax.

    • Ian_A 18/09/2021, 7:38 am

      God only knows Cliff. When the establishment media decided they’d only report stories that confirmed their ideologically formulated world view, we all lost most of our sight.

    • luk1955 20/09/2021, 8:22 am

      1 of my brothers in the US got covid a year ago. He has also had the flu. He told me the flu was far worse in him than the covid. He did not go to hospital, but now has natural immunity, far more powerful and useful than a stab.

  • Cliff 18/09/2021, 5:34 am
  • God58 18/09/2021, 8:09 am
  • Botswana O'Hooligan 18/09/2021, 8:30 am

    It is an even money bet that the various premiers will bring in more restrictions if that’s possible because they won’t admit to being wrong and never will, human nature at it’s worst. The duck that should be plucked and burnt is following in the footsteps of SA and has or is in the process of introducing an app for yr phone to report position along with a photo of oneself at a designated location for quarantine purposes within a time frame of ten minutes at any hour of the day or night. One might opine that the next step will be an armed house to house vaccination squad and the interesting thing about that will bring to light the various successes of the firearm amnesty’s we have had from time to time. An exciting time ahead for us all, the jabbed and unjabbed for it appears the end might really be nigh.

    • Albert 18/09/2021, 8:33 am

      No good whingeing and whining about it Bots. If we don’t like what is going on then it is time to get off our arses and do something about it.

    • luk1955 20/09/2021, 8:24 am

      Don’t download the app. The app is a tracking device that exposed your medical history to nefarious individuals and groups. These apps are a violation of the privacy act 1988.

  • Albert 18/09/2021, 8:46 am

    To get away from the Covid rubbish for a while; there is a disturbing matter that hardly, if ever, draws public comment even though it is a growing and worrying problem.
    John Howard introduced what he thought was gun control but nobody seems to be interested in tackling knife control. Every single day there is a report of a stabbing or two. Kids are stabbing their parents, youth gangs are randomly stabbing people at supermarkets, kids are stabbing their school teachers and road rage has produced more than its share of knife wielding lunatics, etc, etc, etc. About a week ago a young woman was sunbathing alone on a beach when she was randomly stabbed in the chest by a very young boy.
    What is being done by authorities to disarm those carrying knives? It seems the answer to that is absolutely nothing.

    • Sir Peter 18/09/2021, 9:22 am

      I have carried a knife all my life and won’t stop now.

      • Sir Peter 18/09/2021, 9:31 am

        The problem in the US is blacks, not guns. In the UK and here it’s muslims, not knives.

        Read “More Guns, Less Crime” by John Lott

      • Sir Peter 18/09/2021, 9:38 am

        Take away guns, then knives. What’s next – bricks?

      • Albert 18/09/2021, 10:01 am

        Could it be that you are part of the problem and far from being part of the answer?

      • Sir Peter 18/09/2021, 10:07 am

        No Albert, I have never stabbed anyone. If I ever did it would probably be while saving someone being attacked by a muslim.

        The ‘answer’ is being more careful about your choice of immigrants.

        Once again I recommend John Lotts book

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 18/09/2021, 1:10 pm

        Me too Sir P, sometimes a Laguiole made in France, the handle in the shape of a feminine leg and of course has a corkscrew, but mostly a Henry Boker stock knife given to me for my tenth birthday just on 80 years ago. I often smile to myself when picking up the Henry Boker for it came with a .22 pea rifle to get a wallaby for the fish trap and to feed the dogs. Who in their right mind these days would give a 10 year old a .22 rifle or even a pellet gun. All are banned anyway, pocket knives, Daisy Air Rifles, even fish traps. The irony of it all is that none of us shot or knifed anyone either.

      • Albert 18/09/2021, 3:44 pm

        So you are quite comfortable with stabbings and no knife control because you see the problem is immigrants, eh? I wouldn’t go along with that for one second.
        By the way, I don’t recall mentioning the US or any other country.

