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 Bushfires: 183 arrested for arson!

07.01.20. More than 180 alleged arsonists have been arrested since the start of the bushfire season, with 29 blazes deliberately lit in the Shoalhaven region of southeast NSW in just three months. The Shoalhaven fires were lit between July and September last year, with Kempsey recording 27 deliberately lit fires, NSW Bureau of Crime and Statistics and Research data shows. Police arrested 183 people for lighting bushfires across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in the past few months. NSW police data shows 183 people have been charged or cautioned for bushfire-related offences since November 8, and 24 arrested for deliberately starting bushfires.

Source: David Ross and Imogen Reid, News Corp

Bushfires: Firebugs fuelling crisis as arson arrest toll hits 183

Queensland police say 101 people have been picked up for setting fires in the bush, 32 adults and 69 juveniles.
In Tasmania, where fires have sprung up in the north of the state and outside Hobart, five were caught setting fire to vegetation. Victoria reported 43 charged for 2019.
Melbourne University associate professor Janet Stanley said arsonists were typically young males, aged 12 to 24, or older men in their 60s.
“There is no one profile, but generally they seem to have a background of disadvantage, a traumatic upbringing and often have endured neglect and abuse as a child,” Professor Stanley said. “They are often kids not succeeding in school, or they have left school early and are unemployed. The boundaries between accidentally and purposefully are unclear because many arsonists don’t plan on causing the catastrophe that occurs. Often there is not an intention to cause chaos and the penalties for accidentally lighting a fire are far less than purposefully lighting a fire.”
Swinburne University professor James Ogloff said about 50 per cent of bushfires were lit by firebugs and impending fire seasons excited them. “They’re interested in seeing fire, interested in setting fire and quite often the information around how fires burn and accelerate excites them,” the director of the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science said.

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  • Pensioner Pete 07/01/2020, 8:37 am

    Nothing less than maximum penalties applied, including the lengthy terms of imprisonment with full restoration costs to those affected by their crime.

    • Finn 07/01/2020, 10:29 am

      I have a much more cruel punishment



      3. Once every month for life, they sign at the local police station.

      4. All earnings and property is confiscated by 60 % each year for which a receipt is issued, reducing to a permanent 5% for life. Regardless of pension, work and tax already paid. All lottery wins publicly confiscated.

      5. But NO PRISON.

      (*Like a sex offender, the offence is the result of a mental disturbance. Much more horrifying than the sex offender though, the deaths are multiple, the injuries exceed that by an enormous figure, and the death/Damage of local flora and fauna are cannot recover either by site, sound, or any other standard for 20 years)

  • Ex ADF 07/01/2020, 8:56 am

    I don’t care how disadvantaged these young offenders are. They are complicit in the deaths of citizens and destruction of propert and wildlife. Let them take their character flaws into prison for a minimum of 15 years, no parole.

  • Albert 07/01/2020, 9:24 am

    Some wise judge (there ain’t many of them) said recently that he had never seen a criminal in Singapore come back for a second dose of the rattan cane flogging.
    I don’t give a tuppeny what the Latte Luvvies think, this should be introduced into Australia. Jail does not rehabilitate, it is only a school where they learn more criminal tricks that allow them to re offend at a higher level.

    • Fedup 07/01/2020, 9:40 am

      Albert I totally agree, cane the bastards then very long prison sentences.

    • Bwana Neusi 07/01/2020, 12:13 pm

      I heard that whilst the maximum penalty in Singapore is 24 lashes the maximum ever given was 6 lashes. The re-offence rate was less then one and a half percent for a second offence. the re-offence rate for a third offence was zero.
      Logically our arsonist (euphemistically called a fire bug) should be given three lashes, then three months later given a further three lashes. Chances of re-offending should be zero.

  • ibbit 07/01/2020, 9:40 am

    A formidable form of punishment would be restitution by garnishee – even if social security – for as long as it takes to pay for the damage they caused. In addition, flogging with the rattan cane mentioned above would be a good incentive for them not to do it again.
    Nothing will work though, until the right of parents to discipline children and turn them into responsible members of society is reestablished. by government. The experiment with permisssiveness has failed big time

  • Tony H 07/01/2020, 9:59 am

    Why aren’t we told more about these people? Why are their identities suppressed! We have been threatened before by radical Islamists threatening to set fire to the bush and burn us out! Further these radical green types that were gluing themselves to roads etc prior to Christmas and late last year. What’s stopping these radical Warming cultists from trying to make a point! The emphasis seems to be all about “Climate Emergency” and “ Global Warming” rather than proper management! How all very convenient.

    • Deano 07/01/2020, 11:18 am

      It’s standard practice now for certain favoured minorities to have their identities protected when they commit crimes. An arsonists allegiance with an environmental group would be deemed irrelevant by the current media.

    • JRT 07/01/2020, 3:40 pm

      I agree Tony H, but the chances of the media complying is absolute zero because it negates the sensationalist focus on “Climate Emergency”. Have you noticed that they are pushing the damage figure of 2000 HOMES destroyed (ABC)- not buildings? SKY News just this minute mentioned 672 homes in NSW destroyed. All the biased reporting that surrounds this disaster is aimed at loss caused by ‘climate change’. I have yet to hear a reporter mention the number of arsonists and ask the victims “how should these people be punished?”

