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 Climate change is no crisis

15.09.21.  There wouldn’t be many who believe single weather events are caused by climate abnormalities and CO2. Yet, government leaders in many countries jump on the “let’s panic” bandwagon when a severe weather event occurs.
This panic approach allows for appalling decisions supported by those who don’t think and which will, in the end, hurt humanity far worse than any climate change would. Even if CO2 reaches the high levels the catastrophists predict, the world will adjust with a massive greening to absorb the gas. On the other hand, making energy too expensive will result in us going back to days climate, both hot and cold, killed people. David Harsanyi describes how this scaremongering is made without evidence:

President Joe Biden contends that the recent hurricanes that hit the United States prove we’re in a “climate crisis.” It’s a “code red” for the world, the president warns. White House national climate adviser Gina McCarthy added that climate is now a “health emergency.”
It is, no doubt, quite convenient for politicians to treat every hurricane, tornado and flood as an apocalyptic sign from Gaea — and then blame political apostates for the existence of nature. But it’s an irrational way to think about the world. Because our situation is, in most ways — including our ability to adapt to the vagaries of climate — quantifiably better than before on nearly every front.
This reality is probably difficult for a generation subjected to decades of fearmongering to accept, but climate anomalies are nothing new. When a freak snowstorm hit Texas earlier this year, the administration used it to push draconian policy ideas. But the Texas storm was no different than the rare 1973 blizzard that hit the South. It happens. And there’s nothing we can do about it.
While victims of Ida will take no solace in this fact, historically speaking, hurricanes aren’t touching land at higher frequencies either. Nor is there evidence that storms that make landfall do so with more intensity than in previous years. Certainly, they aren’t any more dangerous. Back in 1900, the Great Galveston hurricane likely killed somewhere around 10,000 people in Texas. In 1926, the Great Miami hurricane killed 372 people, causing an estimated, inflation-adjusted $157 billion in damage. Only around 150,000 people lived in all of Dade County in those days. When Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, it was a Category 3. Most of the damage had to do with how ill-prepared the city was for any storm.
As Biden has pointed out, hurricanes are less destructive because governments and the private sector adapt and prepare. Acclimatizing to the realities of climate change — whatever they may be — are far cheaper and more moral than the state-compelled dismantling of modernity.
Indeed, climate has always been bad for our health. We’ve spent most of human existence attempting to mitigate its destructive power. Today, people still tragically die from, say, extreme heat (air conditioners save far more lives!). But overall, deaths due to nature have dramatically plummeted during the past century — falling over 98% since 1900, and over 70% since Joe Biden showed up in Washington. Weather accounts for somewhere around 0.07% of worldwide deaths, and 0.01% in the United States. We’re safer, even though far more people live in areas with extreme heat and freezing cold and in the paths of both hurricanes and tornadoes.
And the notion that places such as Central America and the Middle East are experiencing conflicts and migration because of some unique climate changes ignores the entirety of history.
By claiming we are in an unprecedented “crisis,” we distort not only a proper understanding of our technological abilities but our moral outlook as well. Ponder this rhetorical question of a columnist at The Hill: “Could climate change finally expose China as a global outlaw?” So, it wasn’t the concentration camps that did it. Or the ethnic cleansing. Or the slave labor. Or the decades of collectivist-induced economic misery and authoritarian control. Or the state censorship. It was the Chinese government’s refusal to live by the precepts of the Paris Accord.
Indeed, certain pundits have been openly envious of the ability of Chinese Communists to compel their citizens to adopt carbon-mitigation policies. The commissars must be such a disappointment to them. The problem, though, is that today’s progressives often embrace illiberal ideas as a means of solving the climate “crisis.”
As a recent Nature journal piece notes, COVID-19 lockdowns have prepared people for “personal carbon allowances.” Restrictions on individual freedoms “that were unthinkable only one year before” have us “more prepared to accept the tracking and limitations” to “achieve a safer climate,” the piece notes.
And many self-professed defenders of our “democracy” have been clamoring for the Department of Health and Human Services to take unilateral action and treat climate as a “public health issue” or to declare a “climate emergency.” The White House has given the issue a required identity-based twist, noting that global warming’s risks “disproportionately affect poor and minority communities.” (Which reminds me of P. J. O’Rourke’s old joke about NPR coverage — “World to end — poor and minorities hardest hit.”)
Americans experienced the authoritarian reach of government during the pandemic. We see what normalizing those ideas can look like in Australia. Carbon emissions are embedded into nearly everything in our economy. If Democrats believe that the CDC should be empowered to declare an eviction moratorium, retroactively tear up private contracts and unilaterally discard property rights, you can imagine what sort of things await this nation if they can declare climate change an “emergency.”

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  • Thunder 15/09/2021, 6:19 am

    ” It’s the Weather Stupid !!’ over and over…………..BUT SO MUCH MONEY TO STEAL………….so let’s keep the Greatest Scam going………..

  • luk1955 15/09/2021, 7:44 am

    The death toll of the great Galveston hurricane was due in part to the weathermen of the day who thought they knew all there was to know about hurricanes and ignored warnings from Cuba that a massive hurricane was heading to the southern US. For greater details, read the book Isaac’s Storm authored by Erik Larson in 1999.

  • Aktosplatz 15/09/2021, 8:13 am

    Climate Change is assessed over a 30 year period according to internationally established scientific method. That’s it. But of course there are the Opportunists who want to make money out of it a weather event by calling it Climate Change.

    There’s this in Breibart News:-


    (and some Comments):-

    Elevated energy prices hit the poor preferentially. All part of the left’s war on the poor. Leftism is an organized form of personality disorder; a collective obsession with controlling other people. Bullying and abuse under the protection of numbers. Your leftist is somone who feels the need to control everything you do or think. They are an abusive spouse. We need a divorce.

    We know we will hear crickets from the MSM when people freeze to death in the coming severe northern winters as we move deeper into the Grand Solar Minimum and the gulf-stream shuts down.

    Their goal is to destroy Capitalism: These destructive policies that claim to prevent climate catastrophe are a Trojan Horse to destroy Capitalism. This fact should be so clear to every American at this point. No government or political policies can alter what God has created and destined for all living creatures. To believe in this non-sense is laughable. There is only one objective to pushing climate policies, destroy Capitalism.

    Decimate the poor, destroy the middle class, make it so all or most small business’s shut down, create more unemployment, and more dependency on government hand outs. Food scarcity, water depletion, make private property ownership non-existent.

    • Penguinite 15/09/2021, 8:32 am

      30-year spans! Not even a generation. What a joke! Try 30,000 years. That’s how long the sea level has been rising. The oceans cover most of the surface of the world and have a much large climatic effect than CO2. We still had to progress through iron and bronze ages before coal was being used as an energy source.

  • Albert 15/09/2021, 9:26 am

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Covid and the Climate Emergency are being used as an excuse to control the people and achieve the government’s, bureaucrat’s, unscrupulous banker’s and scientist’s goal of New World Order.

    • luk1955 15/09/2021, 8:55 pm

      Totally true Albert.

  • Theydon Wood 15/09/2021, 3:35 pm

    Global warming and covid have at least one thing in common.
    Something that The Geelong Cats seemed to suffer from at the weekend.
    The goal posts weren’t where expected. Some bugger kept moving them.

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