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aaaaaaaaForum for Delcons and Deplorables # 59

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  • Aktosplatz 20/07/2021, 12:54 pm

    We are getting a mention in Breibart News as they warn of the economic consequences of these knee-jerk lockdowns:-

    “In the shorthand of headline writers, stocks are falling because of covid fears. The reality is, of course, a bit more complicated than that. The proximate cause on Monday of the worst sell-off since October was not the virus itself or even the fear of the virus. Unlike the situation 18 months ago, when there were far more unknowns than knowns when it came to the virus, now we have a much better sense of how it is spread and how it can be treated. The virus is no longer this mysterious will-o-wisp lurking in the darkness for us to make the wrong move or touch the wrong surface.

    What has investors spooked is the prospect of a resurgence of lockdowns, social-distancing rules, and capacity restrictions on businesses. Over the weekend, the Australian city of Sydney ordered a shutdown of building sites, banned non-essential retail, and threatened fines for employers who order staff to show up at work. Out in the suburbs of Sydney, people have been ordered not to leave their immediate neighborhoods. Several countries in Asia have reinstated lockdowns, and Japan is working hard to make the Covid Olympics symbolize everything we despised about last year.

    So investors are worried that the economic recovery around the world will be stymied. And they are worried that restrictions could be coming back here. Los Angeles has already reinstated mask requirements. A trip to any big retail outlet will reveal many people in masks regardless of their vaccination status. The implication of this is simply that there is a constituency for masks and restrictions. A certain portion of the population not only lacks a desire to rid ourselves of the accoutrements of last year’s anti-pandemic efforts, they actively desire to retain them for as long as possible. And there is already talk of schools not reopening fully in the fall, which would be a huge drag on the economy as families once again find themselves unable to send parents to work full-time for lack of child care.

    Into this breach of public trust in the recovery stepped Joe Biden on Monday in what had been billed as a major economic speech. To give you a sense of how effective this speech was, in its immediate aftermath the Dow Jones Industrial Average went from being down around 700 points to down over 900 points. While it regained its footing, it was clear that Biden had failed to inspire confidence with his flat presentation that bragged about the performance of the economy at the very moment it appears most at risk of losing steam. This seemed, indeed, like a speech that could be the marker of peak growth, implying that the rest of the year could be a slog.

    Even worse, Biden made the outlandish claim that no “serious economist” thinks inflation might get out of hand. Of course, plenty of economists are worried about inflation, including Larry Summers. We have our differences with Summers, but there can be little doubt that the former Treasury Secretary, World Bank Chief Economist, Harvard President, and Director of Obama’s National Economics Council should at least be allowed the title of “serious economist.”

    This untruth about economists and inflation could be explained by one of two possibilities. First, Biden could just be fibbing, hoping a somnolent press would not notice (which they largely did not). Second, Biden could be unaware that his party’s best known-economist has been ringing the alarm about inflation for months (which makes you wonder what else his staff isn’t telling him). We’re not quite sure which is worse.”

    – Alex Marlow & John Carney
    Breitbart News Network

  • Aktosplatz 20/07/2021, 1:58 pm

    More Reason to Seriously question the Technical Capabilities of Chief Medical Officers. Many of us here have said that the CMOs are scarcely qualified to have so much control that they do have. I have mentioned Jeannette Young (CMO Qld) has her work experience in ‘Medical Administration ( whatever that means).

    Now Quadrant has taken up the same point of view:-


    • Botswana O'Hooligan 22/07/2021, 8:29 am

      Were they to take a 10% salary cut for every time they have caused the place to shut down and reopen with the same result of more cases each time, they might take a bit more care.

    • Cliff 23/07/2021, 4:39 pm

      How in the world will Jeannette Young have any credibility as Governor of Queensland? Or is that Labor’s plan? To put someone with absolutely no credibility in as Governor so as to demean and diminish the position?

  • God58 20/07/2021, 7:23 pm

    Hey forget about our country being on the verge of fiscal and social armaggedon. Much more important info on MSM news. Footy clubs ( and no doubt our BLM sponsored cricketers ) are struggling for funds to pay their bills and bloated player salaries. Arrrrrr. Say it isn’t so. But alas I can solve their problems. How about we cancel all mens footy and cricket games permanently and just have indigenous female teams and test sides. That should fix the ticket drain problem and let all the WOK ex men’s players coaches and support staff time to pursue other careers. Pushing shopping trolleys springs to mind. Anyway bring on the ladies only teams for our sports dollars and superior skills display. Taadaa. Thank you ball boys thank you players.

