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 China will damage Australia more under climate change

24.02.21.  Sky News host Peta Credlin says Australia’s energy security is under threat because of energy policies which aim to “win over the UN” at the cost of our sovereignty. Ms Credlin said China has damaged Australia and the rest of the world “courtesy of COVID-19” but the communist regime is about to “damage us more” in the name of combatting climate change. “China pretends to take climate change seriously, just as the old Soviet Union claimed to be devoted to peace and freedom, because dictatorships always play on the gullibility and wishful thinking of democracies, needing to believe that, deep down, dictators aren’t so different from us,” she said. Beijing though has made “no effort whatsoever” to reduce its emissions to the point where it even opened “three times as much coal fired capacity as the rest of the world combined”. “Enter Joe Biden, the new US President, who’s desperate to be different from Donald Trump, and who’s re-entered the Paris Climate Accord to appease young voters brainwashed about a climate emergency,” Ms Credlin said.

“Biden’s posturing will be used to justify even more economy-sapping emissions cuts here in Australia. “Australia, well we’re the mugs who do what we say, but get treated like pariahs anyway, and get more and more duped into making ourselves economically and strategically vulnerable. “This China pandemic has inflicted the biggest economic hit on the rest of the world since the Great Depression. “The danger is that having been whacked by COVID, we’re now going to inflict even more economic self-harm in the name of climate change.”

Source: Sky News

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  • Disgruntled 24/02/2021, 7:37 am

    Thank goodness we have Peta Credlin who always seems to have her eye on everything happening around us and brings it forward and says it how it really is; Go Peta.

    And thank goodness we still have Sky giving a platform; Keep it up Sky

    And we have Sleepy Joe (no need to describe his credentials as all the readers of this site know all about him) trying to lead or push Australia down his sh#t-chute.

    Scomo, mate; be alert, very very alert!!!!!!! as you have a lot of “dead wood” hanging around with you

  • luk1955 24/02/2021, 8:06 am

    This is why Peta will never be a politician. The closest we have to a DJT. If she ever decided to run, we would see a repeat here of the DJT attacks that dogged him the moment he announced his candidacy for President. I am finding it hard to distinguish between Xiping pong and the commie running the state of Victoriadandanistan. Pong has an army with guns, dictatordan has health fakexperts, dykes, poofs, and weirdos to do his bidding.
    Stay where you are, Peta. Don’t get involved in a system that worships evil, sexual deviancy, tyranny, and communism.

  • Aktosplatz 24/02/2021, 9:25 am

    Communist China see the Liberal Coalition and/or the Labor Party as easy meat. The Climate Change scam is the obvious way for them to attack us., despite the fact they don’t practice what is preached.

    We should just go nuclear and thus toss the Paris Agreement , but, as I said, our mob in Canberra are easy meat – too sh*t scared to go nuclear.

  • Penguinite 24/02/2021, 9:44 am

    The UN was, partly at least, formulated by Australian politicians. It is entirely based on Internationalism! This is when the great reset began. The World was just emerging from WW2 and needed a circuit breaker. The only countries to benefit have been the ne’er-do-wells and tyrannically led S*** H***’s. CCP/China falls into both categories. We are now on the brink of capitulation via BRI. As I observed to a later item “this is what 75 years of internationalism has done for Australia and is about to do to The USA!

  • Finn 24/02/2021, 10:53 am

    China is running the climate change CC card to gain. Like most lies, it’s reign is temporary. This is bc it’s purpose is temporary. So stop buying coal from Australia bc of CC. That’ll fix those bronzed Aussie Warriors. So Clutha (AKA Australia) finds a new market. Hmm that’s not what ShePinkChink wanted.

    China has some of the most advanced coal fired engineering in the world. A bet: they will be buying high quality therm coal by the back door within 12 months.

    Cold War Russian rhetoric drenched its speeches with the phrase “Peace-Loving”. But graffito on the railway wall at Newtown was unimpressed when the Russians shot down KAL 007 …. it read “FRIENDLY PEACELOVING RUSSIA – IS READY”

    The rhetoric remains unchanged only the lie is different- friendly climate loving China is ready. But only till it costs more than chinas political will is willing to pay. That is slowly changing eg open criticism permitted of the underpowered engines on the Flying Shark. Safe I suppose bc it is self-evident to the rest of the world.

    Cuts, bruises, economic blood, and bombs for a time – but not forever. This is bc specially their energy output is only half USA without limiting with quadruple the population.

    Has anyone noticed that the CCP dies everything “resolutely”. It appears everywhere in speeches. They are not a power projection state but modern day version of Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar. Fat and slippery at the top, and quite content to capriciously murder their own, but unable to do more of much consequence outside own territory It might change with an established bureaucracy but can’t see it any time soon. Hitler had the finest peacetime army in the world at the time and an. Astonishingly talented general staff. Too bad about the war though – economics crushed them both. China does not have that.

    Ms Credlin is right. But I want her as a Polly. Breath of fresh air in Canberra

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