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 China is cracking under pressure!

13.10.21.  The Chinese Communist Party editor-in-chief of The Global Times wrote “rational” people in Taiwan would tell Tony Abbott “it is better for you Australians prepare to fight” following the former Prime Minister’s speech in Taipei and his commentary for The Australian. The publication has threatened conflict with Australia in yet another blistering opinion piece that declared former Prime Minister Tony Abbott to be “vicious” and an “evil” force after he warned Taiwan should “get ready to fight” against Beijing. The Global Times Editor Hu Xijin, the arrogant piece of shit that he is, also said, “Australia can deploy most of its warships around the Chinese mainland and give young Australian soldiers ‘a worthy death defending democracy.’”

Source: Zoe Zaczek, Sky News

China’s mouthpiece The Global Times blasts former Prime Minister Tony Abbott over his Taiwan comments

The tabloid newspaper returned its serve on Tuesday morning after Mr Abbott wrote commentary for The Australian on Sunday following last week’s visit to Taipei to address a forum and amid growing tensions over the future of Taiwan.
“After 18 months of virus anxiety, verging on hysteria, over the impact of Covid on our old and sick, the last thing anyone wants to contemplate is death from another quarter; but, ready or not, China is coming for Taiwan’s freedom, and the best way to avoid the war that no one wants is to be prepared to fight it,” the retired Liberal politician wrote.
Editor-in-chief of The Global Times Hu Xijin issued a reply to Mr Abbott’s article in his own opinion piece, claiming the former Prime Minister is asking Taiwan to “stand up and die” for the West.
“I do not know whether Abbott’s agitation will frustrate most of the people in the island of Taiwan because the message he conveyed is by no means encouraging,” Mr Hu wrote.
“He actually wanted ‘Taiwan to fight for itself’, and not expect substantial protection from the US and its allies.
“To put it bluntly, Abbott actually asked Taiwan to ‘stand up and die’ for Western interests and to act as cannon fodder on a war that the island is destined to lose in order to win praise from the West.
“Abbott is so vicious. I just do not know if the people of Taiwan who listened to his speech are stupid enough to get blood boiled by his words.”
Mr Hu then wrote “rational” people in Taiwan would tell Mr Abbott, “It is better for you Australians prepare to fight”.
“Australia can deploy most of its warships around the Chinese mainland and give young Australian soldiers ‘a worthy death defending democracy’,” the editor-in-chief wrote.
Mr Hu said the US and its Asia-Pacific allies are instigating for Taiwan to confront China and separate the island from the country, which he believes is a “dead end”.
“I hope people of Taiwan can have basic judgement and refuse to become pawns or cannon fodder for the interests of the US, Japan and Australia,” he wrote.
“Taiwan is standing at a crossroads. It can walk toward a proud path of peaceful unification but it can also be led to disaster by those evil forces.”
Liberal Senator Jim Molan says there is a possibility China will be “dominant” in our region. “At some stage in the future, should there be a war between China and the United States over Taiwan, I am very keen to make people aware, I guarantee…
Mr Abbott’s visit to Taipei came after China carried out four days of mass air force incursions into Taiwan’s air space.
Delivering a keynote address to the Yushan Forum on Friday, Mr Abbott urged the need for solidarity with Taiwan.
“Sensing that its relative power might have peaked, with its population ageing, its economy slowing, and its finances creaking, it’s quite possible that Beijing could lash out disastrously very soon,” he said.
He took aim at China’s control over Hong Kong, its treatment of the Uighurs and branded Chinese President Xi Jinping “the new red emperor” in the strongly worded speech.
“Beijing has torn-up the ‘one country, two systems’ treaty on Hong Kong; put upwards of a million Uighurs into concentration camps; boosted cyber spying on its own citizens; cancelled popular personalities in favour of a cult of the new red emperor; brutalises Indian soldiers in the Himalayas; coerced other claimants in its eastern seas, and flown evermore intimidatory sorties against Taiwan.
“It’s weaponised trade, especially against Australia, with our barley, wine and coal exports all stopped on spurious safety grounds.
“And its embassy has published 14 demands – essentially that we become a tributary state – that no self-respecting country could accept.”


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  • Cliff 13/10/2021, 6:38 am

    There’s nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal that sees no escape available to it other than attack. Let us all hope and pray that the domestic woes besetting China never get so bad as to put Mr Xi into that state of mind.

    • Aktosplatz 13/10/2021, 9:38 am

      Yes, you just can’t reason with those CCP Lunatics

  • Tamworth 13/10/2021, 8:05 am

    I hope Australia shows the attitude that Sparta showed to Persia
    When Xerxes threatened by writing, “Do you want me to come as a friend, or as an enemy?”
    The Spartans replied,

  • Sir Peter 13/10/2021, 9:05 am

    This why we need nukes and the platform to deliver them.

  • Disgruntled 13/10/2021, 1:31 pm

    China is cracking under pressure! Gosh it seems so if watching this news vid. China’s flood Havoc: Shanxi floods worsens China’s power crisis.


    President Xi Jinping must surely have his work cut out!!
    They have 94000 dams! we dont even have that many puddles after widespread rain!
    In 2020 there were 833 rivers that flowed above warning level!
    On and on; this vid is worth a watch! Cripes and more cripes!!
    Wonder if this news is genuine?? seems so!!

    Our world, she is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig place! and we are but a small pimple!!

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