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Destruction of the male species

Half of Americans live in fear – they’re called men

There seems to be growing number of people world wide who lie about others for political purposes. How often do we hear of some dastardly deed done by someone who puts their head up for something only to find their is no truth in the matter. Example recently a certain Australian VC recipient. The hurt and damage experienced by those subjected to such malicious slander can be extreme and they may never be recover, yet the perpetrators are rarely subject to any sanctions and often are covered by the press referring to them as a an unnamed source or it is rumoured.

But as Joy Overbeck writes, it is not only the victim of false accusations that pay the price.If this outrageous 36-year-old claim by a leftist, anti-Trump marching, California psychology professor against Judge Kavanaugh is treated like truth, the p*ssy hat posse will begin a reign of terror that will destroy the careers, families, and futures of many innocent men. No male will be safe if this travesty is allowed to stand. All the usual restraints of the rule of law that protect the accused will be trampled by #metoo mob rule – the Furies will run wild.Equally terrible, the claims of women who have actually been raped and abused will be forever stained because the Democrats are using Ford’s story as a bludgeon to beat a good man off the Supreme Court bench. We will be back to where we were when women’s legitimate abuse accounts were likely to be disbelieved. And moving into a bizarre arena where every man will need a chaperone along to protect his honor should he dare to attempt actually dating a woman.

We all know the headline cases of illegitimate accusations: the hapless Duke Lacrosse Team, Mattress Girl at Columbia University, the brutal, sensational yet wholly fictional story of gang rape in Rolling Stone Magazine. But many of us have personally known incidents where women have falsely accused men of physical abuse or sexual abuse, or even sexual abuse of their own children in order to exact personal revenge on a boyfriend or ex-husband or to deny a father custody or visitation.

It’s happened for years. But this life-wrecking male targeting is absolutely certain to accelerate to alarming proportions under the golden halo of “all women must be believed.”

No, they must not. Women are not always blameless flowers and men are not always violent scum. In the case of Judge Kavanaugh, an obviously thin, groundless accusation with no proof whatsoever seems all that’s needed to destroy an exemplary man’s character and reputation.

We are expected to ignore the sincere testimony of over 60 women who knew Kavanaugh in his high school years and beyond, and wrote letters speaking to his great regard and respect for girls and women.

We are expected to ignore that three out of three of the other teens Ford claims were at the party (Leland I. Keyser, Patrick J. Smyth and Mark Judge) either deny attending any such party, and/or say that nothing like what Ford describes ever occurred. On Sept. 22 Keyser’s lawyer, Howard Walsh, released a statement to CNN and the Senate Judiciary Committee. “Simply put,” Walsh said, “Ms. Keyser (a lifelong good friend of Ford’s) does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”

Instead, we are to believe Christine Blasey Ford, who doesn’t even know the basic essentials of what she says happened to her. She isn’t sure just when or even where the alleged attack took place. She doesn’t know how she got home. She doesn’t know if there were four high school boys present, or maybe Kavanaugh and just one more, his friend Mark Judge, who denies ever being there.

No matter. As soon as the Democrats leaked word of the Ford letter, grimly serious Democrat Senators and Hollywood actresses marched up to microphones to role-play as outraged surrogates for the “victim.”

Now some Democratic senators are calling Ford a “survivor.” But of what? In the craziness that has ensued, Ford’s complaint has inflated like a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon. A “Democrat consultant” claimed recently on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Show that Ford was raped, giving the host occasion to quickly correct her. She then quickly and a bit sheepishly conceded the point.

What really happened? Even by Ford’s account, it’s hard to tell. She told the Washington Post in an article published Sept. 16 that Mark Judge and Kavanaugh were “stumbling drunk” and the latter “was trying to attack me and remove my clothing” during the party 36 years ago. He was unsuccessful — she kept her clothes on.

But in notes made by her therapist during a 2013 therapy session without her husband, Ford “described a rape attempt in her late teens.”

Maybe Ms. Ford is conflating the two incidents since about the only dependable consistency in her story is that she was 15, not in her late teens, when Kavanaugh supposedly tried to attack her.

Also suspect is Ford’s claim that she wanted to remain anonymous when she sent her July letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein naming Kavanaugh as her attacker. Oh, and she just happened to take a lie detector test (which is never admissible in court because of its unreliability).

She and Feinstein knew the letter would have zero credibility unless the “victim” was willing to reveal herself. In order to use Ford as a lethal, last-minute neutron bomb to detonate Kavanaugh’s nomination after all else in the Dems dirty tricks arsenal had failed to annihilate him, the accuser needed to come out, so come out she did. This is a disgrace falling squarely on the desperate Senate Democrats who had days of hearings to address this.

And now Ford is making absurd demands of the Senate Judiciary Committee as conditions for her appearance, like the Rolling Stones on tour demanding an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. Christine Ford may appear next Thursday as tentatively scheduled or she may not. If she does, we can be certain of only one thing: she will cry. And the Democrats will accuse Republicans of a cruel lack of basic humanity if they don’t squeeze out a few sympathetic tears too.

Clearly this is a transparent, final-hour ploy by the Democrats intended to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Make no mistake; if they are triumphant they will be energized to deploy exactly the same reprehensible tactics to take down President Trump’s next nominee. And the next.

Meanwhile, the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans and their leader, Senator Grassley, debase themselves with their fawning allegiance to the “old white men” slander from the pussy hat mob. Hey Senators, you and your colleagues are duly elected representatives of We the People – man up and act like it. Confirm Judge Kavanaugh now.