  • DT 07/01/2020, 12:05 pm

    I wonder how many extinction rebellion and climate emergency followers are arsonists?

    Since the Tom Foolery Climate Council stunts commenced early 2019 I have suspected they are up to mischief. Their former fire commissioners and Council members first appeared complaining that the PM would not meet with them in April 2019, surely the Premiers were the leaders to meet?

    And the lies from various people including that fire budgets were cut which is untrue, those budgets were increased and RFS most of all.

    Political stunt after political stunt and no doubt all of them realised that with so much build of fuel on the ground, a long dry drought and bushfire season was the perfect fire storm potential.

    And just check out all the excuses, damage control, lies now being told.

    • Deano 08/01/2020, 12:17 am

      I was listening to Justin Smith on Macquarie Radio last Sunday when callers raised the topic of Greenie arsonists as a possibility. Smith immediately howled them down and wrote their suspicion off as utterly ridiculous. I guess he was just following standing orders from his new handler – Nine.

      • Xword 08/01/2020, 6:51 am

        Deano, deliberately watched Sydney’s Channel 9 news two nights ago (switched off a couple of years ago when they employed Chris Uhrlman) to see how they’d handle host Ricky Gervais’ scathing assessment of his live Golden Globes audience. While they screened some pro climate change comments from “celebrities”, Gervais was limited to a couple of seconds’ worth of innocuous intro.

  • Peter W 07/01/2020, 2:50 pm

    I agree with corporal punishment. There has to be severity for the arsonist to take on board. Time that they are held accountable for this despicable crime!

    Extreme hurt has to occur, not free upkeep in a closeted institution where they can brag to the others about their acts.

  • nev 07/01/2020, 3:03 pm

    First off let’s get one thing straight, there is no logic in the use of the word firebug! The use of fire bug appears to be an attempt to disassociate or water down the human element from the crime of arson.
    So at this point Police have arrested and charged 180 with arson. It would not be unreasonable to ask how many of the above would be rabid greenies or have been influenced by the greenie cause?
    Meanwhile a group of greenies cheer and celebrate the burning of the Eden woodchip mill.
    Following the cause of probability one is drawn to ask the obvious question. How many of those greenies celebrating the arson at Eden, have themselves yet to be charged with arson?
    It seems reasonable to suspect that greenies may not only be staunch obstructionists, but fully blooded arsonists as well?

  • PeterW 07/01/2020, 7:52 pm

    The first thing apart from a good kick in the groin from the cops out bush is that their bragging Facebook comments need to be analysed. If indeed these are supporters of the Extinction Rebellion, it needs to be added to the Terrorist Groups making it an illegal entity.
    We also need to know their names and view their mug shots.
    My guess is that Fat Magda’s Egg Boy is one. Now its trying to hide through some charitable organisation.

  • Tony H 07/01/2020, 10:20 pm

    Cops got the scum bags that started the fire at Homebush in Sydney allegedly with fireworks:

    However the scum were taken to court and guess what? They are all Filthy Lebs! They were filmed laughing and joking and pulling faces at everyone as they left the court. The story was pay for view I am unable to copy and paste it here.

  • Cliff 08/01/2020, 6:29 am

    I wish Craig Kelly had managed to squeeze in between interruptions the news of the almost 200 arrests for arson in his Piers Morgan ‘interview’.

    I also believe, with some disquiet, that if no Extinction Rebellion, Extreme Greens, Muslim radicals (or just incredibly stupid ‘Lebbo’ teenagers who imagine themselves to be Muslim radicals) AT ALL have been responsible for any (not even one) of the fires currently burning, some – stress some – among those ranks will have taken note what an effective weapon widespread bushfires are to use against a society too many among these dissident groups considers to be their enemy.

    (That’s us, for those who struggle to get through my too long sentences.)

    The Japanese military spent considerable effort trying to start bushfires in the US during WW2 by launching incendiary balloons from submarines. We have homegrown enemies within the borders of our nation who don’t have to use delivery systems any more sophisticated than a cigarette butt thrown out a car window to achieve the same – and with far greater effect than the Japanese Navy achieved.

    If there’s anyone out there who thinks there aren’t people out there who have not taken note of the effect these fires have had – and are having – they are delusional or selectively blind.

    A bit like the Left and ‘our’ ABC.

  • SC 09/01/2020, 9:11 am

    This article is based on incorrect information.

  • Zodiac Mindwarp 09/01/2020, 9:53 am

    183 people have been charged with with fire-related offences this bushfire season — but most of those were for throwing cigarettes out car windows or breaking laws related to fire bans. Twenty-four people were charged with deliberately starting fires.

  • Mark Clark 23/01/2020, 9:21 am

    Clearly, we have issues in early identification of these offenders.
    1.There is a need for a national register for arsonists;
    2. Joint taskforces consisting of fire, police and mental health professionals
    3. Indefinite sentencing as habitual arsonists cannot be rehabilitated. The provisions in law for “Habitual Criminal” should be reinstated in criminal law. Amended out in Qld, for example, in 1993
    4. Fund Australian Institute of Criminology to research this category of crime

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