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My Agenda: Destroy Australia

My Agenda: Destroy Australia

This article appeared recently in Quadrant under the name Frank Pledge, an obvious pseudonym—we searched. Whether the author is a serving politician suffering the urge to purge we can’t be certain but the import of the story is certain. It is a description of Australian politics today and the attitude of those we elect to do us best. The operative word is, “do” which is what they do best—in the end—never theirs.

As an Australian politician I know what is best for you little people, be it blackouts, green tape and red tape, or schools that teach what to think, not how to think. I’ve been working hard to make all that and worse the norm and now, sooner than I ever dared hope, victory is at hand.

I am an Australian politician.  It does not matter to which party I belong because I am a ‘nowhere man’, like all the other members of my bipartisan swarm.  We do not need to communicate with each other because we know what needs to be done.  We are globalists, open-border internationalists, eager totalitarians, politically correct scolds and activists, propagandists posing as journalists and educators who pointedly do not educate.  We are those who believe in doing the right thing for the planet, rather than selfishly for Australia, and we do very niceely out of it, too, because a superior sort of person always deserves the reward of other people’s money in large amounts.

We instinctively know that destroying the old Australia is something we need to do as our contribution to saving the planet from the human vermin destroying it.  Fortunately, we also know there is no organised political front that can oppose us.  Collectivism always beats the individual, as we can spontaneously organise the gang numbers to crush individual dissent – and, of course, we have the support of the media, the ABC, the AHRC and thuggish trolls of all shades. Yes, we recognise Australians will suffer and that the nation will be impoverished, but we accept that as collateral damage. We know the survival of the planet is at stake.  Sacrificing you is necessary.

It has been a long battle, but we have almost won the war to de-industrialise, to undermine the society that built this country.  We have an agenda and we have taken it too far for anyone to stop it, so embrace the new nation we have re-shaped for you, whether you like it or not.  As a globalist ‘Australian’ I am proud of what we have done, so let me do a little boasting. Hear me out and you will understand not only the internationalist future we have planned but also that further resistance is futile.

In 1992, Maurice Strong openly announced our plans when he called for the destruction of capitalism and announced that it was our duty to bring about its collapse. We heard his call and set about assembling the means to achieve this aim.  We knew that it had to be done secretly, but in plain sight, so we infiltrated the UN, the universities, the NGOs, mainstream communications and the right-of-centre political parties.  The weapons we created were the demonization of energy (hydrocarbon fuels), nuclear power, hydro (by amusingly claiming they stopped the rivers from ‘running free’) and the promotion of alternative, expensive fake power sources in the form of some seriously outrageous ideas that we marketed as ‘clean energy’.

With overwhelming support from many sources we frightened governments into complying with our agenda. Those who didn’t, we targeted for marginalisation and destruction with our lies and distortions.  Even I am surprised how easy it was to convince people to part with their money to build unreliable wind farms, solar powered shadow grids (that are so useless their output is reduced by up to 80% by just a layer of dust – and we build them in dusty deserts!).

Of course, producing electricity was not their purpose — the ‘clean green’ palaver obscures the way we go about extracting subsidies, which is the main game.  To test the limits of insanity we suggest non-starters like ‘hot rocks’ and tidal energy as “renewable” sources of electricity.  We knew they would not work (any first year engineering student could have told you that), but these scams achieved their real aim of burning money and reducing the wealth available to provide roads, hospitals and schools, all the while making electricity expensive and unreliable. Manufacturing and smelting operations could not tolerate this situation so they began to close.  Our objective of de-industrialisation was now an inevitable, soon-to-be reality.

We falsely linked reliable energy to global cooling, then seamlessly changed our story to make it the weapon against global warming. When the global climate became neither much hotter nor much cooler, we adroitly switched the bogeyman’s label to ‘climate change’.  Our propaganda machine is now so polished and effective we could suggest that black is white and then, when everyone was in agreement, we could prove our point by changing white to black again.  That’s how confident we are. With the media, academics and my fellow politicians in fearful agreement, we cannot not lose. And if we encounter a serious opponent — a particularly witty cartoonist, say — we can use the courts or Australian Human Rights Commission to persecute any dissenters. And believe me, did we ever do that!

We squared the circle by ensuring energy rationing became a possibility, something that seemed an impossibility in the vibrant, realist ‘can do’ society Australia once was.  Why was rationing an objective, you ask?  Because when commodities are in short supply the people will appeal to us, the political elite, to save them.  All we need are one or two more turns of the screw to break the will of those who still believe in Australian sovereignty. And that day is close, believe me, very close indeed..

