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 Bruce Pascoe: a fraud for all to see?

28.11.19.  Whatever Bruce Pascoe’s true motive was for passing himself off as an Australian Aborigine makes a total farce of the so-called indigenous meaning. How did it come to be that no Aborigine elder anywhere in terra nullis did not question Pascoe’s claim? This must raise the question: how many more opportunists are floating around the landscape sans a single drop of Aboriginal blood—what ever that is? Given the sudden and unquestioned rise in those claiming Aboriginality DNA testing is only fair to all Australians. Time to stop being suckers and being called racists! As for Pascoe’s reason to be Aborigine, that will keep the psychiatrists busy for a while. Perhaps a crook could sum it up in a word?
One of Australia’s most powerful clan leaders, Galarrwuy Yunupingu, is seeking what could be $700m in compensation from the commonwealth over the Gove mine in the Northern Territory, which began extracting bauxite from his people’s traditional lands in 1969.
Source: Andrew Bolt, Sun Herald 

Andrew Bolt: Shadows of doubt over Bruce Pascoe’s history

By the time he turned 40, “historian” Bruce Pascoe had decided to call himself Aboriginal but over the years his history has changed. If he can’t tell his own story right, why trust his history of Aborigines, asks Andrew Bolt. It’s important for best-selling “historian” Bruce Pascoe to call himself Aboriginal. It’s helped him to get away with wild untruths.
What inspired him? Was it the Canberra Times review in 1988 of his novel Fox, about a fugitive searching for his Aboriginality?
The critic said Fox would have been better if Pascoe wasn’t white.
“Pascoe is, after all, imagining the psyche of an Aboriginal person; and it is not possible for him to convey all that the concept of ‘my people’ would mean to, say, Colin Johnson …
“He writes as a humane, informed liberal, but as a white man as well.”
How that must have annoyed Pascoe, especially when Johnson, hailed as the author of the first Aboriginal novel,Wild Cat Falling, turned out not to be Aboriginal at all.
It was around then that Pascoe identified as Aboriginal himself. A profile in The Australian this year said: “By the time he was 40, he had fully identified as Koori.” Which suggests 1987.
Pascoe claims he’d had his suspicions before then but it was a family secret.
No longer. Pascoe shouted it out: “I am in fact Aboriginal,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.
Several times he said he was Aboriginal through his mother’s grandmother, adding: “It does my soul good to go back and talk [Aboriginal] words that my great-grandmother would have spoken.”
Critics now lapped up his work, no matter how weird it became.
They even overlooked the fact that his big hit – Dark Emu – included incredible misquotations of its sources.
How else could Pascoe have argued that the historians had been wrong. Aborigines had not been hunter-gatherers but sophisticated farmers, living in “towns” of up to 1000 people, in “houses” with “pens” for animals. (Koalas, perhaps?)
How critics loved it. Pascoe’s book was short-listed for the Victorian Premier’s Award for Indigenous Writing and won Book of the Year and the Indigenous Writers Prize at the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.
It was when the ABC this month said it would screen a two-part series promoting Pascoe and his bogus theory that I wrote two articles exposing him. Researchers on the dark-emu-exposed.org site debunked scores of his claims.
Yet ABC presenters still defend Pascoe, with two – Patricia Karvelas and Virginia Trioli – implying I was racist to criticise him. See how critic-proof it is to be Aboriginal?
But how Aboriginal is Pascoe really?
A decade ago I said Pascoe had “chosen” to be Aboriginal.
Pascoe responded in a 2012 essay which, curiously, conceded he’d been wrong about the ancestor – his great-grandmother? – that he’d thought was Aboriginal: “My cousin had discovered the woman we thought was our Aboriginal ancestor was, in fact, born in England.”
But lucky Bruce! Lightning struck his family tree twice more at least: “Both my mother’s and father’s families had an Aboriginal connection.”
Pascoe’s book was short-listed for the Victorian Premier’s Award for Indigenous Writing and won Book of the Year and the Indigenous Writers Prize at the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.
What that precise “connection” is, Pascoe hasn’t publicly explained and refuses to tell me.
But his publisher says Pascoe belongs to no fewer than three Aboriginal groups: “Pascoe is a writer of Tasmanian, Bunurong and Yuin descent.”
This surprises Josephine Cashman, an inaugural member of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council, who tweeted: “Pascoe is not Aboriginal. My son is Yuin and his father doesn’t know who is.”
Genealogist Jan Holland is also surprised. She went through births, deaths and marriage records, and more, and found that every one of Pascoe’s ancestors on both sides of his family was of British descent.
Take his mother’s “Aboriginal” grandmother. She was either a Mrs Smith, who never left England, or Elizabeth Jane Hall. I have Hall’s records before me: her dad was from Tynemouth, England, and mum from Durham.
Of course, there could be a mistake, but Pascoe won’t tell me what it is.
The point is not just that Pascoe probably doesn’t deserve protection as an “Aboriginal writer”. If he can’t tell his own history right, why trust his history of Aborigines?
The answer is: you can’t. Just see how he misquotes his sources.
As I’ve shown elsewhere, Charles Sturt, for instance, writes of meeting “3 or 400” Aborigines near Cooper Creek; Pascoe changes this to Sturt meeting “nearly 1000”.
Sturt says these Aborigines lived in an “encampment” of “huts”, mostly “constructed of boughs”; Pascoe changes this to a “town” – a “model community” – with “timber and thatch houses” with “animal holding pens” that Pascoe invented.
There are scores of such misquotations, inventions and exaggerations in Pascoe’s books and lectures.
But as long as he’s an “Aboriginal historian”, who’d be “racist” enough to object?

