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 Even darker days ahead for Pascoe’s dying Emu!

25.06.21.  Good on Warren Mundine for speaking out against what appears to be a grand con by the bullshitter Bruce Pascoe. But Pascoe’s book of rubbish has been lauded by the Left for about seven years. What took Warren, a descent bloke, so long to step forward? Anyway, it is what it is. The onus is now squarely on Pascoe to prove without doubt his Aboriginal ancestry—which has failed to do despite the many challenges from Andrew Bolt. Then, all the benefits, acclaims, etc, especially his books in schools, should be withdrawn forthwith. See video at bottom.
In its rush to be part of the Kingdom of Wokeness, Australian academia and media have discovered, like the Hans Christian Andersen folktale, their King Bruce has no clothes. In Farmers or Hunter-Gatherers? The Dark Emu Debate, anthropologist Peter Sutton and archaeologist Keryn Walshe deliver a damning indictment on Bruce Pascoe’s bestselling and prize-winning book Dark Emu, saying it “is poorly researched”, “distorts and exaggerates many old sources”, “contains a large number of factual errors” and “selects evidence to suit the author’s opinions … and ignores large bodies of information that do not”.

Source: Nyunggai Warren Mundine for News Corp

Where was scrutiny of Bruce Pascoe’s claims in Dark Emu?

Dark Emu claims pre-colonial Aboriginal people weren’t hunter-gatherers but more like European farming communities, with agriculture, food storage and preservation, wood and stone dwellings, even kangaroo herding. Historians and anthropologists have told me privately it’s grossly exaggerated, with many errors, but they are wary of speaking on the record.
Previous criticisms of Dark Emu have been condemned as some conservative racist conspiracy. But Sutton and Walshe are not right-wingers. Nor is Indigenous lawyer Hannah McGlade, a member of the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, who told The Australian this week, “It’s a nonsense to say that we support truth-telling and at the same time support Dark Emu, which clearly is not very truthful or accurate.”
How was the University of Melbourne so easily conned into appointing Pascoe as Enterprise Professor in Indigenous Agriculture? Where was the academic rigour? The investigation and fact checking? The university should move his writings to the fiction section of its library and change his title to professor of fiction literature.
Sutton, Walshe and McGlade also have all challenged the idea underpinning Pascoe’s thesis that farming is superior to hunting and gathering to begin with.
When I was a child, growing up in the 1950s and 60s, the ninth of 11 children, we weren’t taught much at school at all about Aboriginal history; the prevailing message was that Aboriginal people knew and achieved nothing much and just wandered around the bush telling children’s stories.
This was incorrect. Traditional Aboriginal societies had ingenuity, imagination and skill, as needed for the time and place in which they existed.
They didn’t develop written language. But they stored information through complex oral histories known as songlines: stories of creator spirit journeys that told the history of the people and country and were used for navigation even over long distances, with lyrics instructing on landmarks and routes. One reason I doubted Pascoe’s claims is there are no songlines or stories about the activities he describes.
Traditional Aboriginal societies innovated to survive on a harsh continent, for example by altering the land through fire to enhance food sources. Despite being more technologically advanced, the first British colony nearly starved. Early graziers adopted Aboriginal bush management techniques and explorers had help from Aboriginal people to “discover” the continent. “Herding kangaroos” isn’t a sign of an advanced society. It would be stupid. Imagine the height of the fences. Hunting kangaroos to open spaces and directing their movements through bush management is a superior way to harvest kangaroo meat.
It doesn’t matter whether Aboriginal innovations were as advanced as other people’s in other places. Humans innovate principally out of need; drivers include population density, sus­tained threats of conflict, comp­etition for land and resources and contact with other societies, all barely present in our isolated, sparsely populated continent. That’s just a fact of history and circumstances, not a judgment of a people.
Pascoe’s book and its claims are taught in classrooms. This needs to stop. I was taught a false Aboriginal history as a child. I don’t want students taught a false history today.
Pascoe has not been challenged by academia and the media because they think he’s Aboriginal. But this has also been credibly challenged. In letters to the Koori Mail in the 1990s trying to identify his Aboriginal ancestry Pascoe sought information on his great-grandmother, Sarah Matthews, whom he said was born in Dudley, South Gippsland, in 1848, also (inconsistently) “may have come to South Gippsland on a sealing vessel” and may have lived on the Cummererugunja and Ebenezer Mission. Genealogists say Matthews’s marriage certificate states her birthplace as Dudley, England, and have produced research that all Pascoe’s ancestry can be traced to England. Pascoe has not addressed this and has been persistently vague about who his Aboriginal ancestors are and where they came from. Difficulties in tracing Aboriginal ancestry due to dispossession, Stolen Generations, racism and so on are cited as excuses for this.
I used to head NTSCorp, the peak body representing NSW native title claimants, whose anthropologists, historians and gen­eal­ogists conducted research and evidence-gathering supporting nat­ive title claims and claimant group membership. Aborigines in NSW were among the earliest disrupted and dispersed by colonisation, yet we could trace and establish Aboriginal descent to a legal standard, including in families affected by forced removal.
Bottom line, if you can’t identify a known Aboriginal ancestor, how can you claim Aboriginal descent? And if your ancestors can all be traced to other countries you certainly cannot. Pascoe wrote an incorrect Aboriginal history and avoided scrutiny because of claimed Aboriginality, protected by academia and the media, especially the ABC, two groups supposed to engage in curious and critical inquiry. They’ve forgotten their role in truth telling and become a modern equivalent of the Dark Ages alchemist. I give them an A+ for woke but a big fat F for facts.

