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 Australia One: a political party most would dream about?

08.04.21.  Is this what so many Australians have been waiting for? A party that has as its core values the many issues that resonate with so many Australians? It looks very attractive—at first read. I say first read because in AustraliaOne’s zeal to press all the buttons to raise hope and cheers, several issues will require answers as to how? Nevertheless, until the voting day comes in which voters are so fed up with stale major parties, liars and the opportunist but incompetent ‘troughsters’ (AKA bludgers) that they attend the booths resolute to make a clean sweep nothing will change and will get worse! MM does not endorse this party—yet, at any rate! Just letting you know!

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  • Pensioner Pete 08/04/2021, 6:18 am

    I wish this new political party well, they appear to be talking the talk, the walking the walk part is yet an unknown.

    PP trusts this mob do a far better job of organizing and supporting candidates in elections than that of the PHON candidates last Queensland State elections, for if they do, they may do well.

    • Bushkid 08/04/2021, 11:39 am

      Get in touch with them, PP.

      Riccardo Bosi had a tour through costal Queensland last year in December, and what you see in his media and personal on-web stuff is exactly what you get. I got to go to one of his evenings, not disillusioned at all.

      • Pensioner Pete 08/04/2021, 12:33 pm

        Bk: I may do just that.

  • Cliff 08/04/2021, 6:26 am

    I was impressed by Mr Bosi in what little I saw of him in the lead up to the last election. But it would seem very few out there in voterland shared my feelings, for he got a distressingly small number of votes.

    I fear that, until any such party as Mr Bosi is attempting to crank up can garner someone with multimillions to spend as its backer, it will remain a fringe party.

    And if it does get a multimillionaire on board, it will lose integrity in many voters’ eyes because they’ll correctly surmise that that multimillionaire will demand payback for his or her investment.

    • Disgruntled 08/04/2021, 6:49 am

      I fully agree Cliff,

      The first time I heard him I thought that he is the best thing since sliced bread but when one gives it a lot of thought it would be hard or almost impossible for him to go far.

      Problem is that the only people that would go for him are the people who do care and follow closely what is really going on and these people numbers are too low to really matter; Also most of these already have good parties to support.

      The rest; which are the most numerous really just do not give a stuff and do not care anyway as most are besotted with the lies and outbursts of the left which are no doubt the best financed and supported by all the bright eyed and bushy tailed activists who get their jollies by being real PIA’s

      By the way I had a good long study of him when I first saw him and was very impressed: I do wish him well!!

      • Bushkid 08/04/2021, 11:44 am

        So, even though the numbers may be small, how about just talking to people who may be open to vote for A1, and even just letting people know it exists. People need hope that they can make a difference. Hope that they’re not just going to be churned under by the juggernaut that’s being unleashed on us all.

        If nobody talks about it, not enough people will know there is an option.

        It’s actually up to US, those of us who give a s**t about our country and want to turn the bastardry and decline around.

        It won’t happen if we all just say, oh well, it looks like a good idea, but what hope do they have?

  • Ian 08/04/2021, 6:35 am

    I wish them well. I really do. But the media and in particular the ABC will cancel them anyway they can.

    We will never see a competent political challenge to the current mob(s) until the msm are brought to court for the damage they do.

    I’d like to see their policy on funding of these goals. Should be a good read. If they need a hand on the engineering side of things I might stick my hand up. But only if they want the correct answers, not the PC version which is currently killing industry, (pity it didn’t kill latte first…).

    • DT 08/04/2021, 8:48 am

      All important voter perceptions, and the mostly left leaning media are spin doctors influencing the not well informed electorate, Their ABC has become more blatantly obvious as the decades roll by.

      And therefore no LNP Government will be supported in Parliament if they try to change the ABC Act of Parliament, Union Labor and their Greens supporters will not allow their taxpayer funded unofficial media propaganda department to be changed or closed down.

