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Alice Gorman: gold coast ostrich

I can't see anything!

I can’t see anything!

Alice Gorman wants residents to “inform themselves with facts.”


by Chaucer

Alice Gorman reported on the Reclaim Australia sponsored anti-Halal rally on the Gold Coast over Easter. Unless you live in the district, Ms Gorman will be largely unknown to most Australians, but she does have a blog and introduces herself thusly:

I’m a Walkley Award winning journalist with more than 20 years in the media industry. I’m passionate about food, farming, parenting, property and travel. I write regular columns for the Sunday Mail Queensland and the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Having encountered the writings of other Walkley Award winning journalists it seems to me that prerequisite for the gong seems to be a predilection to cobble a story with idealism rather than realism. That may explain why recipients of this almost Nobel Prize are predominantly socialist in flavour.

The Walkley, according to its website has been around, Since 1956, the annual Walkley Awards have been the pinnacle of achievement for any Australian journalist – let’s face it, every journalist wants a Walkley! It also appears that such yearning has almost been achieved.

As Ms Gorman so proudly boasts, ‘I have many opinions and I’m not afraid to share them.’ This journalistic fortitude as an opinion maker in a democracy is most laudable, provided pros and cons of the story are represented as well as personal opinions.

Ms Gorman’s article leads with, I WORRY when people wear the Australian flag, as some sort of fashionable declaration of their “Aussieness”. Rather than recognising an assertion of proud patriotism the author says that triggers her, racism radar that starts pinging when the flag wearers carry signs with passive aggressive statements: “I’m not racist, just a proud Australian!” or this, “Love it or leave!”

Of course, the reason that Reclaim Australia managed to attract sufficient supporters to stage rallies in 16 cities and towns across Australia appears completely baffling to the Walkley winner, The purpose of the rally, I think, was to “prevent Sharia law, halal certification and the Islamisation” of the Gold Coast. Such is gross ignorance, I think!

Ms Gorman, the Green and socialist thinkers enjoy a long established, effective network to mobilise demonstrators via unions, universities and a plethora of brain dead social bludgers with nothing constructive to do, but ever eager to stifle any opposing view.

Socialist ideologues in Australia have had their controlling way for too long and like the spent tenets of Marxism have failed—dismally! The worm is now turning, gathering impetus, exhorting those of the silent majority to rise up in defence of right as they see it and the leftists are hysterically furious. The intimidating epithets of “racist”, “homophobe”, and “bigot” are being neutered. Did I forget “thuggery”? The ballot box is winning out!

In contrast to the Gold Coast scribbler’s zeal to besmirch those who care enough to educate themselves with the facts about Sharia and perhaps more the reason for such rallies is the inordinate amount of Halal certified foods distributed by Australian food suppliers. They wonder why they must accept what is undeniably a Muslim tax imposed on 97% of non-Muslims in Australia. They also wonder to where such money finds its way, that question has never been addressed with candour. Now that would be a wonderful assignment for a Walkley Award winning writer! The truthful answers won’t be found on Facebook, or Twitter, or socialist websites.

A more than passing acquaintance with the Koran is an essential starting place Ms Gorman—the strict laws on all matters Muslim are there—emphatically there!. Alice says she is, struggling to see what the problem is. Well, it’s impossible to see anything with one’s head buried so deeply in the sand Alice!

“Farmer has a wife” is Ms Gorman’s blog that says she is, among other things, a vegetarian and judging by her article, it suffers same anaemia that afflicts some vegetarians.


OPINION: Residents should inform themselves with facts instead of reacting with fear when it comes to Muslims

Larry Pickering at the Reclaim Australia Rally at Evandale Park. Picture: Mike BatterhamLarry Pickering at the Reclaim Australia Rally at Evandale Park. Picture: Mike Batterham

I WORRY when people wear the Australian flag, as some sort of fashionable declaration of their “Aussieness”.

My racism radar starts pinging when the flag wearers carry signs with passive aggressive statements: “I’m not racist, just a proud Australian!” or this, “Love it or leave!”

Statements like these are easy to find on the Facebook page for the Gold Coast arm of the Reclaim Australia Rally.

The page has about 3100 “likers” and on Saturday the group held a rally at Bundall, to coincide with rallies around Australia.

The purpose of the rally, I think, was to “prevent Sharia law, halal certification and the Islamisation” of the Gold Coast.

