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bendigo councilBendigo – the line in the sand.
Bret Harte

If the Bendigo Council and the media of Bendigo and the Bendigo Bank thought that with the approval of a mosque in Bendigo they could break out the champagne, they appear to have been mistaken.

The story so far…

On Wednesday June 18th the Bendigo Council approved the application to build a huge mosque in a Bendigo suburb. No-one can quite figure out why the Muslim population of Bendigo – forty or fifty families – need a mosque which will accommodate around a thousand persons.Or why if 200 cars would be in attendance that there is only parking for 76. Just one of the mysteries of religion.

By a happy coincidence, the land on which the mosque is proposed is surrounded by land prime for low-cost residential development and thus their own five acres, now industrial, can be similarly zoned.

And as the 250 Muslims of Bendigo are confident of raising about $4million for purchase of land and construction of the mosque, it will be a joyful conjunction of interests and the muslim population will be able to build their homes on the land and on the surrounding area.

The Bendigo Bank is the bank of the mosque applicants. The Bendigo Bank closed the account of objectors to the mosque simply because they were objectors.

Nobody, for one second, believed Bendigo Bank’s disgraceful official lie that they could not sully themselves with customers who don’t show diversity and tolerance and respect and all that. Bendigo Bank like every other bank has its share of pedophiles, prostitutes, swindlers, wife beaters, racists, misogynists, misandrists – even scoundrels who have committed simony.

If they had expelled the stop the mosque group for to keep their skirts clean then Bendigo Bank would not have accounts for an anti-feminist religion that preaches hatred of Jews, so there must be some other reason.

There are claims that persons formerly or currently associated to the Bendigo Bank have associations to the land mentioned above, that they want Muslim accounts, that they have already looked kindly on mortgages, but the Bendigo Bank is keeping schtumm. Wise move, they would not last a minute in debate. Essentially gutless like all big institutions. There is nobody in their ranks who can debate the wrong they did.

The processes by which the Bendigo Council approved the mosque application is seriously questioned, with claims the Planning Application was flawed and many sections of the Local Government Act ignored. It is also claimed the Bendigo Council’s Director of Planning and Development is not suitably qualified for the highly paid position she holds.

Most importantly the Council never consulted with the voters of Bendigo on this socially divisive issue.

The mosque’s objectors have conducted a constant campaign against the mosque for some months, mainly via a Facebook page.

Bendigo has two local newspapers – the Bendigo Weekly and the Bendigo Advertiser – both of which have followed a very pro-mosque policy since the issue became public. The Bendigo Weekly in particular combined an amazing knowledge of how the Councillor’s vote would go with sermonising in its editorials about the brotherhood of man.

In the past few days both papers have given more space to the mosque story than any other issue most can recall, and all have been pro-mosque.

Needless to say certain church and political groups have been quick to jump on the mosque bandwagon and push their agendas.

But on Thursday June 19th (the day after the council meeting) saw a massive pre-arranged pro-mosque barrage of information and PR stunts in and around Bendigo.

On June 21 a bunch of such persons held a “demo” in Bendigo waving rainbow-colored balloons and you would never guess who was waving them – why it was Rosemary Glaisher and Nathan Wingrave

The outspoken executive of the Bendigo Greens.

They must have been well and truly chuffed to be with like minded people who tolerate anything multicultural…

And where was the labor MP? Where do you think?

So with church and Party and media are each denouncing the anti mosque and Bendigo’s radio station believing the twaddle of the churches, pollies and media, thought to administer the coup de grace and place a survey on their web-site. They pulled it down when 75% of responders voted against the mosque.

A new site Battle for Bendigo has risen from the shambles of the craven and lickspittle council decisions. It can be read here

In it, you will see that the protest is over the same thing as everywhere. The Council is a bunch of short sighted dopes who don’t even follow their own rules but are prepared to stretch points for Islam.

History will tell. But it may very well be that the people of Bendigo have drawn a line in the sand. It may well be that Australians who adopt any one who comes here will tell the government that immigration of people who despise Australians, who hate Jews, who will not integrate, are not welcome any more.

History will tell, but perhaps what is happening in Bendigo will go down as the Battle of Bendigo.

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  • Albert 25/06/2014, 7:00 pm

    The actions of the Bendigo Council are indicative of the arrogant overbearing attitude of councils throughout Australia. The fact that councils are unconstitutional seems to go over everyone’s head. When is a group of Australian citizens going to challenge the existence and power of councils that two referendums declared not be constitutional.
    While the leftists and the PC cheer squads support secularists in their quest to get rid of religion they say little of the councils that are only too willing to do their bidding for them with glee.

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