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Avoid the Soros funded GetUp totally

Avoid the Soros funded GetUp totally

Smart punters should read this article and absorb it. Then send it to all you know so that they also will know the true colours of GetUp, the same mob Bill Shorten gave money to, and the dirty trick they use to fleece the ignorant and pocket millions for themselves.

GetUp! claims to have helped 20,000 members switch from Australia’s “dirtiest” electricity retailers to green energy by referring them to a rival company, des­pite the rival admitting it has no idea where its power comes from. The activist group was paid more than $2 million in exchange for referring members to online retailer Powershop, promoting it as “backed by a 100 per cent ­renewable energy company”.

Source: News Corp

GetUp! pockets $2m with a ‘dirty’ deal


GetUp! has used the $2m — about $100 for each member ­referred — to campaign against Powershop competitors Energy­Australia, AGL and Origin, which GetUp! calls “the dirty three”.

Powershop, wholly owned by New Zealand firm Meridian ­Energy, buys electricity from the national power grid in the same way as its “dirty” competitors. The bulk of Powershop’s electricity, often all of it, is sourced from coal-fired power stations because renewable energy from wind or hydro power can only service just over 15 per cent of the market at full cap­acity, and downtime is common.

Urging members to dump their energy company, GetUp! guarantees Powershop is “ranked the greenest energy retailer” and “Australia’s only carbon-neutral provider”. Critics of GetUp!, including Green Left Weekly, claim the activist group has perpetrated a myth, confusing consumers wooed to Powershop because most of the renewable energy from an alleged “100 per cent renewable power generator” is on-sold to other retailers as well. The $2m GetUp! earned from Powershop is on top of donations since its inception in 2005.

A spokesman for GetUp! ­national director Paul Oosting said the group was transparent about the source of Powershop’s electricity, making it clear the energy came from the national grid, which included a “mix of renewable and non-renewable energy”.

Mr Oosting’s spokesman, from public relations firm Essential Media, said the implication no carbon was offset by GetUp!’s campaign to help Powershop and attack other retailers was “not true”. He said Powershop offsets emissions from its operations, and its customers’ energy usage, by using UN-accredited certified emission reduction certificates.

The Australian Energy Council’s general manager of policy, Kieran Donoghue, told The Courier-Mail last week that activist groups such as GetUp! “compromised their integrity” by entering into a commercial arrangement with Powershop, and then campaigning as a supposed independent commentator by “bad-mouthing” competitors.

Meridian, the owner of Powershop, owns wind farms in Australia — the renewable component of electricity it generates. Green sceptics point out Meridian sells most of its renewable energy certificates to other retailers in the power industry.

In a blog for consumers, Powershop says it has been frequently asked since its launch “where does my power dome from?” Powershop continues: “The short but somewhat unhelpful answer is no one knows!”

According to Powershop, ­engineers and economists would “love” to be able to track the path of electrons around the electricity system, but it is not possible.

“In simple terms, all generators sell their energy to the Australian electricity market, the wholesale market. What this means is all retailers are selling customers energy that is purchased from the wholesale market, whether or not they also generate power.”

Mr Oosting’s spokesman did not respond to a question about whether GetUp! had concerns about Powershop‘s 52 per cent ownership by the New Zealand government. The GetUp! spokesman launched an attack on NewsCorp, publisher of The Australian, saying its “competing consumer campaign” One Big Switch was based solely on cost.

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  • Graham Richards 29/08/2017, 5:47 am

    Now is the time to investigate if there are any Soros connections to the USA television company CBS which is about to by up Channel 10 in Australia. If there is any hint of connections the Federal Government must stop the deal dead in it’s tracks as it will certainly mean CBS will involve itself in leftist politics detrimental to our interests!

  • Bill 29/08/2017, 8:43 am

    Graham, why else would Bill Shorten be happy about the CBS buyout Ch 10? The US major networks are so one-eyed and to the Left they almost put the EhBC to shame.

    …I did say ‘almost’.

  • Lorraine 29/08/2017, 9:24 am

    I am crushed that Get Up has influenced power prices. I was with a Company Simply Energy and my bills ,after I installed Solar continued to rise every month, I used Energy watch to change my supplier ,and I was given a price with Power Shop. I am very happy with my outcome from Power Shop, I believe I get a fair go, my feed in tariff is much higher than it was with Simply Energy. I care not who owns my supplier, the Governments have sold our assets to whom and who, just want power,turn the lights on , keep the fridge running and cook the evening meal

    • Biking Voter 29/08/2017, 10:09 am

      Lorraine, given enough time and scope, Get Up will try to influence every facet of your daily life.

      You by having chosen Power Shop on your own have denied Get Up the kick back they would otherwise have gotten. Well done you.

  • Eliza 29/08/2017, 9:59 am

    Soros and his family are just plain EVIL and how many Aussies know about him and his NWO. Except for MM readers and maybe Pickering and Mike Smith readers, but thats about it.

    • Lorraine 29/08/2017, 12:50 pm

      main stream media and the left protect Soros, the criminal element in the Unions, the Muslims and evil Islam…..More would know if they were told, but you see it is a secret. the black secret of the ugly left

  • Carlo STUPAR 17/05/2019, 8:10 am

    Sad to see a once great Nation become influenced by the NWO…….’we’ signed the LIMA Declaration & this filters through – say Fabian Society, Say U.N!! Sadly some Australians are still on the ‘she’ll be right’ wagon whilst the State controls the children via safe schools which will drive up mental health, including suicides BUT I am ranting (Italian ‘legal’ refugee from 1961)

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