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 China’s lasers games with RAN pilots

29.05.19. The silly little shits in Beijing have stepped up the dangerous games in the South China Seas. Strategically placed “fishing boats” equipped with expensive military grade lasers probably cost as much as the fishing boat or more are shining laser beams in Australian Navy chopper pilot’s eyes. Therefore we can forget about a few bored fishermen with office laser pointers having a bit of fun while the fish aren’t biting. One day they will have to be put back in their box!
Chinese maritime militia vessels are believed responsible for a series of laser attacks on Australian Navy pilots during a recent voyage through the hotly contested South China Sea. 

Source: ABC

Australian military aircraft targeted with lasers during South China Sea flights

Defence sources have confirmed helicopters were targeted during night flights, forcing the pilots to temporarily return to their ship for medical check-ups.
The incidents occurred as Australian warships were completing Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019, an ADF regional engagement mission that wrapped up this week.
This week the ABC revealed the Australian Task Group had been closely followed earlier this month by Chinese warships as they travelled between Vietnam and Singapore through the South China Sea.
Australian military officials believe the laser attacks on the Navy helicopters came from fishing boats, but it has not yet been formally confirmed if the vessels were Chinese flagged.
Beijing maintains a robust maritime militia in the South China Sea, composed of fishing vessels equipped to carry out missions just short of combat.
The Australian Defence Department is yet to comment publicly, but similar incidents involving lasers and the Chinese military have also been reported as far away as Djibouti, where the US and China have bases.
Last year, the US complained to China after lasers were directed at aircraft in the Horn of Africa nation, resulting in minor injuries to two American pilots.
Following reports last year of a series of laser attacks on US aircraft in the Pacific, the Australian Defence Department publicly condemned the practice.
“The Australian Government would view reports of military aircraft being targeted by lasers as an unwelcome and potentially dangerous development,” a Defence spokesperson told the ABC in July 2018.
Beijing has routinely denied any involvement in laser attacks on US aircraft, but this is the first publicised incident to have targeted Australian personnel.

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  • Penguinite 29/05/2019, 8:45 am

    A laser is a weapon. Our guys would be justified in firing back!

  • Ex ADF 29/05/2019, 12:32 pm

    Let’s ban ALL Chinese imports to Australia. That’ll larn em!!!

    • Neville 30/05/2019, 12:32 am

      And because we now longer have a functioning high-production manufacturing system, it’ll larn us, too. Not disagreeing, XADF, just sayin’ … tricky situation, short-term. Long-term? .. go for it!

  • Finn 29/05/2019, 1:21 pm

    Like Germany and Japan China can only continue to be a little shitty as long as they do not invade somewhere.

    With the downturn in their economy pre-trade war, the investment of profits in the military was becoming more difficult anyway. The trade war has its consequences.

    For example if the China Sea was really their sovereign territory they might have objected a little more strongly when the US sent three carrier battle groups on a stroll round the sea.

    Add fake cities, currency manipulation to listen dip burden, and massive corruption it is becoming very difficult to reinvest in military.

    In the trade negotiations the US demanded a stop to theft of US intellectual property, theft of trade secrets, forced technology transfer for US companies operating in China, and no currency manipulation.

    Well how are little shits going to make a profit with all those restrictions. But now that the trade war has come to an additional $300 billion, note I said additional, the shits are not quite so tough.

    So, they can still be little shits and flash lasers into a pilot say or execute their own people for organ harvesting but that time is running out. Not quickly mind you.

    It might be instructive to see the slogan published on the communist flag on WeChat.

    Negotiate? Sure !
    Fight? Any time!
    Bully us. Wishful thinking !

    Funny thing they are not negotiating, not fighting and they are definitelybeing bullied.

    Well I dunno. It won’t be quick, but I cannot see this corrupt totalitarian regime lasting longer than the USSR. Not by a long chalk.

    • Neville 30/05/2019, 12:33 am

      Yeah, I reckon so too. It has, as I see it, more than a few fairly subtle signs that things are starting to unravel a bit.

  • JK 29/05/2019, 2:15 pm

    It they deny that it’s them doing it then they should have no objection to who ever is doing it being sunk when it occurs.

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