  • PW 22/07/2021, 5:12 pm

    I believe that the 1960’s Ice Age/Global Warming/zero rainfall and now the hedge your bets “Climate Change” is responsible for a terrific bucket load of brain dead New Age Scientists. What’s happening to logical thought these days? Have they never recorded a chimp doing this over thousands of years before? Wonder if it was a male lesbian identifying as a passive female dog?


  • God58 23/07/2021, 3:02 pm

    The elite Olympic wankers are chasing ideas for a mascot for the Brisbane 2032 money burning effort. Assuming China hasn’t officially moved in by then, I’m thinking a lard-arsed yak called Anastasia would be good.

  • Pensioner Pete 23/07/2021, 3:48 pm

    Quoting Pauline Hanson today.

    “One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said an official photo of Australia’s Olympic women’s soccer team posing with the indigenous flag was a slap in the face to all Australians.
    “Athletes in the Australian Olympic team are there representing all Australians on the biggest of international stages,” Senator Hanson said. “Indigenous flags don’t represent all Australians. There’s only one flag which truly represents all of us.
    “Taxpayers don’t shell out millions of dollars to send Olympic teams to represent two nations. We’re one nation, Australia, indigenous and non-indigenous alike.”

    PP trusts there is not any more of this rot happening with our taxpayer funded Olympic team, in my opinion any Aussie athlete virtue signalling should be immediately sacked from the team and sent back to Australia to answer for their stupidity.

    • Albert 23/07/2021, 4:29 pm

      Hear, hear. I’ve had it up to the back teeth with such divisive nonsense.

    • Cliff 23/07/2021, 4:36 pm

      I must admit, I was disappointed to see the soccer team display that flag. It is divisive, not uniting.

    • Pensioner Pete 24/07/2021, 8:44 am

      PP is waiting for a response from the Olympic mob in Australia after lodging a complaint with them.

      What’s the betting I hear nothing, ever, from them?

      • Neville 24/07/2021, 9:38 am

        Odds-on, PP.

  • Aktosplatz 23/07/2021, 4:35 pm

    The evolution of British maths teaching
    By News Team ⋅ April 4, 20191. Teaching Maths In 1970 :-

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for £100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit


    2. Teaching Maths In 1980

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for £100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or £80. What is his profit?

    3. Teaching Maths In 1990
    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for £100. His cost of production is £80. Did he make a profit?

    4. Teaching Maths In 2000

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for £100. His cost of production is £80 and his profit is £20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

    5. Teaching Maths In 2019

    A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the preservation of our woodlands. He does this so he can make a profit of £20. What do you think of this way of making a living? Topic for class participation after answering the question: How did the birds and squirrels feel as the logger cut down their homes? (There are no wrong answers).


  • Sir Peter 24/07/2021, 9:36 am


    • Sir Peter 24/07/2021, 9:40 am

      6. Teaching Maths in 2029

      An evil capitalist pig ecovandal defaced the face of the planet and caused Gaia to weep. He will be executed. How many of his family should share his fate?

  • Penguinite 24/07/2021, 10:24 am

    Are Queenslanders ready for this:

    Sadly, the enduring legacy of hosting the Olympics is now nothing more than a slew of abandoned and overgrown venues in multiple former host cities. That remains the case to this day in past venues such as Sarajevo, Athens, Beijing and Rio, to name just a few, where crumbling stadia and forgotten Olympic villages serve not as proud monuments to athletic achievement, but rather as somber symbols of catastrophic financial mismanagement.

    • Aktosplatz 24/07/2021, 10:53 am

      Very good points, Pen, and I think most if us here never wanted the Olympics. In 2032 I will be 88, so I may not be around anyway , and I must say I am not all that sorry either.

      It’s the Young People, The Mugs, that will have to foot this bill + existing Debt, their children too.

      In their enthusiasm, they haven’t thought about this because they are young, strong, and immortal.

      (So they think)

  • PW 24/07/2021, 11:08 am

    Indigenous people have used the fruit for its preservative and medicinal qualities for millennia??
    Lets put some truth into this. This ‘plum’ is only endemic to the top end around Darwin lightly scattered over to Broome and east towards Kakadu.
    So it was only ‘known’ to those tribes. Preservative, seriously I doubt they knew that its not even in their language.
    Thank heavens we have non indigenous people about to further this research. The ABC will glamorise anything re the Aboriginals.
    Where are you Broose??

  • DT 24/07/2021, 12:44 pm

    MM Ed

    The Weekend Australian today (Saturday 24 July) contains a couple of articles worth publishing here.

    I rarely agree with Professor Peter Van Onselen’s opinions but have detected a move by him to the right in recent times, maybe why he is being replaced at the left leaning television CH10 The Project?

