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iFour minutes of ‘feel real good’ from the past!

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  • Pensioner Pete 24/11/2021, 7:09 am

    A classic Clint Eastwood movie, I have a good collection which I use to pacify myself after reading the bullshit in the mainstream meeja. Thanks MM Ed., another ripper to kick start the day.

  • Cliff 24/11/2021, 7:09 am

    Hollywood simply could not do that scene today. The unstated but all too clear racial implications in it would cause the luvvies’ woke heads to explode.

    • Penguinite 24/11/2021, 10:41 am

      Cliff, your comment reminded me of an old Naval ditty; One black, one white and one with a bit of shite on! Now I realise we were sing about diversity but didn’t know it!

      • Cliff 25/11/2021, 6:15 am

        Pen, if you sang the same version as we who wore ‘the lighter blue’, the following line was “…and the hairs on her dicky die do hang (or was it hung?) down to her knees”.

        I have no idea what any of it meant, but I certainly recall the song.

  • Tom 24/11/2021, 7:23 am

    Thanks for that Ed. Can we have the ‘did I fire five or six bullets?’ clip some time in the future please?

    Love that one.

  • Bluey 24/11/2021, 7:25 am

    “ You’ve got to ask yourself one question:
    ‘Do I feel lucky?’
    Well, do you,
    … punk?”

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 24/11/2021, 9:39 am

    Had a Ruger .44 magnum once to replace a company issued .455 Webley Scott that wasn’t even useful as a hammer for the butt had a swivel on it. Didn’t know those Rugers were called “Dirty Harry’s” until someone explained. The report from one is akin to a plug of jellie going off beside yr ear but when a round hits whatever it hits, the thing stays hit.

    • Pensioner Pete 24/11/2021, 3:40 pm

      Bots: Had a rellie many decades ago, he owned a Magnum, it was a large heavy shiny hand gun and a very loud bang when fired, no way would anyone with even one brain cell would not comply if such a weapon was stuck up your nostril as Clint Eastwood did on one of his movies, where the recipient in a quiet voice said, “Senor, I can blow my own nose thank you”.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 24/11/2021, 5:39 pm

        The .455 Webley was supposed to be used to put down an animal that went on the rantan in the hold but I would never use it or any other handgun for that matter for first up the stalls were strong enough to contain most animals and if needed the crash axes had long spike on one end so you would be able to get them in the brain box. There were only two of us bush blokes in the freight division who knew anything about animals so once again I wouldn’t trust some pussycat F/O or F/E to go into the hold with a handgun for he would be liable to shoot himself, the wrong animal or blow a hole in something important as in me. I once did discharge the magnum out the window at a non reflective skinned chap on the tarmac and put a round over his head because he was belting the bejesus out of the trailing edge of a “3” wing with a “plagon” he had obviously emptiued to gain so much courage, on a NT aerodrome we won’t mention. Some do gooder reported me and the letters from the NT/SA director of DCA flowed to and fro accusing me of shooting at the gentleman in question. My reply was that the gentleman concerned was attempting to destroy the vessel under my command, I had a licence for the weapon, I didn’t discharge it inside the aeroplane but was leaning out the window, and furthermore I wasn’t shooting at him because if I had he would be dead, I apologise for not doing exactly that for it would have saved a lot of trouble, but as the man in SA and the NT responsible for aerodromes and their management you were remiss in not ensuring that drunken people of any description were not permitted near one so I await your explanation. A reply never came. Stuff like that is frowned upon these days and perhaps the World is a better place for it, who knows?

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