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Blow after blow on global warming.

Stick a fork in it, it’s done!

Looks like Time will have to dust off their old 1977 prediction – one of the world’s most respected climate scientists, Dr Fred Singer, has published an article admitting what top scientists have privately been conceding – carbon dioxide (CO2) Acts to cool the atmosphere, not heat it.

With Does the Greenhouse Gas CO2 cool the climate‘ Professor Singer, emeritus professor of environmental science at the University of Virginia grudgingly admits this and adds, “Much further work awaits!”

This comes on the heels of the fact that ever more peer-reviewed papers are abandoning the so-called greenhouse gas theory, 17 such papers have been published in recent months.
Singer’s latest admission is a big boost to the findings of 1,300+ independent scientists and researchers (The ‘Slayers’) at Principia Scientific International (PSI). Since publication of their ground-breaking book in 2010 the ‘Slayers’ have insisted that empirical scientific evidence, proves CO2 cools the climate.

As such, the trace atmospheric gas therefore cannot be blamed for global warming or act as earth’s climate’s control knob.

Singer’s latest admission proves there is a growing, undeniable, intellectual schism among the world’s leading climate experts. Singer reveals his change of thinking has come after private discussions with the brightest and best, including Professor William Happer. Happer called climate science “a glassy-eyed cult.”

The greenhouse gas theory predicts that more CO2 in the air causes higher temperatures by “trapping” heat and/or delaying cooling. Even NASA had bought into the non-science nonsense that CO2 was guilty and earth’s atmosphere acts like a greenhouse. This theory was well refuted in ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory.’

In the eight years since publication, this important book is being vindicated by the real world evidence, so something has clearly gone awry with the theory. Even to non-scientists, it is very clear that ever-rising levels of atmospheric CO2 are out of step with global temperatures, which have remained stubbornly flat for a generation.

Professor Singer writes of the “puzzling ineffectiveness of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in warming the climate”.

Implying that government climate science has been on the wrong track since the 1980’s Singer observes:

“Such is the power of group-think that even experts, with some exception, find the idea that CO2 might cool the climate difficult to accept.“

That “some exception” is Principia Scientific International (PSI). PSI has been forthright in challenging both alarmists and lukewarmists to openly and publicly debate the theory, but there have been no takers.

In 2015 the ‘Slayers’ drew ire from Singer after senior PSI scientist, Joseph E Postma published ‘Dr Fred Singer’s Position Consistent with No Radiative Greenhouse Gas Effect.’

Postma, a young Canadian space scientist, had the temerity to claim Singer stood apart from other lukewarmers and was “converging on the truth” after Singer published an article where he conceded climate sensitivity to CO2 was “close to zero.” At the time Singer confessed:

“I should note that I am somewhat out of step here with my fellow skeptics. Few of them would agree with me that the climate sensitivity is indeed close to zero. I will have to publish the analyses to prove my point and try to convince them. Of course, nothing, no set of facts, will ever convince the confirmed climate alarmists.”

Fellow PSI scientist, Dr Pierre R Latour spoke of discussions he had with Singer, both in person and in emails. At the time Singer conceded there were problems when assessing molecular transition and lapse rate. Latour wrote:

“I met Singer at his University of Houston lecture hosted by Prof Larry Bell on February 6, 2012 and his several talks at the latest Heartland Institute ICCC, Las Vegas, July 7-9, 2014….Singer correctly notes there are several different temperatures involved; a source of confusion I discovered years ago. The Greenhouse Gas Effect Theory (GHE) literature is intellectually incoherent, a mess. He is correct to point out atmospheric global warming ceased since 1997 until now, 2014. The globe warms about half the time, 4.6 billion/2 = 2.3 billion years. It cools half the time also.

Singer now thinks it is possible that CO2 could be the one ‘greenhouse gas’ that “produces cooling of the climate when its molecular transitions are in a region of positive lapse rate.”

Professor Singer points to persuasive new scientific findings now triggering a reassessment of CO2’s role in climate. Singer clarified further:

“Another example is temperature over the winter poles. While the climate cooling is not obvious, it counters warming.”

While Singer, Happer et al. play catch up elsewhere climate realism has taken hold already. Even in Japan, scientists are pointing out the hidden fatal errors James Hansen et al. rely on and another paper in 2018 shows how our planet’s temperature is easily explained without reliance on any greenhouse emissions.

