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 CSL to stop making AstraZeneca in Australia

14.10.21.  Australians would love to know the details surrounding the massive botch at the hands of Scott Morrison that was set in motion at the beginning of the pandemic lat year. In the deal was that the Commonweath Serum Laboratory (CSL) would make AstraZeneca vaccine in Australia. That would benefit the many shareholders that won’t tell you by how much—similar to politicos holding water rights down on the Murray. The PM’s vaccine debacle is secret. It moved from ‘Commercial in Confidence’ to “National Security!” Why!
The AstraZeneca vaccine will no longer be produced in Australia by Christmas, according to biotech firm CSL, which says the UK jab could not survive the “disproportionate” amount of hesitancy and criticism levelled at it throughout the national rollout. According to Channel Nine, the company will close its Melbourne production site because the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have outstripped demand for AstraZeneca, making it largely redundant in Australia.

Source: Nichola Jensen, NCA

CSL to end AstraZeneca production by Christmas

“Notwithstanding the perhaps disproportionate criticism that this vaccine’s reputation has experienced, we couldn’t be prouder that the AstraZeneca vaccine has given protection to many millions of Australians,” CSL chairman Brian McNamee told investors.
More than 12 million doses of AstraZeneca have been administered across the country since the beginning of the vaccine rollout in late February.
“Obviously we don’t want to manufacture something that’s not going to be utilised, and we will have a number of options moving into the future,” said University of Queensland’s Paul Griffin, who sits on AstraZeneca’s advisory board.

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  • Ozman 14/10/2021, 5:45 am

    Now that Pfizer and Moderna have got a pass, they don’t want AstraZeneca being made by CSL. Even so, as for the safety, tell that to the loved ones of those who have died and now have disabled members to care for after having taken the deadly jab.

    • DT 14/10/2021, 9:06 am

      Oxford University developed vaccine with Astra Zeneca UK has been given to tens of millions of people, the UK began in early December 2020 and the first person, an older women, remains alive and well I read recently.

      I know very well a family of five living in the UK and one here in Australia, the UK family have all been double vaccinated since early in 2020 and are alive and well. They also reported on the very lengthy lockdown period there during which they were more restricted than most Australians, maybe people in Melbourne have been more restricted.

      Please consider that we learnt about the pandemic early in 2020, there was no vaccine but research commenced then. The vaccines are all based on earlier developed vaccines modified to deal with COVID-19. The testing was faster than normal because of the urgency, because of government funding and because many volunteers stepped forward to trial the vaccines. They were all fully approved for distribution before release. Anti-vaccination people claim they were experimental and not approved which is untrue.

      Yes they are new vaccines, COVID-19 is not influenza, but the basic formula is based on previously existing formula. At time of approval the usual let’s call it paperwork was not completed, that takes many months to do. So because of legal considerations governments gave the manufacturers indemnity just in case they were sued for compensation before the final signing off was done to enable distribution to begin, the pandemic was and remains a very serious problem, not only for people but also economies bearing the costs involved as economic activity declined.

      Maybe because so many people worldwide have been vaccinated so quickly the worst outcomes have been highlighted and were above the annual average for, say influenza based deaths or other medical problems, but on a much larger number of people than experienced since the Spanish Flu period early 1900s when there was no vaccination available. Whatever, huge numbers of people have been given a much lower risk of death or more likely long term medical problems after leaving hospital.

      I will stop here but remind you of the non-government organisation calling itself the World Economic Forum … their rhetoric;

      Great Reset, Build Back Better and New Green Deal – based on COVID-19, from China.

  • Ozman 14/10/2021, 6:00 am

    The murky business of whose snout is what trough, can’t be any murkier than the trio of Janet Halton, chair of CEPI, her husband Trevor Sutton, Deputy Statistician of ABS and her brother in law, Brett Sutton, the Victorian CHO.

    Regarding another threesome, I listened to an enlightening conversation with Asia/Pacific’s Mike Ryan, John Sullivan (CEO of Principia Scientific International) and Judy Wilyman.

    Wilyman’s PhD was titled ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’ concluded that the government’s claims of safety and efficacy are not based on hard evidence.


  • luk1955 14/10/2021, 6:55 am




    I posed a question to startpage search engine of “list of vaccine ingredients”. A quick scan of these 3 governments websites from UK, US, and Australia and aborted fetal cells get no mention on a list of vaccine ingredients. Could it be someone or someones are lying? Surely, these 3 governments who consider themselves to be the gold standard for truth and adherence to moral, ethical and legal standards would not lie to us.

    You blokes are reading too many conspiracy theories, something I have been much accused of doing on MM!! lmao.

    • Muphin 14/10/2021, 7:15 am

      Direct from the horses mouth.

      ” Pfizer’s Chief Scientific Officer, Philip Dormitzer, admits aborted fetus tissue is used in the company’s vaccine program, but that employees should just stick with Pfizer’s polished narrative omitting any mention of aborted fetal tissue to avoid any issues with the public.”

      “HEK293T cells, used for the IVE assay, are ultimately derived from an aborted fetus,” Dormitzer said. “On the other hand, the Vatican doctrinal committee has confirmed that they consider it acceptable for Pro-Life believers to be immunized. Pfizer’s official statement couches the answer well and is what should be provided in response to an outside inquiry.”

