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 Another whack from our cousin China

22.11.20.  China seems to have developed a deep psychopathic hatred for Australia—they can’t tolerate disobedience! This can only be viewed as bullying by a nation of 1.4 billion people to Australia’s population of 25 million. Their army of 2.8 million against Australia’s 58,656 permanents is telling. As a whole, Australian residents identifying themselves as Chinese at the 2016 Australian census  numbered, 1,213,903. Add to that more than 260,000 Chinese student enrolments in Australia in 2019, for a grand total of, 1,473,903. Hmm, in the event of war they’d all have to be interned and feeding them one bowl of rice per day is, 4,421,709 bowls of raw rice equalling 21,088,545 kgs. Now, to keep them alive, perhaps half a chicken per day with half an onion, a splash of soya sauce and maybe a piece of chilli and nob of ginger @ $47.95 per kg would work out to… oh, they’ll need a litre of green tea each and a bloody misfortune cookie which comes to…oh, bugger it, get the restaurants in China town to cater the deal and they can charge their countrymen what ever they like—same as they do to ordinary Aussies. Being serious now!
China has taken another swing at Australia, this time over its ties with North America. Tabloid newspaper the Global Times has published an editorial piece titled “If Australia wants to remain Australia, it must tell the US”. The publication hit back after comments made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier this week that the country’s democracy was not up for trade.

Source Shae McDonald, News Corp

China’s latest attack on Australia“For most Chinese people, Australia is no longer the original Australia, but has become a vassal of the US in recent years,” it claimed.
The article then went onto quote anonymous readers.
“Australia looks only to the US and bites where the US points,” one said.
The Global Times pointed to Mr Morrison’s visit to Japan this week and his signing of a defence agreement of expanding Washington’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region.
“Australian politicians seem not to understand what national interests are, and view values as a pale excuse to follow the US,” it wrote.
“They are entangled as they repeat empty slogans on the one hand while worrying about their country’s trade prospects on the other.
“Australia needs to have independent diplomatic thinking.
“But Australia is doing just the opposite.
“What makes Australia not behave like itself is the US, not any other country.
“If Morrison wants his country to remain Australia, he should have said so to the US.”

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  • Disgruntled 22/11/2020, 7:22 am

    hmmmmmmmm! I’m not real smart and aren’t sure of figures but here goes; Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Population; For 1 of us there is 56000 of them
    Troops; For 1 of us there is 47.74 of them
    Get my drift? golly golly gosh!!!!!

    Even in our own country there is 1 of them for 17 of us and the us number also has a fair proportion of souls that hate the real us!

    Wouldn’t one be able to think that our goose is well and truly cooked? It’no wonder that they are getting cocky and impatient!

    And then we have Sleepy Joe to contend with who is soon due for his sleep leaving that happy far far far left sheila to take his place
    Golly, golly gosh!!!!!

    • BBob 22/11/2020, 8:53 am

      Please correct me if I am wrong.
      Population; For 1 of us there is 56000 of them

      You are wrong; for 1 of us there are 56 (or 50-60, given populations are not known exactly)

      • Disgruntled 22/11/2020, 12:20 pm

        Hey thanks BBob; I entered the wrong number of zeros and you are right; thank goodness and no wonder it looked crook!

        When they turn up it will be easier to pal up with 56 individuals instead of 56 thousand; what a relief that is!!

  • Ian A 22/11/2020, 8:39 am

    The quotes from Chinese living in Australia go to show the farce of believing them to have instantly cast aside their CCP ties (the ties that got them their release papers from the regime, so they could board Australia-bound aircraft), and become “true dinkum Aussies” as the multiculti spin would have it. No, they will cheerfully deliver any quotes required of them by Chinese state media. That’s because in reality, a great number, maybe the majority, of Chinese immigrants are Chinese communist party agents in waiting.

  • luk1955 22/11/2020, 9:10 am

    I have a better idea. Let’s feed the crocs one chink a day until the food runs out.

  • JK. 22/11/2020, 12:36 pm

    There would be no trouble feeding internies, we have a huge bat population.

  • Sir Peter 22/11/2020, 7:00 pm

    1,000,000 Chinese in Oz. At a MINIMUM 10,000 CCP operatives. What the hell are OUR spooks doing? The time for storing data and detecting networks is over – start rolling the bastards up now. Can easily make a case for kicking all CCP embassy and consulate staff out of our country immediately.

    We have to severe our connections to China now: no more trade, no more students, no more immigration. No more realestate sales. All Chinese from PRC have to prove their loyalty or be expelled.

    • Ian A 22/11/2020, 8:35 pm

      Yep. Agree.

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