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Dublin Declaration; Ireland shows the way.


Dublin Declaration – Irish Muslims lead.

Bret Harte

Islam is a far right ideology, that is a fact and there can be no doubt of it.

Islam openly talks about the superiority of Muslims as a people, Islam has a goal of world domination, and Islam is prepared to use all means including murder to achieve its goal.

Balancing the far right, there are the people of the left. The left is a far more complicated creature, drowning in its contradictions. Drowning in their futile attempts to seek out equality for all.

The left with the Turnbulls and Obamas of this world praise themselves for their support of women’s equality, and homosexual equality, then mire themselves in looking to raise Islam in the eyes of the world but being forced to ignore Islam’s contempt for women, hatred of Jews, Christians and gays, and its profound antipathy to democracy.

Of course they detest democracy – they have to. A democratic state does not throw gays off buildings, or stone women to death, or crucify Christians. Democracy and the teachings of Muhammad are incompatible.

The left plaster over the inconsistency by shifting ground. They reserve all their venom for those who oppose the very basics of Islam and ignorantly call such men and women ‘Islamophobes’. It worked for the gays, it will do here. A good diversion when the ground on which they stand is constantly crumbling.

The Republic of Ireland has its left too.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland commissioned a report and, to the surprise of no one but a lobotomised unicellular bacteria high on Guinness with a chaser of LSD, said the research highlighted the need for more legislation to combat hate crimes and discrimination.

Yes, indeedy, “The study on Islamophobia shows evidence of racism by teachers, gardaí (police), employers and members of the media.” Why, that conclusion could have been lifted any day or night from the blethering of our own ABC and Fairfax (except for that bit about the members of the media.)

But the Irish population was quick to dispatch this “report” into the Waste of Money bin and seized on the distinction between ‘evidence’ and ‘claims.’ The massive difference between the two was noted and calls were made for proof. They ignored the usual left response that asking for proof of racism or discrimination automatically makes one a right-wing racist and part of the problem.

But at exactly the same time as the vapourings of the Immigration Council (who had just lost their funding and were looking for an excuse to get more) a very prominent Irish Muslim called on all foreign Muslim scholars visiting Ireland to sign a declaration condemning extremism before they are allowed to preach at mosques in Ireland.


Shaykh Dr Umar Al Qadri came out with this extraordinary notion when he heard that two radical preachers were coming to Dublin to speak.

Putting it diplomatically, he said that allowing the two clerics to preach a radical form of Islam “would not help integration in Ireland”. None of the usual warnings about possible outbreaks of Islamophobia.

Warming to his task, he said that “I believe all foreign speakers should be asked to sign a statement in which they condemn Osama bin Laden, ISIS and all extremist militants, and call for tolerance and respect for all people including the LGBT community, respect for democracy and the the right to vote in western countries,” he said.

Respect gays, respect democracy, respect the right to vote??? Now there is a change.

He pointed out that these Kuwaiti clerics, while not well known globally, preached a sectarian form of Islam, Wahhabism, which is intolerant of other religions such as Christianity and Judaism as well as of other Muslims such as Shia or Sufi Sunnis.

He was amazed to get what he was after. Within days his call was answered by the Irish and the Muslim Declaration of Respect came into being.

It was launched at Trinity College Dublin – Trinity College! They might as well have had it signed at St Patrick’s Cathedral and be done with it. Trinity College is the heart of Protestant Christianity in Ireland. This was one powerfully supported Declaration.

One of the first to get his name on the Declaration was Shaykh Fakruddin Owaisei the Chairman of the Council of Sunni Imams in Cape Town who happened to be in Dublin at the time. The Belgian and Pakistani ambassadors attended as did diplomats from France, Egypt, Turkey and Iran. All had something nice to say about it. France was on the ball. Pity Turnbull wasn’t.

The Dublin Declaration states:

Under the heading “Anti- terrorism”

I unequivocally reject, disown and condemn all terrorism committed in the name of Islam by any militant group.
I believe that terrorism is never a legitimate and honourable act of war; terrorism is always a cowardly act of indiscriminate murder.

I believe that the sanctity of human life overrides the sanctity of religious laws.

This last is a clear and controversial statement that no matter what the Quran says or allows or permits or encourages – you don’t take anyone’s life. That’s out. This is controversial in that it overrides the plain words of the Quran. It will cause a stir – but it is already in the mind of the Egyptian President Sisi – he wants the same thing.

And note the “I” – this is a personal declaration. Not a vague one issued by some organisation or other who routinely call for something or other.

Under a second heading, “Anti-recruitment for terrorist organisations”, the declaration states:

“I will not promote conflicts from other parts of the world in Ireland and, in particular, I will not encourage people living in Ireland to participate in any such foreign conflicts.

“Specifically, I will not recruit any Muslim from Ireland to play an active role in any conflict in any other part of the world.”

Under the heading of “Equality” it reads:

“I call for respect and tolerance for all humans and non-discrimination on any of the following nine grounds: racial group/ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation (LGBTABCDEFG), civil status, family status, or membership of the Traveller (gypsy) community.”

Common enough in current times, but a step forward of 1400 years for Muslims.

Here’s your chance, Turnbull, to make a name for yourself. Get this Dublin Declaration signed by every Mullah in Australia – get it signed by those who run mosques. Have it plastered on the Mosque doors. It is still fresh as it was only signed a few days ago in late March so people will think you dreamed it up yourself. Bring it up at the UN.