Despite a million gas-fracking drill holes in other parts of the world failing to have contaminated any known groundwater, state governments wouldn’t have a bar of the evidence. Exploratory gas drilling was outlawed in Victoria and the Northern Territory. In South Australia (the jewel in our crown), we crippled it with litigation. In Queensland we rounded up. and hyped-up, the usual gullible flock and had them ‘lock the gates’. You see, even when governments work against our objectives, we find ways to humble them. There’s nothing like a hippy in a koala costume to scare your more querulous politician into voting against the common good. Have you noticed how impotent governments are against our NGO agents, who have effortlessly tied up the Adani Carmichael Basin project for years in a Byzantine legal maze?  Is there any doubt that we will soon see Adani leave Australia altogetherfor Indonesia or the Philippines.

Last month’s closure of the Hazelwood power station in Victoria makes me particularly proud.  What a win we had over reality and truth! Here I would be remiss not to thank our schools and educators, who have done so much to make sure children know what to to think, not how to think. Have you seen the way our kids keep dropping down the international rankings for educational achievement, even as we make sure we spend more of other people’s money than ever before on schools and teacher salaries. Well done, chalkies!

A few months ago a talking head on the radio was interviewing an excited Victorian Minister for Energy, Lily D’Ambrosio, who was on her way to announce to loyal Hazelwood CFMEU members and the breathless press that Hazelwood would be closing.  She explained that the station was more than 50 years old, expensive to operate and the ‘dirtiest’ — we get to define the word — coal-fired power station in Australia.  Even for a Labor minister three errors in three ‘factual’ statements is right up there with the best we could hope for. Oh, and by the way, have you seen Ms D’Ambrosio with her advisers (below). Fresh-faced, eager and usefully ardent, their lack of acumen and experience is more than compensated by a self-righteous zealotry. Once again, well done, chalkies!

Dismissing the collateral damage beyond the loss of a reliable and what should be a cheap source of electricity, Ms D’Ambrosio shrugged off the lost jobs of the skilled people who worked at Hazelwood, nor did she spare more than a bland word or two for the economic devastation of local towns dependent on those fired workers’ spending. Instead she  assured all and sundry that green jobs would make up the shortfall and, in the meantime, there would be subsidies and counselling and lots of public servants and NGO contractors with clipboards and kind words for the hungry and unemployed. The LaTrobe Valley from now will have a social-worker led economy!

If you have ever visited a ghost town like Burra Burra, Coolgardie or Cossack, you’ll know the romantic appeal of down-at-heel decay cannot be denied.  Adding Morwell, Yallourn and Traralgon to the list will produce the same sort of tourist attractions in Gippsland. Ms D’Ambrosio did very well parroting all those empty green nostrums while keeping a straight face, but she did slip a bit in not noting the tourist potential of towns where residents will have fled as their property values sank to zero.

Mind you, there could have been trouble if any reporter had pointed out that neither wind farms nor solar plants in Queensland produced a jot of electricity for days after Cyclone Debbie swept through. Fortunately, as noted above, your typical environmental reporter is none to bright, so we dodged that bullet. Well done, journalism school professors!

JUST a couple of decades ago I would have thought that our other goal of food-rationing was an impossibility.  Australia was a massive exporter of primary produce.  Today my dream of permanent shortages is approaching reality.  Thanks to the almost comical alarms and emotional scares we broadcast, we now have so many marine parks we must import 80% of our seafood.  Ours is an island continent surrounded by water, yet we must now import fish. If anyone wonders why that should be the case, one of our tame, grant-lavished academics starts yelling that the Great Barrier Reef is almost dead. This helps kill the overseas tourist trade as well.

Using the recent 11-year drought as our foundation we built the myth that ‘the new norm is a thousand year drought’.  This should have been an easily exposed fiction in Dorothea MacKellar’s ‘land of droughts and flooding rains’, but the fiction that the dams would never fill again served our purpose well. State governments squandered billions of dollars on useless, unnecessary and now-mothballed desalination plants. Our union mates loved that one. Well done, bruvvers, for all that feather-bedding and all those eight-figure cost-overruns.

Our dream of impoverishing Australia was already working well enough when, in a stroke of genius, we took it up a notch by  stopping farmers from farming, producing food, even clearing their own land.  We depleted the Treasury by buying back ‘water rights’ so irrigation became impossible,making farms uneconomic and destroying the rural economy.  To hasten the process we had our agents at the ABC whip up a shock! horror! expose and suspended live cattle exports the very next morning. Indonesia now imports cattle from as far away as Argentina. This was a market Australia once had pretty much all to itself, so we ruined it.  We order the planting of noxious native weeds near farms and along road verges, all the better for promoting bushfires.  We allow feral animals to infest our National Parks, banned hunters from killing them and told graziers who complain about ravaging wild dogs that those same parks, with all their foxes, rabbits, deer, pigs and goats were actually untouched “wilderness”. How dare you complain about a few hundred dead sheep, we sneered, when all you want to do is make money and ours is the protection of Gaia.

