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 ADF to replace the bureau of Meteorology?

15.07.19.  Former Defence Force Chief Chris Barrie who strongly supports navy personnel mincing through the streets of Sydney as proud gays in the Gay Mardi Gras—in uniform no less, said Australia would be seen as the “land of opportunity” for many people affected by climate change. The ADF, it seems, has dutifully slurped from the climate emergency Kool-Aid canteen and now advises about global refugee movement. Rising sea levels will be the problem. The climate Kool-Aid is frightening stuff in what it can do to the brain.“I once suggested to government we might be talking 100 million people,” said Admiral Barrie, who is now a member of the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change, said Barrie obviously in a fantastic delirium.
Morning Mail’s rising sea levels department has recommend that Australia put a limit of “100 million people” being welcomed to Australia when the rising sea laps the steps of the Sydney Opera House and not until then! In the meantime citizen Barrie can console himself with the navy days of yore which ran on the principles of, “Rum, the lash and sodomy!”

Source: ABC

Defence lacks ‘overarching strategy’ to deal with climate change conflict, internal notes warn

Australia’s military has warned of a possible influx of climate refugees and an increased potential for conflict because of the effects of climate change.
Internal Australian Defence Force (ADF) briefing notes from last year, obtained by the ABC under Freedom of Information, also predict the military may be forced to increase patrols in Australia’s northern waters to deal with “sea-borne migration” sparked by rising sea levels in the Indo-Pacific.
One document warns that climate change could “exacerbate the potential for conflict” and contribute to “state fragility and the undermining of economic development in our immediate region”.
Former Defence Force chief Chris Barrie said Australia would be seen as the “land of opportunity” for many people affected by climate change.
“I once suggested to government we might be talking 100 million people,” said Admiral Barrie, who is now a member of the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change.
“One-hundred million people when we’re only 40 million people — you can get the enormity of this problem. Frankly, it would be beyond our resources.”
The Defence Force admits in the documents it “does not currently have an overarching strategy or policy to specifically address the risks posed by climate change beyond the 2016 Defence White Paper”.
Climate change ‘may directly impact’ Defence operations
The ADF has refused to release documents relating to the impact of sea level rises and flooding on defence training areas, telling the ABC that it is not in the national interest.
“Release of this information could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the ability of the Defence Force to remain an effective force as well as potentially providing an avenue through which foreign incursions could significantly impact our critical infrastructure,” it said.
Climate change and the ADF
Australia’s Defence Department has spelled out clearly to a Senate inquiry that climate change will create “concurrency pressures” for the Defence Force as a rise in disaster relief operations continues.
But one briefing note warns that the Indo-Pacific region is projected to experience challenges such as prolonged droughts and increased flooding from increased sea levels.
“Sea level rise, ocean acidification, increase in extreme temperatures and a forecast increase in intensity of bushfires and extreme weather events may directly impact Defence capabilities, personnel and equipment,” it read.
The ADF has already identified climate change as a challenge to Australia’s future security.
Its 2016 Defence White Paper predicted that Australia may be called on to conduct more humanitarian and disaster relief operations.
The internal notes obtained under freedom of information go further in warning about climate change risks.
“Further, an increase in illegal foreign fishing or sea-borne migration to Australia because of climate change effects may increase demands for Australian Defence Force patrols in Australia’s north waters,” the briefing note said.
Admiral Barrie said Australia was “wide open” for climate refugees, using Bangladesh as an example — its border with India is already being heavily patrolled by the Indian military.
“Bangladesh — a very populated country — runs out of fresh water and also has problems with sea level rise. Where will all the Bangladeshis go?” he said.
‘Impacts are unavoidable’
The briefing documents include a report assessing the impact of sea level rises and flooding on “selected defence training areas and ranges”.
The report, by global infrastructure consultancy Aecom, says the “warming of the climate system is unequivocal…atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide have increased to levels unprecedented in at least the last 800,000 years”.
It states that the warming of Australia’s mean air temperature could “reach 0.6 degrees Celsius to 5.1C depending on the emission scenarios”.
The report cites such impacts as increased flooding, coastal erosion, bushfires and heatwaves.
“Even with considerable reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions, the inertia of the global climatic system means that many of these impacts are unavoidable.”
Last year defence chiefs told the Senate’s Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade committee that rising sea levels and coastal erosion could damage military bases “in the short to medium term”.
The committee’s report warned that “climate change may also eventually contribute to greater irregular migration pressure in vulnerable countries to Australia’s north, potentially becoming a substantial security threat to Australia”.
A United States Department of Defence report released this year warned that more than two-thirds of the US military’s “operationally critical installations” were under threat by climate change, with flooding being the biggest single risk.
Admiral Barrie said Defence had been considering the threat to their bases.
“I know what Defence has been doing is looking at some of its bases and things from an infrastructure development perspective and saying given sea level rise, given potential vulnerabilities our bases might have, doesn’t it make sense to start thinking about moving some of those around,” he said.
“I guess that’s the bit that’s been redacted [in the FOI documents] because no decisions have been made.
“I mean you don’t have to look far beyond a map of sea level rise to realise just how serious this problem is.”