    • Ian_A 18/09/2021, 10:31 am

      Coincidentally, there an article on stabbings within UK hospitals just appeared on UnHerd. Gangs come into the wards to finish off victims. I used to watch BBC dramas on ABC before the penny dropped to me what the ABC was. I learned that lots of these attacks will involve black teenagers. So it seems to me white middle class BLM activists should be out preventing this, rather than policing people’s morals on Twitter.


      • Sir Peter 18/09/2021, 12:56 pm

        Ain’t multiculturalism wonderful

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 18/09/2021, 1:17 pm

    70 years ago, not 80!

    • Sir Peter 19/09/2021, 8:22 am

      Coincidence Bots. I too had fish traps made from bike rims and chicken wire. I used rabbits I’d snared fo bait. When I was in my early teens I was given a 410.

    • God58 19/09/2021, 8:24 am

      Hey Bots. What’s a decade between friends. 🙂 Sounds like you’ve had and continue to enjoy an amazing life.

  • Albert 19/09/2021, 10:03 am

    Hey Sir Peter. I get it that you don’t think knife crime is a big deal and you don’t want any form of knife control in case your boy scout pocket knife is taken away from you. In the meantime knife crime continues on a daily basis:
    1. Two 16 year olds stabbed in Newcastle overnight. One dead, one seriously injured and another 16 yo charged with murder.

    2. A young male abducted and stabbed in Sydney’s West.

    I’ll try to keep you informed on a daily basis.

    • PW 19/09/2021, 11:51 am

      In times gone by it was simply a punch up. The Aussie way. The influx of other cultures brought their primitive anti-social ways of contesting a debate.
      It gone from fists to flick knives, pistols and now machetes. So now our kids are ‘catching on’.

  • Sir Peter 19/09/2021, 10:18 am

    Albert. I believe you will find those 16 year olds are breaking the law as it already exists. No virtue signaling beat up from you required.

    As has been said in another context – ‘whenever there’s a shooting they want to take away the guns of those who DIDN’T do it’.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 19/09/2021, 3:01 pm

    When the ABC runs a session on surprises immigrants got on arrival (my Ruski born wife listens to it, probably misses having Pravda to abuse) and one complains that he has to work to earn a living, you realise that the politicians have made a terrible mistake for most of those people simply don’t belong here as the bloke being surprised that he had to work, for they have absolutely nothing in common with our whole way of life, and in reality most are here for the welfare, never mind skin colour, they simply don’t and won’t fit in.

  • luk1955 20/09/2021, 7:51 am
    • luk1955 20/09/2021, 8:00 am

      Just saw that Cliff beat me to the punch 2 days ago! Worth repeating anyway.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 20/09/2021, 9:01 am

    NT Govt. now about to open up for tourism, the catch being that it is only going to be open for the fully vaccinated. My missus is right, welcome to the new Soviet Union of Australia. The question should not be one of where the bloody hell are you, but where the bloody hell is the Governor General to allow all this to happen?

  • Albert 20/09/2021, 11:36 am

    Sir Peter: It is not a matter of whether 16 year olds are breaking the law as it exists already. It is a matter of finding way to curb knife crime. However, you appear to be quite comfortable with allowing out of control youth and other mentally deficient morons to carry concealed weapons, in the form of knives, because there is a law available to charge them after they have stabbed someone.
    We have just arrived at the 20th day of September and there has already been some 18 reported stabbing incidents, a number of which have been fatal. However you dismiss those statistics while having the audacity to accuse me of virtue signalling. Pathetic.
    You attempt to bring the gun argument into play with the claim that when there is a gun crime they want to take our guns away. That is arrant nonsense because you conveniently fail to acknowledge that you can own a gun but there is a requirement to register shooters and guns. You also fail to acknowledge that there are almost one million registered gun owners and well over three million registered firearms in Australia and yet our gun crime is reasonably low and confined in the main to organised crime.
    You attempted to put the blame for knife crime at the feet of immigrants and whined because you may have to give away carrying your boy scout pen knife. What would be more productive are suggestions from you as to how the brakes could be applied to knife crime and fatal stabbings.

