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 Are the left becoming increasingly ignorant or immoral?

12.09.19 This is a parable about a new religion that has deep roots on the secular left side of politics. The starting principle for moderates and extremists alike is that those who challenge their moral code are not just wrong, they are immoral; nonbelievers have no legitimacy in the public square. And hence, why the new moral code is part of a new religion.When one listens to their abortion and euthanasia debates and the single minded argument of proponents to kill, you are left wondering where our society is going with this new religion, quite an evil one at that. Julio Rivera discusses are liberals (lefties) becoming increasingly ignorant or immoral?
Is Democrat on Democrat shade going mainstream? Probably not, but the Bill Maher/Rashida Tlaib feud is just the latest high-profile example of division within the ranks of the left, with potential ramifications involving the long-term loyalties of Jewish voters.
Have Jewish liberals, who count among their rank’s notable Americans including Sarah Silverman, Bette Midler, Seth Rogan, Jon Stewart and so many other outwardly anti-Trump individuals, allowed the blind hatred they feel over the president, who has been a great ally to Israel and American Jews, to take precedence over their religious values?
The issue inflaming tensions between Maher and Tlaib center around Tlaib’s support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. Maher ripped the movement, which has been supported by not only Tlaib, but also her “Squad” sister Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN), as “a bulls**t purity test by people who want to appear woke and have actually slept through history class,” and added that BDS is “predicated on this notion that is very shallow thinking, that the Jews are in Israel are mostly white and the Palestinians are browner so they must be innocent and correct and the Jews must be wrong.”
Another issue that liberals have shown an unyielding passion for are so-called “reproductive rights” for women, which has become Democrat slang for “unrestrained abortion on demand.” It is a fact that legalized abortion, and particularly the Planned Parenthood business model, which is focused not on healthcare as it claims but on a reliance on abortions to keep their doors open has disproportionately affected population growth within the Black community in America.
According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2018, despite the fact that Black Americans only account for 13.4% of the U.S. population, they accounted for 36.0% (121,829 total) of the abortions executed in 2015. That number was almost identical to the percentage of abortions (36.9% or 124,893) that year among White Americans, who make up 76.6% of the population.
Those horrifying numbers have not prevented movements like the sickening #ShoutYourAbortion social media campaign that was started by activists Lindy West, Amelia Bonow, and Kimberly Morrison and profiled in a positive light in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine, a publication that its publishers estimate reaches 1 in 13 American Women.
It also hasn’t stopped perennial Trump hater and would be “sex strike” organizer Alyssa Milano from going so far as to referring to her 2 abortions as “something she needed,” and from falsely claiming that (if not for her abortion) “I would not have my career. I would not have the ability or platform I use to fight against oppression with all my heart.”
Milano also went as far as to knocking her religion and attempting to blame the so-called patriarchy when attempting to justify her decision to terminate her pregnancies, which she never has admitted had posed any threat to her health, when she said, “I was raised Catholic and was suddenly put in conflict with my faith. A faith I was coming to realize empowered only men to make every single decision about what was allowed and what was not allowed.”
Another immoral aspect of the left’s agenda is the sexualization of children. The Murrieta Public School District in California was recently exposed via a video released by conservative watchdog group Our Watch, that exposed how progressive sex education programs in California are now teaching elementary school aged children about oral sex, masturbation, role-playing, and other sex acts.
Furthermore, the California Board of Education has now gone so far as to allow the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to instruct California schoolteachers on how to help underaged children obtain abortions without parental consent.
With all these disheartening examples of the pervasiveness of the left, and so many more that I didn’t mention, the question becomes, “Are Liberals, that invest so much energy into demonizing conservatives, particularly President Trump, really so desperate to be seen as being in the right morally that they are willing to partner with any Liberal cause, no matter how depraved or unconscionable?”
Perhaps this is the final and most malignant symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
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  • Finn 12/09/2019, 10:34 am

    Odd eh?

    Without two abortions Milano was unable to have a career. And pursue it with all her heart. Heart eh?

    Milano V Bryce.

    Our immediate past Governor General has five kids.

    Several of our gentle gender are on the Supreme Court benchs and have kids.

    What a self seeking gutless ill-tuned trumpet Milano is

  • Jack Richards 12/09/2019, 1:36 pm

    One of the alleged major reasons for the drop in the crime rate in New York City is the 50% of negro babies that are aborted. The drop in the crime rate over the last 40 years directly corresponds with the number of abortions apparently.

    • TommyGun 13/09/2019, 2:28 am

      When you consider that blacks are way, way, over-represented in the US prison population, it makes one wonder what the US would really be like if they
      a) did NOT abort those babies
      b) did NOT put black criminals in jail…

  • Thunder 12/09/2019, 4:45 pm

    13 percent cause MORE CRIME in the US than any other………

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