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 China floods: Bigger drains needed!

 Zhengzhou Henan: Waist-high flooding hits China trains and roads

22.07.21.  Roads and subway stations have been submerged across China’s Henan province as heavy rain has brought severe floods.
One region in Henan has recorded 40cm (15 inches) of rainfall. In Zhengzhou, the city’s entire subway system was forced to close.

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  • luk1955 22/07/2021, 7:13 am

    Ahhhh so BBC is standing up for the commie party by censoring bad news about the little yellow bastards. Their true loyalty is now known. And we are supposed to trust the bbc when they spout get vaccinated endlessly? No thanks.

  • Popular Front 22/07/2021, 8:05 am

    Well this might keep the aggro little bastards from violently threatening their neighbours – and others, including us – on a daily basis. Karma much?

    On a related note, let’s just hope the mighty Three Gorges Dam doesn’t give way eh? I mean, Chinese quality workmanship, what could possibly go wrong?

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