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  • DT 28/11/2019, 6:50 am

    Many years ago I was visiting friends, one a teacher who provided coaching services for high school students. A client student was scheduled to visit and it was suggested that I take note of the tall, good looking, blonde hair and blue eyes young man.

    After he left the house I was told that he is an indigenous student allowance recipient because way back in the family history there was an indigenous woman and his mother had based the welfare claim on that.

    I understand that the Dodson brothers, one now a Senator, had an Irish blue eyes blonde hair father and mother a mix of Australian indigenous and Malaysian.

    I have mixed ancestry but I was born here, and therefore I am an Australian, as we all should be, with one welfare system for all who are in need of it.

  • Geoff 28/11/2019, 7:33 am

    I am afraid that this all adds up to the plethora of benefits available, and the cash handouts. Realistically, if DNA testing was applied to every person who claims aboriginality, the results would cull 75%.
    This is the greatest scam perpetrated on the Australian people, and no one is game to challenge it.
    Also, I have had enough of the claim that Aborigines managed the land with fire. They were itinerants, and continually moved to where food, predominately fauna, was available. They did not burn the land to manage it. They set fire to grasslands, to force the dear, innocent creatures to flee the flames, spearing them in their terror. They left the fire to take care of itself.
    The Aborigines were always at war with each other, and a common language was non-existent.
    I remember a quote from a study on race, which described them as ‘The Miserablest People in the World’.
    ‘The Miserablest People in the World’: Race, Humanism and the Australian Aborigine’.
    Kay Anderson & Colin Perrin

    A lot of informative reading, particularly on a wet day, and very interesting.

    • lorraine 28/11/2019, 9:16 am

      nothing has changed in fact that is the best description I have heard .”the most miserablest people in the world” I add the almost un educatable people

      • Disgruntled 28/11/2019, 12:29 pm

        Should add, the most pampered also!!!

        What they { that is the “privileged” ones only, by the way } get is absolutely mind boggling while some are overlooked.
        In this region years ago they mostly drove old clapped out Holdens and Valiants but not anymore, it’s the latest and greatest and the old cars are for the whites. There are a few getting around in older cars and they are mostly the genuine decent black fella who you would be proud to associate with.

        There have been many ventures funded and set up for their good but ultimately these never get finished or fail after a short time. And bugger me, another money wasting venture starts again, to again amount to nothing.

        One thing they have is a real good hospital with very good doctors and staff. If you need proper attention that is the place to go to, much better than the hospitals in the other towns. One thing though, they have a decent helipad that cannot be used because the kids rock {thats throw at not shake} the helicopter and there is nothing that can be done so the evacuations have to be from a neighbouring town.

        All this is because the police {they get their vehicles rocked frequently} cannot do anything to juveniles and neither can the local indigenous elders who really do want to do something, but they cannot either. Everyone in this area just have accept that juveniles are “protected” with crime out of control and I guess that this all comes from membership of the despotic U.N. with the Australian lefties embracing all this with extreme enthusiasm.

        Once there was a decent old elder who used to move around with a stock whip and kept proper law and order, but things changed and he was promptly stopped and now the police are not even to have a full on face to face proper rousing any more, and every one has a video phone and uses them with gay abandon with a lot of times having the police in strife.

        I must add though that there are many real decent people in the community who are really pillars of society and they also have to suffer along with the rest of us and there are also some horrible whites too!!

