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Why dont feminists attack Islam? cowardice, stupidity and self defence.

Tariq Ramadan

About the time the #MeToo movement formed in the United States, it erupted in France.

Only there it was called with a great deal of blunt talk #exposeyourpig – well, that’s the best translation of #balancetonporc.

It had been simmering for decades. Who remembers Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was the managing director of the International Monetary Fund and on track to be the President of France? This pig was eventually exposed when he tried it on with an American woman, thinking that bullshit about ‘gallantry’ and ‘flirtation’ which is how he got away with rape would work in the US.

Mind you, he has since apologised for his ‘error of judgment’ – which is what they call rape there – so that’s all right then.

The #balancetonporc movement has exposed the prominent men, all of whom had power to wield, but none as prominent as the Muslim activist Tariq Ramadan.

Ramadan has relatives in the Muslim Brotherhood and his brother, Hani Ramadan, is notorious for his support for stoning female adulterers, his hatred of homosexuals, and his belief that the attacks of 9/11 were a Western conspiracy.

But not Tariq, not bloody much!

Under that fluency in intellectual jargon, those acres of impenetrable prose he puts up on his web site, under that polished appearance with his neatly trimmed beard instead of the unkempt bird’s nest style of face fungus, under those hip sports jackets and debonair patronising smile, but particularly under his leadership in Islamic women’s lib – why, he is the old fashioned rapist. Or so they say – he denies it of course.

His smarmy bullshit began to crumble when he accused Jews of being too pro-Israel, and when he asked for a ‘moratorium’ on stoning women to death for adultery.

Oh yes, he is personally opposed to stoning the female half of illicit nookie, you know, but as an Islamic theologian you have to go a bit slower and bring fellow Muslims around to the proposition that it is an error of judgment to kill the woman and let the man go.

In fact, he is an unreconstructed member of the Brotherhood who plays on the weakness of Western democracy to advance Islam, the acceptable human face of the brutality of Islam. We have them here in Australia – they get on well with Turnbull.

His candle was burning down when in October last a Muslim woman accused him of raping her. This woman is a strident feminist who coined the expression “Either you are veiled, or you are raped,”

Then another, this time a French woman who converted to Islam.

Then three more – young girls between 15 and 18.

And the numbers are growing.

But the Ramadan affair has never been simply about whether Ramadan committed the crimes for which he is charged, or even about the suffering he allegedly inflicted on his accusers. Shit, no. He is the victim of a campaign of defamation – it’s a Zionist conspiracy. The women all consented, says Mauel Valls. Valls is the guy, once Prime Minister, who was told to clear off when he made his usual pro-Islam speech at the funeral of people murdered at the Bataclan.

Mind you he didn’t use that line when Strauss was accused. No, y’see, Strauss is a capitalist and Valls is a socialist.

And Valls is only one of the huge non-Islamic crowd raising millions for his defence. They have a common thread.

They are socialists.

And feminists.

130 personalities including the French feminist, Caroline De Haas, have defined the case against Ramadan as “a political campaign that, far from defending the cause of women, imposes on our country a destructive agenda of hatred and fear”.

There are public meetings, there is a “Free Tariq Ramadan” website, 137,000 people signed an appeal to free him. Nadia Karmous, head of the Association of Muslim Women in Switzerland, supported the theologian as “a reliable and caring person”. At a recent “Annual Meeting of Muslims of France” in Bourget, a “support committee” for Ramadan was launched. His books were sold, and people collected funds and signed letters to French President Emmanuel Macron and the Minister of Justice asking for the release of their idol.


He is a martyr to Islamophobia.

It seems to me I’ve heard that song before.

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  • Greg 18/04/2018, 8:56 am

    I can see it coming – those who insist on justice in this case are just racist islamophobes filled with hate. The Left will be there to support him – no matter what.

  • Jack Richards 18/04/2018, 9:04 am

    With the socialists/Marxists/communists it’s never the principle – only ever the side. They’re always in the right and always the victim. Now, if this bloke was Jean-Pierre Le Pen and was a vocal member of Front Nationale they’d all be baying for his blood.

    • Neville 18/04/2018, 10:45 pm

      True, Jack. And the other thing I’ve learned about socialists/marxists/communists is that the issue is never the issue; they ALWAYS have a hidden agenda for which they use the current “issue du jour” as a vehicle to advance towards their slyly hidden goals.

  • Clarion Call 18/04/2018, 1:59 pm

    If I was a classic ‘scum’ I’d be really piddled off at being associated by name with that filthy dog. I have a reputation to protect. My ‘scum’ is available only to those whose activities offend many people by way of being criminal or just plain corrupt. This vile, creepy vermin deserves a totally new descriptor for his devious doings. Dictionary search needed!

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