    • Cliff 20/09/2021, 12:06 pm

      Albert, your outrage is a (sad) indication of how much our society has changed in one generation – partly, but not only, I think, thanks to immigration.

      In the 50s and 60s, it was not only not uncommon, but almost a given – (or certainly in the VERY working class suburbs where I grew up) – that a pre-teen boy would strap on a knife, the fancier the better, and wear it openly when he was out playing with his mates. It would be put to all manner of uses, building cubby houses, whittling tree branches, carving initials into tree trunks and generally showing off and comparing it with the knives of the others.

      The thought of using it as a weapon or threatening a playmate or any of the rival ‘gangs’ up the street never entered our minds. I still have the one I had as a 10 or 11 year old, the one I saved for for God knows how long before I was able to afford it. (Found it in an old trunk a year or two ago, still oiled and sharpened damn near to perfection.)

      Only a couple of years later, as a 13 year old, if we had a School Cadet shoot or a bivouac on the weekend, I (and all my classmates) sometimes each carried a .303 home on Friday on the bus. (And on one memorable occasion, I scored the Bren Gun, which I lugged home on the bus by its carry handle. That did get a reaction or two, mostly of sympathy from old Diggers who knew how *** heavy it was. 28 pounds was a substantial load for a 15 year old!)

      No adult so much as turned a hair to see ninety or more uniformed schoolboys boys walking through town with their Lee Enfields over their shoulders.

      Can you imagine that happening in today’s ‘woke’ Australia? Forget the .303, imagine if some kid stepped out onto the street with a .177 Daisy **** air rifle. The *** SWAT team would be called out and we’d have helicopters from all four TV networks overhead to witness the arrest of the ‘terrorist’.

      • Bwana Neusi 20/09/2021, 12:30 pm

        Cliff, I totally concur with your sentiments. I still have the sheath knife from over sixty years ago, but sadly not the BSA Cadet major.

      • John 23/09/2021, 9:17 am

        Slight changes Cliff though totally agree. As in Vic, the State Govt would have called CASA and had them ban flights over the area so the kid couldn`t plan his fascist assault from streaming newsfeeds. That would have sorted the commercial media just leaving the ABC aloft and aloof because being God they don`t need mechanical aids like helicopters anyway. They, just like the old Rugby song intones, “sit on the edge of creation and piss on the buggers below”.

    • Albert 20/09/2021, 3:27 pm

      Cliff, many thanks for your contribution.
      I grew up in early 1940’s suburban Sydney and then in the early 50’s in the south coast town of Albion Park , NSW. In those days Albion Park was considered out in the bush. I and the youth of my day also had knives and guns but never once did I see knives used by the youth of those days in anywhere near the same manner that they are today. A punch up behind the toilet block at school was about as bad as it got.
      I believe there are many reason for the degeneration of youth in this day and age. I also believe that what is needed goes much further than just banning knives. There needs to be a major rethink of education and parental responsibility in regard to how children are brought up.

  • PW 20/09/2021, 5:07 pm

    Daily Mail: Koalas are going extinct with as few as 30,000 left in the Australian wild when the country was once home to EIGHT MILLION
    ‘We need a Koala Protection Act now,’ Ms Tabart said. (why was she not challenged with this BS?)

    So…250 years ago when the white population was in the hundreds their first priority was get to and count the koalas! These few hundred were there 7,999,999…and 8,000,000. Wow, next job…some commented it was BS and a reply came in with no doubt wringing hands “that’s awful, was 8 million 250 years ago and now only 30,000” How sad that there are unthinking people who can’t work things out.
    Let’s face it the aboriginals simply said the number was koala koala.

