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 Albo: I’ll huff and puff and blow Setka’s house down

12.06.19. It’s like watching a re-run of “The Three Little Pigs” as the wicked wolf Albanese draws his deepest breath and threatens to blow down John Setka’s house of the CFMMEU if he doesn’t be a good boy and piss-off! We must wonder if Albo thinks he can dispatch Setka or is he simply window dressing as does Labor when it comes to annoying the CFMMEU stronghold? Whatever, the beleaguered Albo is presenting as a coddled dibbler in the old men’s home garden as he samples the horse manure for quality.
John Setka is defying pressure to stand down as Victorian boss of the militant construction union despite admitting he told a group of unionists that domestic violence laws had become too skewed against men.Source: News Corp

Construction union boss John Setka digs in amid calls to quit

ACTU secretary Sally McManus last night rushed back from a UN labour forum to address growing concerns in union ranks about Mr Setka’s refusal to quit the leadership of the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union.
Mr Setka has denied reports that, at a meeting of the CFMEU’s national executive, he blamed Rosie Batty’s advocacy for a lack of men’s rights in domestic violence cases. The Australian understands Ms McManus left an International Labour Organisation meeting in Geneva to deal with the controversy surrounding Mr Setka, with senior union figures privately calling for the controversial figure to step aside.
Union sources said Mr Setka had lost the confidence of his deputy, Shaun Reardon.
Anthony Albanese yesterday declared he would push for Mr Setka’s Labor Party membership to be revoked while Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews took moves to sack him from a state government body.
Mr Setka hit back at the Opposition Leader and accused him of falling for “dirty ALP politics” while denying making denigrating comments about Ms Batty.
But he confirmed to The New Dailyhe had told a group of unionists his lawyers had advised him domestic violence laws had become skewed against men after the Victorian royal commission into family violence.
“People are making up lies about what I said. Every time I see Rosie Batty I want to give her a hug. I am not going to stand down over innuendo and lies. This is dirty ALP politics,” Mr Setka said.
Union officials said the ­comments by Mr Setka to The New Dailywere damning and ­further evidence of why he should resign.
“He says reporting of what he said about Rosie Batty were an outright lie but then says her campaigning led to laws being skewed against men. The general view is he has to go,” one official said.
If Mr Setka refuses to quit in coming days, union sources said action could be taken against him at a meeting next week of the CFMEU’s construction division executive. Sources said a motion could be passed that he has brought the union into disrepute.
Labor’s national executive committee yesterday agreed to suspend Mr Setka’s party membership ahead of a meeting on July 5 to vote on Mr Albanese’s motion to expel him.
Mr Setka, who is expected to hold a press conference today, ­indicated last month he would plead guilty to using a carriage service to harass a woman. Bill Shorten yesterday broke his ­silence on the saga and backed Mr Albanese’s push to expel Mr Setka from the party.
The former opposition leader, whose six-year leadership was supported by Mr Setka and the Victorian CFMEU, said he was a friend of Ms Batty and had reached out to her. “The reported comments are outrageous,” a spokesman for Mr Shorten said.
“Mr Shorten is a friend of Ms Batty and has great respect for her work. Mr Shorten supports the party’s actions against Mr Setka.”
Mr Albanese said he had written to Labor federal secretary Noah Carroll to advise he would move for Mr Setka to be expelled from the ALP at next month’s ­national executive meeting. ­Reports on Mr Setka’s comments about Ms Batty were first published by Nine newspapers on Saturday.
“John Setka does not belong in our party because of the views that he holds,” Mr Albanese said.
“I spoke to Rosie Batty yesterday about her concern with the views he expressed. She’s disappointed this was a distraction from the honour she received yesterday. Rosie Batty is a great campaigner against family violence and the idea she should be denigrated by someone like John Setka is completely unacceptable to me as leader of the Australian Labor Party and I don’t want him in our party. It’s that simple.
“My concern here is John Setka undermines the credibility of the trade union movement through the position he holds and the public views he’s expressed.”
Mr Andrews, who refused to criticise Mr Setka until yesterday, backed Mr Albanese and also moved to remove the union boss from the state government’s Building Industry Consultative Council: “Rosie Batty is a person of great courage who has fundamentally changed the way our country views and acts on family violence. She is rightly admired by all Australians.
“The comments made about her by Mr Setka are disgraceful and his refusal to apologise for them is appalling. They cannot be defended in any context and I support the actions Anthony Albanese has taken.”
Scott Morrison said Mr Setka should have resigned his position “a long time ago” and declared he was merely “one Labor thug in the union movement”.
“They can root out one Labor thug in the union movement, but there’s plenty more where John Setka came from. Because the CFMEU is one of the most litigated against and charged unions in the country. Their charge sheet is longer than your arm. And John Setka is just one of many,” the Prime Minister said.
Victorian Trades Hall Council secretary Luke Hilakari said Mr Setka needed to withdraw his comments about Ms Batty.
“We have the deepest respect for Rosie Batty and what she’s done,’’ Mr Hilakari said.
“We believe everyone has a right to feel safe and be respected. Prejudice and discrimination, including misogyny, have no place in our movement.”
Australian Workers Union ­national secretary Daniel Walton said the allegations against Mr Setka were “quite damning, and, frankly, quite diabolical”.
“I think the stances that have been taken by Sally McManus and, of course, Anthony Albanese, leader of the Labor Party, send a pretty strong signal that this kind of behaviour, if proven guilty, certainly won’t be accepted in the trade union movement and shouldn’t be accepted anywhere in society,’’ he told ABC television.
Master Builders Australia chief executive Denita Wawn said, while the stand taken by Mr Albanese and the ACTU was refreshing, “it’s cold comfort for our members who daily bear the brunt of bullying from construction ­unions and their officials”.
“On the upside, this can be a turning point for Labor if they take the next step and seize this opportunity to reject the CFMEU’s toxic culture of bullying,’’ she said.
Ms Wawn said Mr Setka was “just one of many construction union bullies … who have records of breaking the law. Many are still in powerful positions overseeing millions in member’s money”.

