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bendigo values

bendigo valuesBendigo virtue
Bret Harte

If one goes here to the “Aussie Muslims” site one finds the Bendigo Islamic Association Inc. making a plea for financial aid to build a mosque in Bendigo.

They point out that Latrobe University in Bendigo has provided its Muslim students, plus any Muslim in Bendigo, with a “musallah” – a space to pray in – on its campus.

Nothing to be amazed at here – all ex-university students will remember how their particular university campus was dotted with Jewish synagogues, non-conformist bethels, shrines, Catholic chapels, chancels, folds, Hindu temples, Protestant churches, Amish meeting houses and so on. Yeah, neither do I.

Be that as it may, the Bendigo Islamic Association points out that the musallah is too small for future expected growth and a proper mosque is needed. Respectfully and politely they ask the fellow Muslims to send a donation to achieve their very proper dream.

Where to send the donation? Why, as follows:

Bendigo Adelaide Bank
Account Name: Bendigo Islamic Association Inc
BSB: 633-000
Account No: 140643933

All very right and proper. We have freedom of religion in Australia, though a steadily eroding freedom of speech, and it is only fair that any religion should be allowed to build its house of worship. Not only fair, but it is discrimination not to.

But now that this has emerged the question arises – suppose the Bendigo Islamic Association had its bank account in the Commonwealth, and the Stop the Mosque group had its account in the Bendigo, would the Bank have closed the account? Would their self-praise for their ‘values’ have led them to expel their customer?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then we have censorship on a scale never before seen in this country.

This country? Anywhere in the free world.

And the Councillors who are Bendigo Bank customers what will happen to them if they vote against the Bendigo Islamic Associations development application?

Consistency demands that they have their Bendigo bank accounts closed as well.

Suppose the case that the development application is rejected by the Council. It has an account with Bendigo Bank. Consistency once again demands that the account is closed since Council’s decision does not meld with Bendigo Bank’s virtue.

And what is the situation if some Councillor, or anyone for that matter who supports the thrust of the Stop the Mosque, has a mortgage through Bendigo or an overdraft account, will the Bank call in the mortgage? Consistency demands it.

Suppose another instance. Suppose the Bendigo Bank closed the account AFTER representations from the Association, or anyone, for that matter, who had an account with them? Is that possible?

If it was then it would be disgusting.

Surely it is up to the Bank to issue a statement clarifying the situation?

It does not look good for Australia. If an account is closable on PC grounds, which customer will be next? If it was done under any kind of pressure, then Bendigo’s chat about ‘values’ is hypocritical.

And if it was closed on PC grounds then you can’t help feeling for the Association. It makes their statement that they want to “Play a central role in encouraging dialogue and harmony amongst the multicultural and multi-faith society of Bendigo,” look very odd indeed.

Bendigo bank will have caught them up in a war they did not want.

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  • Likeatreat 26/04/2014, 1:14 pm

    None of that council stuff will be tested, because they will not disagree. I have emailed Bendigo twice for confirmation or denial of these stories, and their feelings about them. The first time I did this, I was still a customer with an account number. I have had no reply at all, not even to say that their policy is on the website, look there. I don’t think too many are following me out, or there would have been some change by now, pure unadulterated apathy, nothing changes. I was told previously to take action by contacting Tony Abbott or my local Member, already done that, on other issues, all that comes back from there is spin.

  • Albert 26/04/2014, 2:00 pm

    L.a.t, I agreed with you last week when you said that nobody would react to Bendigo Bank’s bastardry. Also hinted that the overwhelming apathy of their customers would see Bendigo Bank come out on top resulting in yet another win to Islamics and their real agenda.

    Well, it looks like we were both right and just you and I withdrew and went to the ANZ.

  • Julie 26/04/2014, 11:25 pm

    Likeatreat and Albert. Don’t give up.

    There are hundreds of people who have acted to cancel their Bendigo Bank accounts.

    At one point Bendigo Bank were losing 100 accounts per day and in excess of $6 million has been taken away from their coffers.

    These are the figures we KNOW about so it would be perfectly reasonable to assume this is a conservative assessment.

    Take a look at ‘Stop the Mosque in Bendigo’s’ facebook page and see how many others are on board with this.

    You should also start telling people about this Morning Mail site and others who are confronting the appeasement of the Islamic invasion of our country.

    The problem is not so much apathy as it is ignorance so INFORM as many as you can.

    Again, don’t give up. Rest assured, you’re not in this on your own.

    • Likeatreat 27/04/2014, 11:51 am

      Definitely not giving up, I don’t even care if they have Moslem customers, that is business.
      I didn’t go with a bank either, they are thieves. I went with the Illawarra Credit Union, but it is very inconvenient went we travel, not a lot of Reditellers, the price of conscience.

  • James 30/04/2014, 4:43 pm

    I agree with you and I am closing my account with the Bendigo Bank.
    Shame on you who continue to bank with this self appointed, self righteous sensor of free speech.

    V cat recently fined a christian camp for refusing to hire their camp to a homosexual group. The church group appealed and the court upheld V cat’s ruling. Why are they not fining the Bendigo Bank for their discrimination? There is no difference in the two.

    The No Mosque group should take their grievance to V cat as they can sight this precedence and have the decision overturned, then bank somewhere else anyway.

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