  • Ian_A 21/09/2021, 8:27 am

    Just a short piece in UnHerd which I found thought-provoking and with some good lines that I wish I would remember for any encounter with a woke millenial:

    Elites have lost faith in Enlightenment rationality

    “Two new reports confirm that we are heading …” …

    “To put it more plainly, universities are rapidly reverting to their pre-Enlightenment role as theological seminaries. In the Enlightenment model, these institutions were tasked with delivering something morally neutral called ‘knowledge’ and ‘critical thinking’. But in the new model they deliver a fundamentally moral worldview, where ‘knowledge’ comes second to the doctrinal framework, and even what’s knowable is ordered by that framework.
    Nigh-on every elite young person undergoes a version of this religious orientation. ”


  • Sir Peter 21/09/2021, 10:45 am

    Comrade Merkel’s Germany in league with macron’s Vichy mark 2 are sucking up to Xi. The parallel to the Ribbentrop Molotov pact is terrifying. That pact enabled Hitler to feel confident that he could invade Poland, France, Holland and Belgium with impunity.
    Thus began WWII.

    The roles are slightly different The EU is basically the Fourth Reich, and China despite its claims to be communist in reality is also fascist. The end result will much as the first pact


  • Botswana O'Hooligan 22/09/2021, 8:07 am

    The reality is that the submarine deal as crooked as it was, was a commercial enterprise between France and Australia and Australia defaulted and will pay a monetary penalty just as any of us would if we signed a contract on a house and defaulted. The vendor would keep the deposit, simple, tilt, game over.

    • Sir Peter 22/09/2021, 9:06 am

      Exactly. Tell toyboy macron to sod off. Let france sink into oblivion and become a muslim hellhole – we won’t come to save you miserable gorfs* a THIRD time.

      * backward frogs – a Canadian term.

      • DT 22/09/2021, 9:19 pm

        This explanation is one of the best I have found, one inaccurate claim is that the Coalition Government got rid of the Australian motor industry which is not correct. The decision to close down and leave was already made when the Abbott Government was elected in September 2013, when the first Treasurer Hockey Budget, financial year 2014/15, was being prepared the motor industry, GMH, Ford and Toyota, were asked their intentions to remain here or leave and they all confirmed that their multi-national management had made the closure decision some time earlier.

        So their taxpayer funded subsidies were withdrawn.

        Submarine Contract


    • DT 22/09/2021, 9:24 pm

      France did not meet the timeline requirements, the price increased from $50 billion to $90 billion and rising, and Australia’s strategic needs had changed from free trade agreement signed with China to them going on the offensive and imposing high import duties on Australian goods and cancelling orders.

      The primary reason behind it was Australia daring to request an inquiry into COVID-19 pandemic which was widely supported globally.

      I did not agree with the Turnbull Government signing the contract but the nuclear power option was not politically possible at the time and the Shortfin Barracuda design would have produced a world’s best conventional submarine.

  • DT 22/09/2021, 9:13 pm

    ““Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
    DONALD TRUMP: I’ve been told by my many sources, good sources – they’re very good sources – that the chicken crossed the road. All the Fake News wants to do is write nasty things about the road, but it’s a really good road. It’s a beautiful road. Everyone knows how beautiful it is.
    JOE BIDEN: Why did the chicken do the…thing in the…you know the rest.
    SARAH PALIN: The chicken crossed the road because, gosh-darn it, he’s a maverick!
    BARACK OBAMA: Let me be perfectly clear, if the chickens like their eggs they can keep their eggs. No chicken will be required to cross the road to surrender her eggs. Period.
    AOC: Chickens should not be forced to lay eggs! This is because of corporate greed! Eggs should be able to lay themselves.
    HILLARY CLINTON: What difference at this point does it make why the chicken crossed the road.
    GEORGE W. BUSH: We don’t really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road or not. The chicken is either with us or against us. There is no middle ground here.
    DICK CHENEY: Where’s my gun?
    BILL CLINTON: I did not cross the road with that chicken.
    AL GORE: I invented the chicken.
    JOHN KERRY: Although I voted to let the chicken cross the road, I am now against it! It was the wrong road to cross, and I was misled about the chicken’s intentions. I am not for it now, and will remain against it.
    AL SHARPTON: Why are all the chickens white?
    DR. PHIL: The problem we have here is that this chicken won’t realize that he must first deal with the problem on this side of the road before it goes after the problem on the other side of the road. What we need to do is help him realize how stupid he is acting by not taking on his current problems before adding any new problems.
    ANDERSON COOPER: We have reason to believe there is a chicken, but we have not yet been allowed to have access to the other side of the road.
    NANCY GRACE: That chicken crossed the road because he’s guilty! You can see it in his eyes and the way he walks.
    PAT BUCHANAN: To steal the job of a decent, hardworking American.
    DR SEUSS: Did the chicken cross the road? Did he cross it with a toad? Yes, the chicken crossed the road, but why it crossed I’ve not been told.
    ERNEST HEMINGWAY: To die in the rain, alone.
    GRANDPA: In my day we didn’t ask why the chicken crossed the road. Somebody told us the chicken crossed the road, and that was good enough for us.
    ARISTOTLE: It is the nature of chickens to cross the road.
    ALBERT EINSTEIN: Did the chicken really cross the road, or did the road move beneath the chicken?
    COLONEL SANDERS: Did I miss one?””