Nyunggai Warren Mundine is the author of Speaking My Mind and Warren Mundine – In Black and White: Race, Politics and Changing Australia.

Video source: Sky News

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  • Thunder 25/06/2021, 5:52 am

    Bruce Pascoe is a Ten Pound Pommie………..

    He needs to pay back all the money raked in the past many years……

    Deportation is the ONLY answer…………

    Not that the Brits would want him back……….

    • Disgruntled 25/06/2021, 7:15 am

      Hey Thunder; I thought your comment re Pascoe in yesterdays item was a real beauty; It gave me a good laugh and was really spot on. Here it is….. Describes “Stan the Tan Man” real well and in the media I consider Stan to be as much a PIA as Broosie.

      Maybe Pascoe should contact Stan the Variable Tan for the Boot Polish or SunRay Lamp he uses?

  • O'Donnell 25/06/2021, 7:09 am

    I am looking forward to these truth tellings!

    Here is one from the history of a prominent family who settled NSW & Vic.
    Riverina Pioneers by WM Sherrie

    See: http:www.tumuthistory.com/ Riverina_Pioneers_3_ April_1923.htm

    The family documented a raid. ‘One of the primary objects of a “buckeen”, it would appear, was to obtain the fat of the person carried off. The … had a superstition that if they annointed their bodies with the “gourie”, or fat, of the victim they would have his vital strength added to their own.’

    It was reported that they took a boy about 9 years old, strangled him with a running noose made from twisted opossum hair, and evidence of a ‘cannibalistic feast’ was found.

    History is just that…gone. It makes us or breaks us. Living in a dream will break us. Accept, learn, move on.
    But don’t lie!

  • ozisceptic 25/06/2021, 7:44 am

    truth telling is a metaphor for our lies are better than your truth. We need to lay bare the ‘stolen generation’ volumes.
    And also, if we give aborigines a voice, what constitutes an aborigine?

  • Angus 25/06/2021, 7:48 am

    I’m revolted by their ABC’s promotion of this fiction as fact. They have been woefully gullible and extremely deceitful. They should be sharply bought to heel.

  • Ian_A 25/06/2021, 7:50 am

    Well, Mundine may have gone along with the Pascoe hoax for years, but in finally coming out against “Professor” Pascoe, he certainly makes many, many sound points here. And Mundine now having done so is a heavyweight blow to Pascoe and his woke supporters. Marcia, Ken, and the school curriculum propaganda teams are all looking f***ed at this point.

    However, I doubt we’ll ever get DNA proof or a confession by Pascoe about his ancestry. My guess is he’s way, way, too invested in all the respect and adulation given to him for being Australia’s leading Aboriginal elder. His strategy will be to ride out the controversy and die with it, taking proof to his grave.

  • Sir Peter 25/06/2021, 9:57 am

    Comrade Barry’s ONLY defence of Pascoe’s garbage is that it is ‘a best seller’. So was Mein Kampf

    Yet again – what will it take for the ABC to be dismantled? O for a conservative government with principles

  • Cliff 25/06/2021, 10:01 am

    My particular outrage is reserved to the (supposedly) Liberal NSW government who have just voted to allow this fantasy to continue to be used as a text book in NSW schools.

    I know politics is all about ‘the numbers’. ‘Our Glad’ must REALLY need the ‘wet’ faction of the NSW Libs to allow some of the rubbish – and RUBBISH Ministers – NSW endures under her governance.

    • Lorraine 25/06/2021, 10:22 am

      we all live under Rubbish Ministers of the crown, and being woke is all the go .Andrew Bolt called Bruce for what he was years ago ….Ken Wyatt rabbit coat man in Government believes in Broosy……one is white ,the other is part black but the difference in where their wages comes from,,,, is a key

    • Disgruntled 25/06/2021, 10:42 am

      Cliff; you 100% said what I think!
      NSW Libs are so on the nose that I think I can smell them from way up here when the wind is right!!

  • PW 25/06/2021, 12:12 pm

    Check out Wikipedia on this fraudster.
    His only claim of hanging on to his ancestry is backed by only 2 fools. Fools that all other indigenous luminaries now they are fools; Macia Langton and kangaman Ken Wyatt.

  • Philippe Armstrong 25/06/2021, 2:54 pm


    The difference is that Mein Kamph has actually more true historical information in it taking out the diatribes in it. Pascoe’s is a concoction of myth, legend, half truths, hearsay distortions, revisionist history and fake identity. It is an epic fraud. But the ABC, The Project and other media were the gift that kept on giving.

    • Ian_A 25/06/2021, 4:39 pm

      ABC, Ken Wyatt, Marcia Langton, et. al. like that Pascoe’s BS helped to advance the idea of aboriginal sovereignity, i.e. the claim the aborigines were a settled farming people that were dispossessed. So the support for Pascoe is strategic and calculated.

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