Naturally, we banned high-yield, genetically modified crops, such as ‘Golden Rice’, and painted it as ‘frankenfood’.  As a bonus, the lack of the vitamins that are genetically spliced into genetically modified crops kills around 50,000 children a year, removing more human parasites from the planet. I could go on, but you get the point.  Australia can now barely feed and sustain itself thanks to our efforts. Where does your breakfast orange juice come thse days? Brazil or California, most likely.

The aim of my swarm has always been to break the back of Australia by simultaneously using multiple strategies to attack the basis of culture, national pride and unity.  These strategies are well advanced.  I would love to show you how clever we elites are compared to you, but I won’t give away too many secrets.

Know, however, that we set out to erode and overwhelm the relaxed Australian culture of old — we see it as a lack of lack of culture — by bringing in legions of people who will never assimilate. More than that, we made sure they did not assimilate by stressing the importance of group identity and dividing the country into multicultural tribes. Parliament must now misdirect more billions of dollars to security services in the name of keeping us safe.  Yet we are no longer safe and can never be again, no matter how many times elderly ladies’ handbags are searched at the Sydney and Melbourne cricket grounds. On cue, one of our favoured mouthpieces pooh-hooed terrorism as nothing more than an inconvenience, a mere minor “irritation”. Dare to disagree and, well, our media auxiliary will denounce you as a bigot and a racist.

Education is a gem that took us decades to achieve, but we are now there.  Schools teach blather and tosh to children who can neither read nor write effectively, yet they know with absolute certainty that humans are destroying the planet, and that we “stole” Australia from the Aborigines, who presided over what they confidently believe to have been a Stone Age paradise. We’ve also made sure our Anzacs were re-cast not as heroes but as racist, raping war criminals, and it has all come together better than we might ever have hoped. A national self-loathing was our ultimate aim and that goal is at hand.  My grandson can repeat a faux-Aboriginal ‘welcome to country’ mantra, having heard it scores of times, but not the National Anthem or the Lord’s Prayer. I am proud that my swarm has won again.

I loathe Australia, always have, and can hardly wait for the reward of a superbly paid position at the United Nations in New York. So don’t forget to vote for me, though it matters little if you do not.

We are so close to winning it’s all over bar the tears. We took Australia away from you and you didn’t even notice.

How smart are we! How complacent are you!

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  • Penguinte 18/04/2017, 7:08 am

    Sums up the state of play, I think. Especially the 31 words. But we must not concede defeat and surrender to these TURKEYS who believe it’s all done and dusted.

  • Cliff 18/04/2017, 7:10 am

    I started out planning to scan the first few paragraphs before moving on. I ended up reading the whole article.

    The only problem is that 99% of those who should read this are either incapable of reading or, if lucky enough still to be able to read, are already too thoroughly indoctrinated to get past the second paragraph before discarding it.

  • Karen 18/04/2017, 7:28 am

    I read this when it first appeared in Quadrant and forwarded it to Cory Bernardi as he seems to be one of the few who is taking heed of conservative sentiments. It crossed my mind to send it to more politicians but I felt I’d be banging my head against a brick wall.

    • Neville 18/04/2017, 9:00 pm

      Still worth a go, though. I sent it to my local member.

  • Aktosplatz 18/04/2017, 8:14 am

    Only one small misleading thing about this article.

    It’s not just one Australian Politician that is doing all of this – these destructive policies, it’s many, from both sides of the House.

    Shorten & ALP/Greensand also Trumble & Coalition, there’s no difference anymore.

    The Senate of course are still ‘unrepresenative swill’ as Paul Keating accurately described them.

    A modern feature of today’s Australia is DISUNITY amongst our leading identities.

    Very unsettling.

  • Robert TG 18/04/2017, 8:25 am

    Seems there is apathy in the population as our rights , culture and the education of our children are surrendered to the Political Correct thinking. Australian Apathy is killing this nation.

    • Cliff 18/04/2017, 9:26 am

      That comment usually ends with “… but then again, who cares?”

  • Topsy 18/04/2017, 8:28 am

    From what I hear in the cracks allowed by the MSM for decent news, the government is not only more than capable of destroying Australia, but is well on their way to doing it. Bankruptcy loiters down the track as well as anarchy in the streets, because the leadership of the country does not have the guts to do what is necessary budget-wise, or speak out against the anarchy peeping at it around various corners.