    • DT 14/10/2021, 9:11 am

      luk1955 you aren’t suggesting that propaganda spreading and other spin is being used to provide misinformation and to scare the people are you (sarcasm)?

      The WEF slogan to Build Back Better (from COVID-19) comes to mind.

      The objectives to control, manage and steal our assets personal and from our nation.

      And to play with the minds of people who are not qualified to understand how vaccines are created, and why the composition is needed to stimulate immune systems and alert the immune system to deal with a particular virus if encountered.

      • Ozman 14/10/2021, 12:40 pm

        Stefan Lanka, who earned his PhD by isolating a bacteriophage to become a virologist.

        Lanka worked as a virologist for 15 years. He put up 100,000 euros for anyone who can prove that the measles virus can be isolated and purified.

        A medical student used six different studies published in journals to demonstrate that the measles virus had been isolated and purified and fulfilled the requirements stipulated by Lanka.

        The Supreme Court of Germany ordered two independent laboratories to demonstrate that the measles virus can be isolated and purified. They were unable to do this.

        Lanka was proven correct. But this decision is denigrated by the MSM, medical journals, other hack scientists, because the Supreme Court of Germany does not consist of virologists.

        A person does not have to be a virologist to read and use the cells that would otherwise ping pong across the divide in the cerebral hemisphere.

        But with only half a brain, surely one who is not gullible is capable of understanding that for a virologist to risk everything to challenge the status quo with the truth, be proven correct, then vilified, and ostracized, he has to know what he is talking about.

        DT, if we go with your dogmatic assertion, a non-virologist quoting Lanka, who says that vaccines are a hoax, is meaningless. Or Judy Wilyman, who obtained her PhD studying the efficacy of vaccines, only to find out that they were more dangerous than natural immunity, is not an expert. This is meaningless too.

        You are very opinionated. Of course, opinions are never based on research, just a belief.

        Do a deep dive and read the medical literature and you will discover that vaccine industry is a hoax.
        SARS-CoV-2 was created on a computer.
        Big Pharma is funded by petrol money and the banksters.
        Cures for cancer exist.
        Medical indoctrination includes a philosophy that vitamins are expensive urine.
        Vaccines are declared powerful prophylactics with no side effects, even though there is no proof.
        The vaccine meme is “safe and effective”.
        1.3 million children suffer from polio in 2 Indian states from receiving the polio vaccine, so the name was changed.

        Safe because Big Pharma cannot be sued. Effective at turning profits.

        Ivermectin, HCQ, Quercetin, vitamins D & C, Aspirin are useless, dangerous and need to be prohibited from use against the common flu (now called Covid). Parasites are the real problem after all.

  • Lorraine 14/10/2021, 7:09 am

    So many lies, who do you trust,,,,,,,I figure for me ,it is me…. no jab for me. If I die by catching the virus bad luck, but I did not die from the untested jab. People that are vaxxed keep asking if I am also, I am frowned upon, If I have to……………. I can create a bubble on my large Block of land and have all supplies delivered.

  • DT 14/10/2021, 8:45 am

    “The AstraZeneca vaccine will no longer be produced in Australia by Christmas, according to biotech firm CSL, which says the UK jab could not survive the “disproportionate” amount of hesitancy and criticism levelled at it throughout the national rollout. According to Channel Nine, the company will close its Melbourne production site because the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have outstripped demand for AstraZeneca, making it largely redundant in Australia.”

    I am not aware of any Federal Government criticism of Astra Zeneca, please post why I am wrong as I would like to know.

    On the other hand the Labor State Premiers and Federal Opposition have criticised that vaccine many times, for example the Queensland Government and their Chief Health Officer.

    There have been many media exposures of criticism and that people were put off by it and many even refused to accept Astra Zeneca resulting in stockpiles available with Opposition claiming the vaccine supplies were not good enough.

    This looks like another example of the blame Canberra political game and it’s working according to the comments posted.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 14/10/2021, 10:07 am

    The CSL share price is around $297 and a bit, and along with many others I thought that their share price would skyrocket from the manufacture of the vaccine but over the last six months the return on my shareholding was only 0.35% and that might explain why they have stopped manufacturing, no money in it.

    • DT 14/10/2021, 11:47 am

      When the last Free Trade Agreement with the US was in negotiation US drug companies tried hard to force Australia to pay their maximum discounted rate for prescription drugs because the Australian Federal Government purchasing system by a substantial bulk ordering process has driven the drug company prices down below their US market maximum discounts.

      Australians pay far less for prescription drugs than US citizens do, in fact we pay the lowest prices available compared to most other nation’s citizens, even before the age pension discount.

      The COVID-19 vaccines purchased in bulk worldwide, at least in developed nations, probably have resulted in low profit before tax margins for the producers.

      Also those laboratories received funding from many governments and forward orders for the then not yet perfected and approved vaccines and that would have restricted their pricing.

      Labor and others criticise our Federal Government for delays in vaccine supplies yet Australia was one of the first in placing forward orders. But not widely reported was that the UK, the EU, the US citizens were served first before export markets. Despite the position of forward orders that were blocked from supply.

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