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  • Xword 15/07/2019, 8:04 am

    Chris Barrie, the English actor, is most recognised for the “H” (standing for Hologram) imprinted on his forehead when playing his role in the TV series Red Dwarf. “H” for Halfwit looks more apt in our Chris Barrie’s case.

  • Penguinte 15/07/2019, 8:29 am

    Admiral eh? Sounds like a character in the Pirates of Pensants? Or, more likely “Peasants”. Barry is correct in one aspect though and that is Australia could easily be swamped by Asiatic peoples. If they made a concerted, combined and sustained attack. But of course, if barry is right about rising sea levels then Australia too would be smaller and further away. I’m just reflecting on an armada of sampans sweeping down from the north and being confronted by half a dozen submarines flying Rainbow flags.

    • Bwana Neusi 15/07/2019, 10:14 am

      It brings to mind a perverted form of the sailor’s jig – rainbow tutus and all

  • Lorraine 15/07/2019, 8:47 am

    Losing the battle, so we have a climate emergency. Prince Charles seems to think we have 18 months, but along with all others, his pass predictions has passed, the done for date

    • Bwana Neusi 15/07/2019, 10:16 am

      King Canute springs to mind. Bonehead Prince Charlie could stand at the shores commanding the waves “Back I tell you! Back!”

    • Rosemary 15/07/2019, 10:46 pm

      In 2007 or thereabouts, Prince Charles was pleading for action on Global warming stating that we only had 15 months in which to act before the planet was destroyed ,may have been just before the Copenhagen junket, So we arrive 12 years on and he is still spouting this crap and that we only have a short time left. I use to admire him but along with David Attenborough my illusions shattered by their lies and deceit.

      • Graham Richards 16/07/2019, 4:44 pm

        Prince Chuck…….to King Chuck.

        I’m beginning to agree with our Republicans. Perfect excuse for a Republic referendum. We cannot be seen to have King Charles as our head of state. President Howard would be more acceptable.

  • JK. 15/07/2019, 9:57 am

    Do they actually teach this crap in military schools ? or has this admiral been smoking some thing ?

    • Bwana Neusi 15/07/2019, 10:18 am

      They had to find an alternative after they scrapped the rum rations (1972 – if I recall)

      • Biking Voter 15/07/2019, 4:44 pm

        RAN never had rum rations, it was beer, a 750ml can of Fosters.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 15/07/2019, 10:25 am

    Not all that long ago if you had a useless kid you would buy him a commission in the armed services and if you couldn’t do that he went into the clergy. Looks like the practice is still in vogue.

  • Albert 15/07/2019, 10:47 am

    The Navy, like the other two services, has been turned into a queers paradise that now indulges in all manner of ratbaggery. Just a short while ago Malcolm Roberts of One Nation made a video presentation on the facts and figures of carbon pollution/global warming/climate change that should have put paid to the lunacy of the climate con. How is it that those who have the loudest voices in the climate hysteria not only fail to heed such facts and reality but will not tolerate a sensible and balanced debate while being allowed to continue from privileged positions.
    This is the same low grade mentality that refuses to acknowledge the truth about dodgy Aborigine claims of First Nation nonsense.

  • nev 15/07/2019, 11:29 am

    Dear Christopher, (An open letter)
    I have heard visiting too many ports in a storm can have a devastating effect on the grey matter, or perhaps Chrisi Boi you’ve been off your meds again.
    You’ve forgotten the key global warming mantra, GLOBAL WARMING = GLOBAL SEA RISE. You see Chrisi, Global means everywhere you can’t have it over in Bali, up in China and over in NZ but not in Darwin or the rest of our continent.
    I know in the kinky world of some, nothing is impossible and you can wish whatever you want and it will be so. But this is the real world mate you have to stick to the facts, you see there are consequences even for an Admiral.
    So once your head stops spinning we’ll start again… one little step at a time… and you see if it goes on long enough Australia may not even be here when they arrive so you won’t have to shoo them away with your Mardi Gras fleet.
    Ah, now there’s a boi, lay down, pull up the covers and off to Never Never land you go! Look over yonder through your sleepy haze, is that Malcomb beckoning?
    Sweet dreams

  • Cliff 15/07/2019, 7:16 pm

    Chris Barrie is a prime example of what’s become of aspirants to senior positions in the ADF. In being considered as suitable for high command, operational expertise is secondary, even tertiary to Political Correctness and demonstrating, in the years leading up to being considered as suitable for promotion, to being ‘safe’ and showing that you can be relied upon to toe the insider Canberra Mandarin line on all things Politically Correct.

    To show one iota of clear thinking outside the insider Canberra Mandarin line is the kiss of death to promotion.

    And once you’ve made it to the top ranks, they keep you in line with the promise – but only if you studiously maintain the PC line – of a Governorship, or the main prize, a stint as tenant of that big house in Yarralumla.

  • AB 16/07/2019, 1:03 am

    Worried about climate? WTF?

    How about all the sailors covered in Zinc Chromate throughout the decades without proper PPE on all the ships in the RAN. FU, Barrie.

    I was covered head to toe in that carcinogengic yellow dust shit. Many times.

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