    • Lorraine 18/04/2017, 8:59 am

      its the inheritance and the politicians will pass on to the next generation their ignorance of such matters . Step in time ,do as you are told.do not think

  • Bh 18/04/2017, 9:07 am

    One of the things I simply can’t understand about most of today’s politicians is that most of them (surely?) have kids, and isn’t it a parent’s instinct to want to do the best they can for their kids? I’d have thought that in politicians this would translate into doing the best for their constituents. Yet there they go, racking up debt that their children will have to pay off, shutting down power stations that will put their children at risk, etc, etc.

    Guess I’m just naive.

    • aadje 18/04/2017, 10:30 am

      Their children are safely educated in private schools!

    • Spinbuster 18/04/2017, 12:33 pm

      Bh, I have thought the very same thing. …which sorta blows away conspiracy theories a bit. Assuming they are selfish and rich, surely they can’t believe that every generation of their offspring will be protected by wealth.
      Maybe a lot of them really are just plain stupid and shortsighted.
      The ability to speak in public or having a good memory does not necessarily mean you are a logical person.
      I once worked with a guy who had a great memory and presented as sharp as a tack in general conversation but he was hopelessly impractical on the job.

      “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.”
      Will Rogers.

    • Topsy 19/04/2017, 10:04 am

      They just don’t think that far ahead, or can’t bring themselves to admit that they are not infallible – I am politician, therefore I am always correct and will admit of no imperfections. But we know better.

  • Biking Voter 18/04/2017, 9:38 am

    These people that would do that to us, think that they will be spared the misery they have brought upon the country.
    They don’t realise they are just the soldier ants doing the work of the real elitists and will be squashed like bugs, along with the rest of us.

  • Joe Blogs 18/04/2017, 10:18 am

    Fabianism in action (“evolution, not revolution”; “the inevitability of gradualness”). We all thought that Gough was a failure, when in fact he and his minions and successors have won. Unfortunately it will be a pyrrhic victory.

  • Margaret 18/04/2017, 10:52 am

    People wonder why the US voters supported Trump. They saw the same mind set in the US politicians as we see in Australia. The problem for the spin doctors is once the electorate sees politicians for their real agenda, it is very difficult to persuade people to vote for them.
    We need a whole knew breed of politician. Someone who has already had a successful career and is willing to genuinely serve the country and do what is best for the country…no more career politicians who will sell their soul to be re-elected.

  • Spinbuster 18/04/2017, 10:57 am

    The Australian government manifesto!!
    Pauline, Bob, Chris, Cory and a few others excepted.

  • Brian 18/04/2017, 7:23 pm

    The real problem is the Australian people.
    For far too long everybody has been to obsessed with arguing which is the best football team, which is the best beer, when is the next long weekend and so on and in doing so have allowed the ruling class to install stupid politicians who will do as they are told, brainwashed teachers who will parrot whatever they have been told by higher up the tree parrots, and the end result being: an uneducated mob, bereft of common sense and national pride allowed to rule over all of us.
    We need a Trump or a Le Pen but the horizon is still a long way off!

  • Pete 19/04/2017, 3:28 pm

    This all started in the 70’s with political correctness. It has been carried through by a generation of school teachers modelled in the 60’s. These kids went to universities and were indoctrinated in to left wing thinking, (Socialism is best for the people) by the same hippy lecturers. Now these kids are Journalists, Teachers and Politicians. A lot of them are also in big business and they all have the same belief.” What is best for me and the group I am involved with? Never mind anyone else, what I believe is right”
    You will see this demonstrated in Parliament, in the Press and with the behaviour of big business. Anyone who challenges is branded as racist, bigot or conspiracy theorist.
    How can we change this? I cant say for certain but if more people like me put there ideas out there, people may start listening and acting.

  • Bea Newby 20/04/2017, 2:11 pm

    “Frank Pledge” is a retired geologist. Not a politician.

  • JohnK 20/04/2017, 9:24 pm

    These spineless bottom feeding pissant politicians forgot one thing … The rise and rise of the people and the birth of Donald Trump which has a knockon affect to the tune of the demise of all Leftist Global Elitist Neocons. Hell hath no fury where the People will reign supreme suckers …

  • Robo 21/04/2017, 4:08 pm

    Never fear, there will always be a revolution as history has defined. When the elite take total control, then ” Elites heads will roll and blood will be spilt.” The circle is continually turning — it’s nearing 360 degrees.

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