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  • luk1955 01/10/2018, 7:37 am

    Eventually men will feel that treating women with respect will backfire on the men. Then the men won’t give a shit and start regarding all women as piranhas. The result of this will be devastating for women, who will have no one to blame but themselves. But instead will blame men who by then won’t care at all as they will feel that any relationship with a woman will be a loss to the men.

    • DT 01/10/2018, 8:18 am

      Maybe too many woman do not get it, that many men rejected a second marriage after becoming disillusioned during the first?

      I know that many, not me, have had terrible experiences at the Family Court (another Whitlam Government, Lionel Murphy, creation) regarding divorce, settlement and child support rules. A court where women’s rights prevail and legal aid is almost impossible to get for men. Some men who have been set up by government agencies for children based on revenge seeking divorced mothers.

      Probably difficult for many too understand but this was all planned, breaking down society, divide and conquer, women verses men, SSM …. etc.

      And the implementation of an evil plan commenced here in the 1970s. The groundwork was laid at the time the UN was established. When Australian Labor (communist) Attorney General Evatt presented his plan to the UN, treaties with all member nations to be used in future decades to bypass constitutional law. To implement UN agendas without referral to voters. “The inevitability of gradualness”, a Fabian saying.

      At the moment President Donald Trump and his close supporters seem to be our saviour internationally while Russia and China watch, determined not to be captured by the new world order globalists.

      • Neville 02/10/2018, 1:05 am


    • Aktosplatz 01/10/2018, 8:23 am

      You’re right Luk1955, men with potential careers, will collectively start to steer clear of women.

      Obviously some men have been guilty, but the innocent are vulnerable as well. The rule of perjury and its penalties should be strictly applied in the USA ( and here as well).

      For instance, what’s the situation concerning Barnaby Joyce and his alleged sexual offences against a WA woman? (Don’t know her name)

      • DT 01/10/2018, 8:58 am

        That woman “alleged” but with no evidence including witness statement. That women who failed to lodge a complaint at the time of the alleged offences but apparently chose to make it known when Barnaby Joyce was under fire over his marriage breakdown and following affair.

        Was that woman a pawn in a National Party political assassination? Are there Black Hand faction Nationals too? Mansion wanted to get rid of the Nationals and the Menzies Australian Liberal Party conservatives long before he entered Parliament as an MP.

        Before the Mansion I Love Lucy appearance on CH9 60 Minutes, according to Joyce, Mansion and wife convinced him to not resign over the Section 44 birthright dual citizenship in NZ accusation. And later, when he was forced to resign after the High Court decision and go to a by election in New England electorate, Mansion started undermining him with public comment regarding his failed marriage and office staffer affair: classic character assassination.

        But when Joyce won the by election the harbourside mansion city guy rushed to the country with outfit and Akubra country style poser to bask in the glory of the victory. And later the Nationals selected a new leader.

        King down, Nelson down, Abbott down and then Joyce down.

        That woman must feel embarrassed.

  • Clarion Call 01/10/2018, 9:28 am

    What exactly is the point of having a long term relationship with a woman these days? Men can have their cherished freedoms with additional bedroom favours from a veritable legion of eager ladies equally uninterested in a marital coupling. When you consider the costs of raising children today (especially education/child care) and the worries of their continued safety, there’s a good argument for not aspiring to that traditional family unit. Add to that the strident feminist groups demanding special treatment for their gender and the denigration of men, generally. as brutes, and you have a situation where bachelorhood is the preferred option for young men. And who can blame them? Another win for the Cultural Marxists and their agendas.

  • nev 01/10/2018, 11:02 am

    The “Alistair Nicholson syndrome” echoed throughout the family law courts was not a unique Australian phenomena, it found fervent favour with leftist governments around the world. If it is judged by the number of deaths of honest devoted fathers and spurned husbands kicked out of the homes they owned and often built with their own hands and hard earned money. Or judged by the crime, self-abuse and self deprecation of fatherless children that continues to grow as a gaping wound affecting every level of society with an ever increasing range of crimes, from murder and rape to drunken and drug fueled rampages on our roads in stolen vehicles, on public transport and on the streets. There is absolutely no acknowledgement of the law or fear of it.
    It is one of the greatest leftist social engineering failures of all time. By design, to inculcate the belief by women that they are never wrong. It’s never their fault.
    This is an Incalculable disaster the cost of which can only be guessed at and it grows as these women have continued to walk into and out of relationship after relationship leaving an ever increasing trail of damaged offspring and broken men behind them. But it is never their fault.
    It only gets worse as these hags now have to resort to short term and one night stands bringing home men of similar character as themselves and exposing their unfortunate offspring to new perils. Their demands grow from one outrage to another and a social engineering arm of the family law court is always there with tax payer funds and reassure them it is never their fault.
    Now this belief in female infallibility has long metastasised into the cancer that is feminism, entrenched in universities government, civic and religious institutions. They have now become the political tool of the left.
    One must think it strange that this world wide anti man scourge is so keen to promote misogynistic Islam with its sharia law, female subjugation, and female genital mutilation.
    I gives pause to ponder. Maybe the men of Islam knew something when they struck the law that commands a woman must bring two male witnesses to a charge of rape.

    • Neville 02/10/2018, 2:01 am

      Ugly, ain’t it?
      Lefty-greeny-marxist social engineering at it’s absolute finest.

  • geoffrey mcmaster 01/10/2018, 11:38 am

    @ nev It’s actually 4 men according to sharia law!

    • nev 01/10/2018, 11:44 am

      Thanks Geoffrey. Good odds!

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