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 Come to Australia and rob the fools blind

10.05.19. Come one, come all to the land of milk and honey. One of our valued immigrants worked hard, became an Australian and pocketed $5 million of taxpayers’ money. “It was easy,” said company’s director, Alee Farman, 49, “Australian bureaucrats are really dumb, they’ll transfer big money into your account just for the asking—it’s so easy!” Will we ever know who the idiot was that ticked the box for these crooks. This scam, however, is very popular because nobody in the system bothers to get off their fat arses to see if such entities exist!
A “graduation ceremony” staged by a childcare facility at the centre of an alleged multi-million dollar fraud was filmed and live-streamed online last year.NSW Police this week arrested 18 people over their alleged connection to the syndicate, which police claim used Red Roses Family Day Care to steal up to $5 million from the Federal Government. 

Source: ABC

Childcare centre allegedly used as front for scam live-streamed fake graduation ceremony

The group claimed to operate centres at several locations in Sydney and Wollongong, and NSW Police Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith said the alleged scam had a “level of sophistication we don’t see in outlaw motorcycles gangs”.
Police allege the centres had no children in their care, and are now investigating up to 150 parents they say sold their children’s identities to the group to get kickbacks as part of the Commonwealth’s Child Care Subsidy Scheme.
In the video, which was streamed live on Facebook on December 16, children wearing mortar boards can be seen receiving diplomas in front of a large crowd.
The ceremony took place at the Bill Lovelee Youth Centre in Chester Hill near Bankstown around midday on December 16.
Scores of children and adults were in attendance and purple balloons, emblazoned with Red Roses branding can be seen decorating the hall.
The company’s director, Alee Farman, 49, was among three men and 15 women arrested on Wednesday during raids stretching from Fairfield to Wollongong.
Police said Mr Farman was originally from Iraq and became an Australian citizen in 2007.
Much of Red Roses’ online content appears to be aimed at Arabic-speaking communities in Sydney, however none of the photographs on the website show people from Middle Eastern backgrounds because they are all stock photographs.
A title on the video, written in Arabic, says the ceremony was for Year 6 students and their teachers.
The video runs for 27 minutes, and was also posted to YouTube.
Yesterday, police claimed one of the Red Roses centres — which supposedly looked after 50 children — was operating out of a garage.
Police said they were working closely with the Department of Education to “ensure those vulnerabilities are removed from the system”.
Australia’s statutory authority on the childcare industry, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), has rated almost 15,000 services — including Red Roses Family Day Care Pty Ltd.
An ACECQA ratings chart for Red Roses gives the business its lowest rating — “Significant Improvement Required” — across almost all criteria including “Children’s health and safety” and “Educational program and practice”.
Signage outside the Red Roses head office in Fairfield tells a different story, boasting a range of impressive services including “attractive payments for educators”, as well as 24-hour care.
The Red Roses website features the ACECQA logo, next to a logo for the Department of Education and Training and includes a 153-page policy guide published in January 2018.
The policy guide includes food-handling practices for children with allergies and an explicit policy banning unimmunised children from centres.
It also lays out safety protocols for sandpits, first aid kits and working with children checks, although large swathes of the document appear to be directly lifted from ACECQA online handbooks.

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  • Maryanne 10/05/2019, 8:22 am

    They have no compunction about ripping us off because they are not our people. They don’t belong here.

    • Honeybadger 10/05/2019, 9:01 am

      Yep. Ripe for the picking. Dumb Aussie infidels.

    • TommyGun 10/05/2019, 3:22 pm

      I sent an email to the GAYBC asking why they didn’t identify the (alleged) criminals as muzlims. No reply, of course! They are apologists for the filth.

  • J.K. 10/05/2019, 9:02 am

    There is only one cure, they should all be stripped of Australian citisenship and deported after being stripped of all assets end of story, and a big investigation of all Muslim activities started, these bloody criminals are ripping off tax payers and do gooders are aiding and abetting them.

    • Pensioner Pete 10/05/2019, 9:11 am

      J.K: I agree completely with your cure, it is the only way to stop these ongoing rorts of the system. The bosses of the public servants who are responsible should also be shown the door to unemployment.

      • Albert 10/05/2019, 11:57 am

        JK & PP, nothing is going to happen about deporting those thieving scumbags nor closing the door to any more. According to Peter Dutton the government, which has learned nothing about Islamic crime, is considering taking about 150 of those fleas from NZ and he says no consideration will be given to sending them back to the ME sandpits from which they crawled.

    • TommyGun 10/05/2019, 3:23 pm

      Deport the towel-heads!
      Confiscate their assets!

  • Penguinite 10/05/2019, 9:05 am

    While I wouldn’t be surprised, has the ethnicity been confirmed? It’s possibly the same team that dudded us several years ago for looking after each others children.

    • Ex ADF 10/05/2019, 5:59 pm

      There was a scam in South Australia, with black Africans defrauding the child care scheme. It went quiet, so I guess it is business as usual for black Muslims in SA

    • Maryanne 10/05/2019, 8:03 pm

      Middle East. The brains “came to Australia from Iraqi on a temporary protection visa. He became an Australian citizen in 2007, lives in a $1.5 million Georges Hall townhouse and earnt $30,000 a fortnight from the scheme.” No, he didn’t ‘earn’ the money; he fleeced it from Australian taxpayers.

      It gets worse. “Police suspect the syndicate had plans to target the [NDIS].” Had they got that nice little earner up I suppose next on the bastards’ list was aged care.

      The Daily Telegraph’s sub-headline was gutless: “Police blitz mums and dads caught in alleged childcare scam.” No. Not generic mums and dads; Middle Eastern scumbags.

  • Biking Voter 10/05/2019, 9:16 am

    It’s not just in Australia that these moslems are ripping off the system, the same has been going for years mainly in Minnesota by the large Sudanese community there and it wasn’t millions, it was billions.

  • Lorraine 10/05/2019, 9:40 am

    I do blame the public servants , the registration to a garage. The red flag should pop up in their bright brains when ever ME is suspected. This has happened before and it was the same department.

    • Peter W 10/05/2019, 9:53 am

      Lorraine, its about the pain that will cause with the word racist!
      Seriously I have to agree with you. These Public Servants should be charged for dereliction of public duties. Every business that is receiving OUR money should be scrutinised excessively as they have proved they are no better than Irish backpackers with their rorts except they will eventually leave. The scum stays and continues.
      All government departments should have access to immediate Nearmap which is real time satellite imagery. They would see no none coming and going.

      “Nearmap’s technology gives you instant access to high resolution aerial imagery across Australia — letting you pay a virtual visit to your location of interest, no matter where you are.”

    • Austin Ayforti 10/05/2019, 11:04 am

      Every time one of these scams is uncovered the question is asked “how did the public service not look into this service”. Also every time I ask just how deep is the sand rat infestation within those departments. Someone is always needed to authorise payments to the scum ripoff masters. Someone knows exactly what’s happening.

  • Deano 10/05/2019, 10:24 am

    Operating out of a garage? Didn’t the public servant bother to do a Google street view search before signing off on 5 million bucks?

  • Biking Voter 10/05/2019, 10:34 am

    These scumbags should be tested and probed and examined by the relevant departments the same way that I am by Medicare, Centrelink and DVA, or even the RTA (whatever their name is this week).

  • Greg 10/05/2019, 10:59 am

    As they say, Ed, you just can’t make this stuff up. And Shorten wants to increase the numbers.

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