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 Cop 26: whom shall represent Australia—ScoMo or Mal?

08.10.21.  Of course, that serial pest with the faecal touch Turnbull will horn himself into the gabfest in Glasgow to enlighten all those from other countries how wide the fridge door has be ajar to cool the planet. After all, magnificent Mal the Messiah to wit, knows how to push water up hill in the dead of night—and watch it run down in the morning—magical! That insufferable waffling bastard has no shame. Malcolm now uses Twiggy Forrest and his climate saving organisation on which Turnbull wears the captain’s hat. The dopes at the COP26 gabfest door should kick his sorry arse out of Glasgow because he no longer has any political sway. Turnbull is still smarting from being speedily dumped from that NSW climate board of what ever it was. One supposes that with a family deeply into renewables big Mal might have more than his money to lose?
Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has challenged his successor Scott Morrison to attend the COP26 climate change talks in Glasgow, saying that “his absence will send a pretty strong message about his priorities”.

Turnbull challenges Morrison to go to Glasgow: “History is made by those who turn up”

Michael Mazengarb 29 September 2021. [This author has spent 10 years in the renewables industry. MM.Ed]

Speaking during a virtual address to the National Press Club on Wednesday, Turnbull said the Glasgow talks would be a “critical conference” for global cooperation on climate change and that Australia had to show leadership.
“History is made by those who turn up,” Turnbull told the National Press Club.
“As [UN Secretary General] Antonio Guterres said just the other day, we’re on track to 2.7 [degrees] heating. That’s catastrophic.”
“The commitments to reduce emissions so far received are inadequate. This is a crisis.”
Turnbull said that the world needed to looking to phase out the use of fossil fuels and criticised those within the Morrison government that have called for an expansion of Australia’s coal and gas production.
“This is an existential crisis, and we have to cut our emissions. We have to stop burning coal and gas,” Turnbull said.
“It troubles me that we still have this nonsense from the government of a gas led recovery. We’ve got to be getting out of coal and out of gas.”
“You’ve got minister saying, we’re going to be burning coal forever. Well, you know what? If we burn coal forever, the planet’s going to be fried.”
Turnbull, who attended the Paris climate talks when PM, said that he would attend the COP26 talks in Glasgow, through his leadership positions with Fortescue Future Industries, the Green Hydrogen Organisation and the International Hydropower Association.
Morrison has downplayed prospects that he would attend the climate talks in a little over a month’s time, citing the ongoing logistical challenges of international travel and his recent trip to the United States to meet with a number of world leaders.
Around 100 world leaders are expected to attend the COP26 talks, including US president Joe Biden, UK prime minister Boris Johnson, French president Emmanuel Macron as well as Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis.
Turnbull endorsed the commitment from the NSW Government to a 50 per cent emissions reduction target for 2030, announced earlier in the day, saying that Australia’s national target should be on par with that level of commitment.
“We need to both lead by example. We need to make much stronger cuts to our emissions,” Turnbull said. We should be updating our 2030 target – that was always the intention to update these targets every five years – and I’m very disappointed the government has not done that all.”
“There are plenty of scientists that will say it should be as high as 70 per cent. But certainly, it should be at least 50 per cent. Forty-five to 50 per cent. That is actually very doable.”
Turnbull said that one of the main challenges facing Australia’s transition to a lower emissions energy system was not its ability to build enough wind and solar capacity but to ensure there was enough long-term duration storage to back it up.
“We’ve got the climate crisis. But the crisis within that is that we are not building enough long-duration storage. And given the best form of that, for long-duration storage, as opposed to short-duration like batteries, is pumped hydro,” Turnbull said.
“You can build a solar farm in months. You can build a wind farm in a year or so. But to build a pumped hydro scheme takes time because of the civil engineering and the permitting. Every site is different, but you’ve just got to get cracking with it.”
If Morrison decides not to go to the Glasgow talks, it will likely leave federal energy minister Angus Taylor as the most senior member of Australia’s delegation.
Taylor only attended part of the last climate change talks – held in Madrid in 2019 – leaving the talks while Australian negotiators were in a heated battle over a controversial plan to use carryover surplus Kyoto Protocol credits into the Paris Agreement.

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  • Penguinite 08/10/2021, 7:44 am

    Slymo, don’t say you weren’t warned! Net-zero will be the number of Conservative Politicians are seated adjacent to the Treasury Benches! If you persist in this ludicrous and expensive gesture your legacy will be that of another failed, potentially, great Australian Leader. You’ll be queueing up behind Malcontent for speaking engagements at “Your ABC!”. Either get real or get out!

    • Cliff 08/10/2021, 5:00 pm

      I find myself in furious agreement with everything you said there, Pen.

  • Lorraine 08/10/2021, 9:00 am

    The Ghost is still wafting around , going to Glasgow ,who really cares. our PM should stay home and have a gabfest how he will win the next election with all polls showing he is in bloody big strife….

  • Aktosplatz 08/10/2021, 9:39 am

    Scott Morrison should not go. If he wants to send Angus Taylor well that’s fine provided that what is promised is ignored afterwards.

    Both Boris Johnson and Joe Biden are lunatics, both are in strife (with unrest growing in both camps) domestically, and should not to be followed by us.

    • Aadje 08/10/2021, 5:09 pm

      Boris only does what his new wife decided was the proper green policy.

  • Disgruntled 08/10/2021, 11:06 am

    Scott Morrison definately should not go. If he does he will be walking into a “Gotcha” event; that is all it will be.
    With all the time taken up with going and returning and with the quarantine time needed there would NOT be any reasonable benefit achieved. STAY HOME and work for us here!

    Is our own Aussie Turd going to attend? If he does then it will not be of any official capacity will it? Hope not!
    If he goes then the only public utterence that he should be able to make is what is depicted in the image at the head of this article.

    Scotty and Boris and Joey: what a trio, and add the rest of em all in together and what have you really got? One consolation is that Scott maybe the only one of em all that is getting near to having arfabrain!

  • Disgruntled 08/10/2021, 12:05 pm
  • Albert 08/10/2021, 1:31 pm

    What a waste of time and money. A gabfest to discuss the weather and that useless termite Turnbull thinks he is going to make a difference. Stop him from leaving the country because he certainly doesn’t represent thinking Austraians.

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