      It is so easy to sway public opinion, to make voters think that black is white, to assassinate the character of an MP and plant sneaky but misleading smears against that MP. Like the PM who failed to be here during bushfires in 2019, no mention of fires being State Government responsibility, State Emergency Services in NSW and attached Rural Fire Service, or that the Deputy PM was Acting PM at the time.

      I read recently a comment that Mansion only stood aside when it was agreed that Morrison would replace him as leader. Incorrect, he threatened to resign if there was a second leadership challenge. Morrison’s mate who at the same time remarked angrily that all Morrison wants is the get his bum on the backseat of the prime ministers car. The same mate who was given a government representative job or two overseas and embarrassed the Morrison Government in the process, the PM then declared that Mansion would never get another such opportunity. But they are mates, armchair experts say so.

  • PW 08/04/2021, 7:23 am

    Agree with all above comments however I’d only vote for them if the current dedicated true Liberals jumped ship. Leave the LINOS to sink.

    • DT 08/04/2021, 8:50 am

      And leave the branch membership goodwill behind, the party machine or organisation, the regular corporate and private donors, and much more?

      If it was that easy why did Cory Bernardi fail, Don Chip failed with his Australian Conservatives, and One Nation was a flash in the pan and since has had very poor results.

  • DT 08/04/2021, 8:38 am

    If it was possible for a new political party to become a serious threat to the Liberal-National and Union Labor supported by Greens it would have happened by now, but The Australian Democrats established by former Liberal Don Chip (Keep The Bastards Honest) failed, One Nation failed, others have failed.

    The fact remains that the major parties are far better organised, better funded, better equipped meaning choice of candidates and party machines to guide them and manage them, etc.

    This does not please me but it is a fact, most Australian voters in political terms are middle of the road, in the centre or to the right or left of centre, and this is one reason why the Greens have never become a major player in their own right, the Greens rely on preference swapping with Union controlled Labor and even received Union donations, Union Labor being by far the best funded because of union membership and Union Movement business activities and investments, like Union Super Funds invested in many public companies and use their shareholding influence to extract donations.

    The best solution is for the Liberal-Nation hijackers to be removed, the Turnbull Party as it was named by its leader when he became PM and the left leaning faction his side represents. On the opposite side, the centre-right is Tony Abbott and others determined not to allow Mansion to wreck the Liberal Party and Coalition as he has planned for a very long time, at least since and during the Howard Government years. He worked hard to become Leader and undermined Howard, Costello, Nelson and then Abbott. But he also established a fund that has delivered significant donations for the Libs, no doubt to gain influence.

    Unfortunately the left leaning, sometimes called “moderates”, also known as “Black Hand Faction” that had no hesitation in working with Union established and financially supported GetUp to undermine MPs in the Coalition who are political enemies, meaning centre-right like Abbott. But as we just observed via the NSW Government the “moderates” have Cabinet positions (also Federal) and Minister Kean appointed Mansion to a NSW Government emissions based role until the protests were so loud that the decision was overturned. Apparently there were Cabinet Ministers who opposed the appointment but chose to not rock the boat by voting against it as they were the minority. It was the general public, notably Liberal Party members who shocked the NSW Government into retreat.

    And retreat is a good result, not long ago the members and the MPs who are centre-right managed to overturn the Headquarters appointment of candidates for election, traditionally done by electorate branch members who interview candidates and then hold a secret ballot. Now branch members are again able to choose their own local candidate for elections.

    The left is being squeezed out slowly but surely.

    But Union controls Labor and support the Greens financially, and as Mark Latham once wrote in The Australian Financial Review, he being a former Labor Opposition Leader and now with One Nation, Labor has many factions and factional wars, the Cabinets and Leaders are chosen by factional numbers and influence. But the Union Movement is all powerful now and controls the Party.

    There is much more, but I believe that the way forward is to support the Liberal-National MPs and other candidates after checking their background, that way we can help to strengthen the centre-right return to a Menzies traditional Australian Liberal Party.

    But remember the words of PM Howard that the Liberal Party is a “broad church” of members, meaning a range of centre-left, centre and centre-right.

