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 Andrews: responsible for the ‘most savage devastation’

15.09.20.  A must view for all Australians! Sky News host Alan Jones says the “know-all dictator” Daniel Andrews has overseen the most savage response in the world causing the most savage devastation, both financial and non-financial. Mr Jones said his “heart bleeds” for Victorians as up to 1.3 million are expected to be on JobKeeper in the December quarter while contributing 723 of the country’s 816 deaths. The state is also under extreme stage four lockdowns, including a unprecedented curfew which is set to continue until at the very earliest October 26. The premier has based the restrictions on modelling which, against the outcry of politicians and professionals alike, his government has refused to release. “They won’t, because Andrews thrives on the psychology of fear,” Mr Jones said. “If this know-all dictator continues to get his way, Melbourne won’t reopen unless there is a 14-day daily average of fewer than five cases. “He (Mr Andrews) has been wrong on everything. Wrong on quarantine. Wrong on modelling. Wrong on lockdowns. Wrong on the response to the mess he created.

“This is the most savage response anywhere in the world and the most savage devastation, financial and non-financial. “He has been told the modelling was wrong, the curfew is wrong, the lockdown is wrong, children out of school is wrong, and Andrews takes no notice. “The further tragedy for Victorians is, unless Andrews is forced to bear the full cost of the damage he has done, he will keep on doing that it. “Andrews can no-longer be allowed to do things his way.”

Source: Sky News

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  • Ozman 15/09/2020, 6:10 am

    The saddest thing about Victorians, too many people are just lying down without a clue of what means to have a mission in life.

    The most obvious indication that this is a farce that any ostrich with a brain cell would recognize is having a curfew has nothing to do with restricting a pathogen flying around at night..

    Morrison, if he were are genuine leader, would cut off funding to the State government and let the Chinese Communist Party down-under delusional deviant begin to have trouble paying his crooked cops. And this means Job Keeper.

    Morrison is weak! A pathetic political poser with no backbone! A profligate doling out money to fund the Victorian fiasco.

    • Philippe Armstrong 15/09/2020, 1:27 pm

      OZMAN. Totally agree-Scomo has no backbone. He is more about doing deals with Uncle Bill Gates and eroding Australia’s sovereignty to the UN. Does not have Australia’s interests in his heart. Election talk and promises were just theatre and a con job. Liberal Party are just a slightly less heavy version of Labor/Green.

  • Honeybadger 15/09/2020, 7:21 am

    This despotic, maniacal, psycho of a human has set benchmarks
    which his own Uni of Melb modellers said need to be revisited, because they are unattainable. He refuses. His way or the highway. So apparently lockdown for ever.
    We’re not interested in his daily “sermon from the mount” , we would be interested in Scomo withholding Federal funds. Get on with it Morrison.

    • Albert 15/09/2020, 8:43 am

      Honeybadger, Andrews’ conduct has nothing to do with Covid but is more to do with creating a dictatorship and police state.
      What is needed is a citizens militia to take on his bastard coppers and put him on trial for treason but that won’t happen either because the people have already fallen into his trap.

      • Philippe Armstrong 15/09/2020, 1:33 pm

        VICTORIAN-THE SHEEPLE STATE or THE DOCILE CITIZENS STATE. Look how easily people have come under control of Dictator Dan and virtually bend over backwards for him and take it up the you know what. And look at the masses with sheeple kits-masks, snitch hotlines, chastising people sitting around talking on park benches, threatening people if they get within 1.5 meters. This has been the most pathetic and disastrous event this century by people who just blindly follow and believe everything msm tell them. Victorians should be ashamed of themselves and other states too but to a lesser degree. It has been an utterly pathetic display of people’s ignorance and unjustifies fear of something you have a 0.002% chance of contracting. I am ashamed to live in this country with such a wankstain populace.

  • luk1955 15/09/2020, 7:35 am

    One fact is certain. The Vic police have shown themselves a force to be reckoned with against pregnant women and elderly women. Armored thugs attacking the most vulnerable of citizens, none of whom committed any immoral or illegal activities that caused harm to other people. And since when did the police become an advisory body? The police are only first responders, not advisers. The police now have shown their true faces, as thugs who enforce state dictates that have exceeded the state’s own laws. Never again can the vic police be trusted to be peace officers, more now they are like state sponsored thugs, like the nazi stormers who mercilessly hunted down fellow Germans to satisfy the bloodlust of one adolf hitler. Real bullies and psychopaths they are. And where are the women’s groups speaking out against the thuggery committed against their fellow women? Not a peep from them. Because the women’s groups get money from the state and the state has set limits on what the groups can say.

  • Big toe hurts 15/09/2020, 7:50 am

    This is a job for Victorias’ new public public sector gender equality commissioner: Where are the females in the police enforcement squad shown in the video?

  • Margaret 15/09/2020, 8:20 am

    A Federal judge in the US has just ruled that the CO VID-19 restrictions in Pennsyvania are unconstitutional. I wonder if the restrictions Dan Andrews has imposed are also unconstitutional?

    • Honeybadger 15/09/2020, 8:39 am

      Lucky Pennsylvanians. The American constitution is fierce in protecting individual basic rights. Not so the Australian constitution. Wish it wasn’t so!

  • Lorraine 15/09/2020, 9:29 am

    The police present at the Melbourne Market on a Sunday, totally insane. That same force that cannot arrest a black man , cannot find a black gang as they insist there is no black crime…..Lock down has kept the blacks at home ,

  • Mustapha Bunn 15/09/2020, 9:59 am

    Given that in Victoria we have females being abused, mentally disturbed man being attacked by police where is Gillard. Not only did she make a career from abusing the likes of Abbott with her “misogyny “ speech but she is also the head of Beyond Blue an organisation for mental health problems here in Melbourne. So far we have not heard anything from her or her feminist backers such as Wong and Plibershriek.

  • DT 15/09/2020, 1:22 pm

    Settle down you people from outside of Victoria, the people there are like battered wives who will not help police to deal with abusive husbands.

    Chairman Dan inflicts maximum pain on society and is applauded.

    Like the Queensland situation, but I suspect voters there are no longer in love.

    • Neville 15/09/2020, 9:13 pm

      LOL, nice one!

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