    Taken from JoNova website, a comment

    • Sir Peter 23/09/2021, 8:59 am

      MARTIN LUTHER KING JR : Because she is FREE to do so

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 23/09/2021, 8:10 am

    Giant Tick for that analogy explains humans to a T

  • God58 23/09/2021, 12:38 pm

    This arsehole pig should be charged with attempted murder. https://twitter.com/i/status/1440715488821055489

    • John 23/09/2021, 2:02 pm

      Heavier than the victim, taller than the victim and it creeps from behind the unsuspecting victim like a cancer. What, no 73 year old females, no pregnant Ladies in their home, no little old Ladies on a bench in the park to assault?. A born and bred coward. What a shame the thing cannot be identified.

  • Ian_A 23/09/2021, 1:41 pm

    Lots going on with elitist woke revolutionaries attempting to overthrow our society and way of life, from woke-backed police thuggery to climate catastropharianism.

    Well here’s the latest in the TERF wars. Now in the war between the “trans-exclusionary” feminists and the transgender ideologists, I’ll back the feminists any day (the world’s a complex place). At least they know a “person with a dick” is a man, and a “pregnant person” actually has a name — they’re called “mothers”.


    Quoting here: “In the UK at least, it seems gender critical feminists have sufficiently grown in legitimacy that it will be increasingly difficult to avoid engaging with their arguments. Slogans like “Repeat after us: trans women are women” may work when dissenters can be blocked on Twitter, but now that “TERFs” have hit the mainstream, “no debate” is no longer an option.”

    TLDR? In essence, the TERFs are beginning to overrun the transgender ideologists. As with the grassroots challenge to critical race theory in US schools, the woke advance is, in places, slowing down.

  • PW 23/09/2021, 4:13 pm

    So China is upping the anti with our cancellation of the French tubs.
    Did France have a contract for Chinese input to these subs? Something smells fishy why the partnership of France and China is firing up.

  • Sir Peter 23/09/2021, 4:15 pm

    This pig must be doxed and shot


  • Sir Peter 23/09/2021, 4:54 pm

    Some members of this group may think I’m a bit OTT when I keep calling for a massive purge of the bureaucracy. Watch this and think again


    • luk1955 24/09/2021, 7:38 pm

      SP we do need a massive purge of the bureaucrappy. Too many bullies and psychopaths who get off on destroying people’s lives.

  • Sir Peter 23/09/2021, 5:07 pm

    Can’t agree with this pussy. Give your medals back, you wuss

    The dead diggers would be cheering the protestors on.

    What better place to demonstrate peacefully for freedom than at a shrine set up to honour those who died in pursuit of it. The last generation of true Australians, those with the larrikin spirit all the talking heads carry on about, but who wouldn’t recognise it if it bit them on the arse.

    The volunteers who cleaned up the mess CREATED BY THE POLICE OVERREACTION are to be commended.


