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 COVID-19 South Korea: nothing to see here folks!

26.02.20. South Korea has seen by far the highest numbers of coronavirus cases outside of China—within a week confirmed cases jumped from a few dozen to more than 900. The country had seemed well prepared and so the skyrocketing numbers have many asking how this happened – and whether a similar sudden outbreak could happen elsewhere. In South Korea, more than half of the Covid-19 cases have been linked to a religious sect and its critics say the group’s secretive nature helped the virus go undetected. Authorities have identified the fringe Christian group Shincheonji Church as being at the heart of this outbreak.

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  • Geoff L 26/02/2020, 8:27 am

    Probably a good time to stock up the pantry. Food and medical supplies.
    I for one hate the supermarket check out queue. Buggered if I’m lining up down the street just to get in the bloody place.
    Take the pictures of South coast supermarkets queues over Christmas for example and imagine if the SHTF in a major city.
    Or maybe our government will save us.

    • Pensioner Pete 26/02/2020, 9:58 am

      You are right. I remember when in Cairns a long time ago, the cyclone warnings came out, unprecedented, storm surge up to 22 metres, we is all gunna die stuff from the meeja, within a couple of hours, supermarket shelves stripped and whilst doing so, the brawls break out in the supermarket aisles.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 26/02/2020, 11:30 am

        Great mirth and the tears of laughter run down my legs when I see the supermarket shelves laid bare for usually the first victim in a “blow” is the electricity supply and instead of the supermarket people rending their clothes and gnashing teeth over tucker gone bad, the consumer does.

  • Pensioner Pete 26/02/2020, 10:04 am

    Most interesting, I checked the Flightradar24 app a short time ago, two incoming China Airlines flights from Taipei, one outgoing flight to Seoul, Korea by the Korean Air.

    Seems air travel is diminishing rapidly.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 26/02/2020, 11:49 am

      Was based there once on Cheju or Jeju Island at the KAL training base, the bastards are stark raving mad. The President came for a visit, and a large cavalcade wound its way through the city, military, cops, security, the President in his limo, a string of hangers on, the whole nine yards. As the cavalcade passed where one of my sons and I were standing one of those two wheeled general purpose type vehicles that can be used as a plough, tow a cart via a drawbar and stuff like that (this one was full of manure and stunk like buggery) came out of an alley under the guidance of a raggedy arsed looking bastard and inserted itself in the presidential column behind his limo. The street was too narrow to get rid of this poor peasant and his cart so he remained in the column as it disappeared into the distance with my son and I positively pissing ourselves. The populous surrounding us took exception to our laughter and muttered darkly. We wondered afterwards how they disposed of that poor bloody raggedy arsed peasant, probably stoned him to death. The Yankee military in charge of the joint told me that they weren’t game to give the local military people ammo because they would either shoot each other, themselves, or some innocents so when on exercises they would point their weapons and say “Bang” in a loud voice.

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