Recently, Russian scientists have declared the ‘greenhouse gas’ science is dead as global cooling sets in.

And a team of Italian scientists are demanding a wider and “deep re-examination” of the failing theory.

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  • Pensioner Pete 04/07/2018, 5:05 am

    It seems the Global Warming crap is unraveling at long last, what shall these drongo’s come up with to replace Global Warming now it is beginning to fall out of favor? I wait with bated breath.

    • tommygun 04/07/2018, 5:07 am

      Yep; the Russkies believe that things will cool down due to the sun’s activity (or lack thereof).

      • DT 04/07/2018, 7:19 am

        Russia has been building nuclear and conventional power ice breaker ships for some time, and even barges carrying small nuclear reactor power stations ready for the now cooling faster conditions.

    • Bwana Neusi 04/07/2018, 12:01 pm

      Simples! The Paris accord will continue its dedication to reducing CO2 “Pollution” but the new Mantra will be “Global Cooling”.
      Don’t expect any change in Big Brother’s attempts to wrestle your dollar from you for the worthy cause.

  • Muphin 04/07/2018, 5:27 am

    Please read Tony Abbott’s “Bob Carter” Lecture – Why We MUST Pull Out Of The Paris Agreement. ..


    • DT 04/07/2018, 7:20 am

      Tony Abbott is of course right.

  • luk1955 04/07/2018, 6:37 am

    The planet is an open ended system. The earth loses its heat by radiating the heat into space. After all hot air rises, esp. when that hot air comes from the mouths of politicians. But the heat goes out into the vast universe and that is why our planet is more cold than warm. Something all these scientists never mention. That we live in an open ended system and not a closed system. With all the lab tests being done in closed containers, it is no wonder the results are fake and full of fudging.

    • DT 04/07/2018, 7:26 am

      As (Lord) Christopher Monckton, a brilliant maths expert, proved when he audited the UN IPCC climate change data and discovered the “fudging” that does not match historical record data.

      And then came “climate gate” hacked emails released shortly before the Copenhagen Conference of exchanges and notes between the small group of UN IPCC plotters who created the fake data.

      And before the Paris Conference admissions from a number of UN officials that the agenda was socialism attacking capitalism as the world has known it, and not really about the environment. Redistribution of developed nation’s wealth, etc.

      PM Abbott remarked: “I will not stand for socialism masquerading as environmentalism” – 2015.

      • Graham Richards 04/07/2018, 10:35 pm

        We have power generators having to purchase “certificates” which is obviously the carbon tax in action!
        Our petrol prices are at $1.60 + while the crude oil price is at $+-68.00 / barrel.
        Some years ago when oil was around $100.00 / barrel petrol didn’t even get anywhere near $1.60/litre. WHY the difference, why is the price skyrocketing like electricity. I smell that carbon tax by stealth at work, courtesy of Turnbull.
        Are the oil companies being forced into the purchase of “certificates” as well for the carbon tax by stealth scheme. Someone must have a lead on this. A simple yes or no from a trustworthy source would be good to hear. If it’s the certificates scam at work the public need to know before any election comes around!

  • DT 04/07/2018, 7:17 am

    Mid 1980s was when the socialists hijacked real science and used Time Magazine to promote Climate Change agenda, global warming hoax.

    Strong, Soros, Gore and other wealthy leftists the creators of the scare campaign and related crony capitalism based on renewable energy, emissions trading schemes, carbon taxes, and much more.

    And don’t forget the UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 infiltration and impacts on our way of life as it used to be.

    • Pensioner Pete 04/07/2018, 8:17 am

      DT: The cure for those you mention, is as per the Daleks of Doctor Who fame, “Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate.”

  • Graham 04/07/2018, 2:43 pm

    Of course the latest proclamation by Al Gore and his sycophants will be Global Warming – No, Climate Change – No, lets go to Global Cooling. Stop Co2 emissions because they are cooling the planet.

  • Clarion Call 04/07/2018, 3:33 pm

    Now we’re going to freeze to death and it’s all our fault!….again/still. Heat is out…cold is the new mantra by the climate control thieves. Get ready for a switch in direction. However, the ‘give us all yer money’ chant will still remain as the ‘medium is the message’ meme continues apace, albeit with a new hat. Nothing ever matters except the money….yours and mine included.

  • angry 04/07/2018, 7:33 pm

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