    The reporting of this event is the litmus test for finding the ‘journalists’ who really understand what is happening. Sadly some media I trusted have just FAILED.

  • Cliff 25/09/2021, 6:16 am

    You echo my sentiments exactly, Sir Peter. If there was a time warp that led to a troop ship full of WW2 diggers docking today at Circular Quay the universal question on the lips of every one of them would be “Strike a #### light, did we lose the ###ing war?”

    About five seconds after asking that question, almost to a man, they’d go about recovering their country by totally ignoring the edicts of the virtue-signalling jobsworths in and out of uniform who tried to tell what they must do to comply and to be allowed to live in today’s Australia.

  • John 25/09/2021, 7:28 am

    A brief aside. The University of Cambridge ( resting from pulling down statues, no doubt) have developed a nylon mask that is not merely a filter but is active in the sense it can inactivate the chinese virus. The trick? Coating the nylon with ZINC ions. Who would have thought?.

    • Aktosplatz 26/09/2021, 12:39 pm

      Does it coat your lungs with Zinc Ions too?

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 25/09/2021, 8:40 am

    These last couple of years is the stuff of nightmares and either a handful of people as in contributors to this site and other conservative sites are rational and the rest of the countries are bats, or it’s the other way around, and then you consider the modus operandi of the plucked duck and that nice Mr. Andrews so the answer is pretty obvious.

    • Sir Peter 25/09/2021, 9:45 am

      I think that’s a complement. ? .
      But Bots, I’d prefer ‘bonkers’ instead of ‘bats’. I don’t like bats but I like bonking.

    • Cliff 25/09/2021, 12:51 pm

      Bots, you more than most will be very familiar with what the guvimmit and the MSM are doing now to demonise anyone who refuses to adhere to the ‘company’ line on Covid.

      What we’re seeing is a carbon copy replay of what the Hawke Government and the Murdoch media did to demonise the airline pilots in 1989.

      I think it would be about the safest bet in town that if you could get all those Diggers from the two world wars who we honour with the Shrine of Remembrance to offer their opinions on the demonstrations and the demonstrators, 80 to 90% of them would side with the demonstrators.

      What’s become of Australia? Or maybe a better question: what is Australia becoming? Nothing any of those Diggers would recognise.

  • God58 25/09/2021, 10:38 pm

    Can someone, anyone, explain to me why we are paying a brain dead, waste of space maggot like the Qld Health Minister,Yvette D’ath, $350,000 a year for the most disgraceful, health mismanagement ever inflicted on the public. An ex union lawyer and, frighteningly, ex Qld Attorney General has work history in wrecking our education system and socialist overseas training. It, along with the Fat Controller and lunatic doctor/GG shoe-in are the reason why summary execution of political traitors should be legal and mandatory.

    • Sir Peter 26/09/2021, 9:32 am


    • John 26/09/2021, 10:35 am

      Could make the despatching a Fund Raiser God!. First prize Anus, Runner up Miles, Third prize designate GG ( aka Hoss). And you get the mounted and framed cartridge as a memento to put on the mantelpiece.
      Andrews? That`s a premium, $20 a ticket.

  • Ian_A 26/09/2021, 6:37 am

    ABC — a confirmed purveyor of FAKE NEWS, paid for by YOU

    This report about Haitans being whipped, reported by the ABC, is now confirmed to have been fake news. Yet, it’s still up on the ABC website, because although fake, it fits the ABC’s woke narrative.


    For the debunking, see

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 26/09/2021, 7:44 am

    SBS ran a clip called “cheating Hitler” at 1735 yesterday and will run some more at the same time again today. The SS did exactly what the victorian coppers are doing now sans the executions of little kids and adults but it’s early days for the victorian cops. The only way to stop those victorian coppers is to remove the root cause, one Dan Andrews and one police commissioner, for once they are gone the whole show will collapse.

