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 China is going in heavy!

30.06.20. Author Clive Hamilton says the Global Times claiming Australia is intensifying an espionage offensive against China is simply expressing the threats and language Communist Party leaders cannot publicly use. The Global Times is “hyper-nationalistic tabloid of the Chinese Communist Party” used as a mouthpiece of Chinese leadership on international issues according to Mr Hamilton. The Chinese state-owned news service claimed on Sunday “Australia is waging an intensifying espionage offensive against China”. “Instigating defection among Chinese nationals, spying on Chinese students and organizations in Australia, feeding fake news to media to hype up the ‘China espionage theory’ and even in early years attempting to install wiretaps in the Chinese Embassy in Canberra, the Global Times has learned from a source with a Chinese law-enforcement agency”. Mr Hamilton told Sky News host Peter Gleeson the article seems to be sending a warning that China is “planning some kind of serious retaliation”.

Source: Sky News

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  • luk1955 30/06/2020, 8:07 am

    The chinks have stolen our water, land, catle stations, politicians, universities, industry, manufacturing, barley, baby formula and medical supplies. What other harm can they do to us?

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 30/06/2020, 10:34 am

      They tried to kill me on a regular basis years ago when I attempted to teach them how to aviate, on a good day about once, on a bad one several times, and all at high speed. I thought at the time that they were members of some assassins guild and in the employ of my first missus, but as this all unfolds one is led to believe that you don’t have to be paranoid to know that they are all out to “get” us for the bastards are.

    • Disgruntled 30/06/2020, 10:41 am

      luk, as you have mentioned water I will add a bit!
      As we all know it was about 2004 when our stupid and boofheaded government decided to separate water from land title; the real reason had then and still does escape me!!
      The decision was the beginnings of the end of good, decent and proper ownership of water; back then registers of ownership were able to be accessed, but NOT now!!!.

      Consider the implications; some are depending on circumstances.
      Water can be with held; think about this for a while of the effects that would create for people needing water and not being able to access it.
      Water could be used for whatever the owners want, nefarious or not; this is totally unsatisfactory.
      Whoever owns or controls the water also fully controls what can or can not be done with the said water.

      Could be scary couldn’t it be?

      This government is the same stupid damn-fool mob that in effect disarmed the good decent people of Australia while leaving the criminals keep and own whatever they wanted; all the crime lately with firearms just goes to prove my point.

      What makes me feel angry is the fact that when caught and penalised; not one has ever been given an increased penalty because of their use of firearm; this is absolutely bloody wrong!

      rant over for now.

    • OZisceptic 30/06/2020, 12:12 pm

      well their women do tend to target eligible wealthy westerners for marriage

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