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 Border wars for political gain

22.05.20. The main attraction tonight Ladies and gentlemen, and of course what ever other species of amoeba you choose to be, in centre ring is NSW Premier Gladys Berejilian wearing the new and improved titanium nose guard. Standing in the silly corner is the Wanker from WA, Labor’s Mark McGowan. Squatting on the kiddies potty in the failures corner is the obnoxious farting toad from Queensland, The PalaceDuck.
Opposing stances on coronavirus restrictions related to state borders has exposed rivalries between premiers, with several leaders taking swings at each other as tensions boiled over this week. Ms Berejiklian wants the return of domestic tourism to help the economy, and has been leading the push to convince other states to scrap travel restrictions. Out west, Mr McGowan has remained adamant the WA border would remain closed for months, taking exception to being told what to do, and landing a few jabs.

Source: ABC

Premiers sling barbs at each other over border policies as coronavirus restrictions ease

Meanwhile, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also entered the ring, holding the rope for her Transport Minister Mark Bailey, neither missing a chance to take a crack at the southerners.
Here’s what’s been said as the border issue heats up.
The WA Premier’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been well received and, according to Ms Berejikillan, he is bickering with NSW to keep his popularity high.
When Ms Berejiklian said closed states would hurt the national economic recovery, Mr McGowan was quick to suggest NSW was in no place to give advice.
“New South Wales had the Ruby Princess — I mean, seriously? And they are trying to give us advice on our borders, seriously?”
“Do you think I should listen to them? I’m not listening to them.
“Some eastern states politicians don’t like it … but it is based on health advice, it is the best thing for the state.
“It’s odd, New South Wales is saying don’t catch public transport in Sydney, they’re restricting the number of people who can go to a restaurant or cafe far more than Western Australia is, yet they’re saying ‘why can’t New South Wales people fly to Western Australia?’
“We’re not going to give in to that sort of bullying by the New South Wales Premier, or anyone else.”
Mr McGowan said WA would not succumb to pressure from Canberra after Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said if COVID-19 continued to be successfully suppressed states should relax border controls.
“I know the New South Wales Premier is unhappy, I know Mr Birmingham is unhappy. But frankly, bad luck,” he said.
“It might inconvenience the New South Wales Premier and some people from the eastern states, but frankly, I don’t give a damn.”
She fired one of the first shots while announcing an end to travel restrictions, positioning NSW as central to the success of the rest of Australia.
“We intend to keep our borders open. We think that’s best for New South Wales but also best for Australia. We’ll play our part as the largest state, traditionally the economic powerhouse of the nation, to make sure we engage as much economic activity as possible.” she said.
When speaking about her opposition to the other premiers’ border shutdowns, said she would “probably feel offended if they told me how to do my job”, but then added:
“I often joke with the Queensland Premier that I’ll end up going to Auckland before I go to Brisbane if we continue the way we are going.”
Ms Berejiklian has suggested closures may be more about politics than health.
“In fact, I’m sure those premiers are getting more popular in their states for keeping their borders closed.”
She has also pointed out that, as international travel ground to a halt during the pandemic, NSW had been the “gateway to Australia”, playing a crucial role in helping people in other states get home.
“The irony is that we have been doing that for all the states, for a significant number of months, so we have been supporting them [other states],” she said.
“And we proudly say we’re the global city of Australia, we’re the gateway to Australia. And we’ve taken on that role during the pandemic.”
At times, Ms Palaszczuk has appeared frustrated when defending the ongoing border closures, which will be reviewed monthly but are unlikely to ease before September.
She has been open to creating a domestic travel bubble with states other than NSW and Victoria.
“Unfortunately, New South Wales and Victoria have that community transmission and they have to get that under control before we allow visitors to come here,” she said.
“You know what, when we get through this together, I’ll be the number one supporter going down there and urging people to come here.”
Mr Bailey took aim directly at Ms Berejiklian, and said his Government “won’t be lectured” by the “worst performing state in Australia”.
“There were 33 times the number of active cases in NSW compared to Queensland,” he said.
“NSW needs to get its act together and get community transmission down and we will all be better off throughout this nation, including in Queensland.”
Chief Medical Officers don’t want ‘countries within countries’
While the states have been clashing over what they see as best for their residents, the nation’s top medical officers have stepped in to clarify what they think is the best way forward.
Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly on Wednesday said there was never national advice issued that states should close their borders, but he respected their decision to do so “to protect their own population”.
“From a medical point of view, I can’t see why the borders are still closed, but as I said that’s for the states and territories to decide when that time is right for them,” he said.
Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nick Coatsworth said decisions about reopening were up to each state.
“At the moment though, with the small number of cases Australia-wide, it is challenging to see the medical benefit of keeping State borders closed for lengthy periods of time going forward,” he told Channel Nine’s Today Show.
“The national strategy is suppression. Which means we are not going for zero cases Australia-wide. So we expect to see small numbers of cases come up now and again.
“I think it is important that that national strategy of suppression is a national strategy. That we don’t have countries within countries during this pandemic.
“Closing the borders may lead to an expectation that you can have zero cases in a particular area until there is a vaccine. I think that would put too much pressure on the nation, of course.
“It is looking for an outcome that we are not even sure that is going to happen. Which is a vaccine that could be 12–18 months away or could never happen.”

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  • Pensioner Pete 22/05/2020, 6:18 am

    And where is ScoMo in all this bickering? Lost in action? ScoMo’s lack of national leadership is on display for all to see and the time is well and truly due for his replacement as PM with someone possessing a set.

