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Alan Jones: take that Michael Daley!

Alan Jones: up yours Michael Daley!

Pursuant to the Alan Jones Vs Michael Daley dust up on Sydney radio 2GB last week wherein Jones called out the fabricating Labor leader’s total bullshit, Daley and his sycophantic throng of nongs, such as Pirate Pete FitzSimons, who wrote that ‘dubious’ Daley had mopped the floor with Jones’ head must be nettled that Mr Jones has donated $10,000 to Mark Latham who is running for the NSW Upper House. A little ‘up your nose Daley’ from Jones.

The campaign coffers of One Nation are significantly fatter thanks to a donation from influential Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones. Jones has confirmed to the ABC that he donated $10,000 to the party, saying he was “supporting a mate” — One Nation’s New South Wales leader Mark Latham. Mr Latham said the donation was a “very strong endorsement of the One Nation’s policy approach”.

Source: ABC

Alan Jones donates $10,000 to Mark Latham for One Nation’s NSW election campaign

“We are indeed very happy that someone of Alan Jones’s standing and experience in public policy in Australia is supporting us,” Mr Latham said.

“Alan’s backing our policies, particularly cutting immigration and ending overdevelopment in Sydney.”

Mr Latham is widely expected to be elected to the state’s Upper House at the March 23 election, while his party is also running candidates in a slate of Lower House seats.

While Jones has previously appeared at numerous Liberal Party fundraisers, he and Mr Latham have been fans of each other for a number of years.

Last year they jointly released a cookbook titled Conversations in the Kitchen: Good Food, Great Friends, which invited readers to “share in their world of good food, their friendship and their views”.

Jones made the donations in two $5,000 instalments — one under his own name and the other under his company Belford Productions.

One person who is not expecting a donation from Jones is State Opposition Leader Michael Daley, who recently threatened to sack the broadcaster from the board of the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust over its advocacy for a redevelopment of the Sydney Football Stadium.

“I don’t think Alan will be sending me Christmas cards anymore, but that’s OK, it’s not personal,” Mr Daley joked today.

In what is widely seen as one of the defining moments in the election campaign so far, Mr Daley last week told Jones on air that if he was elected “the board will go, it will be sacked”.

Mr Daley ended that interview by tersely telling the broadcaster, “thanks for your service”.

The move breathed new life into the debate over the future of the Sydney Football Stadium, which is already being demolished by the State Government.

The Labor Party has been quick to seize on the moment, already printing campaign T-shirts emblazoned with the quote, “Dear Alan, thanks for your service”.

Mr Latham has also previously opposed the stadium knockdown and said Jones’s donation would not make him change his position.

“Alan has been around long enough to have disagreements with people and allow them to have their voice,” Mr Latham said.

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  • DT 12/03/2019, 12:23 pm

    Arthur’s son?

  • Aktosplatz 12/03/2019, 1:56 pm

    I’m not up to speed with NSW Politics, QLd is bad enough with Pallychook. The point I get from this news, though, is that Alan Jones has moved with the times and favoured One Nation against the Liberals, and I intend to do the same at Federal and State level, as well. We owe the Liberals nothing, for all their deceit and arrogance since 2015.

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