    • God58 26/09/2021, 8:14 am

      Instead of the federal government using our army to remove the Andrews’ dictatorship they were allowed to assist the Victorian police criminal gang in vicious assaults on innocent citizens. No more sympathy for the armed services now. Nothing but vermine just like the pigs.

    • Ian_A 26/09/2021, 8:15 am

      It’s scary to think that the tacit policy of the Victoria Police, under Dan, is support for black-clad antifa thugs, who operate like the SA did in the 1930s, basically a street violence movement. That’s what we saw when the coppers took a knee for BLM.

  • PW 26/09/2021, 9:57 am

    Anyone from the Southern Tablelands with ACT TV? Getting a bit much with the abo commercials advertising new born abo kids and anti-smoking. Speaking about their “Borras” (babies) and their “Morras” (mothers). “They” say we are a country of 250 -300 languages yet they choose just one? What happened to picaninnis? We can’t even get them to speak as one and they’re trying to re-introduce ONE of their lingos? Went on to their Health Centre and they’re bitching about the Asians attending. All part of the annual 33.4 Billion dollars. Apparently they filter out white commercials.

    • Ian_A 26/09/2021, 1:35 pm

      Yeah I get those. Precious petals they are, need all their own services, cant possibly integrate with the mainstream, which these days isn’t “whitefella” so much as multicultural — ACT is basically just Little India now. But poor aboriginals need more than everyone else. Hence all the TV ads, for the three dozen aboriginals who live in the region, for all their ‘special’ services.

  • God58 26/09/2021, 2:40 pm

    Not content with completely stuffing the Qld economy wacko Steven Miles and his communist government are blocking Clive Palmer from building a much needed new $3.5 billion coal power plant at Alpha. All sorts of BS reasons and saying any approval could take years. Umm the unneeded Toowoomba covid camp was announced and started in one week. THAT is why we are rooted.

    • Sir Peter 26/09/2021, 3:24 pm

      Every day in every way they keep proving that they are evil incompetent lefty morons. Look to the US to see where all this leads. They have to go immediately, we are running out of time, the political system will not solve it as the world has totally gone insane

      Find a green/lefty and do what has to be done

  • Sir Peter 26/09/2021, 3:40 pm

    The thought police have arrived, literally. How far does Andrews have to go before Scomo wakes up and takes him down?


    These pigs are asking a whole raft of questions, but they all should elicit exactly the same response, i.e. “None of your f*&^ing business, next question”,

    The most frightening thing in this clip is just how charming and reasonable the Gestapo sound. They should be met with a machete to the throat, not the polite response from the innocent victim seen here.

  • DT 26/09/2021, 8:08 pm

    I noticed this headline at Yahoo News …

    “What are exit fees in a retirement village?”

    My first guess was that it depends on the funeral service business.

    • Ian_A 26/09/2021, 10:10 pm

      You can check out but you can never leave.

  • DT 26/09/2021, 8:32 pm

    As most Australians know, the British Colonies here agreed between them to form the Federation of States and the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand was part of the Colony of New South Wales but they decided to go it alone and become a seperate nation. However references to New Zealand remain in our Constitution.

    The Colonies agreed to retain most of their powers and responsibilities relating to internal affairs, State affairs, and handover external affairs to the Federal Government and various other responsibilities including collection of income and company taxes and sharing the revenue with the States as grants, Defence, and some others.

    It is a pity that Australia has a political system based on the UK Westminster System of Government, with some United States of America added, and could not follow the UK and have one national government and local government districts managed by Councils.

    And, first past the post voting, no preferences flowing to other candidates and often resulting in a candidate that has the highest primary vote losing the election to another candidate. First past the post involves voters only marking the box of one candidate of their choice, and the others receive no vote.

    It is also annoying to me that for Senate representation all States get the same number of Senate seats regardless of population. Tasmania, for example, is the easiest State in which to be a candidate to become a Senator, for example Senator Jacqui Lambie won a seat first time with less than 3 per cent primary votes.

    Add these voting issues to the lack of control the Federal Government has over State Governments and therein lies a large part of our pandemic problems, with Labor Government States playing party political politics rather than cooperate and coordinate on pandemic matters first and foremost.

