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 For idiots, South Australia wins with Premier Marshall!

21.11.20.  “Lies, like pizzas, come in different sizes. Small, medium, large, family, party.
As far as lies go, this was a triple-supreme, cheese-filled crust, party-sized monster, with extra ham and double pepperoni, dreamt up by a selfish, card-carrying idiot who – after applying the pineapple – shoved its rough end square up the backside of the South Australian economy. Let’s stop and marvel at the impact this bloke has had on South Australia over the past three days. Weddings and funerals cancelled. Elective surgery banned. The entire Schoolies celebration scrapped. Every pub and restaurant shut, their dumpsters heaving with spoiled perishables. Almost every business closed, students barred from attending school and university, supermarkets pillaged, bottle shops cleaned out.”

Source: David Penberthy, News Corp

Coronavirus South Australia: As lies go, the Woodville Pizza Bar worker’s was a triple-supreme

Vast traffic jams as unnerved residents queued for as long as 10 hours to have swabs jammed up their snouts at hastily expanded COVID centres across the suburbs. More than 4000 South Aussies forced into quarantine.
Millions and millions of dollars ripped from the economy.
All because this bloke lied about the fact that he was secretly working at a pizza bar – while also working at a medi-hotel – claiming he was merely a customer and creating a baseless but understandable fear that he may have contracted the virus from a pizza box.
I have a journalistic desire to find this man but the humanist in me hopes he remains anonymous.
If this bloke popped up today as an identifiable figure at the Rundle Mall Balls, he would lose his own.
The press conference held by Premier Steven Marshall and his Police Commissioner and Chief Medical Officer was easily one of the strangest things I have seen in my journalistic career.
Their fury was palpable. The criticism in business circles was that the lockout had been far too draconian in its application; now, we know that it need not have happened at all. For that, we can ultimately blame one man.
As of 12.45pm today, SA Police had deployed a squad car to the Woodville Road pizza bar and two officers were parked outside.
I don’t think they were ordering a pizza, even though it’s safe to do so now, apparently.
I don’t think anyone will be ordering a pizza there any more though.
As a wry message on the pizza bar’s Google review page this afternoon said: “Incompetent staff. They forgot my garlic bread. They also put the whole state into lockdown.”
For all the broader damage that has been brought by this madness, there is one business that will definitely never recover.

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  • Cliff 21/11/2020, 6:05 am

    Am I the only one who cringes at the SA Premier’s mincing delivery? He makes Christopher Pyne sound positively macho by comparison and reminds me too much of any number of waiters I have encountered in cafes in Sydney’s Oxford Street. (Back on the days when banks had branches, I banked at the NAB in Oxford St. I was their token straight guy.)
    It is a voice NOT that of a leader.

    • Tony H 21/11/2020, 7:32 pm

      Today it is! When a real man walks in they all cringe in fear! We have no real leaders in this Country any more!

  • Penguinite 21/11/2020, 6:32 am

    Dork alert! The stop-start States are now the rule! Eradication of wuflu was always impossible! NZ thought they had worked the oracle but look at Adern now, egg hanging from her bony visage!

    • Ozman 21/11/2020, 9:02 am

      How do you eradicate something that does no exist?

  • Honeybadger 21/11/2020, 7:35 am

    Amazing, why are South Australians rushing to get tested with no symptoms? Bunch of sheeple who live in fear.
    That dopey SA liberal Premier and his Health advisor invented a frightening new strain of virus off a pizza box. No evidence just another fear tactic to keep control. The never ending hysteria.

    • Ozman 21/11/2020, 9:12 am

      How do you eradicate something that does no exist?
      This doctor for truth says that there is no evidence of any COVID-19.

      Vaccinating people for something that they do not have. Who would have thought any doctor would do this?

  • Lorraine 21/11/2020, 8:27 am

    Contact Tracers and their questions .The Chief medical officer calls it a new strain, more serious than any other. Egg on face ,for sure but they did fess up to being so stupid as to never actually checking out the liar…….One person can make a difference, one vote can change the world..I am now convinced the we all have the power….but to outsmart the South Australian Premier that just wants more power, that was a coup .

  • JD 21/11/2020, 9:05 am

    They’ve only got themselves to blame for their complete idiocy if they can’t prove that any virus exists, or has been isolated by a completely unreliable PCR test and is simply just NOT THERE.

    South Australians have been played just like the rest of the world is being played.

    Victorians lapped it up.

    People have to wake up to this stupendous fakery by a band of psychopathic oligarchs wanting control of the world in the name of technocracy and the supremacy of the medico-pharma cartel.

    There is no Covid…there are no contagious viruses anywhere and have never been proven to exist.

    There are more serious and pressing issues on the horizon such as China’s sabre rattling that deserve our full attention…as a nation in full agreement..

  • Albert 21/11/2020, 9:28 am

    My hair stands on end and my skin crawls whenever I see Stevin Marshall on teevs. How did this wimpy individual ever reach the top of the state tree?

    • Cliff 21/11/2020, 9:35 am

      So I’m not the only one Albert. He damn near lisps FFS.

    • Honeybadger 21/11/2020, 10:09 am

      Totally agree. He also has a weird look about him. Daniel Andrews is the same – creepy.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 21/11/2020, 11:24 am

    Was based there once, went to town twice only because I caught the wrong train, found out that after six months residency it was considered compulsory to be limp wristed so got myself transferred elsewhere one day shy of six months. They are strange bastards alright, West End and Southwark beer proves that.

  • Walahwalah Bishbin 21/11/2020, 5:55 pm

    Southwark beer is definitely an acquired taste.
    I was particularly fond of http://www.new.com.au story on the morning of SA quarantine announcement quoting Premier Steven Marshall sic – “This is a new & particularly dangerous COVID-19 strain, and what makes it so dangerous is the fact that it has no symptoms”.
    There is a fantastic episode of The Goon show that comes close – check out “Lurgi Strikes Britain”.

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