    “Premiers the true power steering the nation”.

    And he explains the powers of State Governments and much more.

    “How Nations Fare On COVID-19 Vaccinations and Fatalities”

    Deaths per million and Australia is has the least by far followed by New Zealand, our countries are far in front of the other countries.

    Maybe the PM and Cabinet are doing a far better job of governing as best they can under the circumstances prevailing than given credit for?

  • Sir Peter 24/07/2021, 1:09 pm


    The question is ‘why are these scum suckers even alive?’ Let’s hope at least one REAL Swede has the guts and the hardware to exterminate these pests once they are released from jail.

    If there is no Swede up to it then Sweden does not deserve to exist. It’s too late.

  • fred 24/07/2021, 2:06 pm

    no more bull dust in my blood stream.
    Ho many people remmber the old ABTIC before it was abolished this only going to be the same thing

  • God58 24/07/2021, 8:56 pm

    I see the lesbianised, faux aboriginal, women’s olympic soccer team, financed by a country whose flag they see fit to ignore and insult, were just beaten by Sweden. Taxpayers and patriotic Australians have to put up with these turncoat dead shits junketing on the gravy train stage.

  • Albert 25/07/2021, 11:45 am

    Police were at one time respected by the general public but unfortunately that time has passed. There are those whinging about the attacks on police during the recent Sydney demonstrations by thousands of people but the coppers brought it on with their over zealous and thuggish behaviour.
    Watching news clips of that mass demonstration I witnessed coppers on horseback forcing their horses into the crowds and allowing their horses to turn their backs on the crowds. What would those brain-dead coppers do if their horses had lashed out and kicked someone causing catastrophic injuries or even death?
    Then I watched as coppers on foot arrested demonstrators and threw them to the ground. Now, I don’t mind the coppers arresting those who break the law but why is it necessary to have the now usual ‘pile-on’ by anything up to five coppers to pin those being arrested to the ground. Remember, it was not that long ago that a copper, during one of those pile-on arrests, actually stomped on the arrested man’s head and in another instance a person being arrested in Victoria was repeatedly punched about the head while being pinned down by five or so other coppers on his own front lawn.
    If coppers want to act in the manner of thugs then they should be reminded that if you kick an angry dog it will bite you and you will most assuredly deserve it..

    • God58 25/07/2021, 4:14 pm

      The lying MSM and coppers trying to downplay the numbers was BS. Wankers saying 3500 in Sydney. It was around 15000 minimum and the reports kept changing numbers all day. Like the false horse attack. The only crims present were the coppers and the ones sitting on horses the biggest vermin of all.

  • Pensioner Pete 25/07/2021, 3:12 pm

    This is the response I received from the Olympic mob regarding the Maltilda’s promoting the Aboriginal flag rather than the flag which represents all Australians and Australian taxpayers funds supporting our Olympians.

    Quote: “Thank you for your email, we appreciate you taking the time to contact us to express your views.

    For the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is allowing athletes to express themselves subject to certain criteria.

    On this occasion the Matildas decided as a team to express their support for Indigenous reconciliation before the match against New Zealand.

    The Matildas’ starting side for this game included two indigenous Australians, Lydia Williams and Kyah Simon.

    The Matildas will continue to express their support for Indigenous advancement through a display of locked arms, signifying a just society for all Australians and a focus on equality.

    We respect the views of people who may disagree with the teams’ stance, but we also respect and support our athletes who wish to demonstrate their support for Indigenous reconciliation.

    The AOC believes Olympians have a significant role to play in advancing reconciliation. Once again, thank you for contacting us.”

    What utter cobblers!

    • God58 25/07/2021, 4:19 pm

      More reason wht the olympics are nothing but shit run by leftist grubs and parasites. And to think we’re wanting this garbage in 2032. Nothing but platforms for unemployable communist deadshits and bureaucrats.

      • Pensioner Pete 25/07/2021, 4:54 pm

        The Olympic mob have completely missed the point of the why and how the Olympics came into being, it certainly wasn’t created for ‘virtue signalling’ as is being pushed by the Olympic committee, it was created for sport and nothing but sport, politics has no place in sports.

  • Sir Peter 25/07/2021, 5:58 pm

    ANY party which goes to the next Federal election promising that NOT ONE SINGLE DOLLAR from the nations taxpayers will be given to Queensland to fund the massive losses incurred by staging the 2032 olympics will win by a landslide.

    • Cliff 26/07/2021, 6:21 am

      You might be on a winner with that suggestion,Sir Pete. Unfortunately, it’s about as likely as Scottie from Marketing actually doing something rather than talking about actually doing something – about anything apart from spending money we do not have.

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