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iDining out tips you should know!

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  • Pensioner Pete 11/06/2021, 7:02 am

    Mr Bean, some of the best British humor is always makes a great start to the day.

    • Disgruntled 11/06/2021, 8:22 am

      Sure thing Pete. Gee I miss all the various Pommie humor shows that once were fairly prolific on the TV.

      All we get now is endless “reality”of any sort shows and “morning” type shows where some of the hosts have no real idea of what life really is.

      And these days that bloody “Weed” bloke seems to pop up almost anywhere. Probably that scrawny clown soon will try to be P.M. Lord help us!!! He should be returned to from whence he came!!

      Thank goodness we have MM to keep us a bit sane in this silly world.

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