    Unfortunately too many people believe the spin and fail to realise it is spin and that the left leaning media including ABC are effectively media units supporting the political theatre.

    PM Abbott had very similar problems, relentless negativity against him and his achievements either ignored or twisted to make them appear to be negatives.

    Anybody who has read the website: stopturnbull knows what I am getting at.

  • DT 26/09/2021, 9:06 pm

    Potential for legal action for compensation against Queensland and Western Australia if borders remain closed as the rest of the State Borders open;


    I heard recently that the decision by the WA Court to support border closure based on the pandemic and at that time no vaccine or known other treatment, upheld by the High Court appeal hearing later, would now fail because of the vaccines available and pandemic handling that is controlling the virus.

    So the constitutional law on open interstate borders would most probably now be supported by the High Court of Australia. I understand that the early 1900s Spanish Flu history and border closure was the precedent relied upon.

    Interesting time ahead as certain Premiers are forced to eat humble pie, apologise and maybe deal with compensation claims.

    • Sir Peter 27/09/2021, 9:50 am

      The only pie comrade Andrews should eat is one laced with RatSak. He is a communist, and they always lie. You never negotiate with them. The ONLY way to protect your country from a communist takeover is to #%^* them with extreme prejudice.

  • Ian_A 26/09/2021, 9:51 pm

    An American view of Australian covid policing (from RedState, an affiliate publication of Townhall.com):

    “Lastly, even if one does believe these disgusting police tactics are slowing the spread, what is the line? What’s the limiting principle? How much tyranny is acceptable in the name of “saving lives,” and where does it end?”


  • Ian_A 27/09/2021, 10:47 am

    “Darren Chester worried about ‘extreme right-wing’ push within the Nationals as he takes break from party room”

    WTF? Kick him out so he can join the Greens.

  • Albert 27/09/2021, 11:09 am

    I have had very unsatisfactory dealings with Chester while I was a resident in his electorate. His replies to my correspondence concerning DVA matters demonstrated that he had scant knowledge of the matters of concern and had failed to educate himself of those matters. That led me to believe that he was not fit for purpose and that was some our year ago.

  • Pensioner Pete 27/09/2021, 2:22 pm

    The plot has been revealed today in NSW, this is not about Covid, it is all about getting people vaccinated so they remain on the vaccination booster rollercoaster for life, and by all accounts based upon current evidence, a much shortened life.

    Thus the old adage of ‘follow the money’ applies as per usual, money to be made by big pharma, corrupt governments and corrupt medical associations from the ‘booster’ shots.

    This current utterance by the PizzledPelicanPremier of NSW in that the un-vaccinated will be subject to punitive measures whatever the situation may or may not be with Covid.

    Clearly, very clearly indeed, the State Premiers have no understanding of civil rights, or the law, or forcing people to take a medication by coercion is in breech of the Nuremberg Protocol which resulted in a good bit of neck stretching in the past by those who would inflict medical experimentation upon the people.

    YET, our Prime Minister, remains zipped lipped in silence over these breaches of human rights occurring right under his nose, yet he does nothing, thus must be considered complicant.

    Refers: https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/australia/australia-covid-news-live-confusing-detail-in-new-nsw-outdoor-pool-freedom/news-story/cf9025e2ccfb935e10c7f54ded7d0a44

  • PW 27/09/2021, 4:33 pm

    I see the Taliban forbid men to shave. I suppose those with clean faces are seen as sex objects, little dancing boys. These need to be cut off from the rest of the world.

  • Sir Peter 27/09/2021, 7:28 pm

    Business enforcing stupid laws
    Box of matches
    Business no longer enforcing stupid law

    Act as de facto nazi, get treated as a nazi

    • God58 28/09/2021, 6:45 am

      Couldn’t agree more Sir Peter. Let the dumb sheep suffer their fate but good, smart people need to attack and remove the socialist disease as the sick animal it is.

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