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 Committee to “invite” Andrews to discuss his deal with China!

16.09.20.  Scenario: Dear Premier Andrews, the federal committee is absolutely thrilled to bits in inviting you to our gathering so you tell us in your own words all about your BRI deal with communist China. You might also explain why you ignored the advice of all the Australian intelligence agencies that warned against such treasonous behaviour. We eagerly await you reply—Yours, Liberal Senator Eric Abetz. Reply: Get stuffed! Yours, Dan the China man!
Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews will be asked to front a ­federal committee to answer questions about his decision to sign on to China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative. The Senate’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee has written to all premiers and chief ministers seeking submissions on Scott Morrison’s new Foreign ­Relations Bill, which would allow the commonwealth to overturn agreements struck with foreign powers by states and territories.

Source: Ben Packham, News Corp

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews asked to explain China deal

The committee chair, Liberal Senator Eric Abetz, said it was hoped that Mr Andrews — who recently reiterated his support for Victoria’s participation in the BRI — would agree to appear before the Senate’s inquiry into the bill.
“Given that the Premier has doubled down on his support for the BRI, it would be of interest to the committee if he were to front the committee and argue his case,” Senator Abetz said.
“Of course, we would never subpoena or force anybody from another parliament, or indeed ­another house, to appear before the committee. What we do is we invite them.”
The Foreign Relations Bill would use the Constitution’s external affairs powers to force the cancellation of agreements struck by the states and territories — as well as by universities — with foreign governments.
Victoria’s BRI framework, which deepens co-operation with China on infrastructure, innovation and trade development, is expected to be one of the first major agreements to face the axe under the Foreign Relations Bill.
Other agreements facing the chop could include a 2011 investment memorandum of understanding between Western Australia and China’s National Development and Reform Commission, and a 2013 MOU between NSW and Beijing covering trade, economy, culture, education, science, technology, tourism and sport.
Local government “sister city” agreements could also be cancelled, along with Confucius ­Institute agreements involving Australian universities.
The Prime Minister said the federal government was best placed to determine whether such agreements served the national interest.
“It is vital that when it comes to Australia’s dealings with the rest of the world, we speak with one voice and work to one plan,” Mr Morrison said.
But Mr Andrews called on Mr Morrison to provide a list of new foreign markets with “just as much demand” as China and defended his deal with Beijing, saying Victoria relied heavily on international students due to its lack of natural resources.
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s BRI program is used as a vehicle by the Chinese Communist Party to expand Beijing’s soft power reach in the region. BRI deals have raised alarm bells in intelligence and security agencies amid growing levels of Chinese espionage and coercive influence.

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  • Red 16/09/2020, 6:01 am

    The definitions of many words have been changed to suit the times.
    How about someone consider redefining treason against the people of this country?

  • Graham Richards 16/09/2020, 7:34 am

    Has this new Foreign Relations Bill been passed into law yet? Or is the Government still pissing into the wind?
    Probably waiting to see if the electorate will forget about the issue in the hope that BRI can be implemented on a national basis when all the dust settles.
    Can’t possibly legislate while parliament is off sick with COViD or some other lame excuse . Get it done. This BRI is actually treason we’re talking about!

  • luk1955 16/09/2020, 7:43 am

    Ahhh so it’s not just commiedan committing treason, there are other premiers involved. I’ll guess the other acts of treason occurred under labor governments. But it is my understanding that the states have no authority or right to conduct affairs of any kind with foreign powers. That is the realm of the commonwealth.
    It is a splendid idea to get rid of the sister cities crap. That too is a violation of our Constitution in that cities are negotiating with foreign powers. The city governments are needing to be reminded that they serve only the city in which they reside.

  • Penguinite 16/09/2020, 7:54 am

    Why bother with the pleasantries? Just disallow the deal!

  • DT 16/09/2020, 1:42 pm

    No doubt Chairman Dan cannot recall the detail, or meeting anybody from the CCP, it must have been done by someone he will say, but who knows who actually did the deal with China.

    Don’t expect me to know, I’m only the Premier of Victoria.

    They don’t even tell me about ADF offers, health decisions, closure of borders, lockdowns, police excesses and other things, I am too busy preparing for my next media conference act.

    But I do consult with my twin Dannastacia.

    • Disgruntled 16/09/2020, 11:14 pm

      Yer got right D T.; good watch on Sky/Bolt tonight. The incompetence and arrogance etc. of Danny boy knows no bounds; not at all; what a complete fraud; how could anyone have voted for him?; will they again?, probably; some people just don’t know any better!!!!!!!!; they are rusted tight on!!!!!!!!

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