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  • Jarrah 12/06/2019, 7:27 am

    Albanese is a wet lettuce leaf, weak and not the real deal, the perfect Labor leader really. Don’t worry about Albo, he is not up to the job and will never get the keys to the lodge. It’s all good.

    • Finn 12/06/2019, 11:21 am

      No. He’ll be knifed. China revelations will stop a contender from knifing him.

      Plibersek did not drop out bc she thought there was better talent than she. Watch as she silently slips below the waves. Jaws.

      The beauty of long range predictions is that they are forgotten at the time they are supposed to come true. (Hahahahohoho) I rely on that, just like the days when the climatistas predicted that the cause was …….. wait for it …… urban sprawl …. anyone remember that? Or termite flatulence? Or bovine ratzingers? (A family euphemism).

      ………. but I get off topic ….. Albo is basically the finger in the dyke. Extracted and he’s gone but others will come to fix it.

      • OPA 12/06/2019, 3:48 pm

        Huh? Albo is basically the finger in the dyke? No wonder Sally looks uncomfortable!

      • Penguinite 13/06/2019, 10:15 am

        He better not Wing the “Wong” number otherwise he’ll lose his Senate front bench. I do believe Kennearly has her eyes on the Wong seat too!

  • Lorraine 12/06/2019, 8:04 am

    what amazes me is the PC crap over a throw away spoken quote against IMO a silly woman .Setka is a Union bully with criminal intent on work sites. Domestic violence has that stats improved , as I find it hard to believe that a Government or a good body charity can reach inside a front door . Women are being murdered by partners seems to me in the news ,its every 2nd day. so how has the campaign urged change. what happened to the so called Rosie Batty Foundation. Pauline Hansen has a real concern in regards the Family Law Courts. There are many more John Setka’s in the Union movement 79 have been before the courts , so the story goes. McManus herself is a bully boy (not sure of her gender title) , so is the Labor Party now going to return funds from the Unions and stand alone as a political party with out interference from Unions,mmmmmmmmmmm doubt it

    • Finn 12/06/2019, 8:14 am

      I agree. And Albo Has failed his first test of leadership. He is a suck up

  • bushwanker 12/06/2019, 8:24 am

    I can’t believe I am saying this but I believe that Setka is right in what he said about laws becoming skewed unfavorably against men.
    As for Batty, she’s just a gold digging man hating bitch who has used the tragic death of her son to enrich herself.

    • Jarrah 12/06/2019, 9:04 am

      Your summation of Batty is spot on, BW.

    • Pensioner Pete 12/06/2019, 10:03 am

      bw: You are right on the money. The Family Court outcomes are an example of how legislation is unfairly skewed against all men, the only political party to call this out is Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

    • Deano 12/06/2019, 10:06 am

      And this story is a great example of the yawning gap in opinion between the MSM and the general population.

    • Bwana Neusi 12/06/2019, 1:48 pm

      I concur. Whilst Setka is a toxic thug in the classic CFMEU mold, he is right to challenge Batty’s Campaign, which paints all men as toxic domestic violence perpetrators. What he was alluding to, was the illogical “This man is violent, therefore all men are violent” stance taken in the new culture.
      The Government agenda, and that of Albo’s mob is to render all males impotent, fit only as sperm donors for future generations.

  • Deano 12/06/2019, 10:03 am

    No fan of either militant unions or Rosie “Look at me everyone” Batty, but it’s interesting that one sentence merely questioning the results of Batty’s work brought such immediate universal condemnation. It’s like a house of cards built from a pack of lies – the slightest probing will bring it tumbling down.

  • TommyGun 12/06/2019, 4:01 pm

    Don’t have much to say on this one…I’m just enjoying watching the stoush between a union thug bully-boy and the Labor hierarchy.
    Oh, and I wonder what class McANUS flew back from Geneva on? First or Business? (All paid for by union members, of course!)

    • Deano 12/06/2019, 4:30 pm

      She would have been seated in 1st class next to some greenie celebrity on their way to a speaking tour warning people about jet engine emissions.

  • Maryanne 12/06/2019, 8:31 pm

    I have no time for John Setka. He is a bullying union thug but even bullying union thugs are entitled to their opinions.

    What on earth has happened to this country when stating an opinion unfavourable to elite opinion is now met with such hysteria and condemnation?

    Why is everybody bowing and scraping before Batty Rosie? Like bushwanker above I don’t think much of her at all. She seems to love the limelight. And the fact that feminists love her proves to me she’s actually on the nose.

    Men aren’t toxic. Our culture is.

  • Ex ADF 13/06/2019, 7:17 pm

    It is a sad day indeed when an alleged comment denigrating a PC icon is cause for such a fuss. I will be glad to see the last of Battie, but not to be I suspect, she is a real media tart. It appears that this Battie broad is now similar to one of those plaster of paris religious icons, set on a pedestal, garlands of flowers, incense wafting, devotees chanting, politicians clamoring to outdo one another in praising her. Shades of the Mother Theresa fraud years ago.

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