    • Lorraine 22/05/2020, 8:30 am

      Really PP for all to see the Federal Government has the money the States have all the say, Leadership is your beef well ask the State Premiers to back off. Scott Morrison has done a good job

      • JG 22/05/2020, 10:02 am

        Really PP the states are the ones who are the flies in the ointment. Grab the money and stand on their soap box. Sco Mo is going a good job.

    • Pensioner Pete 22/05/2020, 10:18 am

      If ScoMo was any sort of leader, he would have invited the brawling state Premiers to a conference and worked as a true leader would, to bring about a resolution. Instead he stands by the sidelines whilst this bickering continues along it’s path of economic destruction.

      ScoMo is not a leader’s bootlace and his inaction in bringing peace among the states proves this to be so.

      • DT 22/05/2020, 11:35 am

        To a conference PP?

        So please explain what the PM established weekly meeting National Leaders Cabinet is?

        States rights prevail and the Federal Government cannot stop the Premiers from imposing restrictions or easing them.

      • Big Al 22/05/2020, 11:36 am

        PP, you’re right on the mark.

        A true leader would have rounded up all those tin-pot premiers, and chief ministers, as soon as this b/s began and told them straight out: Stop your f***ing bickering, or I’ll stop the (printing) press, but if the money press stops, I’ll start the printing press and let everyone know who caused the money press to stop; your choice, but I need your answer right now.

      • Disgruntled 22/05/2020, 2:06 pm

        I have to stand with Pete and Al in this stoush.
        Scomo is passable; but only just!; He is better than the alternative but that is not really saying a lot for him!!

        Why does he sit by and let the states do what they do without even a wimper? That’s not really good leadership, is it?

        Surely he could be a bit more assertive: just a teenie bit would be a start. It is about time that he showed (just a bit) the states where the loot comes from and stress to them that they need to perform in an accecptable way.

        There are quite a few things that he had been a dissapointment with; but I guess one cannot be all things to all people eh?; but. blimey he does need to improve quite considerably!!

    • DT 22/05/2020, 11:33 am

      Why do you keep blaming the PM, isn’t it clear enough that State constitutional law powers and sovereignty block Federal intervention?

      • Pensioner Pete 22/05/2020, 12:26 pm

        I blame the PM because he is no leader, as I have stated quite clearly numerous times, if he had an ounce of leadership in him, he would take up the challenge and have the miscreant premiers at the negotiating table to thrash out a solution.

        ScoMo is not moving on this at all, thus showing quite clearly, he is devoid of leadership capabilities, something which this nation really, really needs, right now.

    • Philippe Armstrong 22/05/2020, 6:07 pm

      Scomo is simply what may as well be Turdball Mark2. Another who does not have a set. Turdball was a fake and sabateur. Scomo simply does not have the intestinal fortitude to return the Liberals to an actual conservative party. They have not been a conservative party since the 70s.

  • Steve 22/05/2020, 6:22 am

    Yes the wanker from WA is really getting off on his new found power and control of the people. The fools that are patting this moron on the back every day are making things worse but do you think they can see what they’re doing? Not a chance and the dumb fools will attack those of us who don’t agree. Sound familiar?

    • Lorraine 22/05/2020, 8:32 am

      sure does, I have been attacked as I pressed to be released from home detention. I ,along with my actions would kill people

  • Albert 22/05/2020, 8:48 am

    The time has come for a very thorough rewrite of the constitution and the role of state governments and unconstitutional local government.

    • Disgruntled 22/05/2020, 2:22 pm

      Albert; Would be good if it could be made to work properly eh!

      Local Gov. could surely do with a good tune-up in a lot of ways!
      Especially with the “democratic” representation where most of the Cr’s can live in a heap and the outlying areas have very little representation.
      The shire that I live in has an example of that very problem where all but one Cr. live in the one end but the democratic requirements are fulfilled.

  • Rubyred 22/05/2020, 9:33 am

    It is a wonder that all these Labor Premiers don’t do a Daniel Andrews and join the Belt and Road scheme for the Chinese Govt to take control of Australia. They are deluding themselves if they think the people will thank them for destroying the economy to score a few points for their next elections. Still Communists are not known for their brains or humanity. It is all about power. As for the Liberal Premier Marshall he is a fool for following their lead. South Australia is a desert except for Adelaide and who would want to go there in the winter.

  • Aktosplatz 22/05/2020, 9:38 am

    Aren’t they all childish? Behaving like a bunch of kids. Just listen to them

  • Geoff 22/05/2020, 11:20 am

    I can see Plukkachook’s reasoning for keeping the QLD borders closed, until September.
    The QLD general election is due in 31 October. Plukka is keeping the border closure in place, until some time in September.
    When the border is opened, Plukka will claim that her closure has saved the lives of a swag of Queenslanders, by protecting them from those nasty virus spreaders from down South. (Bear in mind that QLD deaths would have been negligible, regardless of Plukka’s restrictions).
    “Had I not kept the borders closed, we would all be ‘rooned’. “See how good I am”. (‘FIG JAM’ comes to mind)
    Plukka will parrot this line, during the election campaign, ‘ad nauseum’.
    Anyway, Trad still has a very big say over what Plukka says and does.
    BTW, I see that Labor will organise Trad as a Senator for Queensland, in the Federal Government, ASAP.

    • Pensioner Pete 22/05/2020, 12:30 pm

      So Triad will be rewarded by becoming a Labor Senator, a reward for sending Queensland into a spiralling unrecoverable situation of debt, currently in the realms of $93 Billion, expected to exceed $100 Billion in a few months.

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