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 Fearful threats: the tools of bullies!

20.07.21.  Governments’ COVID ‘scaremongering’ has allowed ‘fear to win over truth’! Sky News host Alan Jones says half of the nation is “tragically” locked up in their own homes “terrified” because of the alarmism of “moronic officialdom” who have got no other way of dealing with COVID. “Governments around Australia can boast one triumph – their scare mongering has worked,” Mr Jones said. “The World Health figures today tell us 99.4 per cent of all cases in the world are mild. 99 per cent of all cases in Australia are mild.
“Britain runs up more than 590,000 positive tests in three weeks and they open up – we clock up a thousand and shut down half the Nation and bury all of Australia in panic and fear.

“All in the name of health and wellbeing without ever conceding the damage done, by lockdowns, to personal health. Tragically, Australians cop it because fear has won over truth. People think they are at risk of death, even though over 99 per cent of the cases are mild.
“Get these politicians out of our lives and let us get on with ours via personal responsibility.”

Source: Sky News

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  • Steve 20/07/2021, 7:10 am

    Here it comes, Australia. If anyone thinks that the tyrants running this place won’t do the same then you’re delusional.

  • luk1955 20/07/2021, 7:52 am

    I am surprised that Alan is still alive. I suspect the Australian deep state, aka our parliaments, would really like him removed from the living people. He is slowly getting people to open their eyes, whether the people follow with action, remains to be seen. He is a jewel to the citizen, but a pita to the ruling communists determined to remove all our freedoms and liberties, along with our morality.

  • John 20/07/2021, 8:05 am

    I wonder who will be first courageous soul to break ranks?. Who ( or WHO, your choice) will be first to admit the chinese have poisoned the world, the virus will never be eliminated, the masks and lock down answer is not an answer and the only response is to normalise. Yes, some people will get sick and some will die as has happened since year “dot”. As TA remarked “s..t happens” and unfortunately it almost always involves china.

  • JD 20/07/2021, 8:43 am

    What are they using to do all these “tests”?

    Surely they’ve woken up to the fact that the PCR is not a reputable test and was never meant to be a test for the presence of any pathogen.

  • PaulM 20/07/2021, 9:15 am


    Are these vaccines safe?
    Make up your own mind.
    There is a huge amount of info in the alternate media ( as above ) that, in my mind, is often the truth.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 20/07/2021, 9:39 am

      A good question PaulM. I have no medical knowledge, only common sense, but I think that something dodgy is going on when governments have given immunity to the manufacturing people and the medical people over any bad effects from this supposed vaccine, a licence to kill as it were. Then again, right from the word “go” the various authorities have gone to inordinate lengths to hide the actual death rate from the virus and or blamed all deaths on the virus. I read that the USA government gave hospitals etc. an extra handout for handling those suffering and dying from the virus so guess what was written on the death certificates? Would any of us buy a fridge or TV or motor vehicle if the manufacturing people who made them were indemnified from legal action if the things blew up, like bloody hell we would so why would we subject ourselves to a substance that might kill or maim us?

  • Penguinite 20/07/2021, 9:48 am

    I’ve just heard a phrase that I believe should be broadcast far and wide ASAP!


    We need the courage to repudiate the vaccine scam that is being foistered on us. If we fail the unvacced ghetto awaits!

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 20/07/2021, 10:00 am

      Yairs Pen, I have never been a fan of AJ or some of the others because I perceived that they had a dictatorial attitude and I prefer to make my own mind up about things and not have it made up for me, but after observing a great percentage of the populous blindly following the dictates of politicians and public servants I must confess that we need the likes of AJ, Bolt et al to galvanise the people.

  • Aktosplatz 20/07/2021, 10:38 am

    I am not a fan of Katie Hopkins ( who has just been deported) but the virtue signalling from those that tore up her visa is breathtaking. First of all, she didn’t DO anything: she MOCKED the incessant lockdowns and of course she was kicked out.

    This publicised two things:-

    * The unfairness of travel being allowed to so-called celebrities, whereas we can’t go outside 5 km of our homes ( on-and-off anyway).

    *The sensitivity to public criticism and in Hopkins’ case a sarcastic wind up which the Governments swallowed. That was a a virtue signalling response because she had touched a raw nerve, and they showed it. Their self righteous response was vomit inducing.

    And BTW she will laughing all of the way to the bank back in the UK.

    They should have just ignored her. (Notice that she is described as “Far Right” – what’s that about?)

    • John 20/07/2021, 1:31 pm

      “Far Right” means you have at least 2 neurons that manage to connect at the right time.

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