      • Grumpy Geezer 28/11/2019, 3:25 pm

        lorraine, you would have to be the most uneducated person in the world. Your attempts at using the English Language are those of an illiterate, racist fool.
        How dare you cast aspersions on others because of race, when your ignorance on all matters makes you the laughing stock of this great site.
        Look at the grammatical mistakes in your short post.
        Sentance starting without a Capital. The use of double negative “most miserablest”. Uneducable is the word you are looking for.
        Did you leave school in 5th grade? Did you even go to school?

      • MM Ed 28/11/2019, 4:30 pm

        Grumpy Geezer, Lorraine is a long time commenter on this blog. She has been through much and you attacking her as you did is NOT on mate. I know where you post and I know how pedantic you are. Your rudeness warrants an apology—do the right thing please! MM.Ed.

      • Neville 28/11/2019, 10:08 pm

        MMEd, Geezer would surely HAVE to be a getup or a lefty-greeny subversive agent, wouldn’t he?
        I’m afraid I had to gently take him to task over his lefty-trolling post on the Angus Taylor matter, here earlier today.
        Ah well …

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 28/11/2019, 8:51 am

    A few facts about Gove for yez. When Gove and Groote Eylandt were kicking off we flew a lot of gear in from Brisbane and also Darwin and got there by guess and by God when the weather was a bit off because they didn’t have any radio aids to help us find the joints. Groote had been a flying boat base long before and it was easier to find because it is an island. Steel girders, sometimes just one was a load for it weighed five or six tons, the Gove hospital bit by bit, all by freighter, even got hero status when Groote ran out of grog and I hauled in five or six tons of the stuff for they gave the two of us ‘barra and muddies to take home plus we couldn’t put our hands in our pockets in the bar that night. The locals were a pretty raggedy arsed mob but in reasonable nick because of the sea one would imagine, also Indonesia and Malaya aren’t all that far away and women are pretty much women anywhere so a bit of interbreeding was also evident. Basically they hadn’t progressed much in the supposed forty thousand years but Nabalco in Gove and Gemco on Groote have advanced them exponentially in the ensuing fifty odd years when they did bugger all in the preceding forty thousand.

  • TommyGun 28/11/2019, 9:15 am

    I was walking in the street in Cygnet (Tasmania) last week and there, in a shop window was a poster advertising that this lying flog, Pascoe is coming to speak (in January, I think) and, for only $50, you, too, can come along and hear him spout lies and BS!
    The SE Tasmanian Aboriginal corporation is a real hotbed of money-grubbing activism…and not a black face to be seen!!
    He reminds me of that brainless cow in the US a few years ago who, despite having white parents, “identified” as black.
    It’s called “Mental Illness”.

    • Deano 28/11/2019, 11:47 am

      And it’s interesting to note that while many conservatives might disagree with Pascoe’s claims, he will still be allowed to make speeches and sell his book in peace. Contrast that with the behaviour of their side when dealing with an identity promoting ideas they disagree with.

  • lorraine 28/11/2019, 9:19 am

    Liars are aplenty in 2019

  • seadogger 28/11/2019, 8:26 pm

    Every day has its upside and today is one of those days.. announced that Sam Watson had passed.. another aboriginal activist that contributed zero benefit to his peoples well being.

  • runrabbitrun 01/12/2019, 8:19 am

    For a true understanding on aboriginal tribal life, read “The Australian Race”, EM Curr, 1886. Vols 1-3. Freely available on line. It gives a tribe by tribe account. So just open at any tribe and read. It is not pretty. It is not for the SJWs. It makes “Dark Emu” laughable, if such a fraud is? Spit in the jar Bruce. Australia is waiting. Return the prize and receive one for an admirable understanding of the gullibility of the left.

  • Mark TAPLIN 11/12/2019, 11:15 pm

    This charleton and fraud needs to be called out,
    as does the ABC for its shameless and deceitful promotion of this lowlife.
    How is it that the left always back losers?
    Because turds of a feather crap together 😉
    PS Democrats have walked into a Trump-trap.
    Well I’ll be Demned!!

  • janine gardiner 25/01/2020, 6:43 pm

    We need to all be vigilant when someone claims to have an Aboriginal heritage and to claim that they know history without any evidence and then to put into a fictional book and pass off as non fiction is dangerous. One can’t re-write history based on “bullshit”. Dark emu is both fiction and a capitalistic grab at money and fame using others for gain

  • Andrew Graham 06/03/2020, 7:03 am

    It appears that Bruce Pascoe has triggered a debate on a question you Australians should have addressed a long time ago. What can we learn of, and from, the people who occupied this land before us. They found a unique environment and learnt how to use it’s resources to survive. That their descendants still survive is testimony to their success. If you wish yours to survive as long as theirs, you need to learn from their history how you can achieve that .

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