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 Australia ‘had no other choice’ in submarine deal

21.09.21.  Well! Macron, the European pond frog sashays onto the EU stage and cries foul about the cancelled submarine swindle. Ans so began a day of orchestrated a day of, “let’s all have a big dump on wicked Australia.” Ans so it came to pass. Liberal MP Dave Sharma says Australia “had no other choice” than to put their interests first when deciding to exit the French submarine deal. Mr Sharma said all the Australian government had done in exiting the $90 billion French submarine deal was “exercise our commercial options under a commercial arrangement”.
“I understand it’s not the decision the French would have liked, and from their perspective, I can empathise with that,” he told Sky News Australia.Source: Sky Newshttps://youtu.be/yVJ6G0KAB3Y

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  • Thunder 21/09/2021, 6:32 am

    Will the Con-Artists that put the “Deal” together going to have to pay back their Huge COMMISSIONS from the French ??

    Maybe not…….all hidden in the Cayman Islands, no doubt !!

  • eli 21/09/2021, 7:50 am
    • Disgruntled 21/09/2021, 9:54 am

      Thanks for the link eli.

      Here is a comment from that link that just shows the folly and futility of sticking with the French deal! It was a no brainer for our mob to do what they did do; Should never have gone that way in the first place; But the “mincing poodle” just had to have his seat kept safe and the Turd was a “no brainer” dud and BTW the Turd still is and always be a dud; forever and ever!!

      With all your “experience” Mr Bergmann but none of it actually as a serving submariner (I was by the way on the Oberon submarines) and in a position as a sonar rating. We trained for the event of an encounter with another submarine, especially a”nuke.” Those scenarios always were at best for us an outcome getting in a lucky hit or hiding in the “ultra quiet state” for hours and sometimes days and slowly running your batteries flat. You could not out run them even when fully charged and you could certainly not go deeper than they could. If you fired a weapon at them and they detected it they actually had the speed to outrun it in most cases. In short Mr Bergmann your chances of surviving the encounter on a conventional boat were next to none. So why would you build a conventional submarine fleet to replace another set of conventional submarines. The decision to build the Collins class was wrong as it would have been to replace the Collins submarines with an outdated deisel electric design of any type.

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