No, none of the Australian media are aware of it. You will be the first. You will be able to smile and swing your glasses.

You can use a bit of good PR for a change, can’t you? You could even get Muslim Mike Baird to say a few words. He is hurting right now too.

While you are at it, ask Waleed Ali if he will sign it too – without changes.

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  • Ian 04/04/2016, 7:11 am

    I must have missed the news when the Australian chief of muslims called out the Brussels attacks as acts of terrorism and condemned them for their radical and extreme Islamic hatred of the west.

    Any one else catch his comments, I know they wouldn’t have been in English, as it is such a hard language to learn after all those years, surely someone heard him say something about Brussels. Anyone?

    And that is the problem in our media. If a right wing politician says the sky is blue, there will be four thousand ‘journalists’ asking gotcha questions of all other right wing politicians, trying to find a chink in the story, some degree of disagreement or disharmony in the ranks. BUT where is the reporting of the muslims condemning their own team? Where?

    Racial hatred does not have to be voiced to be heard, it can be observed in the silence of the supporters. Strange how every white, successful people has to condemn any anti-muslim banner, yet any muslim can be silent on the true atrocities that islam causes.

    I support the right for freedom of speech, people should be allowed to hang banners that say ‘no mosques’, or equally to say ‘build a mosque’. It does not permit either side to publically shame and deride the other, nor require the intervention of the police to stop the right way of thinking.

  • Lorraine 04/04/2016, 8:30 am

    we need lots of those signs in Australia, the more those signs appear at entrances to cities and towns the better we will be , this will put all Muslims on notice , we expect 2016 laws to be top forget your 1400 year old Koran of the evil . In our land that means Australian Laws

  • ExADF 04/04/2016, 12:43 pm

    Lorraine, do you really believe there is a council out there that would permit one of these signs to be erected on the road into their town? it would be great to see, but unfortunately not an option. Just look at the recent faux outrage over the stop the mosques sign at an AFL game. Its ok for the AFL to pretend outrage, but they are the worst offenders at promoting divisive causes. Here is one to ponder:- a sign at the entrance to towns, …….. (Name of town) is an inclusive community. We Welcome Muslims. Would this be approved?

  • patrick 04/04/2016, 1:34 pm

    Well you want to do what I do and that`s put as many ALA flyers around your area as you can ,let people know that your concerned about the muslim takeover of our country and useless polititcians that will suck up to them for their vote. VOTE ALA IN THE SENATE.

  • CameronH 04/04/2016, 1:46 pm

    Muslims are allowed to tell lies to Infidels to advance Islam. These clerics will happily sign this declaration and then go a preach all the hate they want. It would be naive to think otherwise.

    • Zoltan 04/04/2016, 6:59 pm

      Precisely. How the heck can anyone be trusted whose religious texts openly tells them to lie to promote the religion? Simply, they can’t be trusted even swearing on the deceitful tome.

  • Zoltan 04/04/2016, 7:01 pm

    Sorry MM, Call me Mr. Cynical, but after a jolly good Googling of this subject all links lead to this thread. Perhaps it’s too hot a potato to be reported elsewhere.

    • mmadmin 05/04/2016, 3:11 am

      There is more to come. It was reported in the Irish Press with all the names.

  • mmadmin 05/04/2016, 3:40 am

    Zoltan, you are right to be cynical, but there is something doing here, taqqiya or not.
    Here is the press release when he first raised the idea of the Dublin Declaration.
    and here is the link to it http://www.islamiccentre.ie/launch-of-anti-extremism-statement-by-irish-muslim-peace-integration-council/

    Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council (IMPIC) has released an anti-extremism declaration and is calling all Mosques and Islamic Organisations in Ireland to request foreign speakers who are invited to speak to the Muslim communities in Ireland to sign the declaration

    Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri, Chair of IMPIC and Imam of the Islamic Centre Ireland, welcomed the cancellation of the talks by Dr. Othman Al-Khamees in the Islamic Foundation of Ireland last week, and said this was ‘an achievement of the vigilant Muslims in Ireland‘. He said that he was ‘glad that the talk was cancelled, but serious questions need to be asked to the organisers. Why did they invite Dr Al-Khamis to speak ?‘

    ‘In an increasing Islamophobic environment, the last thing we need is a hate preacher who will not only lead to sectarian tensions, but will also feed into Islamophobic attempts to demonise the Muslim community in Ireland,’ Dr. Al-Qadri said.

    He stressed that he is not in favour of any ban on foreign speakers, as this would be against the fundamental right of freedom of expression. However, ‘he would not like hate preachers to be given a platform on which they can not be challenged‘.

    Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri also said that he will write to the Minister of Justice, and he hopes that the Department of Justice will incorporate the signing of the anti-extremism declaration into the visa conditions for foreign speakers.

    ‘Those who claim that they are peaceful and believe in integration should have no reluctance in signing the anti-extremism statement’, he said. ‘If signing this statement becomes a condition imposed by the Department of Justice in visa applications, radical hate preachers will be put off the idea of visiting Ireland to spread their word‘.

    Shaykh Ali al-Saleh of the Milltown Islamic centre said that joint Sunni-Shia efforts resulted in the cancellation of speeches by radical sectarian speaker Dr. Al Khamis, and he believes that this is a precedent for future.

    A South African Sunni scholar, Shaykh Fakhrud-Din Owaisi, will be visiting Dublin at the end of March, and he will be the first to sign the anti-extremism statement.


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