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 Another day, another Covid blunder by government!

12.07.21.  It’s enough to make you sick. The morning news invariably transports confidence deflating nonsense promulgated by government. It appears that ScoMo’s chosen advisors are not ‘asking their wives’ advise and neither is the PM. The pandemic has run them down. They are, as their decisions indicate, completely flummoxed. Contradictory information has brought on a state of confusion among both government and citizens. Thus, lies to cover up poor management bump into each other like cars on an icy turnpike that we see in the US—chaos!
The commonwealth’s “graphic” Covid-19 ad for Sydney residents is a bid to get more people to follow NSW’s lockdown rules and get vaccinated as the virus continues to spread. Yet while Sunday’s release of two 30-­second ads is intended to encourage Australians to get vaccinated, experts have slammed one of them showing a woman in hos­pital struggling to breath while on a ventilator. The video warns at the start that it might be distressing to viewers before focusing on an ill woman having difficulty breathing as she makes loud noises while hooked up to a ventilator beeping in the background.

Source: Sophie Elsworth and Richard Ferguson, New sCorp

New Covid-19 ads slammed by advertising experts

The commercial is squarely targeting Sydney residents amid concerns many people there are failing to adhere to strict stay-at-home rules as the city remains in lockdown for a third week.
At the end of the video comes a final message: “Covid-19 can ­affect anyone. Stay home. Get tested. Book your vaccination.”
Peter Vogel, chief executive of media agency Wavemaker, criticised the advertisement as confronting, saying it was not the best way to ensure Sydneysiders followed the rules and booked a vaccination appointment.
“Another weak and very lazy commercial, reminiscent of the old-fashioned road safety commercials,” he said.
“Scare tactics have never been an effective way of advertising these important societal messages – education, empathy or community responsibility will always be a lot more effective approaches than ‘scare’ tactics.”
The University of Melbourne’s consumer psychologist Brent Coker said the one of the key elements of advertising was to use emotion, adding that the commercial might not have the desired outcome in this instance.
“It’s similar to the public service announcements such as smoking ads in the past – it’s in a negative frame that if you don’t do something, this is what will happen,” he said.
“Research suggests that positive framed ads work better but the government is well known for using negative frames like with drink driving and smoking ads.”
The commonwealth’s vaccination program co-ordinator, Lieutenant General John Frewen, said the “arm yourself” advertising campaign – which shows a series of people who have received the jab with a Bandaid on their arms – still had to go through a number of phases. The government has foreshadowed a more active advertisement – in line with France, New Zealand and Singapore, which have produced big budget productions to get people jabbed – when there are more vaccine doses available to Australians from October.
Labor leader Anthony Albanese slammed the new “arm yourself” vaccination advertising campaign on Sunday, and called on Scott Morrison to “go back to the drawing board”.
“We have been saying for some time there needed to be a public information campaign, but I’m not sure that this cuts it, frankly,” he told the ABC.

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  • Ozman 12/07/2021, 6:56 am

    One 90 year old woman dies and this is the result of covid. Nothing to do with her having past the 82 year old mark for expected mortality, or having some death inducing ailment. Woman in Perth apparently died recently after receiving a deadly jab, but this is a mute moot point; not worthy of broadcasting. Might scare the punters off.

    Meanwhile, 355 people have been reported to the TGA as having died after their injections for the disease that doesn’t exist. The TGA does not accept the injections are the cause of death, rather the victims died from their comorbidities. Average age of the deaths are lower than the average age of those who were declared victims of the panspermia that mysteriously travels from the unknown into people’s orifices outside curfew hours.

  • Muphin 12/07/2021, 7:47 am
  • luk1955 12/07/2021, 7:53 am

    Isn’t it amazing that movies are shown with violence in gory details, such as objects being slowly introduced into eyeballs, internal organs hanging out and bleeding, rotting bodies shown in gory detail, all these movies available to primary school children. Yet to show a person having trouble breathing is somehow “disturbing”? I remember as a 9 year old child my grandfather having emphysema so bad that he spent 30 min heavily breathing after a 10 yard walk to the toilet and back to his chair. A few days ago I was listening to my wife talk to her aunt who has terminal asbestosis. Her aunt could barely talk and her daughter is having a tough time helping out and is neglecting her mother. Hearing that once vibrant voice barely able to talk sure did hurt.
    Life is not kind. But these ads go over the top when it comes to warnings. What are these neanderthal ad makers and politicians thinking?

    • Penguinite 12/07/2021, 8:29 am

      Only trying to ‘wing-in’ on the Aids advertising. The next one will probably show Aborigines using the hypodermic syringes they invented being used as spears.

  • Aktosplatz 12/07/2021, 8:47 am

    I agree with Peter Vogel’s (above) comment, :”Another weak and very lazy commercial…”

    Cheap, crude scaremongering,.

  • Rubyred 12/07/2021, 9:56 am

    Maybe all of these uninspiring and weak adverts are the result of the dumbing down of the school children by the left wing teachers and successive Conservative Governments letting them get away with it. Reap what you sow.
    Bad luck about the ordinary Australians.

  • Lorraine 12/07/2021, 10:52 am

    Having been on a ventilator , some years ago, the only sound you make is that gasp for air. You do not speak as that takes more energy than you have available……For those that have been there ,the actor over acts

  • STJOHNOFGRAFTON 12/07/2021, 1:31 pm

    All but the gullible know that those covid fear porn ads are by paid actors. This ad for such actors appeared in the Star Now agency a while ago: “Actors Non-Speaking Role: Nurse/Doc/Patient Simulated COVID Vaccine Shoot”.
    If these experimental medical devices were really efficacious, rather than having a sinister political agenda, these types of death-bed horror videos would not be needed. It’s part of the coercion by fear actions of our government who fear to trust the citizenry to be responsible for their own health.

  • jaded 12/07/2021, 2:37 pm

    I disagree with the Federal or State Govts. spending money on ads concerning Covid. I couldn’t tell you what is on the news on TV or Radio. I am sick of hearing about it. I just visit the Govt. websites hoping the masked mandate has been binned. Doing some work around the house I have my CDs turned up full bore. Neighbours didn’t mind they had a barby and listened as well.

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