    Traditionally Labor has been centre-left to far-left, consider the Socialist Forum founded by later to be PM Gillard who was a Student Union office holder at University. She merged the Socialist Forum Faction with the socialist Australian Fabian Society not long before she became Deputy to Opposition Leader Rudd in 2006.

  • Margaret 08/04/2021, 8:43 am

    Looks promising… reminds me of Trumps MAGA policies. Both major parties in Australia have lost touch with Australians. They have left a vacuum.

  • Penguinite 08/04/2021, 8:59 am

    Even if A1 doesn’t make it to the Parliament, if enough voters even appear to be switching to them it might bring Slymo and Co. to their senses! I’m no fan of the current Liberal facade but intensely dislike the Labor alternative! Somehow we must ensure our disapproval is recognised. Even if that means a term in turmoil. Three years will be better than life as a ‘Battery Hen’!

  • JK. 08/04/2021, 9:43 am

    That all sounds terrific, but, havent I heard all that before ? they have a lot of sheeples to convince and even more vested interests to overcome. But I wish them luck. Australia hs been run by criminals long enough.

  • Lorraine 08/04/2021, 9:46 am

    finding the right people to stand has been the problem Cory Bernardi was unable to do it ,and he was a very smart man, fresh from the Government entrails……..

  • Ian_A 08/04/2021, 11:02 am

    It seems that we regular commenters here (best of health to you all) are in consensus about this new party. It hits all the right policy buttons, and yet we are gloomy about its electoral prospects due to current and rising dominance of collectivist ideology; and we know left-dominated outlets like the taxpayer-funded ABC will do their very utmost to discredit and slander it. But, it might have a chance of a senate seat, so let’s not be overly pessimistic.

  • Bushkid 08/04/2021, 11:53 am

    Good grief! Listen to all the negativity and hopelessness in these comments!

    How about getting on board with this if you think it sounds so good, something that offers an option?

    Even if you talk to your friends and family about it, even to random strangers who express disgust with the current setup. We come across people like us all the time, those who are fed up with the status quo and now finally becoming concerned and scared about where this is all heading.

    Talk to them, all you need to do is plant the seed of an idea, you don’t have to convince them. Give them the opportunity and let them make up their own mind.

    Become a supporter of a fledgling party that has the ideas you like, and see if you can make a difference, instead of just whining that the media won’t give them air time, or that the ABC will crucify them.

    A genuine grass-roots movement can achieve a surprising amount, but it needs people to get behind it, to get involved.

    You won’t know if you don’t try, and if we don’t try, it will soon be far too late. It’s time to stir your stumps, people.

  • nev 08/04/2021, 12:11 pm

    The Australian Liberals as a political Party face exactly the same problems their US counterpart the GOP has, Trump recognised it immediately. It is of course RINOs there and LINOs here, it’s very description is a contradiction in terms as they are not a left-leaning faction but the equivalent of another party of termites totally undermining from within.
    In Australia, our situation is manifestly worse because we still have Turnbull’s shadow at the helm and the leopard won’t change its spots and he has support from within, all well known.
    The solution is not necessarily abandoning the party but restructuring and revitalising from within, it is feasible and I would be surprised if the planning is not well underway. I would be surprised if Malcombe Morrison leads the LNP into the next election, if he does the collapse will accelerate.
    If Dutton succeeds, the focus can be redirected to things that matter to the people and our country, instead of what the green socialists and media want.

    A newly revitalised leadership will stop the rot, reverse this obsession with social fantasies and all the reasons why we can’t, to why and how we can, and get on with it!
    Changing the party from within is a lot more practical than desertion.
    Widening the coalition should not be disregarded either.

  • Ex-ADF 08/04/2021, 1:47 pm

    Heard it all before. Decent candidates are hard to come by, and any failings, no matter how small, will be attacked by the media and big 2 major parties.

  • PW 08/04/2021, 7:27 pm

    Good points all and yes I hear yours DT.
    Might it be better if Riccardo Bosi stood for a Lib seat and work from within?
    Its such a bloody mess with Mansion’s pick at the helm.

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