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 ABC wins Gold Walkley for war crimes “Killing Fields”

21.11.20.  Clever work at the ABC for their “Killing Fields” documentary that has scooped the Gold Walkley Award. Many will be wondering if the more than $1bn of taxpayers money allotted to the national broadcaster was well spent on eviscerating the Special Air Services Regiment, and the disbanding of one of its units. The Walkley Awards is more or less stacked with ABC stooges like Kerry O’Brien who is a founding member and may be still Chair. Most journos at the ABC, The Sydney Morning Herald and the Age have a Walkley. However, with about 20 SASR soldiers facing serious charges, MSM has already decided them guilty, some for murder, even before their names are known and their trials begin and guilt proven. ‘Presumed innocent until proven guilty’ is an irksome detail that can’t be allowed to get in the way of Gold Walkleys. Perhaps the Walkley judges will create a Platinum Walkley for the documentary that notches up the most suicides of ADF personnel, honours stripped and worst morale in ADF history? Most Australians don’t want or need to know what happens on the battlefield. They want to know that they can sleep safely in their beds while the dirty work that they could never do is done by others.
The ABC’s Four Corners has taken home the biggest award in journalism at the 2020 Walkley Awards, with Mark Willacy and the ABC Investigations Team winning the Gold Walkley for its program Killing Field. The story uncovered suspected war crimes by the Australia Defence Force in Afghanistan, revelations that prompted the recent Brereton inquiry.

Source: ABC

ABC’s Mark Willacy wins Gold Walkley for Four Corners’ Killing Field expose into Australian war crimes in Afghanistan

“The shocking helmet camera footage, and Willacy’s sharp scripting and probing interviews, results in a compelling and brilliant investigation,” the Walkley judges said.
“Mark Willacy’s work was outstanding and it came after a series of investigations into war crimes in previous years, which together prompted the Brereton inquiry into war crimes.
“This has been one of the most significant stories of the year so congratulations Mark and the ABC team, this was brilliant work.”
Willacy’s win was one of many by the ABC at the event, which was held virtually for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dylan Welch, Alexander Palmer, Clare Blumer and Suzanne Dredge won the Innovation category for their story Anatomy of a Suicide Bombing, which detailed the attack that made David Savage the first civilian casualty of Australia’s war in Afghanistan.
Russell Jackson won the Feature Writing category for stories over 4,000 words, for his piece The Persecution of Robert Muir, which uncovered the years of racial abuse suffered by the former St Kilda footballer.
The popular Coronacast podcast and its members Dr Norman Swan, Tegan Taylor and Will Ockenden were named winners for the Radio/Audio: News and Current Affairs category.
Also in the radio and audio field, Rachael Brown, Josie Taylor, Tim Roxburgh and Marty Peralta won the Feature category for their program Trace: The Informer.
Killing Field and Willacy also won the Investigative Journalism category, while Four Corners’ show Black Summer, which covered the bushfires of summer 2019-2020, also won in the Production category.
ABC News and the ABC Regional and Local Team were also recognised for their coverage of the bushfires, winning the Coverage of a Major News Event category.
Sarah Ferguson, Nial Fulton and Tony Jones won the Walkley Documentary Award for Revelation, which uncovered a history of sexual abuse within the Catholic church.

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  • Penguinite 21/11/2020, 6:43 am

    Shouldn’t that be The Gold Wokely? Another ABC expose that will come back to bite us in the form of retaliation by rabid Islam! I’m not excusing the apparent homicides but I do believe it could have been handled differently. Accused soldiers will have little chance of any defence in civilian courts. We can’t even begin to imagine what was going through a soldiers mind at the time he pulled the trigger to end a life. Kill or be killed is what we drill into these young men then load them up with guns and send them out into foreign fields, where death could lurk behind every tree or hillock!

    • Disgruntled 21/11/2020, 8:12 am

      I agree Pen; It all boils down to Kill or be killed and this can effect different people in different ways. I don’t condone what has happened but I think I can somewhat understand.

      From the very moment the poor buggers set foot in that foreign land they will know that there is something, anything somewhere, anywhere that is going to want to get them and the “Kill or be killed” will prevail. That must be a terrible feeling to have to live with the whole time that they are there and no doubt different people will react in different ways! And now all the poor bastards are being vilified; It’s just not right.

      In the following link David Hilton says it all; especially in his last sentence


      And what are these poor buggers doing it all for??
      It seems just so we can go to our football, eat our meat pies and guzzle our grog in retaliative safety.

      What is so infuriating is that the Government while sending our troops off to “Save” us, they are at the same time (without any apparent concern) importing into Australia a class of people who do not like us and in a lot of cases want to do us harm.

      As for the ABC; they are the most infuriating mob of all; they seem to continually want to bring Australia down and down with their exposes!!

  • Lorraine 21/11/2020, 8:30 am

    Sorry I have a distrust of all things ABC, They are Un- Australian

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