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 Behold more political dross!

14.10.21.  A flyer tendered to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) probe has revealed Deputy Federal Labor leader Richard Marles [the hopeful leader of the Australia Labor Party] headlined a fundraiser where it has been alleged money raised from the event was used to pay for party memberships and branch stacks. Marles has been revealed to have been the star billing at a fundraiser in 2016 where IBAC witness and Federal MP Anthony Byrne said that the money raised was used to pay for party memberships and branch stacks. The revelation has come by way of a flyer tendered at the IBAC.

Source: Andrew Clennell, Sky news

A spokeswoman for Mr Marles told Sky News Australia on Wednesday he had “absolutely no knowledge of anything to do with the funds raised from that event.”
Mr Byrne spoke in his IBAC evidence of the fact that he believed that people attending fundraisers knew that the money raised there was for branch stacks.
Counsel Assisting Chris Carr asked: “Were fundraisers used at one point to pay for memberships?
Mr Byrne responded: “They were.”
Mr Carr then questioned: “Can you explain how that worked?
Mr Byrne said: “There would generally be an event that was held normally in either April or May. Party members and others, unions et cetera, would be invited to attend these gatherings. It would be a north-eastern fundraiser. It generally was hosted by Luke, myself and Adem [Somyurek] . . . and then there was money that was left over that was used for memberships.”
Mr Byrne was then shown the Marles event flyer and confirmed that was one of the events concerned.
Commissioner Robert Redlich then asked Mr Byrne: “So what group of persons would be aware, Mr Byrne, that these funds raised at these functions were going to be applied in that improper way?
Mr Byrne responded: “It would be most of the people who were attending the function.
Commissioner Redlich: “ I thought you said you wouldn’t expect that the people attending the functions would know that the money was going to be used that way?
Mr Byrne: “Sorry . . . most of the people that would have attended those functions had a pretty good idea that some of the money that was being raised would go to memberships.” Other frontbenchers like Bill Shorten, Tony Burke and Chris Bowen have headlined similar events, Labor sources have told Sky News.
Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has come under pressure to act against Mr Byrne, the Labor MP for Holt and deputy chair of the Parliament Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, in the wake of the IBAC evidence where Mr Byrne admitted that he spent thousands buying up party memberships and used taxpayer funds on employing two staff who worked on branch stacks instead of for the Commonwealth.
Mr Byrne was, however, commended by the IBAC Commissioner for giving evidence unfavourable to himself which had helped IBAC expose others.

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  • Lorraine 14/10/2021, 7:17 am

    Only on the left is the Whistle blower the good guy, he has spent 22 years being the guy with the secret……22 years of taxpayer wages, 22 years of no guilt………I remember Kathy Jackson and the Health Union, I think she is a millionaire now……2 way Albo and we see the 2 way in action, criminal activity by Labor, wait on due process. unfounded unproven on Christian Porter he must leave Government he is so tainted….

  • Disgruntled 14/10/2021, 1:37 pm

    I couldn’t help it!!
    When I saw Marles’ image at the start of this item I just had to add an excerpt from a comment I made elsewhere! Albo and Marles?; just like a mare and foal; take your pick on which is which; just follows each other around! Certainly not of the useful kind!

    (just imagine Albo and Marles steering the ship; it’s a real horror thought! Just like setting out with no sail OR rudder!)

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