Who knew the Gold Coast needed saving from Islam?

Save us from the bikies and the drug dealers by all means, but don’t bring your narrow-minded, ill-informed scaremongering to our multi-cultural city.

Some people didn’t go, they write, because they were “concerned for their safety”.

Scroll through the comment thread on the page, it’s an enlightening read.

“Australians will never be afraid to stand up for this country, it’s not in our DNA,” writes one woman.

Another defended the movement’s alignment with Pauline Hanson: “She is not our voice, just a concerned Australian who can see what is going on.”

Well, I’m glad she can, because I’m struggling to see what the problem is.

According to the Gold Coast Islam website there are about 5000 Muslims living in the city. Most of these people live in peaceful harmony with the rest of us – the Greeks, the Italians, the Asians, the English, the Christians, the ­atheists.

Like most organisations, there are good and bad people.

I’ve met some bigoted nasty Christians in my time, people who use the cover of religion to circulate their ill-informed message.

Just as the Gold Coast community is populated with unethical Russians, Asians, Italians and, God forbid, Aussies!

If we insisted everyone on the Gold Coast acted and thought like “us” what a dull and uninspired place this would be.

Our own Mayor, Tom Tate, was born in Asia and speaks three languages.

My own family arrived to Australia from Egypt in the 1950s. They were Greeks, fleeing a dangerous country and Australia welcomed them with open arms.

That’s not to say the road travelled was a smooth one. There was racism, fuelled largely by ignorance.

But no one told them they couldn’t continue to follow their Greek Orthodox beliefs; no one told them they had to pledge allegiance to the “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi, oi, oi” way of life.

Because if Australia had declared that all new arrivals denounce their past and their culture, this country would be a poorer place today.

I can’t help but feel the basis of the Reclaim Australia movement is centred on fear and misinformation.

The national website explains what the group is about, outlining nine goals, including making Sharia law illegal; keeping our traditional values of Christmas, Easter and Australia Day; keeping our rights and freedom of speech; introducing pride in the Australian flag and anthem at school.

I’d really love to know what evidence this movement has that our “Aussie way of life” needs to protecting on the Gold Coast?

It’s human nature to fear the things we do not understand.

I hope residents take the time to inform themselves with fact, before pledging allegiance to a movement with questionable motives.

Source: Goldcoastbulletin


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  • Lorraine 08/04/2015, 8:17 am

    what is so hard to understand I ask? Halal certification on food and the money charge for certification,,,,,,where is the money, where is the money trail, this is a Muslim Tax 97% of Australians are paying to 3% muslims……If the money goes to the Australian Government and used for us all,that is fair…if it stays with 3% it is extortion. this religious Tax benefits whom….forget your waffle and you do not understand. its simple almost the uneducated would get it/ Walkely winner of the left sees NOTHING

  • Albert 08/04/2015, 9:46 am

    Is this ignorant woman really allowed to roam the streets by herself? It seems to me that those expressing concern about Sharia, Halal and keeping our traditional values are far more informed and switched on than the lunatic Alice Gorman with her head shoved firmly up her nether regions.

    • Carmel 08/04/2015, 4:29 pm

      The piddling turnout to anti-islam rallies in Australia today is something we can all take pride in.

      There will always be bigoted fools who society needs to clearly reject, but we’re doing better on this than most of Europe.

      Bigoted Fools like the very few who infest this racist crap but insignificant little site.

      • Lorraine 09/04/2015, 6:39 am

        IT WAS ANTI HALAL, DO YOU GET IT sorry Carmel take your finger and shove it off this site. we are not racist we just want a justice when it comes to our food GET IT

      • Albert 09/04/2015, 7:26 am

        Don’t waste your time with ignorant trolls, Lorraine. They only do it because they have very small brains and and single digit IQ’s.

  • Bwana Neusi 08/04/2015, 11:51 am

    Maybe Alice Gormless would be a more appropriate name. She must be gormless not to see the problem. But as my dear old mum used to say “There are none so blind as those that don’t want to see.

  • Wallace 09/04/2015, 7:43 am

    It should be clear, even to the worst of dimwits, that Alice Gorman is a woman with an agenda, a very Green one at that. And, of course, that validates selective and biased story-telling.

  • Peter Waulker 10/04/2015, 1:25 pm

    Since there has been mention of Larry Pickering, readers need to see another side to this story, so please visit this link to understand a little more, read and absorb:


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